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Chapter 1:

He found her in the woods, beaten, bloody…naked. Very naked, in the worst way. Her tiny, slender body was sprawled out against the contrasting rocks and glass, limbs hanging around her like a puppet master had cut her strings. Her slim body was covered with long cuts and contusions, red, inflamed and angry in the autumn sunlight. At one point she had been beautiful, he speculated. At one point her skin had held a sun streaked glow. Now it was pale from blood loose.

His crystal blue eyes moved down her slim body and he noticed and much of the blood was centered in between her thighs. She had been violated, in the most angry ways possible. He looked around the woods, seeing bottles, broken glass, sticks. He pursed his thin lips and looked down at the body. This was what the world had come to hum? Violating little girls for the fun of it?


He leaned over the form gnarling on his thumb. He thought that she was dead but the moment he saw her face he knew he was wrong. That would have been too kind. Her bright green eyes looked up at him, the only part of her that moved, pupils dilated with pain. They were almost too big for her blood smeared face. He felt his heart tighten up as her eyes trapped his blue ones. Oh Christ, he thought to himself. Even if this girls body was dead she sure as fuck wasn't.

The hunter locked eyes with hers as his calloused fingers found the buttons on his flannal shirt. He undid them, one by one, never letting go of her eyes. He was trying to assure her but didn't know how. Her big green orbs were wide. Searching over his face with one word planted in them. Enemy.

"I aint gunna hurt ya." His voice was firm, final, commanding. She didn't say a word in return. He finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it around her, lifting her limp body as he did. She was feather light in his arms, unmoving. His hands became coated in her sticky blood, some of the wounds opening at the shift in her bodies position. It ran down his arms as he finished wrapping her up. She didn't answer, didn't make a sound. Even when he picked her limp body up she didn't squeal in pain or whimper.

"What's yer name girl?" Again, there was nothing. "Ya don't talk. I get it." He lifted her in his arms and held her for a moment, still limp, still silent. "Ima get ya out of here."

Lori and Andrea were taking care of her, getting everything closed up and cleaned so that she wouldn't get an infection. When he had brought her back, hanging in his arms the woman had screamed at the sight of her. She was a ghastly thing to see, covered in blood and gore, even with his shirt wrapped around her. She was still hanging limply, eyes still open but hazy by now. The questions had flowed from all of their lips, counter acting each other. He'd grunted and told them to shut the hell up and help.

They had rushed her to Andrea and Amy's tent. He hadn't heard from any of them since. He sat out by the fire pit closest to the tent, waiting for news. Every hour or so one of them would come rushing out, carrying a bucket of water. It went in clear, came out blood red. He turned back to the dead fire pit. It was like they were gutting an animal in there.

"Fuck this." He muttered to himself, pushing himself up.

"Where are you going?" Shane asked, intervening as always.

"Huntin'." Daryl muttered. "What's it ta ya pig?" He pushed past the man and made his way to the silence of the woods.

He moved through the woods taking a hint from the torn up, little girl and being silent. He slipped through the darkening woods, coming upon the open clearing where he had found her, squatting to the ground. He ran his dirty fingers ran along the forest when her prone body had lain. Bringing his fingers up, coated again with the sticky liquid and he rubbed them together. He was surprised that she had lived this long…her blood was soaked into the cooling ground.

He looked up and around, searching for tracks. They were easy to spot, heavy work boots carved deep into the ground. Size nine by the looks of it. The attacker was heavy, making the boots sink into the mud.

Something cracked under his boot, making him look down quickly. He reached to the ground and picked up a beer bottle, covered in blood. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth so hard that he could feel them nearly breaking against each other. He was going to track down and kill this man. He didn't know what it was that was making him so angry. The girl wasn't his problem. But something about a man beating, cutting into and raping a woman just crossed a line.

He looked up into the canopy of the trees. It was getting dark, the red light of the setting sun weaving its way through the thick branches. He couldn't do much tracking in the dark, but he was going to push on and try. He didn't want the fucker to get too far.

