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It had been a horrible night for Ben, one he spent in the hospital. All the tests had gone smoothly like the doctor apprehended, but said they wouldn't know if Kate remembered the tragic event until morning. They had determined that she had minimal brain hemorrhaging and swelling and that there was only a small part of tissue in her brain affected and a couple dead brain cells and would be given pain killers to help the pain and that she would be released mid- afternoon the next day if all last minute tests showed that she was okay and there were no further impending, possibly life ending problems.

Ben had stayed in the cafeteria with Leo for an hour and ate a chicken cordon bleu wrap and a kiwi quencher from tropical smoothie and just talked with him, mainly about Kate and just how worried they both were. Ben had gone back up to the waiting room and sat for another hour before a doctor came up to him and consulted him about Kate's procedures and when he would be permitted to visit. He had gone to visit his mom until he was permitted to see Kate and when he saw her sleeping he had collapsed on a chair and took her hand in his and rubbed comforting small circles on it with his thumb until he fell asleep in the chair. His head sat lying on the bed, his hand still holding hers and sitting in a chair that didn't recline.

Now it was morning and Ben was awake still waiting for Kate to wake up from her anesthesia slumber. Justin had visited earlier and gave his condolences leaving flowers on a table. Lauren had also visited and brought balloons that said get well. Leo had come by and had brought her a stuffed lion. When questioned, Leo replied that Kate would understand. He had stayed for a half hour with Ben before leaving for a dentist appointment.

Ben glanced over at the clock once more reading 9:58. He sighed and was consumed by his thoughts. It wasn't until he heard a soft sigh did his eyes snap up and onto Kate and in a moment's notice was by her side, his hearting beating with uncertainty and his eyes mirroring the uncertainty. He took her hand and watched as she opened her eyes and blinked trying to adjust and bring the image in front of her to focus.

"Ben?" She said a little confused and groggy. Without waiting for her to say more Ben captured her lips in a heated kiss and didn't pull back until he was sure he had kissed memories into her. As he pulled away he looked into her focused crystal eyes and saw a small smile appear on her lips.

Before Ben gave her the chance to speak he began stumbling on the practiced words he had repeated in his head a thousand times over. "I love you Katie, and I know you love me, you said it without saying it yesterday before you fell asleep but I cut you off before you could say it because I didn't want you to force out the words. You finally gave me a chance yesterday, you kissed me and you said yes. You said that you knew you could fall completely in love with me if you gave yourself the chance and I'm saying all of this because I promised you that if you didn't remember the wonderful change that had happened between us that I would remind you. You make my heart beat faster every time I see you smile at me and when you kiss me I feel like im falling and soaring at them same time. You always look so beautiful and your eyes sparkle in the light and I feel like I'm drowning. When you stare at me, I feel like you're penetrating the walls guarding my heart. You're my heart and soul Katie, I love you so much that it's so overwhelming sometimes. You make me-"

"Ben, I remember." She said softly placing her hand on his cheek and capturing his lips in a sweet kiss. Ben melted and pulled back with tears dropping uncontrollably down his face. She wiped away the tears streaming down his face and pulled him onto the bed with her and held him in a tight embrace peppering soft lingering kisses on his head and lips. She caught his eyes and smiled as she held his gaze. Her heart fluttered knowing that the man in front of her was broken and was in love with her. She knew that what she was seeing from Ben was something he locked deep inside and let no one see and knowing that he trusted her enough to allow himself to be vulnerable and let go of everything he had been holding inside. She vowed to help repair him knowing that he had done so for her after her breakup with Justin. "I love you too." She whispered as she pulled back from another kiss. Ben's eyes shone as he heard her sweet voice and felt her breath tickling his ears upon her admission. He laughed and she laughed with him feeling rather giddy with joy. She caught sight of the lion on the table and pointed to it.

"Leo." He said softly placing a kiss on her lips. "He said you'd understand."

"I do, he's my lion from the Wizard of Oz." She said softly with a smile happy at the warm memories that came upon seeing her lion. "Where is my lion?"

"Dentist appointment. Justin brought you some flowers and Lauren brought you the balloons."

"What did you get me?" She asked curiously not really caring about what everyone else had gotten her but the handsome, disheveled, broken man holding her heart.

"Nothing yet, I wasn't willing to leave to get you something." He said placing another kiss on her lips.

"Hmm." She replied returning the kiss with a small smile that soon evolved into one spreading from ear to ear.

"Last night you said that I was a risk worth taking." Ben said holding her gaze as he brought up the words that melted his heart.

"I remember." She said with a smile. "You are; you're risk losing every ounce of my sanity to gain so much more in love and affection." Kate said placing a soft long kiss on his lips.

"I'll show you what's a risk worth taking tonight." He said with a devilish smile.

"Hmm. Losing hours of sleep?" She said holding back the smile to tease him. "Whatever could go wrong with losing a few hours of sleep."

"Uh, I've seen you on a few hours of sleep and it's not pretty. A lot of coffee cups everywhere, more candy devoured than usual, and you tend to get snappy. But like I said, it's a risk worth taking."

"Hmm, I think I'm already looking forward to our evening plans."

"First, I'd like to take you out to dinner. You know, that one you stood me up on." He said playfully.

"Believe me I remember, worst decision ever." She said returning his playfulness with a smile.

"Are you sure because what about the time when-" Ben began only to be cut off by Kate who had meshed her lips with his.

"You just never know when to shut up Benny." She said with a playful whisper.

"Teach me." He replied placing a soft kiss on her lips.

"Oh God, doctor can I leave yet? I have someplace I want to be!" She called out annoyed now at the IV's in her arm keeping her from spending hours with Ben in a bliss she wanted to feel.

Ben chuckled and whispered sweetly in her ear, "Patience baby." Secretly, Ben also just wanted to whisk her off and into his bedroom where they couldn't be disturbed for hours on end. But he was willing to wait if it meant spending a lifetime with her being healthy. Part of him was grateful that she had hit her head because the fall had finally smacked some sense into her and now they would finally have the chance to be happy, together.

The End

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