1. Maurecia

"Hi Maurecia! What are you up to?" Allison asked, walking up to her at recess. Maurecia sighed. "Oh, nothing really. Just...sitting here," Maurecia replied. "What's wrong? What happened?" Allison wondered. Maurecia sighed again and started to cry. She tried to reply to Allison through her tears, but Allison couldn't make out a word. "All right then, well see you later, I guess," Allison shrugged. Maurecia nodded as Allison walked away. Maurecia started to stop, but was still shaken a bit.

Why was Maurecia crying? Ah, well, you'll find out soon enough. Allison had been gone for three minutes and came back. "Hey Maurecia? Do you want to come play hop-scotch with me?" Maurecia smiled and nodded. She got up and walked to the Hop Scotch Chalk Walk. She seemed to be forgetting her sadness. Allison grinned. Her plan was working. Maurecia skipped to 7, Allison to 12, Maurecia to 4, Allison to 6. Maurecia, who still had a little bit watery eyes, grinned and had a lot of fun.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! It was time to go in. Maurecia and Allison lined up together and skipped into the school building. They liked it like that. They started walking up the stairs. While they were walking to the stairs, Allison asked again, "So, what was wrong back there at recess?" Maurecia chuckled, "What was wrong?" Allison stood there for a moment, and finally when she got what Maurecia was saying, she giggled along with her. Then, on each floor, something different happened.

FLOOR 1: Todd walked up to Allison and Maurecia. "Hi guys! How are you?" "Awesome! Thanks for asking!" Allison and Maurecia said simultaneously. Todd walked with them up the stairs. "So, I didn't see you guys at recess. Where were you?" Todd asked, scratching his head. "Just by the Hop Scotch Chalk Walk." Todd scratched his head and shrugged. He never saw a Hop Scotch Chalk Walk before. In fact, he never saw Maurecia so happy before. Especially today!

FLOOR 2, 3, and 4: Maurecia was panting. Allison was drinking water. Todd was scratching his head. They were all very tired from walking all that way so far. "Man...I never...knew I could...ever be...so TIRED," Todd panted. Maurecia nodded and stared off into the distance for a minute. Then, suddenly, she started to cry again. "What this time?" Allison asked while frowning. So her plan didn't work out so perfectly this time. Oh, well. She couldn't fix everything, right?

FLOOR 18: "Man, I love that escolater, don't you, Todd?" Allison inquired. Todd nodded, but did not elaborate. He was too stupid. Plus, Maurecia made the escolater kind of slippery. Maurecia was crying even harder now. She was about to burst. Allison opened her water bottle and put it up to Maurecia. She would save that water for later. Maybe she would even give it to Mrs. Mush. Mrs. Mush would love it, she decided. Todd put his hands on his ears so he wouldn't have to bear Maurecia's crying.

FLOOR 20: "Hey, where's Maurecia?" asked Allison. Todd shrugged. He looked around. Maurecia was nowhere in sight. Todd looked at the small crack in between the numbers 18 and 20. Todd scratched his head then gasped. There was no 19th story. Maurecia was gone. He then did something that proved his stupidity but just might save Maurecia. He walked into the wall and disappeared into the 19th story. Allison was worried. What had happened to her friends? And what would Mrs. Zarves do to them?

AR: Cliffhanger. Don't you just love those? Refer back to Wayside School is Falling Down Chapter 19 if you don't understand Allison's thoughts in the end. Ah well. See you soon!