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Chapter 20: Making Preparations

Hary apparated to the arena to see the preliminaries already finished. There were only a few people in the chamber, namely the Hokage, Anko, Ibiki, some of the Jounin senseis, and Hayate. He walked over to his students lounging around the benches waiting for him, noticing the grin on Naruto's face, eerily similar to his own.

"Yo." said Hari, announcing his entrance to everyone within earshot. "Why does Naruto look like Tora in a catnip high?"

"He drew Neji for the third part of the exam. Serves the bastard right." answered Kenji before turning to Naruto. "You better give him a beating he deserves, bro. Oh, get that meter stick out of his ass while you're at it."

"Count on it." said Naruto before turning to an amused Hari. "Sensei, will you be training us for the month before the finals?"

Hari shook his head causing the three to deflate. "I'm not going to train any of you since there is a big possibility that you three would be fighting one or the other in the third exam. Such is the case; I decided that each of you will have your own sensei for the month. I will be arranging everything today and tomorrow so you three are free until then."

"Who?" Haku asked immediately.

"I haven't asked them yet but I'm sure I'll get a favorable response." Hari admitted to his team. "But if you want to know, I plan to have Gekko Hayate train Kenji to hone his swordsmanship. Haku will be trained by Sano but I'll be giving you a month-long homework on some spells I want you to learn. Naruto, on the other hand, will meet his new master."

"Eh? Are you getting rid of me, sensei?" Naruto asked with a pout.

Hari chuckled before playfully ruffling the blonde's hair.

"No, boya. You are part of the clan so I don't think it's possible to get rid of you at this point even if I wanted to." Hari pointed out making Naruto grin. "Anyway, your apprenticeship with me is at an end since my job was to make sure that you relearn everything you should have learned in the Academy. However, it's not my fault that you practically bulldozed your way through the lessons and acquired new skills along the way." His face was smug when he said that. "Anyway, we will have a general meeting two days from now. Please tell Sano not to take any missions for now until I say so. That's it so you three are dismissed."

"Hai, sensei." the three chorused in unison before Haku grabbed his teammates and apparated out of the area to Kami knows where. He had a sneaky feeling that they were going to Ichiraku to celebrate since Naruto successfully instilled a love of ramen into the ice-wielding Genin.

Harry shook his head before making his way to the feared kunouchi of the T&I Department. "So, who fights who?" he asked Anko.

"See for yourself." said Anko, handing Hari a piece of paper which he took curiously.

Hari whistled upon reading the line up for the third exam. "

Wow. This is going to be bloody." he said with a grin mimicked by Anko. "Who's this Soujiro guy? I don't recognize the name."

Anko shrugged. "He is part of the team from Amegakure. His two teammates didn't make the cut and he's the only one who defeated his opponent." she said dismissively, clearly uninterested in the boy before giving Hari a look. "You do know that your gaki is going to make paste out of the Hyuuga brat, right?"

"Considering that Hinata is practically one of Naruto's 'precious people', I daresay Neji is going to get a pummeling of a lifetime. It is one of nature's lessons – if you anger a tiger, prepare to get mauled or eaten, whichever comes first." Hari said, smirking evilly as he envisioned what his apprentice would do to the Hyuuga Branch prodigy.

"You got that right." Anko agreed. "Anyway, I'm off to get some dangos for lunch. See you!"

Hari watched Anko leave the arena before turning to Hayate.

"Yo, Hayate. You busy this month?" he asked the somewhat bored shinobi.

The once-sick Tokubetsu Jounin shook his head.

"Nope. Hokage-sama gave me a two-month reprieve since I did non-stop missions then proctored the preliminaries. Why?" he asked curiously.

"Would you mind if you train one of my students for the month? I can even put it up as an A-rank mission to make it worth your while." Hari said hopefully. He really wanted the Konoha weapon expert to teach Kenji since the boy could use a proper trainer in the sword arts.

"Who?" Hayate asked curiously. He didn't mind teaching someone but he needed to know who he was going to train since he didn't want to end up teaching someone with skills not similar to his own. This was one of the reasons why he declined a Genin team when it was offered a few months back. Konoha was not a kenjutsu-oriented village unlike Kumo or Tetsu no Kuni so teaching someone the ways of the sword was rare.

