He stares at him. He stares at him, mischievous blue eye dancing over his face, observing his features, pink tongue as it licks the surface of the sweet chocolate.

He stares at him, and the butler just stares back. Silent, red eyes half-lidded, a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. And he doesn't say a thing, he just stares back.

The room is quiet, filled with the pleasant scent of cocoa. The noisy servants are somewhere in the manor doing their work. And it's nice they aren't with them, because they would just ruin their perfect moment, the perfect tension in the atmosphere.

Ciel bites the chocolate, his uncovered eye never leaving Sebastian's gaze. He chews, licks carefully, slowly, sensually...

And finally, he swallows.


Sebastian smirks. Ciel blinks.

He puts the rest of the chocolate into his mouth, his tongue delighting in the sweet taste, his teeth destroying it until it's nothing. He swallows again.

He stares at him, at his perfectly white smile, at his shiny dark crimson eyes, at his thin nose, at his silky black hair; and he knows what he's thinking. But he won't say it. And neither Sebastian will. Because they understand each other in silence and they know it's never going to happen, for their union would be impossible. Yet that doesn't mean they don't want it. Because it's forbidden, and it's tempting, and just the idea of being next to each other, skin to skin, it just...

Send shivers through their spine.

Ciel stares at him, as his tongue dances out of his mouth and licks his lips carefully, tasting the rest of the chocolate. And he swallows.

Sebastian stares back, imagining it is his tongue the one licking at Ciel's lips. And he observes his master carefully, he looks at his eye patch, at his cerulean eye gleaming like a precious stone. At his slightly pink cheeks, at his little turned-up nose, at his cunning smile, at his delicate, feminine body, at his snow-white, weak crossed legs.

And for now, that is enough. Because there's no limit for imagination, and he swears he can feel how soft and heated his skin is as his long fingers travel through Ciel's body; and he swears he just heard a moan; and he swears that Ciel is calling his name; and he swears...

"Sebastian, take this to the kitchen." Ciel orders pointing at the box of chocolates. "Then prepare my bath."

The amused butler takes a gloved hand to his heart, and he bows respectfully.


And Ciel takes his last sweet for the day, and he swallows, and he smiles. He smiles.


Sebastian smiles too, and he approaches his master and takes the box from his hands. He gets closer to the boy, so close that Ciel's breathing becomes erratic, but he doesn't say a thing. He just blinks. Sebastian takes out a handkerchief and cleans his master's face, for it has a little spot of chocolate left in the corner of his lips. And Ciel imagines, he imagines that it's Sebastian's finger pressed to his cheek, and then it's his tongue, and he swears he can just feel its warmth...

The butler finishes and leaves the room. He closes the door as he goes to the kitchen, and then he shall prepare Ciel's bath.

Sebastian takes one chocolate and licks its surface, knowing that's how Ciel's lips would taste, but better. And he can't help the smile in his lips as he pictures the impossible. Because there is temptation, and they love the thrill, and they love the forbidden sensation the thought offers.

Sebastian licks his lips as he leaves the kitchen with a soft and content chuckle, ready to bathe his beautiful and delicate master. Only his.