I just watched TDKR again in theaters and I can't help but make a Bane fic. I don't know if I will continue it, it all really depends on the response I get from this little preview. A lot of this story will be pre-Christopher Nolan's trilogy and will eventually go into batman begins and end with the dark knight rises(most likely)

Chapter One

My father and sister walked through the entrance of the training room, where I awaited their arrival back from their mission. "I am happy you two safely return." I said as I bowed to them. My father smiled at me but my sister just scowled in disgust.

Talia was always careful to make sure nobody saw the hatred she had for me. Our father had me stay with him, unlike his other children, because my mother died giving birth to me and it was rumored that he had truly loved my mother; I was his youngest and last child. Talia resented this part of my life, hated the fact that she was not special, that the great Ra's al Ghul did not love her mother as he did mine.

When I was young she never tortured me like she did now, she hated my existence but was hell bent on ignoring the fact that I was alive and constantly in her presence. She had never spoken my name until I was 6 and she was 10. I was a smart child and I had started to translate the league's moto into different languages, writing them on parchment and scrolls for each member to have with them and in the language that was most familiar to them.

"RAYNA!" She had yelled at me before I was about to walk into another room to hand out more parchment. I smiled at her and walked over to her, awkward with the large basket I had to carry.

"Don't worry sister, I made one for you too." I grinned widely, proud that I did not forget her. I grabbed the parchment that was rolled up with the pretty red ribbon around it; I had known that red was her favorite color and I wanted her to know that she was special to me.

Even though my sister never spoke to me or even looked in my general direction, I had still loved her unconditionally at that time. I would open doors for her, clean her plate, I would do anything for her to notice me, to acknowledge my existence and to know that even though she didn't like me, that she hated me, if she ever wanted to try to care for me that I was there…waiting and willing.

She had grabbed the parchment out of my hands and quickly slapped me with it. My hand grazed my cheek as I felt it start to get sore. "You IDIOT! Why would you write it in their own language? Their life before this is meaningless. You know that and they do, so what use is it to remind them of home?" Tears started to fill my eyes, I didn't know why she yelled at me. I understood now, looking back at the time; it was plain for anyone to see.

Talia's fears had come true, I was smart and talented in my own ways and she could no longer ignore me anymore. I was accepted among everyone, I was adored for my loving and caring nature, something that was foreign and lost among most of these men. Unlike Talia, I have the ability to be compassionate with many people around me, to empathize with another, to love and care unconditionally. As she noticed this more and more, she hated me and then despised me and then I eventually became her enemy. She would torture me, cut me, burn me whenever she could. Talia tried, many nights, to break my spirit, to make me hate the world that she hated but I never could.

That has been our relationship over the past 13 years. I am now 19 and the doctor for the league. My father never let me be an assassin, and for good reasons. I was no killer, I did not enjoy pain or suffering; my father knew that for me to kill a person, I would have to die first. Instead he had many professor's come and teach me sciences and mathematics, he trained the only weapon I had and was willing to use freely; my mind.

I am considered to be one of the most intelligent people on the planet, I.Q. wise. I had never left my home, never traveled to distant lands with my father as my sister loved to do. I was always scared at how easily Talia would be able to kill me if I was not in the safety of this home. So I never knew how I matched up with the geniuses of this world in practice, but something told me I was close.

"Come Rayna, we have a guest we would like you to have a look at. His name is Bane." My father spoke to me as we walked through the room and into my office which had a working table in the middle of the room.

"Do not hurt him sister, he is dear to me." I heard the threat in her voice, the lingering tone that told me she would kill me if I harmed this man. Before I could say anything I heard more men walk into the room behind us. I turned around and saw them carrying a man who's face was bandaged. They lowered him onto the table but dropped him half an inch from the surface, I heard his painful groan.

"Careful! Do you not see what kind of shape this man is in? Have you no respect?" The men said nothing but left the room quickly. "Father…" He started nodding and turned to leave the room, already knowing what I was going to ask of him.

"That means you too, Talia." Ra's al Ghul said to his other daughter, extending his arm and moving his fingers, creating a motion to beckon her towards him. She turned to me and walked forward slightly, pinching me hard on my thigh and then she joined our father.

Sighing from the pain, I slowly started to unwrap the bandages from Bane's face but his hand quickly grabbed my arm, gripping it tightly, I could feel his overpowering strength. "Please, you're hurting me. I'm only here to help, trust me." I felt my bones almost bend at his grip but he suddenly released me as his head slammed down onto the table and he started to seize.

I knew trying to get restraints on a man of his size would be impossible so I quickly tried to get all of the sharp or possibly harmful objects to a seizing man away from him until he stopped. He suddenly stopped moving entirely, I stared at his chest as I walked toward him but I didn't see it rise. Quickly I unwrapped the bandages from his head so I could see his lips and nose.

I started pounding on his chest, knowing that I was both too short and too weak to try doing it the old fashion way. I began blowing air into his lugs but before I started to beat on his chest again, Bane started to gasp for air. I let out a small cheer, happy that he was alive. Quickly I covered his mouth with an oxygen mask, but making sure it did not touch his skin. I met his deep brown eyes and smiled. "Welcome back." I said with a cheeky grin.

His eyes smiled first at me but he quickly grimaced at the pain of moving his lips. "We have to do something about that. Hold this okay? Can you do that for me Bane?" His hand moved up and grabbed the mask, allowing me to look around for something I could give him for the pain. I found a bag used for a drip and I grabbed it; my instincts told me that this would not be an over night fix.

I walked up to Bane and showed him what I brought with me. "It's a Morphine drip. I will start you on a smaller amount and we can go up if the pain is still too much. You're around people now, you should be able to talk." I smiled as I sat down on my chair and rolled over to his free arm. Holding it delicately, I rested it on my lap. "At least, I want to be able to talk to you." I said quietly, almost in a hushed tone. I watched his fingers twitch slightly as I inserted the drip into his arm.

He flexed his arm and tried to move it back to the table but I grabbed his arm and pulled it back to my lap. "You will rest like this until I know the morphine has taken effect. Since you can't tell me, I will just have to be able to tell myself." I looked down at his arm and inspected it. I slowly ran my fingers over all the scars he had covering his arm.

"How did you get these? Wait…" I said almost instantaneously, I started the laugh. "You can't talk. This is going to be a very one sided conversation, won't it?" I laughed at the situation and I saw his chest move at a faster pace and I knew he was laughing with me. "Well at least I cause you amusement." Smiling, I looked down at his arm and I saw his fingers were finally fully relaxed and free, I knew that the drug had taken effect.

"All done!" I said and I patted my hand against his. He raised his arm away from mine, making it obvious to me that he easily could have taken his arm away from me at anytime but kept it there anyways.

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