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Chapter 10: Welcome to the Family

After finalizing all the details with the Hokage, Hari took Haku and the newly-named Sano back to the Mahora compound to get started with the blood adoption ritual.

The ritual was quite simple. In a heavily warded room underneath the main house, Hari carved a ritual circle to facilitate the blood adoption. Once that was done, Hari would enter the circle with the person who was going to be adopted and both would slit their wrist so enough blood would be spilled. Touching both wrists together, Hari would use his wand to incant the necessary spell for his blood to enter into that person's blood stream and integrate into their genetics, literally turning their blood into that of a family member.

Both rituals took half an hour since it wasn't really taxing and the changes were immediate. As far as any blood rituals go, the blood adoption of Mahora Haku and Mahora Sano went smoothly and the changes in both of them were amazing to say the least.

Of course, Hari had to test both shinobis in their abilities to make sure that everything was still working and nothing was amiss.

Haku's physical appearance changed a bit. His naturally slim body grew both in height and muscle after the ritual. His eyes changed into the same emerald shade as Hari, who was delighted for it to happen.

Magically, Haku changed the most. The amount of magic he had in his core grew to twice its original size, not as large as Hari's but a quarter of way there. It wasn't a comparison since Hari was easily a very powerful wizard.

Haku immediately tested his Hyouton bloodline and discovered that it was easier to manipulate and control. Chakra-wise, his reserves also increased making it easy for him to cast and maintain his chakra-taxing Demonic Ice Mirror technique and held it going for twice its supposed duration.

Zabuza's change was minor. His shark-like teeth disappeared, turning into normal ones much to the former missing-nin's disappointment (he said that shark teeth were cool and lamented their loss). He didn't change in height or musculature but his hair did grow out a bit, almost reaching his shoulders. He made a mental point to visit a barber shop later. Hari had to point out that Sano now had eyebrows which caused Haku to laugh much to Sano's ire.

Chakra-wise, Sano's reserves also grew twice as large and Hari couldn't explain how that could happen. His eyes also turned green though at a much darker shade than Hari's or Haku's. Magically, Sano became a squib, giving him the ability to use certain magical artifacts if he so wished but not enough magic in his system to cast spells.

After the ritual, Hari showed them the compound and the various rooms that he worked in. He told the two that they could access both libraries (shinobi and magical). The only warning he gave was to Haku who he exacted a wizard's oath not to practice any spells without him knowing about it to avoid accidents. The teen could read any books in the library but actual spell casting was prohibited until Hari gave the go signal.

The new Mahora member immediately made the oath using Hari's Holly wand.

At end of the tour, he showed both of them their respective rooms and would have a meeting again tomorrow to discuss their new responsibilities to the clan. Both went to sleep that night with a happy smile on their faces.

For the first time in their life, they didn't have to sleep with an eye open.

The month after the adoption of Haku and Sano into the Mahora clan was a busy one.

Hari immediately allocated a schedule for Haku for his magical lessons. Thankfully, Haku's focus in controlling his Hyouton bloodline made it easy for the teen to learn wandless magic though Hari still instructed Haku to learn and practice Occlumency to increase his focus and control. This was the boy's morning schedule.

In the afternoon, Haku was training with Naruto to work on their team abilities and individual shinobi skills. The blonde was thrilled to have Haku as a teammate and had no problems with it since he already considered Haku as a friend even before they left Wave Country.

Since Haku was already trained by Sano, Hari simply gave the teen a set of training schedule to be followed right on the dot to help the boy catch up to Naruto's level.

Shinobi skill-wise, Haku was above that of Naruto's; but stamina and physical prowess needed some work since Naruto was a powerhouse. Hari also instructed Haku to improve his physical strength and stamina since he would be given a summoning contract, like Naruto, once he achieved a higher chakra capacity to pull it off without blacking out from exhaustion.

This promise made Haku double his effort since having a summon animal was a Kami-given gift for a shinobi since they were pretty rare.

