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Myths, Skeletons, and Fire, Oh My!

We made it maybe fifty paces before we were hopelessly lost. I couldn't help but think about the magical maze called the labyrinth, which alters itself to confuse and possibly kill you. Unfortunately, the teacher taught us the bare minimum of that study, and that was pretty much what I knew, considering I fell asleep a lot in that class. Who knew I would need that study now? I certainly didn't.

Raven kept ruffling her wings at every slight movement or noise, grating on my nerves and making me jittery and short-tempered. There was nothing down here: as abandoned as a sewer tunnel, only with no sludge or rats or anything else. The wind howled above us, but there was no exit to get into the world above, making me prone to jump at the least sound that wasn't my own or Raven's footsteps.

We rounded yet another corner and I could not suppress a scream when I got tangled up in somebody's bones. Raven's winged instantly fanned and blasted the skeleton to ashes. Fortunately I had gotten out of the way.

"Rani." Raven whispered, nosing about the ashes of the bones.

"Yeah?" My voice echoed down the empty corridors eerily, sending shivers down my spine. It was like walking through a dense forest with no company but yourself, not even animals.

"This is one of the two I helped. Very, very faint, but I recognize her scent." Raven's voice was even more sorrowful.

I tugged gently on one of her forelegs. "C'mon. We have to move."

We made small talk as we walked, to fill the empty silence of the corridors.

"So why were you in Rath Forest anyway?" Raven asked me.

I gave her a you're-not-going-to-believe-this look. "Do you know anything about the Dragon Wars that happened fifteen, sixteen years ago?"

Raven gave me a long look. "No, of course not. Forget I said that." I said, smacking myself on the forehead. "Do you know Shardas or Azure-Wing? Or Kind Milun the First?"

Raven continued giving me the look.

"Ok then." I muttered. "Long story short, my great-aunt was dumber than two turnips in a rain barrel-"

"What?" Raven said, puzzled.

"A saying that says that a person is really dumb." I explained. "-and sacrificed my mother to Theoradus, the brown dragon of Carlieff Town. She bargained with him: a piece of his hoard for her freedom, and he wouldn't have to fight the noble's son."

"At the time, she thought that dragons collected gold-"

Raven snorted steam at this. "When did that fable come up?"

I ignored the question and plowed on. "-and she wanted to come to the King's Seat to make her fortune. She chose a pair of blue slippers. After she left, bandits attacked her, and she screamed for help, and a stained-glass window fell from the sky and landed on the bandits. She was picked up by Shardas, and during her stay with him, became friendly with him."

"When she got to the city, she accidentally stepped on a dog, and the owner was Princess Amalia of Roulain. When she finally did get hired at a shop, for two months she wreaked havoc on it, long story short. The one time Shardas visited her, Shardas was seen. Her slippers were stolen, and in their place was an extremely ugly gown. Larkin, another of the shopgirls, admitted to stealing them and giving them to Princess Amalia, because she wanted them."

"Mom cut off Larkin's hair and accused her of being a spy and a traitor. A month later, she went to the Merchant's Ball, which is a ball where you basically woo an investor to give you money and you get to show off your skill," I explained to Raven, "And it went awry. Majorly, because, Amaila was wearing King Milun the First's slippers, which were made from the hide of Queen Velika Azure-Wing, and they were in Mom's possession the whole time."

Raven looked stunned, and stopped in her tracks. I continued. "King Milun's slippers can control any dragon within a thousand leagues. That's why Shardas helped her, not out of the goodness of his heart, even if he did warm up to her eventually. Shardas was under the thrall of the slippers, and they were on Amalia's feet when Shardas ripped the roof off the New Palace."

I thought Raven's eyes were going to fall out of her head. "They collared three dragons: Fenuil, Amacarin, and Niva. That was when Mom found out that the dragon that she had lounged in the same cave in, eaten peaches and sheep with, and bathed with was the king of the dragons."

Raven rumbled a bit, and I realized it was laughter. "Boy, that would put a dent in your world!" she remarked. I nodded in agreement.

"Another long story short—come on, let's keep moving—Velika was in the tunnels, and Mom went down there, prepared to punch Amalia in the nose and take the slippers by force. Velika, though it was her hide that made the slippers, was under the thrall too, and 'rescued'" I made air quotes with my fingers "her by grabbing Mom so tight she couldn't breathe. Long story short—I use that a lot, don't I?—Velika plunged into the Boiling Sea with Amalia in her claws, but not before she flipped Mom into the air as well. Shardas caught her, and then dove after his mate. And that was the end of the First Dragon War."

"The First Dragon War?"

Ok, people, I kept my word, even though it's 9:24pm. Also, I couldn't resist adding that little bit of Greek mythology. I may add more to it later, but just little bits and peices. And no, they are NOT in the labyrinth, in a maze, yes, but not the Labyrinth: the one Daedulus designed. To those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you don't really need to know Greek mythology.


So far, only one death has been reported. Severe injuries include gashes and broken bones and mild concussions from falling tree branches and caving roofs, but good considering what it could be. Please continue to pray for us in the Gulf of Mexico. I am safe and warm, but I cannot say the same for many. I still have power, and it's only flickered a bit. I, again, am fine (despite the various bug bites that scream, "NOT!"), but please pray for the more unfortunate ones, what ever your religion is.

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