"Mahora Kenji. I want someone to refine his swordsmanship. Sano and I can't hope to teach Kenji how to wield his tantos since we are zanbatou users. As far as I'm concerned, katanas and tantos have their own set of disciplines."

Hayate nodded. He could work with that. Besides, Kenji showed amazing talent in wielding his blades. It would be an honor to teach the boy.

"I'll take it. You don't have to turn it into a mission since I would be more than happy to train a future Kenjutsu master."

"Perfect. As payment, I can upgrade your katana if you want me to." Hari offered. Besides, it was the least he could do for someone who tutored him the shinobi art for six months.

"Upgrade?" Hayate asked with child-like curiosity.

"Did you see those blades Kenji used?" Hari asked the man who nodded. "Well, they were regular chakra-metal blades with no abilities whatsoever. As payment for training Kenji, as well as your help in honing my shinobi skills, I can upgrade your katana with the same capabilities as his free of charge."

Hayate's eyes widened when he realized the extent of the man's offer. The black blades Kenji used were beautiful and he could tell that it was masterfully crafted. To think that they were upgraded from regular tantos. He salivated at the prospect of wielding such a weapon.

"You have a deal, Hari." he agreed immediately. "When will I start training him?"

"Thanks. Why don't you drop by my compound two days from now so we can discuss Kenji's training program. I told my boys to rest up so they'll be ready for some hardcore training after that." said Hari before making his way to the Hokage who was conversing with Ibiki. "Hokage-sama."

The Sandaime smiled at the Mahora clan head before a frown appeared on his wrinkled face. "Any news from the infirmary?"

"Hyuuga Hinata is now at the hospital, recovering from her brush with death after I repaired her damaged heart. I already sent an ANBU to inform Hiashi and Hitomi of their daughter's condition. They should be at the hospital right now. I also took the liberty of studying Sasuke's…hickey. I have the preliminary findings right here if you're interested." he said as he patted the hidden pocket on his vest.

"I do. Why don't we meet in my office after an hour? I just need to finalize a few things with Ibiki for the…event we planned during the third part of the exam." the Sandaime said with a smirk which Hari returned.

"See you in an hour then, Hokkage-sama." said Hari who gave the Hokage a two finger salute before apparating to the dango stands to join Anko for a bit of a snack before the meeting.

"You think Hinata-chan is alright?" Naruto asked worriedly.

Haku couldn't help but roll his eyes. "She's going to be fine, Naruto. You know Hari-sama is the best in the healing arts so I am quite sure Hinata is resting right now to speed up her recovery."

"Yeah, Haku's right so chill out, bro." Kenji said as munched on a sandwich prepared by the Mahora house elves. "You can visit her later at the hospital if you want. Until then, why don't we discuss our training program?"

"What about it?" Haku asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm just curious. That's all." Kenji asked innocently.

"You do know for a fact that we may be facing each other in the finals, right?" Haku asked making Naruto and Kenji nod in agreement. "So I hope you forgive me if I don't give you both any information on the training I have in mind."

"Spoilsport." Kenji said with a huff before turning to Naruto with pleading eyes.

Naruto grinned. "I'm not falling for that one. Besides, you don't need to worry about training." He assured his fellow teammate. "Even if Hari-sensei won't be training us, I'm sure he's going to leave a few tips and tricks for us to learn. He might not want to teach us directly to avoid all of us gaining an edge over the other but I'm sure sensei will add a few things to our trainers' schedule to spice things up."

"I guess you're right." Kenji sighed before nodding, grabbing another sandwich and taking a bite. "Anyway, I hope this Hayate guy trains me. I heard through the grapevine that he's one of Konoha's Kenjutsu Masters so the guy must have a great training program for someone like me."

"Good for you, Kenji." said Haku, happy for his surrogate brother before wincing when he remembered his training program under the sadistic Demon of the Blood Mist. "I know Sano will also put me through the ringer. He trained me for 7 years so I know what to expect."

"Damn, I wish I know who my new sensei is going to be. I hope he's good." Naruto grouched.