While not on a mission and after Haku's lesson in magic (which was currently focused on spell casting and spell theory), Hari was busy sparring with Sano to learn the fine art of kenjutsu. He conjured a sword similar to Sano's and spent the whole afternoon sparring like mad.

Sano had no problem teaching his new clan head since Hari was a quick learner, only needed to be taught once to get the whole thing.

Hari found one drawback to wielding a zanbatou. He lacked the strength to wave the huge sword around, like Sano did with his Kubikiri Hocho. However this was easily remedied when the former missing-nin subjected Hari to a stringent strength training program involving over-weighted chakra bands.

The curses that Hari spewed out were music to Sano's ears.

Hari and Sano also took the time to hone their respective apprentice's skills in the shinobi arts.

Hari maintained his training regimen with Naruto while Sano made a special point to teach Haku the Silent Killing method to compliment their teamwork. Their teamwork involved Naruto being the frontline fighter while Haku providing the supporting role.

Hari also started teaching Haku the medical arts and introduced the teen to the many medical books he had in his library.

After seeing the Hari's collection, Haku was whistling a merry tune with glazed eyes as the boy started running a finger down the spine of the books.

Naruto found it amusing but Sano and Hari found it disturbing since they likened it to a certain activity that should remain nameless for the moment.

Hari couldn't help but be proud of Haku.

Like Naruto to jutsus, Haku took to magic like a fish to water; absorbing spells and theory at an impressive rate. The teen would just read the theory once and he could cast the spell no problem, though not all spells were successful for the boy since some required too much magical power to properly pull off.

This was made evident when Haku passed out after casting a corporeal Patronus, which happened to be a rabbit much to everyone's amusement.

In a span of two months, Haku could cast first to third year spells wandlessly though needed more focus to bring out some of the latter. If Naruto was a genius of hard work; Haku was simply a genius, period.

This revelation was made evident when Haku combined his magic with his Hyouton's ultimate technique to conjure a dozen or so mirrors of magically-enhanced ice that floated around the teen as if it was dancing in midair. Haku informed them that it was a defense mechanism he came up with much to everyone's shock.

Hari, Sano, and Naruto tested the new defense in earnest to see how much it could take.

Naruto started bombarding Haku with kunais and shurikens.

With eyes closed shut, Haku's mirrors blocked every single one of them with ease. The mirror didn't even get scratched after it collided with the few chakra-laced kunais and shurikens the blonde threw at him. They weren't able to try the cutting power of wind as of yet since Naruto's couldn't channel that much wind chakra to coat his weapons though he promised to give it a try as soon as he had it mastered.

Hari tested it against his magically-enhanced lightning. The mirrors were able to block the first and second blow but shattered on the third hit, and this was with a medium powered lightning bolt. It didn't really matter since Haku could recreate the ice mirrors without problem as long as he had enough magic and chakra to do so.

Also unlike Haku's use of his bloodline that required water, these mirror could be created without any source making it a truly flexible technique.

Sano tested it against his zanbatou, both with and without chakra. No matter how hard he tried, every mirror blocked his strike and he couldn't find a weakness to get an attack in. Sano hacked at it with all his might and skill for an hour before giving up much to everyone's amusement.

After a few more tries from the three of them, it was immediately declared that Haku's 'Dance of Floating Ice Mirrors' was an absolute defense.

Haku was so proud of his achievement that he gave Hari the schematics on how he came up with the technique making the Mahora clan head give it some thought. After a few hours of deliberation, Hari was able to produce a screen of lightning that encased his body like a cocoon much to everyone's shock.

Unlike Haku's mirrors, Hari's version could attack if an enemy was in range due to the nature of lightning to harm anyone or anything it came into contact with. This was easily seen when every projectile Naruto (shuriken and kunai), Haku (senbon and water needles), and Sano (zanbatou, kunais, and water jutsus) could throw at him were knocked down by bolts of lightning in every direction or promptly destroyed if said projectile came into five feet of the Mahora clan head.

