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Anyway, please enjoy the very first story I ever wrote, A Harry Potter/Naruto Crossover.

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Chapter 1: A New Home

An 18-year old Harry Potter sighed as he stared off into the unknown. He was currently holed up inside Potter Manor after the wizarding world decided a year ago that he was the second coming of Voldemort after he killed the snake-faced bugger.

As usual, the wizarding public took the news without question like the sheep that they were.

It would have been inconsequential since he didn't really care what the wizarding world thought about him but what made the declaration heartbreaking was his friends' reaction to the news.

Hermione and Ron immediately sided with the government and distanced themselves away from him. The Weasleys informed him that he was no longer welcome and should never grace their doorstep again. The only exception was the Weasley twins who didn't believe that he was the next Dark Lord that the wizarding world portrayed him to be. The prankster duo kept him updated of any news concerning him so he would be prepared in case things hit the fan.

Harry smiled grimly when his thoughts strayed to the actions of the Ministry after declaring that he was a Dark Lord. Minister Scrimgeour decided that he wasn't fit to be a Potter since he was going Dark so the former-Auror-now-Minister declared that all of his assets would be confiscated and added to the Ministry coffers.

Thankfully, the goblins were on his side and informed him immediately of this plan and taking stringent measures to protect him and his wealth.

Speaking of wealth, Harry found out right there and then that he was a very wealthy young man. Having no idea as to what his family name entailed, the goblins painstakingly gave him in-depth information of the Potter's standing in the wizarding world, their abundant wealth, and of course, his lineage.

He found out that the Potters were a direct descendant of Godric Gryffindor with him as the only surviving member of the Potter-Gryffindor family. Not only that, because of his Riddle's defeat under his hands, he was granted Right of Conquest to the Slytherin fortune added to his portfolio.

Thankfully, Voldemort was unaware of his family's standing so the Slytherin vault and assets remained untouched; putting Harry on the pedestal of being the richest wizard in the British wizarding world – not that he cared to be honest since he lived most of his life in poverty, he didn't crave for anything material unless he really needed it.

In order to protect his inheritance, Harry made use of the Blood Lock service that the goblins provided; making sure that only he and anyone of his bloodline could open the vaults. All his properties were placed under Fidelius Charm with him as the sole Secret Keeper, making all of them inaccessible to anyone greedy enough to attempt confiscation or theft.

With his inheritance properly protected, Harry started living in Potter Manor, also under Fidelius Charm, as well as other family protections to safeguard his person.

Potter Manor was a welcome haven for Harry to get away from the sheep of the wizarding world. The mansion-like abode was maintained by a dozen house elves who practically threw a party upon his return. It was there that Harry started to make a life for himself and considered it his second chance at life.

Making use of the vast library of the Potter Family, Harry decided to properly train his magic since he didn't make the effort to really learn about it while in Hogwarts. He was somewhat ashamed of himself in downplaying his abilities to be accepted by his friends. He instinctively knew before that he needed to dumb himself down in order to make friends, especially with Hermione who wouldn't want anyone to shine above her knowledge, and Ron whose studying habits left much to be desired unless it was food or quidditch.

The year of stay in Potter Manor, or more specifically, the Potter Library, was an eye opener. He started relearning everything in the Hogwarts Curriculum and found himself quite talented in magic since there weren't any need to dumb himself down or to distract himself from properly learning anything he could.

He found that he was quite talented in Transfiguration, Charms, and Potions, thought the latter wasn't on a level of being a master but he had no problems brewing the most complication potion available. He couldn't make new recipes to save his life but brewing existing potions was easy for him without Snape breathing down his neck.

He also started working on other branches of magic that he found a fancy in, like wandless magic. He wasn't a master but he could cast spells from First to Fifth Year without a wand successfully. Anything above that would either blow up on his face or fail miserably. He chalked it up to inexperience and promised himself to study harder.

Harry also discovered that he liked Ancient Runes which eventually led him to branch out to include Warding to his study routine. He could cast the basic wards and the most complicated ones would require a thorough study and practice before he could cast them successfully.

Not all of his time in Potter Manor was spent studying though. The elves noticed his somewhat malnourished state and immediately placed him on a stringent potion and exercise program to bring his health back up to speed. After a year of pampering and exercise, he was able to reach his peak physical growth.

His height now reached an impressive 5'10, not as tall as the tallest of his peers but it was tall enough to no longer be called scrawny. His malnourished frame was replaced by a swimmer's build, lithe muscles giving him a well-defined look that would make quite a lot of girls swoon if they ever had the chance to see his physique without his clothes on.

