6. Bebe

What did the team see when they walked into Mr. Kidswatter's room? Huh? Huh? Bebe bets you're wondering. What happened? WHAT HAPPENED? What? What? What? Haha, OK, fine, sheesh. Bebe and the rest of the team saw the most disturbing sight they had ever saw. Mr. Kidswatter was lying on the ground, with a duct taped mouth, tied up with his hands so he couldn't move them. He was screaming behind the duct tape, but no one could figure out what he was saying. Na, of course he was screaming. What else?

But that wasn't the weirdest part. Across the duct tape someone had written, Mugworm Griblock. Bebe suspected Eric Bacon, for he was very mean, (of course, all Eric's were mean, was the rumor, but from that Bebe did not agree. If they were all mean, there couldn't be an Eric not mean. And if there were not an Eric that were mean, then no Eric would be needed to call Eric Ovens "Crabapple") same as Eric Fry, but she only suspected Eric Bacon. Why did she suspect the Erics at all? Well, you must remember from some time ago.

Paul walked up to Mr. Kidswatter and tried to untie him and let him talk. Finally he just tore off the duct tape and nodded. "What happened? How did you get like this?" "I...I don't know. I was knocked out before I could tell who did it. Then I woke up to find myself like this," Mr. Kidswatter hurried, with short breaths in between. Bebe then walked up. "I suspect it was Eric Bacon or Eric Fry. They wrote "Mugworm Griblock" before! It only fits, really!" Mr. Kidswatter nodded. "You're right, it only makes sense"

(You're goin' down) Spread the news from coast to coast
(Down to the ground) You're goin' down, your operation exposed
(You're goin' down) I could say more, but I don't wanna boast
(You're goin' down) Get used to butter, cause you both are toast!

If a certain condition arises
I'm the one to avert the crisis
You think you're livin' large,
but you forgot that I'm the one in charge...

"Dang it, I wanted to sing that!" DJ whined. Allison groaned. "Whatever, we need to get up to the 18th story!" DJ smiled. He found his own song to sing. "We're off to see Maurecia, the wonderful girl we love! We'll save the boy and save the girl, the wonderful girl we love! If we ever o ever find our own way in we'll make sure that we don't sin because because because because because, we need to save Maurecia, the wonderful girl we love! Do do do do do do do do do! Do do do do do!" "Alright, let's go on the elevator!" Bebe decided.

"Man, I love that long line elevator, don't you?" Bebe squealed to Leslie. They both giggled. Once Bebe heard Allison's plan, she started drawing and cutting out a rope. "Done!" Bebe said, seven seconds later. "Great! But, who is going down?" DJ wondered. Everyone stood in a moment of silence until Bebe reluctantly volunteered. "Bebe! Are you sure?" Bebe nodded. "Oh, alright then. Off you go!" Bebe grabbed onto her sturdy rope with DJ holding on to the other side. She closed her eyes and jumped into the crack.

Still holding on to the rope, she whistled for all the others down there. "Just like my plan! But, one of us has to stay down here. Who is brave enough to do it?" Virginia asked. Bebe looked at her little brother, Ray Gunn. "Me. I'll do it. For Ray," Bebe said, planting a kiss on Ray's nose. "Raise the rope!" Bebe barked when they were all holding on. DJ yanked, and pulled Maurecia, Todd, Ray, Virginia, Nick, and Mark up out of the 19th story. "Where's..." Allison started, looking for Bebe. Ray, with tears in his eyes, told Allison of Bebe's bravery. Bebe finally had her moment of truth. And that is what truly matters.

"Ah, I see you have brought new classmates with you, Todd. AND you skipped class? Oh, I do wish I didn't have to do this but...you must be send home on the kindergarten bus. Todd shrugged and scratched his head. He left the room, feeling like a hero. Meanwhile, Allison, DJ, and Ray put up a flag to remember Bebe, the girl who shall never see the sun again. They had a moment of silence, remembering their dear friend Bebe. But Ray knew that this wouldn't be the last time he would see his sister. He was a real person now, and all he had to do was look, look to find Bebe Gunn, the artist, his sister, and the hero.

AR: Don't you just love happy endings? Yes, well, I might just write more stories based on Wayside School (I have one in mind), but for now, goodbye, good luck, and a friendly handshake to you. Remember Bebe Gunn. Oh, wait! I forgot one last part of the story. The last part of this story goes like this:

"Say, Maurecia, why were you crying earlier today?" Allison asked. Maurecia laughed and said, "Oh, that information is classified."

AR: That information is classified indeed, but if you must know the answer, the answer is on my page, so please look for it to find the answer. Later!