Sano made a mistake of directly attacking Hari with his zanbatou instead of just throwing it. When the sword collided with the screen, Sano flew back as a massive charge of lightning blew out of the shield and struck his sword upon contact, which also electrocuted Sano on the spot.

They also discovered that water jutsus would just increase the defense's potency, making it more powerful and destructive.

Wind techniques from Naruto weakened it a bit but that was easily remedied by pushing more magic and chakra into the defensive cocoon. Since Naruto knew the Uchiha's patented Grand Fireball, he threw an overcharged one at Hari without any noticeable effect except for the wizard-shinobi to feel a bit of the heat when the attack hit.

Proud of his achievement, Hari named it after Haku's own absolute defense. Thus, the Dance of the Screaming Lightning was born.

Sano vowed that he would experiment it a bit with his water affinity to see if he could come up with one since he had a little bit of magic in his system after being blood adopted by Hari.

Since the technique could be taught to anyone who had both chakra and magic in their system, the clan decided to name their bloodline Mahoujutsu. The Mahora Elemental Dance, a Mahora clan-specific technique, would be placed in a large scroll protected by both seals and magic.

The scroll would also house all the techniques that used both chakra and magic, thus marking the beginning of unique jutsus that only a true-blood Mahora could perform. It was their version of Konoha's Forbidden Scroll and the Mahora family couldn't help but be happy of their achievement.

Hari immediately started recording all of his lightning techniques into the Mahora Clan Scroll since his techniques were a blend of both magic and chakra. Haku promised to experiment with his magic and Hyouton bloodline to see if he could come up with something similar. Despite having miniscule amounts of magic in his system, Sano also promised that he would experiment as well.

Three months later, Sano was able to create a similar defense using the schematics from the scroll.

Unlike Haku's floating mirrors and Hari's lightning cocoon, Zabuza was surrounded by a knee-high concentration of water with eight tentacles waving around. It could easily block every single attack but due to the lack of magic in his system, Sano had to focus a bit to turn it into an absolute defense. He also needed a water source since he couldn't conjure water like Haku.

He wasn't worried about that since he took to carrying three small gourds attached to his belt; each was enchanted by Hari to have more space than normal. A gourd could hold up to a thousand liters of water inside and making them weightless thanks to the enchantment. In regards to the focus needed, he had his well-honed sixth sense to compensate.

As with tradition, Sano named his version of the absolute defense the Dance of Raging Tides since he could easily combine the water tentacles to launch a devastating attack to anyone who got too close to him.

Only Naruto was left to create his own version but Hari assured him that he was working on getting him blood adopted into the Mahora clan as soon as he and the Hokage hammered out the details.

When Naruto asked why it would take long, Hari decided to be blunt that he didn't know how his blood adoption would affect to him being a jinchuuriki, not to mention being a jinchuuriki of the most powerful tailed beast in the Elemental Nations.

Speaking of which, Naruto decided to come clean with Sano and Haku on him being the container of the Kyuubi. Both had no problems with it since they already knew a jinchuuriki in Mist, the tyrant Sano was planning to put down, the Yondaime Mizukage, the holder of the Sanbi.

After two months of honing their respective skills, Hari instructed Naruto and Haku to do D-rank missions to help Haku amass some for his shinobi record. Thanks to Hari's physical training and the addition of magic in his system, Haku could make ten shadow clones with enough energy to spare.

Because of that, they indulged in four C-Rank missions everyday for two months straight on top of their scheduled training program.

Aside from missions, everyone in the Mahora Clan (including Naruto) had their own responsibility to the family.

Hari was the overall head who was in charge of the running of the household. Every decision had to go through him. Considering that he was the most knowledgeable in magic, he was in charge of defense and protection of the home in case there was an attack, as well as teaching newcomers in the various aspects of the magical arts.