"Considering that this is Hari-sensei we are talking about, you're going to get your butt kicked from here to Suna." Kenji supplied helpfully.

Naruto paled before chuckling weakly. "I'm sure you're exaggerating, Kenji."

Kenji raised an eyebrow. "Who are you trying to convince, bro?"

"Damn." Naruto cursed.

It was an hour later that Hari apparated to the Hokage's office to see the aged leader talking to Jiraiya of the Sannin.

"Mahora Hari reporting as promised, Hokage-sama." he said somewhat cheekily before turning to the other person in the room. "Jiraiya. Still a pervert, I see."

"Of course. Were there any doubts?" Jiraiy said a little too proudly.

"No." Hari deadpanned as he fished out a notebook from his vest's hidden pocket. "So, do we have anything to talk about before I start my report?"

"Proceed with your report first, Hari-kun. After that, we will discuss something important about the coming event. Could you please use your mahoujutsu to keep unwanted people from hearing anything?" the Sandaime asked Hari who simply waved his hand, casting a privacy bubble around the room. He also made a special point in putting the four ANBUs hiding in the room under a sleep spell to keep them out of the loop.

"Done. I hope you don't mind that I placed the four ANBUs to sleep." Hari said with a smile before frowning when he saw the questioning look on the Hokage's face. "What?"

"I only have three ANBUs, Hari."

"Three?" Hari tensed before summoning where he sensed the ANBUs where hiding, flying out of the shadows while unconscious. He cast a leviosa to keep them floating in mid-air in front of the trio. "Well, there are four of them so one of them should not be in this room at all."

The Hokage stood up from his seat and walked towards his floating guards. He recognized Cat, Bear, and Boar but the blank-masked ANBU made him curse like a sailor.

"Damn." the Sandaime cursed. "Danzo disobeyed my order."

Hari saw the Hokage and Jiraiya sporting grim faces as they looked at the blank-masked ANBU. "Am I missing something here?" he asked curiously.

"The blank-masked ANBU you captured should not even exist. Those masks belong to an organization called ROOT that I disbanded when the Third Shinobi War ended. ROOT was created by Danzo, training emotionless shinobi for high-profile missions. I immediately disbanded the program when I discovered the inhumane training program Danzo subjected them to." the Sandaime growled. "I will have Danzo's head for this."

"Don't be hasty, sensei. I don't think this is a good time to rat Danzo out." Jiraiya said hastily earning him a glare from the aged leader.

"Explain, Jiraiya." the Sandaime barked angrily before he felt his rage dying down. He looked at Hari questioningly who was pointing a finger at him.

"I hit you with a calming charm, Hokage-sama. In my years of experience, decision made in haste and anger is always doomed to fail." Hari pointed out with a smile.

"Thanks, Hari-kun."

"No problem, Hokage-sama." said Hari as he snapped his fingers causing the ANBUs and the spy to fly back to where they were before he summoned them. He conjured his favorite leather chair and sat down. "Penny!"

A house elf appeared with a pop which startled Jiraiya to the point that he screeched like a girl. This made the Sandaime and Hari chuckle.

"Thank you for coming, Penny. Could you please serve some refreshments? The usual if you will."

"Yes, Hari-sama." said Penny, using the honorifics commonly used in the Elemental Nations. She snapped her fingers causing trays of sweets to appear on the Hokage's table, as well as tea, Butterbeer, and a bottle of Kumo's finest Sake. "Anything else, Hari-sama?"

"That's all, Penny. Thank you." Hari thanked the elf who bowed before popping out of the room. "Alright, let's just relax and discuss things while we eat."

"Good idea." said the Hokage as he immediately grabbed an éclair and shoved the whole thing into his mouth. He moaned in happiness as the sweet chocolate invaded his taste buds. "This is heaven."

"That was weird." said Jiraiya, not really used to seeing his former sensei acting like a sweet-deprived teenager. He poured himself some sake and took a drink. "So, can we hear your report, Hari?"

Hari nodded before placing the half-empty Butterbeer on the table. He turned a few pages on his notebook until he found the page that contained his findings.