Harry was brought out of his musings when Fawkes appeared in all his fiery glory. The former familiar of Albus Dumbledore appeared sixth months ago while he was practice-brewing Veritaserum in the potions laboratory under Potter Manor. Fawkes immediately bonded to him and established a form of communication that involved emotions and mental images.

"Hi, Fawkes." Harry greeted his familiar. He noticed that the phoenix had a box grasped in its talons. "What have you got there?"

Fawkes didn't say anything, which was nothing new, but pushed the image of Dumbledore putting some stuff inside the box.

"From Professor Dumbledore?" asked Harry towards his familiar. Fawkes trilled an affirmative before depositing the box on the table in front of him before flying over to his perch in the corner.

Curious, Harry grabbed the box and opened the lid. There were some items inside but the rolled up parchment caught his attention. He took it out and opened it. Realizing that it was a letter from Dumbledore, he started to read.

Dear Harry,

I hoped upon hope that you would never have to read this letter but if my predictions have come to pass then Fawkes would be deliveingr this to you along with the other items that I deemed that you should have.

You see, Harry, I know that you would be able to vanquish Voldemort. I have no doubt in my mind that you would be able to piece together the clues I left behind that would enable you to bring down Tom Riddle and free the wizarding world from his control.

However, I know how the magical world works and I have a feeling that magical Britain would not be giving you the life you deserve. If you're reading this letter then the worst have come to pass and this would be my last helping hand to give you a better life.

There are two options available to you now, my boy. The first is to still continue to live your life in the wizarding world and hope that their mistaken view of you would change. If not then I offer you a change of scenery, so to speak.

During my youth, I was able to discover a world much different to our own and kept it secret ever since. It is still part of our world but it is well-hidden that no outsiders could ever penetrate its barriers, forever separating it from the rest of the populace.

Inside the box is a book that would explain everything about this world and would give you an idea what to expect if you decide to move there. After you finish reading the book, I enchanted this letter to reveal the rest of its content concerning some advice to help you adapt to this world better without starting from scratch.

Also, included in the box are the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone. I think you already know the significance of these items and I want you to bring them with you or keep them somewhere that no one in the wizarding world would get their hands on them. The Hallows are dangerous and must be kept away from both Light and Dark. I trust no one in their use but you. If my prediction proved right then you are the Hallows' master and they would serve you well.

I will end the first part of this letter here and let you browse through the rest of the items in the box. When you're ready, hold this letter again after reading the book if you decide to move to your new home. Its content will magically change to the second letter.

With love and prayer to your success,


Harry blinked and couldn't help but let out a chuckle. Albus Dumbledore was really the most intelligent of wizards of his time. Not only was the old coot able to predict what would happen, it heartened Harry that the wizard would go to lengths to provide him a good life. He knew that he was groomed by the wizard to take down Voldemort and he couldn't blame the man of his manipulation. It was the decision of a desperate man, after all.

Curious, he placed the letter on the table and checked the other items in the box. He saw the Elder Wand and couldn't help but marvel at its beauty. He took it out of the box and when his hand made contact, he could feel a powerful surge of magic flow through his veins. He could feel something snap inside his soul and the power he felt upon holding the most powerful hand on earth.

He knew right there and then that the Elder Wand have granted him its allegiance.

Sighing, he waved the Elder Wand and conjured a wand holsters for it. He marveled at how easy it was to manipulate his magic through the wand. It would seem that the Elder Wand amplifies any spell cast through it, making it better compared to the rest. He added the usual enchantments, similar to what he did with the holster he wore on his right arm that held his Holly and Phoenix feather wand. He strapped it on his left arm and placed his new wand inside. Flicking his left hand, the Elder Wand appeared in his grasp before willing it to return to its new home. Satisfied, he moved to the next item.

He saw the cracked Resurrection Stone but laid it beside the letter since he would never put the spirits of the dead in agony. Calling the spirits to the physical plane through the power of the stone would put them in pain so he vowed to avoid doing so at all cost. He decided to come up with a way to protect the stone later since he wasn't in a hurry.

The next item he found was a shrunken trunk. He lifted it out and felt the enchantment on it. He placed it on the floor and brought out his Holly wand and reversed the shrinking charm it was placed under. Opening the now-enlarged trunk, he saw that it was filled with various books on magic. He vowed to read them later since he knew that Dumbledore would never send him mundane books. Closing the trunk, he pulled out the last item inside the box, a book.

