2 month after the Europa war ended-

"Hurry up Artie, we wouldn't wanna miss the flight now, don't we?" said Saber to Arthur.

"Just hold up, there's something I forgot to pack" said Arthur, packing the shirt to his backpack.

"Take care both of you, "We'll be back with souvenirs for both of you girls" said Saber to Silber and Jeanne.

"How come we can't join you for the holiday?" asked Jeanne to Arthur.

"Because you'll be stuck at the metal detector" said Arthur, joking to them.

"Quit your jokes Artie, let's go!" Pulling him to the car.

"Take care of yourself, Jeanne…go play with Ai or something, I bet you want to defeat her in a swords battle, would you?" said Arthur.

"Yes signore.." Jeanne replied "Good luck with your holiday at Paris…"

"Bye Silber, Jeanne" both Arthur and Saber waved to them as the car drove to the main gate.

"Be gentle with me…will ya?" said Arthur to Saber.

"Let see about that…" said Saber before punching his shoulder.

"That hurt!" he exclaimed.

"In Paris…it will be a whole lot harder for you" she said to him, laughing.

"Are we there yet?" asked Husna.

"Are we there yet?" asked Munairah.

"Are we there yet?" asked Victoria.

"Are we there yet?" asked Mercedes.

"Quit your whining girls...we're halfway there to the top" said Anton.

"It's a long way up there" said Barry to the girls.

"I hope this hiking are worth of adventure" said Claes.

"Come to think of this…why do you invite me to climb this mountain, Yuri?" Priscilla asked him.

"No reason" he replied, smiling to her.

"Okay, let's take a break" said Anton to them. Resting at the foothill of Mont. Blanc, Victoria then took the camera from her bag and start to capture some photo of the scene.

"You borrowed that from Henrietta?" asked Munairah to her.

"Yes" she replied.

"Could you take the picture of both of us?" said Munairah, pulling Husna, Mercedes, and Claes close to her. Despite the cold weather and falling snow, Victoria managed to capture a snapshot of both of them.

"Lemme see" Munairah looking to the camera.

"Beautiful, let's do it again!" said Munairah and Mercedes.

"OK" Victoria smiled to them "This time…" pulling Priscilla to them "I'll take the picture with Signorina Priscilla" taking the picture, She then show it to them.

"Cute! Let's do that again!" both Munairah and Priscilla look the picture in the camera.

"Come on! Let's continue hiking, we don't have much day left for our holiday" said Yuri to them.



"Hummm…. There's nothing to do here….my holidays are ruined…" Gattonero sighed.

"It's your fault for declining Victoria's offer yesterday" said Soni.

"Speaking of her, where is she?" Petrushka asked them.

"Hiking Mont. Blanc" said Fleccia, reading the magazine in her bed "She's with Hunny, Munny, and Claes"

"Too bad….i regret for talking the word 'no' as for now…" said Gattonero to herself.

"How about Sherry?" Petrushka asked again.

"She's with Signore Charles, visiting the Delta boys at the hospital" Fleccia said to her.

"You mean Fuji and Kuroneko?"


"hey girls, Signore Sandro called all of you to the kitchen" said Aria, informing them.

"What is it?" asked Petrushka.

"Something….." she reply.

"I hope he cal us for good reason" said Petrushka.

"I don't care… as long as it doesn't kill my boredom" said Gattonero.

6 Minutes later-

"I have to ask…" said Gattonero, holding the mop in her hand "What are we doing right now?"

"Cleaning….looks like Ayden and the other messed the kitchen…." said Sandro while giving the other girl a pail and mop.

"Why don't you let them do the job?" Soni said to him.

"Well…we got a barbecue party this evening and….we'reshort of people here" said Sandro "So we'll have to use everyone for this….include you girls" he add.

"Okay signore…" said Petrushka.

"Come on ladies, we need to get this job done as fast as possible" said Kara to them, carrying two pails of water. Marisa also help her carry the water, with Montyonly sat on the chair, reading some magazine.

"I heard you Kara" said Francesca, mopping the floor quickly.

"If we get the job done..." Ayden think for a while "It meal!"

"Quit your blabbering Ayden, get the job done" said Chiara.

"I'll pass this one" said Agapita, Picking up the towel "I'll wipe the table clean" she continue.


Looking at the sunset over the hill, Kai could think problem she had to his mind, with Yuki sitting next to him. Looking to her innocence face, he reminds her of her father when he was back in the mainland.

"Yuki…" he call her.

"Yes?" Yuki replied.

"Do you want to know about your father?" he asked her. Seeing her stunned with no words to say, he then continue "Your father was a friend to me back then…."

"uhmmm…..Kai-Sama, do you know his name?" she ask him.

"Yes…his name was….." before he could tell her, yamato pat his back.

"Hey Kai, the party is starting, we would wanna miss it" said Yamato.

"Yeah, we would love for you to give the speech for us right now" said Lorraine, smiling to him. Next to her, Henrietta holding her violin.

"Alright…." Holding Yuki's hand, he then said to him "Your father's name is Arisaka Harunami"

"Thanks for telling me Kai-Sama…now I know why do you give me the Arisaka rifle…" said Yuki, smiling to him while her eyes bursts into tears.

"It's alright Sis...what happened to the past is only the Past.." said AI, calming her sister

"Come…let's enjoy this party…forget the sorrow..." said Kai, hugging her. As they head for the Barbecue party, the sun finally set down to the horizon, marking the new era to the Social welfare organization.

-END of the story 'The Other Side'-