"I think I'll forgo the treatment of those who were injured during the exam, is that alright?" He got a nod from the two shinobi in the room. "Great. Now, since Anko's cursed seal is inaccessible to me at the moment…"

"Why is it inaccessible?" Jiraiya interrupted.

"Simple. She didn't want anyone touching it, much less seeing the hickey." Hari replied with a shrug. "As I was saying, since I don't have access to Anko's cursed seal, I took advantage of the one on Sasuke instead. Also, I thought this was a better since I'm sure that the snake-faced pedo upgraded the damn thing so Anko's is seriously outdated. Anyway, the cursed seal on Sasuke is a combination of an unknown enzyme, fuuinjutsu, and Orochimaru's soul…" he explained everything he learned of the cursed hickey and its affect on the victim. When he was done, the two infamous shinobi were sporting looks of disgust, grudging admiration, and some anger thrown in for good measure.

"This is…worrisome news." said the Sandaime. "I think what you found fits the information we were able to uncover when we raided one of his labs."

"What did you find?" Hari asked immediately, conjuring a pen to add the new information to his notes.

"Orochimaru is obsessed with immortality. In fact, all of his grotesque human experiments were geared towards finding means to gain eternal life. To think that he succeed through this indirect method." the Sandaime said sadly. "If the information you have is correct then Orochimaru's method of immortality is to steal someone's body and possess them. Maybe this is the reason why he experimented on all those bloodline. In fact, his second study is practically the reason why he attacked and marked Uchiha Sasuke."

"Second study?" Hari asked the aged leader but it was Jiraiya who answered.

"Orochimaru is desperate to learn all the jutsus in the world. There are two ways to do that. One is to do it the hard way, learn jutsus after jutsus and train with them until you reach mastery; or two, a bloodline that copies other people's jutsus. This means acquiring the Sharingan. This is the reason why he was so desperate to study the Uchiha Clan in the first place. In fact, my spy network revealed that my former teammate once targeted Uchiha Itachi but was soundly defeated in battle. Since Itachi is out of his league, he set his eyes on the next best thing…Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke."

"Ah," finally realizing the point of the history lesson. "Using the hickey as a medium, Orochimaru can possess Sasuke's body and achieve two of his goals – to extend his lifespan and use the ultimate copying doujutsu to acquire all the shinobi techniques in the world."

"That about sums it up." Jiraiya said grimly.

"Alright. That answer that question why he came to the village to give Sasuke a hicket but why is he planning to invade Konoha?" Hari asked rhetorically. "If I was him, I'd abduct Sasuke, train the kid then possess him when he is at his peak power. Why go through the farce of attacking the village? What does he hope to gain?"

"Revenge." the Sandaime whispered.

"Revenge? What for?" Hari asked somewhat incredulously. "As far as I'm concerned, it was Orochimaru who wronged the village, not the other way around."

"I was the one who discovered Orochimaru's experiment and I was aiming to kill him that day." the Sandaime said with a regretful sigh. "However, my heart failed me since I couldn't push through with the act of killing my student. Call it an old man's folly but he was my student at that time." A determined glint appeared in his eyes. "However, I will make sure that I correct my mistake the next time we meet."

"Hm, if that is the case then he will most likely target you during the exams with the annihilation of the village as a secondary objective." Hari said with a satisfied smile on his face making the two look at him curiously. "I'm no strategist but with the Hokage here as bait, we can practically trap the snake and bring him down. However it is hard for us to do that since we don't know what he is capable of. With an army behind him, who knows what sick abilities they have at their disposal." He turned to Jiraiya. "Do you have any news from your spies about Otogakure's movements?"

Jiraiya shook his head. "I have nothing at the moment. Orochimaru hid his new village so well that even my toads cannot find it. All I know is that his village is somewhere in Rice Country. Other than that, we don't have a clue where it might be."

Hari nodded. "Hm, if you're that desperate to find Orochimaru then we can practically tag one of his shinobi with a tracer. When they return to their hidden village, we can easily find its location through it." Hari mused. "However, that would only work if Orochimaru makes an escape. We either finish Orochimaru off during the invasion or let him escape to kill him later with the rest of his cohorts. Those are our options for now."