Harry noticed that it was a thick book in brown leather, the title "The Elemental Nations by Albus Dumbledore" on its face. Curious, he opened it and started reading.

Harry was amazed upon reading the book that Dumbledore advised him to read. It would seem that Dumbledore found an ancient reference to a doorway hidden deep inside the Himalayan Mountains. The doorway was a conduit to a dimension parallel to his own; a completely different world working on a whole new set of rules.

According to Dumbledore's study of the Elemental Nations, instead of magical beings, this new world was governed by individuals known as shinobis. Unlike the shinobis portrayed in movies, these shinobis were powerful in their own right, able to use a unique energy known as chakra to accomplish various feats, from elemental manipulation to physical manifestation. It was astounding, to say the least.

The book almost mentioned that civilians also lived in this world and shinobis acted as paid mercenaries to accomplish certain missions. Unlike muggles and magical, shinobis didn't bother to hide their abilities and the civilians have no problems with it.

Also, the Elemental Nations uses a dialect similar to Japanese with some slight difference. Thankfully, Dumbledore was able to craft a translation spell that would allow him to understand and converse in their native dialect without worries.

Excited at the potential that this world offered as a home, Harry giddily finished the book and absorbed all the information it contained.

It made him think of what he was going to do in this world if he ever decided to move there.

For starters, he could be a civilian and live the rest of his natural life in peace. He could also become a shinobi if he ever wanted to since the book also detailed some information on what a shinobi was supposed to have in terms of physical abilities to be successful in the trade. After perusing this section of the book, Harry noticed that he needed to be physically fit, as well as gaining access to chakra if he ever wanted to be one. He knew that he could duplicate the feat using magic since it was much superior to what chakra could do.

Harry also discovered that the books inside the shrunken trunk were on different topics that described the shinobi lifestyle; from their training program to the various abilities that chakra could perform in and out of the body. How Dumbledore got his hands on these books, Harry would never know.

Since he was done with the first book, Harry decided to go through the rest before making up his mind.

It was a few months after his 19th birthday that Harry decided to move to the Elemental Nations to start a new life. The decision was sparked by the news that the twin sent him that there was sizable reward for his capture. Considering that he was safely inside his Fidelius-protected home, it would seem that the Minister was desperate to get his hands on him for reasons unknown.

Determined to start anew, Harry lifted Dumbledore's letter and saw it change to reveal another set of instructions for him to follow.

Dear Harry,

If you read this part of the letter then you have decided for a change of scenery. Such is the case, there are a few things that you needed to do as preparation to make sure that your transition to your new home would go smoothly.

For starters, you can still use magic in this world so you need not worry about losing your hard-earned abilities and knowledge. You also need not worry about hiding as a civilian since the few people that I have revealed magic to have welcomed it without question.

Now let's proceed with the preparations.

First, you need to contact Gringotts. Money in the Elemental Nations is vastly different to our own. Instead of the usual galleons, sickles, and knuts; the Elemental Countries only accepts a unique currency called Ryo. If you want to have money then you need to bring gold bars with you to be converted to the local currency. When I showed a friend of mine in the Elemental Nations a galleon and had it appraised, I was shocked to discover that a galleon to Ryo is equivalent to a month's wage. Bring some gold bars with you and have it exchanged in a local bank. You won't be disappointed.

Second, I suggest that you bring a house elf with you. Humans need to go through the doorway in order to safely enter the Elemental Nations. However, I noticed that house elves were capable of traversing dimension as long as they are bonded to their master. I accidentally called my house elf, Dippy, to me and she appeared without problems. A house elf would give you access to both worlds, so to speak, so if you need anything in our world then you can just have a house elf get it.

Third, pack only the basic essentials since you can easily buy the necessities when you get there.

Last, but certainly not the least, I want you to immediately go to Konoha upon entering the Elemental Nations. Fawkes can get you there without problems since he knows where it is. Upon arriving to Konoha, register yourself to the gate guards (Chuunins if I remember them correctly) and ask them to escort you to the Hokage. You should be introduced to someone by the name of Sarutobi Hiruzen since he was the Hokage at that time. Tell him my name and he will know.

If you decide to be a shinobi then let Sarutobi know since he can help you with tutors to achieve your goal.

I hope this helps, my boy, and good luck on your new adventure.


