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Edward's Point of View

I ran through the dark forest at lightning fast speed. Raindrops dripped down through the thick canopy of leaves and showered me occasionally, but they quickly dried due to the harsh wind.

I was on a brief, solo hunting trip. Bella was working at the Newton's store, Alice was shopping with Jasper, Carlisle and Esme were visiting the Denali's in Alaska, and Emmett and Rosalie—ugh. I didn't even want to think what they were doing. Hunting was the only thing for me to do while Bella was working her shift, and I figured I could hunt now instead of hunt later during time that could be spent with Bella. I still had an hour before I could go pick her up.

Soon, I picked up the scent of a mountain lion. My thoughts drifted away as my senses and instinct took over. I chased the lion down within half a minute and pounced on it. It writhed and wiggled under me, but I was easily pinning it down. I bit into its neck, and drank a few mouthfuls of blood when my phone rang, interrupting me. I took my teeth out of the lion's neck and reached for my phone in my back pocket. Repositioning myself to hold the lion down with one hand, I flipped open the phone without checking the caller ID.

"Hello?" I couldn't help but let a little venom seep into my voice at whoever was interrupting my hunt.

"Oh, sorry, is this a bad time?" My angel's voice drifted through the speaker, immediately relaxing me.

"No, not at all," I lied lightly.

"Okay, well, my shift ended early. There weren't many customers today."

"I'll be right there," I promised. "I love you."

"Love you too."

I shut the phone and sprang to my feet, forgetting about everything except that I was going to see my Bella. I sped through the forest quickly, not wanting to keep her waiting.

Mountain Lion Point of View

I roared in pain. I writhed in the fiery torture, willing with all my heart for it to end. Unfortunately, the movement only made the pain worse. It felt like I was in a bath of boiling water, and I was getting stabbed with a thousand knives, and acid was eating my insides, all at the same time. How did this happen?

All I remembered was that I was looking for something to eat when this man just came out of nowhere. He pounced on me, and I tried to get free, but he was so strong. I didn't understand how anybody, or anything, could be as strong as he was. And he was so cold.It felt like an iceberg was on me. Then he did something unexpected. He bit me in my neck, and started sucking out my blood! It was extremely painful, and I wished he would just kill me already. But suddenly, he stopped. I was ecstatic; maybe he would let me go now! He took something out of his pocket and started talking to someone. But I didn't hear his words, because now a new pain had appeared, a hundred times more intense than the other one. It started at my neck and slowly traveled to the rest of my body, intensifying as it went. I was vaguely aware of the man getting off me and running away just as quickly as he had come. Wait—where was he going? Why couldn't he just kill me?

After what seemed like ten eternities, the pain gradually stopped. First, it drifted out of my feet, then my legs, then my head. The pain seemed to be migrating—it was moving out of my limbs and into my chest. Soon, the only place that was still burning was my heart. It gave a few desperate last pumps and then stopped, and immediately the pain was gone. I opened my eyes and was taken aback by the sight. The leaves had never looked so green, the ground more brown, the sky so… grey. And everything was so much more detailed than it used to be. I could see the little veins in the leaves from a hundred feet away. I could see every little insect moving on every tree. I could practically see the wind.

I stretched my limbs, expecting them to be sore from lying down for so long, but they felt stronger than they ever had before. I rose to my feet, which took absolutely no effort at all, and looked around me once more. I didn't know what the man did to me, but I knew that I was no longer an average mountain lion.

Suddenly, I was aware of a burning sensation in my throat. It was like a remnant of the fire, but less intensified. Still, it hurt enough to make me uncomfortable. How did I make it go away? Just then, I heard rustling, and faint footsteps. Without thinking, I turned in the direction of the noise and began running until I caught the scent. I recognized the scent as a deer's scent, and it wasn't particularly appetizing, but it was better than nothing. So I followed it, and soon came upon the unlucky deer, which was slowly chewing some leaves. I pounced on it, and bit into its neck, just like the man had done to me. But unlike the man, I drank all of the creature's blood, and when I was done, it was dead.

I could still feel the pain in my throat. Drinking the deer's blood had done little to water the fire down. I decided to find something more appetizing. I sniffed the air, but could smell nothing other than the damp earth and unappetizing smell of squirrels scurrying along the trees. I decided to find something to eat outside of the forest. I went back the way I had come, and eventually picked up the man's scent. I didn't know the way out of the forest myself, so I decided to see where the man went. I followed the scent for about 30 miles, and then I saw light through the trees ahead. I picked up my pace, and in a few seconds I was out in the open for the first time in my life.

I sniffed the air once more, and found that there were plenty new smells in the air. Most were unappetizing, but then a wind blew from the west, carrying with it the most delicious scent I had ever smelled. The pain in my throat intensified as I greedily took the scent in. I turned in the direction the scent had come from and raced to the source as fast as I could. I eventually reached a small house, with the delicious scent, and, ironically, the man's scent all over it. I leapt nimbly up on a windowsill and looked through the window. And there sat the source of the delicious scent. Her head was bent down, and it seemed she was concentrating on something very hard. My mouth pooled with liquid that I instinctively knew was my venom. I let out a low growl of anticipation.

And then she raised her head and saw me.

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