Naruto was in charge of maintenance since Hari didn't want to give all the work to the elves (whose sole responsibility was cooking and keeping the inside of the house neat, as well as brewing some potions for Hari if needed). This meant that Naruto was in charge of maintaining their personal training ground and tending to the gardens. The blonde had no problem with the latter since he liked gardening anyway and he didn't mind keeping the training ground in good shape since most of the messes were his in the first place.

Because of this, Naruto finally moved to the Mahora clan compound with Hari giving Naruto his very own room and giving him access to every single room in the house by keying him into the wards and blood lock since he wasn't a Mahora as of yet.

Haku was in charge of the finances since he was the most experienced when it came to money. Sano admitted that Haku was the reason why they still had money while they were still missing-nins since the boy was quite tightfisted. All expenses were recorded and dissemination of allowances was tallied properly as per Haku's demand to everyone's amusement (except for Sano since the money he took from Gato was also into the Mahora coffers after much prodding from Haku).

Such was the case; Hari gave Haku access to the Mahora Clan account in the bank and the Mahora Clan account ledger. This gave Haku the power to use the clan money for purchases but all major expenses exceeding the minimum 10,000 ryo had to be run through the head first. Hari had no problems with money since he made a killing in selling potions and he still had some left over gold stored in the bank if needed. If they do run out, which was not possible since the Mahora coffers were now in Trillion, Hari still had a lot of money back in Britain safely tucked inside Gringotts.

Finally, Sano was the one in charge of the armory and the shinobi library. His responsibility was to make sure that the weapons and shinobi equipments were fully stocked and in top quality. This resulted in Sano going into a shopping frenzy, hitting all the shinobi shops in Konoha to purchase quality weapons that were now proudly displayed in the clan armory.

Sano made a special point to stock up on kunais, shurikens, senbons, and other shinobi equipment so they wouldn't have to buy some for missions and could just take what they needed from the armory since it was mandated to be replenished monthly.

Concerning the library, Sano was charged to make sure that the shinobi library had all the information on the shinobi arts. He was given a budget account so he could purchase and make deals on jutsus scrolls and books.

Fortunately for Hari, Sano had some interesting contacts outside Konoha who he met during his tenure as a missing-nin so orders for scrolls on shinobis arts were immediately forwarded.

It was a month later that a lot of jutsu scrolls started pouring into the library which made Hari quite happy since he had some new stuff to read on. Naruto was happy too since there were some wind scrolls for him; and Haku who was salivating at the new water and healing techniques from the new addition to the library.

It was a unanimous decision that Sano was the most well-loved Mahora…well, until the all the new arrivals were read.

When the hubbub died down, Hari spent a lot of time inside his study to do some experiments.

His first successful experiment was enchanting.

Using Sano's Kubikiri Hocho as a test dummy, he was able to successfully engrave runes on the blade's surface to give it additional abilities that Sano definitely liked.

For starters, the zanbatou was now twice as durable using strengthening runes making its ability to regenerate using the iron in the blood as a source almost useless, not that Sano minded off course.

Hari also enchanted it produce a mild cutting curse on the bladed edge which was activated by a drop of chakra from Sano. After testing it out, Sano could cut a 20 inch thick slab of high quality metal like a hot knife through butter.

Sano almost hugged Hari to death in sheer happiness. He had to hit Sano with a mild banishing hex just for the man to let him go.

The last enchantment he added to the sword was a form of summoning charm through a set of blood runes.

A rune set was inscribed on Sano's palm like a tattoo and on the hilt of the sword. By channeling chakra to the tattoo, Sano could easily call back the weapon after being thrown or stolen. This made Sano's fighting prowess more deadly since he could now throw his sword repeatedly without worry, solving the range problem that most kenjutsu masters were weak to.

As a side-effect, no one but Sano could touch the blade or else anyone else who do so would be shocked to an inch of their live much to the swordsman's happiness.

After a successful test of Sano's Kubikiri Hocho, Hari immediately went to a blacksmith in the village to have his zanbatou crafted. It would take a month for it to finish since Hari specifically requested for it to be made using the most expensive chakra metal around. Price was not an option and Hari left a salivating blacksmith who was drooling at the prospect of making millions in just a single transaction.