Harry appeared in a burst of flame with Fawkes on his shoulder. He was currently wearing a muggle attire of jeans and blue shirt and an overcoat with sleeves up to his wrist to hide both of his wands. He found himself on a road a few miles outside Konoha. Adjusting his backpack to make it more comfortable for travelling, he followed the road while whistling a merry tune with Fawkes trilling in accompaniment.

It took an hour for him to arrive at the gates of Konoha alone since Fawkes decided to fly around and check out the sights before meeting with him later. He wasn't in a hurry and he enjoyed the walk since it had been quite some time since he enjoyed the sight of nature. When he got to the gate, he was stopped by a pair of individuals that Harry immediately recognized as shinobis. Thankfully, Albus had the foresight to include moving pictures of shinobis in his book to recognize them easily on sight.

"Halt!" said one of the shinobi guards. "Who are you and what brings you to Konoha?"

Harry immediately activated the translation spell he read from Dumbledore's book. "My name is Harry Potter and I come seeking the counsel of the Hokage for the possibility of living in your beautiful village." said Harry as a form of greeting.

"H-Ha-ri P-Pota?" the other guard tried enunciating his name, making Harry grimace at how his name was getting mangled by their language.

"Ummm, just call me Hari for now." He said with a smile though he inwardly sighed in relief when the guards nodded in agreement since both of them were having problems with his family name.

"Alright, just sign your name on the log and your purpose of visit before you're escorted to the Hokage." said guard while pointing at an opened scroll on the table beside the gate.

Harry nodded and took the brush while mentally thanking whatever deities were out there for being an experienced painter since pens were not being used here in this world. Dipping it in ink from the bottle beside the scroll, he immediately wrote his name and the purpose of his visit. One of the guards inspected his work before nodding.

A masked shinobi appeared and escorted him to the Hokage Tower. It was a 30-minute walk since he was a civilian and Harry could feel the anxiety of his escort for being slow. He could easily tell the ANBU that he could apparate to get there faster but he decided to keep his magic hidden for now.

During their walk to the tower, Harry reviewed the information he read from the book about the customs of the Elemental Nation so he wouldn't accidentally insult the locals. He likened their custom to Japanese since it was very similar. When they got to the tower, Harry immediately addressed his escort.

"Thank you for escorting me, shinobi-san." Harry said with a bow, surprising his guard who nodded before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. The wizard chalked it up to shinobi skills and vowed to research it later.

After talking to the secretary, Harry had to wait since the Hokage was in an appointment. It was an hour later that the secretary ushered him to the office where an old man wearing a weird hat was busy reading various documents on his table.

"Thank you for having time to seeing me, Hokage-sama." said Harry with a bow.

"No problem. May I know your name and your purpose of coming here to Konoha?" asked the Hokage with a smile.

"My name is Harry Potter though I think we need to come up with a new name since not many in your world could enunciate it properly. Well, before we go into that, I was instructed to come here by my master to see Sarutobi Hiruzen."

The Hokage nodded with a smile though there was a curious gleam in his eyes when he mentioned 'your world' before beckoning for Harry to sit. "I am Sarutobi Hiruzen and I am the Hokage. So who is this master of yours?" He inquired curiously.

"His name is Albus Dumbledore." Harry replied immediately.

Sarutobi's face turned to shock before a smile made his way to his face. "Oh! Albus-san. I remember him. How is he?"

Harry gave the Hokage a sad look. "He died a few years ago."

Sarutobi face mirrored Harry. "I see. I met him during my youth a few weeks after I became the Hokage and told me about his circumstances and interviewed me concerning the Elemental Nations since he is not from this world. I take it your magical then?"

"Yes I am." Harry said with a nod. "He was the head of the magic school I attended before I graduated."

"I see. So, Ha-ri," Harry grimaced when his name was being mangled…again which Sarutobi noticed. "What brings you here?"

Deciding to go with the truth since he really wanted to start a new life here, Harry explained everything to the aged leader about his circumstances, starting from his life with the Dursleys, the war with Voldemort, his studies at Hogwarts, the Horcrux hunt, and his his life in wizarding Britain after the fall of the Dark Lord. The Hokage's face was a cacophony of emotions as he went through his tale before ending in a look of understanding which made Harry inwardly sigh in relief.

"Quite a life you went through, my boy, and I can see in your eyes the glint of a warrior. You have gone through much and I can safely say that you became a great person because of it. I have no problems letting you live in Konoha and welcome you with open arms. Would it be safe to say that Albus already taught you everything he knows about this world?" Sarutobi asked while pulling out a bunch of papers from his drawer.