"A sound plan but I think it would be the latter. Orochimaru is as slippery as a snake as he is their summoner. He will surely have a contingency plan just in case the invasion fails or if he fails to assassinate sensei. If that does happen then you can put a tracer on his underlings so we can find him later. In fact, why don't you put a tracer on Orochimaru himself? That would make tracking him a lot easier to deal with." Jiraiya suggested.

Hari shook his head. "That might work but it won't. The tracer I have in my possession attaches to a person's skin. I know there is a spell that allows you to tag a person through their soul signature but I don't know how to do that yet nor do I know what the spell is." Hari told him with a sigh. "I'll try to send one of my elves to my old world to see if they can find a book about that."

"That would be appreciated, Hari-kun." the Sandaime said gratefully before pouring himself a cup of tea.

Hari closed his notebook before giving the Toad Sage a serious look.

"So, Jiraiya, what are you planning to teach Naruto?" he asked the Sannin who was scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Well, I'm not sure." Jiraiya said a bit hesitantly.

"What? You mean to say that you are taking over the apprenticeship without planning about his training program?" Hari all but growled. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shove a lightning bolt down your arse, you git!"

Jiraiya raised his hand as a sign of surrender. "Don't be hasty. I already have something in mind to teach the kid. I just want to know what he's capable of so I know where I stand as his new sensei." he explained to the irate wizard. He knew that he was stronger than Hari in terms of shinobi skills but the man had a few aces up his sleeve that would make an S-rank rogue shinobi pause before making a move.

"You better." Hari threatened before realizing something. "So, are you going to tell him about his parents?"

"What do you mean?" Jiraiiya said a bit defensively while the Sandaime paled.

Hari narrowed his eyes at the clearly nervous duo.

"I am Naruto's healer, Jiraiya, so I took the liberty of checking Naruto's blood to find out who his parents were. Considering that I have the entirety of the hospital's archive at my beck and call, I was able to trace the boy's lineage. In fact, I could even do it using a potion if I wanted to. Anyway, I know his father is the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, and his mother was one of Konoha's most powerful kunoichi, Uzumaki Kushina. So yes, I know who his parents are." He deadpanned.

"Uh, no, I don't plan to tell the boy." Jiraiya hastily blurted out.

"And why not?" Hari asked with a bit of heat in his voice, his magic and chakra reacting to his ire causing strands of electricity to appear around him that made Jiraiya gulp.

The Sandaime answered, deciding to cut this argument short before his office got trashed beyond recognition.

"You have to understand, Hari, Naruto is still too young to know about his parents. If he mentions them in public then you can be sure that he's going to be swamped with assassination attempts from Iwa and Kumo. I think it is too early to inform him about his parents." he explained to the irate Mahora.

"Uh huh." He deadpanned "If he was the Naruto that just graduated from the Academy then I agree with your reasoning. However, the Naruto now is a completely different case. Keep in mind that I know the boy inside and out. The reason why he trusts me is because of my honesty, not that I need to change, mind you, since I find the truth a refreshing experience than a bold-faced lie. Trust me. Naruto can handle the information. If you want to have a good working relationship with the gaki then you need to tell him everything."

Jiraiya sighed. He couldn't deny the fact that Hari was right.

"Fine. I'll talk to the gaki about it. Besides, I promised Minato that I'll teach the boy his techniques before he died. This includes the Toad Contract as he is destined to be their next summoner.

Hari chuckled. "You might want take a rain check about the toads in regards to Naruto." he told the confused Jiraiya.

The Sandaime palmed his face. "Damn. I knew I forgot to tell him something." he mumbled to himself but the Sannin heard him quite clearly.

"Tell me what?" Jiraiya asked with a bit of annoyance in his tone. Being a spymaster, not knowing something was a hit to his ego.

"Well, Naruto already signed a summoning contract." replied the Sandaime sheepishly.

"He what?" Jiraiya all but screamed.

"Are you deaf too? Sheesh. You old people tend to overreact. Like what Hokage-sama said, Naruto already signed a summoning contract." Hari told the shocked Toad Sage before downing the rest of his drink. "And if you must know, he signed one with the tigers."

