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Chapter 4

First month

It was a very beautifull afternoon. The birds were chirping, the wind was blowing, and Justin was waiting. *knock* *knock*

Justin P.O.V.

I waited here, then the door opened. Lucy was dressed up with a green top, white short jeans and pink slippers. Her hair was curled in a way that reminds me of… Juliet…


"Goodbye, Justin." Said a very old Juliet, then exited the castle.

End flashback

"Hi, Justin-san! Sorry for the waiting!" she said apologetically.

"Don't worry. And, please, call me Justin."

Umm… Okay!

Alex P.O.V.

So, Justin planned to take Lucy to a picnic…

"Lets broke 'em up. Ready?" I asked, whispering, my partener.


I was so lucky to found him. What was his name again?... Eh! It doesn't matter, while he helps me with this job.

? P.O.V.

Grr… What is that guy with MY Lucy?!

Normal P.O.V.

"SO, where are we gonna go today?" The blonde asked.

"We're going at the sakura trees to have a picnic."

"I love the picnics! Lets go!" Then, Lucy taked Justin by his wrist, and headed to the sakura trees

At the Sakura trees

"It's very beautiful here…" Lucy murmured.

"In Europe, the sakura flowers are white."

"Really? How cute."

"So, what do you want to eat?"

"Hmm…, I like grapes."

"Really? Me too!"

"They start to like eachother… We need to do something about it!" Alex hissed "Grapes are delicious, make'em bugicious."

"KYAAAAAAA! BUGS!" Lucy screamed.

"Don't worry. Bugs dissapear, get them out of here."

Thanks, Justin! You're my hero!"

After she said that, Lucy kissed Justin on his cheek, then both blushed.

"Grrrrr…" Alex's mysterious partner said.

"Okay, now you can open your eyes." Justin said.

" *gasp* Justin! Its so beautiful!" Lucy exclaimed, while seeing the sea.

"Yeah! I tough that you would like to swim."

"I really like to swim, but I don't have a swimsuit."

"That was the plan. I'm gonna buy you any swimsuit you want."

"Really? Thank you!"

After a surprinsingly short half hour, Justin buyed to Lucy a very cute turquoise bikini. And, they had donned the normal things that a couple do at the beach. They played volleyball, they eated ice-cream, and builded a sandcastle. But, there was a problem…

"Hmm… I have an idea…" Said Alex, dressed up with a bright red wig, and very big sunglasses. "Cord, tie down."

As she said that, Lucy's bikini cord tied down.

"KYAAAAAA!" Lucy screamed as she tried to cover up her exposed chest. While all the boys started to droll at Lucy, Justin tied again her bikini.

"Phew! Thanks!" *hug*

"What'cha doing everyone?!" Said Smiley, while entering the stage. "Let's start the concert!"

"I can't belive you take tickets at Smiley's concert! They'r impssible to get!" Lucy said.

"Heh! Lets say that I have relationships." Justin answered.

After the concert

"So…, what are we gona do now?" Alex's partner asked.



"Yes. While that Smiley singed "Dream girl", I tought What wold Justin do?. And, we're gonna observe their relationship, first."

"Hmmmmmm… if you said so…"

"Now, we're going at shopping!" Justin said.

"Yaaaaay! I like this shop. Let's go!" Lucy said, while she pointed at a shoes shop.

In the shop

Soo… what do you think?" Lucy asked as she showed to Justin a pair of blue sandals.

"I think that you wold look good whit the black ones." Justin said.

"You're right! Thanks, Justin-kun! Now, we're gonna buy you a pair of shoes!"





As they exited the shop, Lucy was happy for the pair of sandals for her, and the pair of sneakers, for Justin. Then, they entered in another shop, this time of clothes.

"How do I look?" Lucy asked Justin.

"Wow…" And he was right. Lucy was dressed up with a lavender, knee long no sleeves dress. "You look… amazing…"

"Thank you! I think I should buy it, right?"

"Yeah, sure, ineed!"


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