"Yes. He left me a bunch of books to read so I won't have any problems living here. In fact, I memorized all of them." Harry said with a grin which was immediately mimicked by the aged leader.

"Good good. I would just like to say that you don't need to hide your…abilities here since Albus-san informed me that your…magical world tends to hide from civilians. You don't have to fear that separation here considering shinobis can do almost the same thing you do with chakra. Are you going to be a civilian or are you interested in becoming a shinobi? Your abilities would be of great help to the village."

"To be honest, I'm still not sure. I need to acquaint myself with chakra and shinobis in general since Professor Dumbledore's books didn't really go into detail, only a general summary. I can start off as a civilian then decide later if that's alright."

"I have no problem with that. In fact, I have an idea that would be of great benefit to you during your stay here in Konoha and to get your abilities recognized by the village. But first, you need to fill up these forms before we can proceed." said the Hokage while pushing a stack of papers to Harry who eyed it with trepidation.

"That's a lot of paper."

"Yes, I know." Sarutobi said smugly.

Harry raised an eyebrow and flicked out his Holly wand which made Sarutobi eye it with interest. Grabbing the first form at the top of the stack, he tapped it with his wand and watched the information being filled out on its designated place. Sarutobi watched all this in fascination, as well as some jealousy. It was Harry's turn to give the aged leader a smug look.

Sarutobi grabbed the document and saw the information there and raised an eyebrow. "I see that you decided to change your name, Mahora Hari?" he asked curiously.

Hari nodded with a smile "Yes, since my name has been mangled many times by your guards, I thought up a new name for myself since I am starting a new life here. Mahora instead of Potter since Maho is the equivalent of magic in your language. Hari is a play of my real name." explained Hari with a grin.

"I see." Sarutobi said with a nod while checking out the information on the documents. "Hmmm, considering that you have a unique ability that would contribute much to the village, what is your reaction if I suggest that you start a clan here in Konoha."

"A clan?" Hari asked curiously.

"Yes. You see, in this village, there are people who have unique abilities that we call Kekkei Genkai or Bloodline Limit and those who have are given a clan status. For example, the Nara Clan has the ability to use shadow techniques, the Aburame Clan for their use of bugs in battle, and so on. From what Albus told me, magic can be passed on to your children so it would be qualified as a Kekkei Genkai. Such is the case; it would be prudent for you to start your own clan here in Konoha and the privileges it can give you."

"Interesting." said Hari. "What privileges does being clan have?"

"For starters, all information concerning your abilities is a secret to the rest of the populace. In other words, no one can force you to reveal them if you don't want to. Second, a clan head have a seat in our government as long as you have a thorough knowledge of our laws. Also, as a clan, you are given a plot of land where you can start your own family and is considered private grounds that no one can enter without your explicit permission. I can provide you with books detailing the responsibilities of a clan head if you wish to push through with this idea."

Hari thought about it for a few seconds before nodding his head in agreement.

"I agree with your suggestion, Hokage-sama. In fact, that would make my life in the village a whole lot easier. Would it be safe to say that being a clan requires me to contribute to the village as a whole?"

"You assume correctly, Mahora-san." said Sarutobi with a smile, surprising Hari at aged man's respect towards him, as well as the use of his new family name. "It is up to you in regards to what you can contribute to the village."

"Hmmmm…I don't think I can give much in terms of magic since I can safely say that I am the only one here that can use magic. I can offer to teach those who display the ability if one ever turns up. I can also make some potions to be used by the public but it needs to be regulated since some of them are quite dangerous."

"Potions?" Sarutobi asked curiously.

Hari nodded. He might as well as show the Hokage what he was capable of. He studied Sarutobi for a bit, deciding what potion to use, until an idea flitted through his head. Grinning, he pulled out a shrunken trunk from his backpack and set it on the floor. He tapped it with his wand to reverse the enchantment, making the Hokage's eyes widen at the display of magic in front of him. Rummaging around the various vials inside the trunk, he pulled out two potions.

These two potions were unique and were considered lost to the wizarding world. In fact, the recipes of these potions were only found in the Potter Library which was ten times larger than those found at Hogwarts.

"Potions are very common element in the wizarding world, Hokage-sama. There is practically a potion for every scenario ranging from healing to poison. These two potions are unique to my…uhhh…to the Potter Clan, or if you want to be technical, the Mahora Clan. The recipes for these two are considered lost and only found in my library." said Hari with a grin as he placed the potions on the Hokage's desk.