He came back into camp, leaves in his hair from running through the woods and underbrush. It was dark, pitch black with just a sliver of moon suspended in the air. The others were all gathered around the embers of a dying fire, talking quietly among themselves. Andrea and Lori were there with them, hunched over and exhausted. Lori was still trying to rub some of the blood off her arms. They all looked up at him as he came back into the camp site. His eyes were still on fire, filled with rage. The blue burnt. He had been pumping himself up in case he found the son of a bitch.

Daryl avoided them like the plague normally but he wanted to know about the girl. He walked over and looked at them, brooding so that they knew what he wanted. "The girl." He said. He didn't want it to sound like a question; didn't want them to know that he gave a shit.

"She's alive." Andrea told him solemnly. "Healing we hope. She was asleep when I left."

"She tell you her name yet?" Shane asked the two women through a mouthful of canned beans. He eyed Daryl, having expected him to bring back rabbit or at least squirrel.

Lori shook her head. "We tried to talk to her while we were doing it to give her some kind of comfort…let her know that she was safe. She didn't say a word. Didn't even make a sound as we were taking glass out of her."

Daryl wasn't surprised. She didn't talk, shocked into silence for who knows how long. She probably just looked up at the two women with those big green eyes.

He grunted and stormed back towards the tent that she was recovering in. He looked at it for a few long moments, tempted to go in but not letting himself. The smell of blood was evident even outside of it. He doubted that anyone else could smell it but to him it was clear and distinctive, like a sweet metal. He frowned before turning back his back on the tent and going into his.

It had been five days since he had brought her back to the camp. No one was allowed in the tent with her; they didn't know if she was dangerous or not. Only Andrea would go in to check on her, reporting back to the group. There was never really anything to report, just that she was healing, her colour was coming back and that she still hadn't spoken. She never ever spoke. Andrea said that she would try but the girl would just look at her. Daryl couldn't blame her. He wouldn't want to talk to any of these people either.

They still had no name for her. No identity. No information. It was making Shane more and more nervous as the days went on. He would pace outside the tent, looking at it and rubbing the back of his neck. On more then one few occasions he would try and storm to the tent, ready to question her.

"I'm an expert interrogator." Shane said as he moved across the camp after Andrea came out and reported that she still hadn't been able to get the girl to talk.

Daryl glanced up from where he sat on the tailgate of his truck, sharpening his knife to a fine razor edge. He had been going out every day to see if he could pick up the trail of the man that had attacked her. He wanted to make sure he was ready to gut the bastard. Daryl had continued to follow the tracks but they went in circles, coming back to the same spots, stopping, weaving around again…he would just have to keep following them around in circles until he caught up with him. It was frustrating.

"She doesn't need to be interrogated." Andrea told him desperately. "She was just brutally raped and left for dead! Going in there and demanding answers from her is just going to traumatize her more!"

Daryl got up and walked over to them slowly, listening and rubbing his bottom lip.

"I'll ask nicely." Shane mocked. "But we need to know who she is if she's going to stay here!"

Daryl growled, drawing all of their attention over to him. "You go in there and I'll slit yer throat." He animalistically snarled at the cop. By now the entire came was gathered around, waiting and watching to see how the standoff would end. Daryl narrowed his eyes at him hard. Hell, no. He had brought this girl back here, seen what she looked like laying in the middle of nowhere, close to death, her big green eyes starring up at him asking him 'why'. Shane stared at him hard, daring him to do it. Oh lord did he want to. Who did this guy think he was? He was acting like the righteous leader but was still willing to go in there and traumatize a rape victim?

"Guys…" Lori said, looking past them.

They all turned seeing the tent flap opening and the girl stepping out, slowly. She looked like she was learning how to walk again, moving jerkily, one foot at a time. She was wrapped in only the old flannel blanket that they had been using to cover her. It daunted her starved form. Daryl could see bandages peeking out on her legs, hands…there was one across her cheek over a slightly healing, yellowing bruise. A butterfly bandage on her eyebrow held it together. Her skin had some of its colour back, glowing in the sunlight. She squinted her big, green eyes up at the sun as she wrapped herself tighter in the blanket and looked around her.