"This is going to complicate things." muttered Jiraiya in a dejected voice.

Hari raised an eyebrow. "How can a summoning contract complicate things? If nothing, having an animal summon is a boon to any shinobi."

"I rather not talk about it." Jiraiya said evasively.

Hari looked at Jiraiya for a moment before he realized something.

"I think I know why you are adamant in letting the gaki sign the Toad Contract. You're talking about the key to the Kyuubi's seal, aren't you?" he asked, his face triumphant.

"How in the world did you know that?" shouted Jiraiya, shocked. This time, the glass window rattled from the volume. It was only thanks to the privacy bubble around the office that stopped everyone within the vicinity of the tower from hearing.

"I am a Mahora. I have certain…spells that allows me to accurately diagnose anything I want. I targeted the Kyuubi's seal with a powerful diagnostic spell with most of my magic backing it up. I found out that the seal is in the form of a gate and a lock. Ergo, if there is a lock then it only stands to reason that it comes with a key." Hari said with a roll of his eyes. "I also made the connection when I remembered the books I read about the Kyuubi's attack. It said that the Yondaime fought Kyuubi while riding on top a gigantic toad. So again, ergo number two, if the Yondaime created a gate-type seal to hold the Kyuubi then the key should be somewhere safe, like for example, in the hands of his summon animal?"

"You're too smart for your own good." Jiraiya all but growled. "Let me guess, Naruto knows this?"

Hari shook his head. "No. I don't want Naruto to even contemplate about experimenting with the seal. He already has his hands full in trying to adapt to the Kyuubi's chakra." He immediately cast a silencing spell on Jiraiya since the man was about to shout again. "Yes, Naruto knows about the Kyuubi, he and the Kyuubi had a deal. He can channel a small amount of Kyuubi's chakra to get himself acclimated to its potency, and yes, I know all about it since I am supervising his training in that area. I will remove the spell I cast on you if you behave. Agree?"

Jiraiya glared at Hari before nodding. Hari removed the spell while smirking at the man.

"This is going to be complicated. In order for Naruto to channel more of the Kyuubi's chakra, he needs the key to loosen the lock. The only way to access the key is to become the Toad's summoner." explained Jiraiya. "And I also promised Minato that I'm going to pass the Toad Contract to Naruto as his successor."

"Why don't you just get the key from the toads?" Hari asked curiously.

"It doesn't work that way, Hari-kun." Sarutobi butted in. "In order to acquire something from your animal summon, you have to be in a pact with them. They won't comply with anyone outside the contract. That is the reason why Jiraiya, as well as Minato, wants Naruto to become the next Toad Summoner so he would have access to the toad's abilities and the key to the Kyuubi's seal."

"Ah." said Hari, finally realizing what Jiraiya was getting at. "Is there something wrong in signing another contract if you're already committed to one?"

Jiraiya thought for a bit before answering.

"I'm not sure. There has never been an instance where a shinobi signed two contracts since summon animals are rare."

"Great. If that is the case then summon the boss of the toads while Naruto summons the boss of the tigers. Let the two hammer it out." Hari suggested.

"You know, I didn't think of that." Jiraiya admitted making Hari smirk.

"Not surprising. You're geared to girls, boobs, and the rest of the female anatomy. Rational thinking and common senses doesn't have any room to grow in that trash bin you call a brain." Hari pointed out with a grin causing the Sandaime to let out a belly laugh.

"I hate you." Jiraiya growled at Hari who merely relaxed on his seat with a content smile on his face.

"Thank you." Hari said expansively before eyeing the two in the room. "Let's get back to our discussion about the pedophile's hickey. I'm going to study it for a few more days before I attempt to remove it from Sasuke." He turned to the Sandaime. "It would be much appreciated if you can lend me the notes you were able to salvage from Orochimaru's lab before you destroyed it. There might be some clues there on its creation so I can reverse engineer a removal technique for it."

"You know how to remove it?" Jiraiya asked with some surprise. He spent a month studying the cursed seal on Anko trying to find a way to get rid of it to no avail.