Sarutobi studied the two potion vials in front of him; one was pure white while the other was blue. "What do these potions do, Hari?" he asked curiously.

Hari smiled at the way the old man addressed him, not as a subordinate, but as a friend. He made the right decision in showing these potions to him. "These two potions work together. The white potion is called an Age Reversal Potion. The amount of potion in that vial is enough to de-age a person 10 years of his life. The blue potion is called a Permanence Potion and any potion drank before it would make the effect permanent. For example, if you drink the white potion followed by the blue potion, you will be de-aged 10 years permanently. However, there is a limit. The Age Reversal Potion may only be administered twice until it would become poisonous to the human body. And not all effects are applicable to the Permanence Potion. Why don't you give them a try, Hokage-sama. I'm sure you'll like the results."

Sarutobi looked at Hari with a mix of both curiosity and excitement before a frown marred his face. "I hope you understand that I couldn't drink these potions, Hari. I trust you but as a shinobi, I am automatically wary of anything."

Hari nodded, agreeing with the Hokage's admission since he was in the same shoe. "Are you familiar with a Wizard's Oath, Hokage-sama?"

"Yes. Albus explained to me and even used that once when I asked him to promise me not to divulge any information of the Elemental Nations to those he doesn't trust."

Harry nodded before raising his Holly wand. "I, Harry James Potter, now known as Mahora Hari, swear on my life and magic that these potions would never hurt or cause negative effects to one Hiruzen Sarutobi when drank. So I say, so mote it be." He intoned making him glow a bit signifying the activation of the oath. He raised his wand and cast a light spell which flooded the room. "As you can see, I still have my magic so I have not lied to you that these two potions will not be causing you any harm." He said before cancelling the spell.

Sarutobi nodded and drank the white potion first. The effect was instantaneous, some of the wrinkles on the Hokage's face disappeared and some of his hair turned brown though there was still a lot of white there considering his age.

"Amazing, I feel a bit young, well not that young, but sprier compared to before. This is astounding, Hari. So I should drink the blue potion now?" After getting a nod, he immediately drank said potion making him glow blue a bit before dying down. "So I'm now 51 years old?"

Hari fired a spell at Sarutobi making him glow pink. "Well, 51 years, 8 months, and 11 days." He said with a smile. Before summoning another set of the two potions and setting it on the table. "I suggest that you drink these two after 48 hours to de-age yourself to 41. Consider it as a gift."

Sarutobi nodded with a smile before taking the potions and placing it into one of his hidden pockets. "So what other potions do you have with you right now?"

"I have the basic, as well as some medical potions. Why do you ask?"

"In order to attest to the validity of these potions, as well as strengthening your position to start a clan here in Konoha, I would invite some of the council as you administer these potions. Besides, it would be better if they can see the immediate benefits of your clan instead of just taking your word for it."

"I agree with you there Hokage-sama." said Hari with a nod before mentally taking stock of the potion he had in his trunk. "Let me see I have a potion that can re-grow broken or lost bones, potions that stimulate muscle growth, potions that can help heal major wounds, potions to restore blood…hmmmm...I also have some healing potions to cure nerve damage."

"Amazing." Sarutobi breathed out in surprise, crowing in delight at what these potions could do to bolster Konoha's ranks. There were quite a lot of shinobis who retired since they lost an arm or a leg during battle. If these potions work then there would be 50 or so shinobis that could be re-drafted into the ranks. "If it's alright with you, I can set up a meeting with the shinobi council in two hours at the hospital where you will administer these potions to some of the patients there."

"I have all the time in the world, Hokage-sama." said Hari with a smile. He was happy that the demonstration would cement his position in the village and also allow him to use his talent to help people.

After the Hokage sent a missive to the shinobi council to meet him in the hospital in two hours, he and Hari hammered out some of the details concerning his clan status in the village. They decided to show Hari to an abandoned clan house that he could use as his own.

Hari also gave the Hokage a briefcase containing the 30 gold bars he brought with him to be appraised and converted to Ryo in the bank. Hari laughed when Sarutobi's eyes grew as wide as saucer upon seeing the wealth that he brought with him.

Since they had plenty of time to spare, Sarutobi asked Hari to give him some idea as to what he was capable of in magic. Hari's eyes gleamed when he brought out his wand, wanting to show the shinobi leader what he was really capable of.

End of Chapter 1.

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