His second experiment was testing Naruto's blood if it was compatible to his own.

After running a few tests on it by magically combining both blood using a technique employed by medical wizards and witches back in Britain, Hari noticed that it was somewhat compatible though there were a few small reactions after both combined.

For starters, Naruto's blood had a trace of Kyuubi's chakra in it that rejected the magic in Hari's blood.

After numerous testing, he found out that Naruto had energy in his body that was similar to magic but at a more diluted and somewhat sentient form. He immediately ran an in depth diagnostic spell on Naruto to see if his theory was correct.

After compiling the result of the spell, Hari was able to determine that because of the Kyuubi, Naruto had a form of magical energy inside him but not enough to use spells or any magical artifacts.

Another fact that screamed out at him was that the unique magic-like energy in Naruto was trying to reject the magic in his blood, not all of it but enough to remove its overall potency.

In conclusion, it was safe to blood adopt Naruto into the Mahora clan but he wouldn't be able to get a magical boost like what happened to Haku.

If his theory was correct then Naruto would be similar to Sano, a squib.

Another effect would be a boost in chakra reserves which made Hari shudder since Naruto already trumped everyone in Konoha, even the Hokage, in terms of chakra amount.

With a positive conclusion to his experiment, he exited his lab to find the blonde to break the good news to him.

When Naruto heard Hari's findings concerning the blood adoption, it was safe to say that the blonde was ecstatic and wanted to begin the ritual immediately.

Hari, who was excited in finally adopting Naruto, eagerly complied and the duo made their way to the ritual room with Sano and Haku acting as witness.

Both started the ritual without a hitch. However, when the last step of the ritual was enacted, the two was covered in a bright light that blinded the witnesses in the room.

Hari was confused. He was currently standing in a sewer with Naruto in front of him who was looking around with a bewildered look in his whiskered face.

"What in the world happened? Where are we?" asked Naruto, looking at his sensei for some answers.

"I don't know." Hari answered with a shrug. "From the looks of it, we are in a sewer of sorts though I don't know how we came to be here in the first place."

"Was this supposed to happen?" asked the blonde, calming a bit since his sensei wasn't looking like he was ready to fly out of his skin.

"Nope." answered Hari with a grin. "You were there during Haku and Sano's blood adoption ceremony and nothing unsual happened. I can only guess that this happened to us because of your status as a jinchuuriki."

Looking around, he saw a very large cage with a paper in the middle with the Kanji of 'Seal' written on the face. Something clicked in Hari's mind before his blood ran cold.

They were in Naruto's mind.

There were just outside the Kyuubi's cage.


"Judging from that large cage behind you, I can only assume that we are in inside your mind." Hari informed Naruto with a scared look on his face. "If my guess is right then we are just outside Kyuubi's cage. We need to get out here, now!"

Hari was about to force an exit from the boy's mind when a booming voice stopped him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." said a booming voice.

Hari and Naruto swerved their heads to the direction of the voice; both already knew who the voice came from.

"Kyuubi." whispered Hari in disbelief. Naruto tensed.

"Correct, human, though I am quite surprised to see you here. My jailor I can understand but you, I don't." said Kyuubi with an amused chuckle before showing himself to the two…visitors. He leveled his red eyes at Naruto who remained tense. "Hello, Naruto. Finally I get to meet you."

"You don't sound like the Kyuubi that everyone turned you out to be." Hari asked with forced calm. It was the truth. Instead of the malicious being that many of the shinobis attributed to the great Kyuubi no Kitsunes, the bijuu in front of him lacked the…menace it was described with.

"Why should I be angry? After all, you turned my container into a worthy vessel. If he was weak then we would be having disagreements right now. However, after your training, he is a fine vessel for my power." stated Kyuubi with a fanged grin.

"What in the world is going on here? And where are we?" Naruto half-shouted, half-asked.

