Hey everyone!

Okay, so long time no update. I know, I kinda took an impromptu writing hiatus cause of the holiday stress BUT it actually turned out to be a good thing because my love for this story has been rekindled and I'm ready to update!

But-there's always a but, right?-I've come to the point where I'm not happy with where the story has ended up (That doesn't mean I'm going to stop this story! Keep on reading, don't rage on me yet). You see, the issue with writing a chapter at a time and posting a chapter at a time is that the continuity can be messed up and things that happen in previous chapters are forgotten and such. I feel that I forced some of the latest chapters and they haven't done this story justice, so...I have decided to re-edit the story in it's length. I plan to cut some things out, elaborate more on others, I also want to pace some things out more, and I will also be fixing the time-line. I have some planning to do, but I will be focusing my writing time on doing this.

However, I know me doing this will probably be annoying to some, I really hope it isn't and that you understand why I'm doing this, but I know that isn't always the case. So, that being said, I want to take this time for you to tell me, in a review or PM, what you think could or should be added, changed or taken out. Things you think were odd or off or whatever, I would like to know and will be taking all feedback into consideration :) Also, if you think this is a complete rubbish idea, I do sincerely apologize, but I know the story will benefit from this, I pinky swear it. I will soon update this story right before I start re-posting chapters!

Talk soon and thank you for your amazing amount of patience with me. Trust me when I say that if I could, I would have written and completed this story for all of you a long time ago. So keep with me until I do, because I promised myself and all of you that there will be an end to this adventure!

Much love!