"Let me rephrase that. I can't remove the seal in its entirety since it is already anchored to Sasuke's chakra pathways. However, I can remove Orochimaru's soul deep within the seal so we won't have to worry about the snake taking control of the boy's body. I am confident I can get rid of the seal as a whole but I need to study it first."

"Understood. I'll call Fawkes tomorrow so he can give you the documents you need." said the Sandaime with a nod. "I'll assign this to you as a priority S-rank mission. Try to find a way to safely remove the cursed seal from Uchiha Sasuke. And if the process is successful, duplicate it on Anko's cursed seal."

"Hai, Hokage-sama." Hari agreed with a smirk. An easy S-rank mission tagged to his name. Sweet deal. He turned to Jiraiya. "Anyway, come by the compound in two days. I already gave my team two days to rest so you can have Naruto after that."

"Can I just drop by your place?" Jiraiya asked with a bit of hesitation. "I heard there is a…protection of sorts around your compound that made it impossible for unwelcome visitors to enter."

"I wouldn't be inviting you if you're not allowed." Hari said with sarcasm. "I'll adjust the wards tonight to let you in. Will you be training Naruto in the compound or somewhere else?"

"Hm. I'm not really sure yet. I plan to train Naruto in using the Kyuubi's chakra but since you already have that well in hand then I guess the next best thing is to hone what Naruto already knows. Maybe I can teach him one of his father's signature techniques to give him an edge in the exam." Jiraiya said with a thoughtful frown on his face.

Hari cocked his head to the side. "Which one? The Rasengan or the Hiraishin?"

"I can't teach Naruto the Hiraishin since Minato didn't teach me its schematics. I'll be teaching Naruto the Rasengan if we can squeeze it the month." Jiraiya answered before turning to the Sandaime. "I'm planning to give the gaki his father's notes if he made Chuunin. Is that acceptable?"

"Why are you asking me? Hari is Naruto's guardian now." the Sandaime said with a shrug. He wasn't worried if Naruto got his hands on his father's notes and techniques. It was part of his legacy after all.

Hari shrugged when Jiraiya turned to him. "If you think he is ready for his father's techniques then by all means, Jiraiya. I may be Naruto's guardian but I made it a rule not to coddle the boy. Besides, you're already his sensei so the decision is up to you." he said while summoning another bottle of Butterbeer to his hands. He opened it with a trickle of magic before taking a drink. "I suggest that you help Naruto in the Sealing Arts since he's showing a bit of interest in that subject. From what I know, you are Konoha's leading Seal Master so you're the best one to teach Naruto so he wouldn't end up injured because of a botched seal."

Jiraiya was surprised. The boy was interested in sealing? It seems that some of Minato's interest was passed to the boy even if he wasn't around to raise his son.

"Great. If Naruto is interested in Seals then he is already on his way to learning the Hiraishin." he said with an excited nod. "I'll drop by in two days to pick up the boy. I think I'll bring him to one of my old training ground outside the village for some privacy. Is that alright?"

Hari shrugged. "You're training him so do as you see fit. However, I'll add a few things for Naruto to learn from my end. His training with me might be finished but there are some things I want him to learn to help him in the future."

"What is it about?" JIraiya asked curiously.

"Nature Transformation. Naruto can already produce wind chakra using willpower and luck. I want to hone that ability of his through some exercise I got from Asuma to train his Wind Manipulation to a degree that he can consciously bring it out in a moment's notice. I'll write down the training program in a scroll to take with him. Allocate at least three hours a day for it. That should be enough with his shadow clones."

"Done." said Jiraya before empting the cup in a single gulp, replaced it on the table before making his way to the window. "I'll come by in two days. Make sure he's packed for a month of training."

"Sure sure." Hari said with a nod. Jiraiya turned and exited the room via the window. The Mahora clan head turned to the Sandaime. "I forgot to ask the pervert. Is there any new intel regarding the coming…event?"

"Nothing new for now so we will be sticking to the plan."

"Right. Is there anything else?"

"No. We are done for the day. Keep me posted on your progress on the cursed seal."