"The answer to that is simple, gaki. We are currently inside your mind. I don't know what brought you here but what is happening to your body right now made it possible for your sensei to be here as well. What did you do anyway?"

"I blood adopted Naruto into my clan." Hari answered while giving the bijuu a speculative look. "How did you know that something is happening to Naruto-boya's body?"

"The seal that the Yondaime created is quite unique. I cannot influence Naruto in a negative way nor can I influence his mind. However, the seal allows me to have an…awareness of sorts of the boy's body. This made it possible for me to channel my chakra to his wounds to heal it at a rapid rate. Why do you think he has a developed regenerative ability? His natural Uzumaki bloodline of healing was made better by my presence."

"I have a bloodline?" Naruto asked incredulously, unable to process the fact that he was talking to THE Kyuubi like friends, as well as the fact that he had a bloodline.

"Of course you have, kit." Kyuubi said condescendingly. "All Uzumaki have a higher healing factor than normal humans due to your clan's potent chakra. This is the reason why only an Uzumaki can safely contain my power since their energy is so potent that it could trump my own."

"Oh. I guess that's good then…I think." Naruto said in a dumbfounded voice, making the other two sweat dropped.

"Anyway, what is a wizard doing here?" asked Kyuubi as he eyed a surprised Hari. "As far as I know, the last wizard here in the Elemental Nations died before the Sage of the Six Paths vanquished the Juubi."

"How in the bloody hell did you know I am a wizard?" shouted Hari in surprise.

"Please…did you think that magic is unknown in this world? Since you didn't know, this world had its own magic users back then but they all died out and lost to the history of time. In truth, they practically bred themselves to extinction." Kyuubi paused, looking at Hari speculatively before inhaling deeply, taking everyone's scent. "Judging from the smell of the magic you hold, you're not from this world, are you?"

"Er, no. I came from another world via a doorway that linked this world to mine." answered Hari distractedly, his mind trying to grasp around the revelation that this world might not be as unique he thought it to be.

"Interesting. Now can you please explain to me this 'blood adoption' and its purpose since something is changing the boy's DNA. It is not harmful but I don't know what it's doing to him."

"Well, what I did is called a magical blood adoption. I am currently using my magic to give Naruto my blood to add him as a family member. Also, in a blood adoption, it is normal for the adopted to gain the same abilities as the adopter." explained Hari before telling the bijuu the various experiments he performed on Naruto's blood to determine if it was safe to adopt him considering that the boy was a jinchuuriki.

"Hmmm. I don't think it would be a problem but I think you are right on your assumption that the boy would not have the same magical prowess as you do. However, I can determine some of the changes in the boy's body as it is still changing." This revelation caused the two visitors to give the fox their undivided attention, making the bijuu chuckle before continuing on with the explanation. "One, the boy now has a small amount of magical energy running through his veins. Very miniscule I might add. Two, the boy's healing factor have been boosted yet again. You might want to experiment with that a bit. And finally, the boy's adaptability to my potent chakra has increased. Meaning, he can now handle a large amount of my chakra into his body without getting harmed in the process."

"Nice." said Hari with a nod of appreciation before looking at Naruto who was dumbfounded at what is happening to his body. "Well, Naruto-boya, welcome to the Mahora Clan."

"Thanks." said Naruto with a grin before it turned into a frown. He looked at Kyuubi before asking. "Why are you being nice?"

"As I told your…ummm…family member earlier, I have no ill feelings towards you because you became a powerful vessel that reflects my power. If you were still that orange wearing weakling back then, I would be most vexed with you and would have fought with you for control even if it is impossible because of the seal. I am nice to you now because you will be representing me in the real world. So make sure that you grow strong, kit. We will talk again soon since you need training to handle my chakra. For now, be gone both of you!"

With that, a wave of red chakra emanated out of the cave and forced both visitors out of the mindscape, leaving a chuckling bijuu behind before going to sleep.

End of chapter 10.

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