Daryl gulped as he watched in the afternoon sunlight. She licked her full, pinkish lips, one with a nasty scab forming. She looked at him as though she could hear his throat clearing. Walking farther out, she quickly side stepped Shane as he tried to approach her, her eyes widening dangerously.

"Don't touch her!" Lori said quickly and Shane withdrew the hand that had he had reached out to stop her.

Daryl knew that look. His prey got the same wideness in their eyes when they thought that they were trapped. It wasn't a weakness move and it was most certainly not shrinking. It was desperately dangerous. She was likely to bite any man's hand off that tried to touch her.

He watched as she looked at Shane and then continued her path towards him. He stayed rooted in his spot, eyes locking with her green ones. He studied her closely, looking for that fear that she had when Shane came closer. He couldn't find it.

Finally she stood right in front of him, lifting one bandaged hand slowly. He felt himself tense at being touched but pushed the feeling away as best he could, uncoiling his muscles so that she wouldn't be afraid. His eyes followed it as she reached out and touched his face, studying it carefully, as though she was trying to remember something long forgotten. Her eyes ran over his facial hair and jaw line, his lips and finally up to his eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

There was a question in those green orbs as she starred into his blue eyes, her little hand still on his cheek. "I found ya." He told her quietly. Her dark eyebrows furrowed together as if trying to put the memory together. "I saved ya." He tried and she seemed to understand, her figures traveling his face and brushing his bottom lip with her thumb, mimicking the motion that he had done over her when he found her in the woods. He smiled, really just twinge up his lips but it was as close to a smile as he had gotten in a long time. "Yeah, that's right." He told her. "What's yer name?" He asked. He watched as her lips parted but no sound came out. "I'm gunna call you 'girl'." He told her. She gave him a little nod. Well at least he knew that she understood English now.

"What's her name?" Shane called over to them.

They both ignored the intrusion, her hand still on his scratchy cheek as he stared at her eyes. That was the only way she was going to communicate it seemed. "I'm gunna call her girl." He told Shane watching as the corners of her lips twitched up the slightest bit at him.

Daryl liked this girl. A woman that wouldn't talk? It was like a dream come true for him. She seemed to be able to ask and answer his question with just her eyes and facial expressions. He had to admit, he was interested…intrigued.

Suddenly he felt her hand twitch and looked down to see her legs about to give out, shaking mercilessly. It occurred to him that she hadn't walked in days and was probably still far from healed. Just as she fell he caught her and lifted her up again. The others from the camp jumped forward to help and she tensed.

"Get away!" He told them sharply, stopping everyone in their tracks as the girl dug her nails into his skin. "Just get outta the way. I got her." He carried her over to the tent, making sure to keep the blanket securely around her tensed body. He ducked them into the tent and looked around before finding the makeshift bed in the corner and lowering her to her feet. He was about to turn and leave the stuffy tent but she grabbed his wrist and stopped him, a pleading, serious look on her face.

"What?" He asked her. She tugged his wrist and he looked at her curiously. "I don't know what ya want." He let her lead him over towards the bed and down to the floor. She laid down on the blankets, keeping a firm grip on his wrist.

Suddenly he realized what was going on. "No!…no. I don't watch over people." He told her, turning to leave but her grip tightened, that pleading look still on her injured but pretty features. He sighed, frustrated now. "I'll go get Andrea or Lori or something." She shook her head negative on the pillow. "Girl…ya don't want me here. I aint no good ta ya." He growled.

Her green eyes darted over to the side of the tent behind her where they could both hear the low voices of Shane and Ed muttering angrily. He muttered something like "fuckin' idiots" under his breath before looking back down at her and giving her a curt nod of acknowledgment.