"Will do, old man. Ja ne." said Hari before apparating out of the office towards the hospital. He wanted to check on Hinata and Sasuke before calling it a day.

Hari entered Hinata's room in the hospital when someone tackled him in a hug.

"Omph!" he grunted before looking down to see Hanabi.

"It's good to see you too, Hanabi-chan." Hari greeted the little firecracker and patting her on the head.

"Hari-sama. Is nee-san alright?" Hanabi asked worriedly.

"She is already recovering, Hanabi-chan, so there's nothing to worry about." Hari assured the girl making her nod and let go before making her way towards her unconscious sister's bedside. "Hiashi-san, Hitomi-san." he addressed the two adults in the room.

"Hari-san." Hiashi nodded to the man. "Is my daughter alright?"

"What happened to her?" asked Hitomi before Hari could answer.

"You're daughter suffered from a Juuken strike to the heart." Hari revealed to the worried couple. Killer Intent flooded the room before it disappeared when Hari hit an angry Hiashi with a potent calming charm.

"Did Neji do this?" Hiashi said somewhat calmly but anyone who heard him could feel the anger rolling off him in waves.

"Who else?" Hari said with a shrug.

"So you mean my daughter is dying?" Hitomi cried out, tears pooling in her eyes. A Juuken strike to the heart was instant death. Those who survive suffer for a while before dying.

"I didn't say she was dying, Hitomi-san. I just said that she got hit by a Juuken strike to the heart." Hari admonished the woman. "Your daughter is alright now. I already healed the damaged heart and she is currently recuperating to get back some of her lost energy. I gave her a potion to put her to sleep for two days. It should be enough for her to recover completely though I suggest that you don't train her or put her under anything strenuous for a few days since her heart was just healed."

The couple sighed in relief.

"I really need to talk with Neji. His hatred of the Main Branch is starting to get out of hand." said Hiashi while his wife agreeing with him.

"You should have done that years ago, dear." she admonished her husband.

Hiashi sighed. "I know but my guilt for putting my brother in that position stopped me every time I think about it." he admitted.

"I think you need to listen to your wife, Hiashi-san. I don't condone comrades trying to kill each other even if it is in a tournament." Hari told the man with a bit of heat in his voice. "I suggest that you do what you can for Neji to get that meter-long stick out of his ass or I'm going to do something to discipline him and it won't be pretty."

Hiashi gulped seeing the power rolling off the man that made his hair stand on edge.

"I will talk to Neji later, Hari-san. You have my solemn promise."

"See that you do." said Hari before firing a diagnostic spell on the Hinata while he wrote on the clipboard to record his findings. "Your daughter is currently in a deep sleep. As I said earlier, she will sleep until tomorrow or the next day. I'll have one of the nurses supply you with some pain relief potions just in case she suffers from chest pains. I may have healed the damage in her heart but some of the muscles there are still damaged so some pains are possible. It is nothing to worry though since it is something of a cramp or a bruised muscle if nothing else."

"Thank you, Hari-san." Hitomi said with a bow of respect with Hiashi giving him a nod version of it.

"Welcome." said Hari with a smile. "I expect that you bring Hanabi to my office in two weeks for her monthly check-up. I hope you didn't overdo her training again, Hiashi-san. I had to treat her for bruises last time. "

"Just the usual." Hiashi said with a shrug causing Hanabi to beam at him. "She is making great progress in the Earth-based Juuken due to her affinity. Hitomo is training Hinata in Water-based Juuken being a water affinity herself." he said the last part with a sigh that made Hari snicker.

"The Elders giving you problems again I take it?"

"I am Clan Head so there is nothing they can do about it." Hiashi said smugly causing Hari to smirk.

"That you are. Those old geezers tend to be biased in their view of the family taijutsu. Juuken is rigid taijutsu style since Hyuugas are known to have earth as their main affinity. Those who have water affinity will have problem with the standard training so modification is needed. Why the Elders didn't realize that, I will never know." said Hari as he shook his head in exasperation.

Hitomi sniffed. "They are idiots so don't except rationality from them." she said haughtily causing the two adults in the room to snicker with Hanabi looking at them as if they were crazy.

End of Chapter 20

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