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(Momoko's P.O.V.)

I swam as far away as I could. I was so tired of being trapped here in the water. I wanted to be free. I wasn't paying attention and before I knew it I was at the shore. I could hear my sisters calling my name and I could tell they were close. There was nowhere else I could go so I just sat there until they found me, which didn't take long.

"Momoko!" Kaoru screamed.

"We've been looking everywhere for you! Mom and Dad were worried sick!" Miyako said.

"Who cares? I don't want to go back there." I said.

"What? Why? We can't just leave." Kaoru said.

"But I wish we could! Who said I ever wanted to be a mermaid. I didn't wish for this life. I've always loved the ways of humans. I would love for once to do what they do." I said.

"Ok Momoko, yes, they do have a lot of cool stuff, but do they have fire and ice powers? Do they control lightning?" Miyako said.

"Well, not like us, but they have ways of using those things! They can make their own ice, they can make fire, they can control where lightning strikes or know when a thunderstorm will occur! I really just want to be one of them." Momoko said.

Before they said another word I saw a human walking on the beach.

"Quick! Hide!" Kaoru whispered to us.

We went behind a large rock and watched him walk on the beach.

"It's amazing how they can do that." I whispered.

"Do what?" Kaoru asked.

"Move on those small little platforms on the bottom of their bodies. What are they called again? Feet?" I asked.

"Yeah. They walk on those. When their younger their legs aren't as strong so they can only crawl until they get stronger." Kaoru said.

"Well I have to admit, that's pretty cool." Miyako whispered.

We recognized the human to be male. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He looked a little like Miyako. He seemed to be a little upset about something.

"Boomer!" we heard two other voices call.

Suddenly we saw two other human males running toward him. One had black, shaggy hair and green eyes, like Kaoru, and the other was a read-head like me with red eyes.

"Boomer! We finally found you. Mom and Dad were worried." The read-head said.

"I don't care. I don't really want to go back right now." The one named Boomer said.

"But one wants you back home now." The green-eyed one said.

"I don't care what she wants Butch! I'm not going back right now!" Boomer said.

"What's your problem lately? You've seemed distant." The red-head asked.

"Gee, I don't know Brick. Maybe it's because my mom wants me to marry a person I'm not in love with! Maybe I just want to get away and meet someone who will understand me!" Boomer said.

"Ok, ok. I see why you're upset. I'm not really liking this arrangement myself, but we can't just abandon our duties as princes." The one named Brick said.

"Yeah I agree with Brick on that." The one named Butch said.

Boomer sighed and sat down on the shore. His brothers I assume sat down next to him.

"I just wish she'd let us pick on our own." Boomer said.

"I know Boomer, I do too." Brick said.

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