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Chapter 21: Things Happen When You Black Out

Naruto barely caught the punch that would have broken his jaw with an open palm before counterattacking with a vicious kick that Jiraiya easily swept aside. He felt a hand grip the front of his shirt before his vision flipped upside down before feeling the pain on his back. Heeding his instincts screaming at him, Naruto immediately rolled out of the way as an axe kick brutally tore the ground where he was lying a mere second ago. He rolled to a standing position before going into a defensive stance of his Tiger Fist, ready for the next attack.

He had been training with Jiraiya for a week now after he was introduced to the man by his former sensei. Instead of teaching him something new, Jiraiya training method involves learning all of Naruto's capabilities through a no-holds barred spar using every technique the boy knew to come out alive while honing his fighting experience to unprecedented levels. Naruto cursed the first few days of continuous sparring but couldn't deny the fact that fighting with an S-rank shinobi thrilled him to no end. He already saw different methods in which his Tiger Fist could be improved thanks to the using it continuously in a fight and the Toad Sage pointing out weaknesses and flaws to correct.

For Naruto, Jiraiya was something of a contradiction. The guy was obviously a first-class fighter – his physical strength was off the charts despite how old he was, ninjutsu that could put many A-rank shinobi to shame, fighting experience that would give Gai and Kakashi a run for their money, and a boundless stamina that almost trumped his own. On the opposite side of the coin, Jiraiya was a pervert who spent most of his time peeping on hot springs. He called this little activity as 'research' for his Icha Icha series.

Naruto tried to dodge and block a brutal frontal attack from the Toad Sage before one got through his guard that hit him on the chest, feeling a few of his ribs crack from the strength behind it. He recovered from the attack and did a back-flip, a maneuver that he used many times, but Jiraiya easily saw through the feint and moved his head back to avoid Naruto's boot from hitting his chin. Completing the flip, Naruto jumped back while flipping through hand seals. Since taijutsu wasn't working, he decided to up the ante a bit with a little bit of ninjutsu.

"Fuuton: Drilling Air Bullet!" shouted Naruto as he punched his gut, releasing half a dozen balls of highly compressed wind. However, Jiraiya saw through the attack way before Naruto completed his technique.

"Doton: Earth Bullets." exclaimed Jiraiya, finishing the required hand seals in a blink before releasing his chakra. Balls of compressed earth flew out from the ground and collided with Naruto's attack. Both cancelled each other out with a small explosion and causing dust and debris to fall on the two combatants.

"Fuuton: Great Breakthrough!" Naruto spread his arms, palms forward, to launch a strong gust of wind to blow the man back to give him a bit of breathing room and time for a counterattack.

However, Jiraiya slammed his hands on the ground causing a wall of earth to appear in front of him, easily stopping Naruto's wind technique. The blonde was about to fire off another barrage of air bullets when he felt pain erupt from his back when Jiraiya used Shunshin to get behind him to launch a chakra-enhanced kick. Naruto skidded a few times before coming to a stop. He was about to get up when he felt cold steel on his neck.

"Give up, gaki." Jiraiya said calmly, holding a kunai over Naruto's jugular. The boy grunted in irritation for losing again before nodding his defeat. Smirking, Jiraiya helped the boy up on his feet.

"I lost again." the blonde jinchuuriki said in irritation that made Jiraiya smirk.

"That is the reason why we are sparring, kid. You might be stronger than your average Genin but you lack the experience to use all the skills you have. The week of non-stop sparring was to help you acquire the necessary experience to push your body to the limit and apply everything you learned in an all-out fight, allowing you to form different strategies on the fly and improving your use of your Tiger Fist." Jiraiya explained. "Besides, compared to how you fared when we started, you could now last for a whole ten minutes at half my strength."

Naruto nodded, couldn't help but agree with the man's assessment. He lasted less than a minute, forty seconds to be exact, during his first spar with the Toad Sage. The second was a bit of an improvement, adding five seconds to his time. He felt his instincts adapt to the man's unpredictable moves as he came up with new combinations for his own. If he lasted ten minutes at the end of the week then he could easily say that he improved.

"So what's the next on the list, sensei? We still have twenty more days to train." Naruto said with a bit of excitement since learning from a well-known S-rank shinobi was something only a few could attain.

Jiraiya couldn't help but smile at the boy, pride clearly swimming in his eyes. Hari definitely did a good job raising the kid from scratch. Judging from the spar they just had, lasting for ten minutes this time, the boy was clearly mid to high Chuunin in terms of strength with only his lack of experience pulling him down. Besides, ten minutes against an S-rank at half power was definitely an achievement. Also, the boy was definitely his parents' son. He was practically absorbing everything he could teach him and doesn't make the same mistake twice after pointing out his mistakes and weaknesses. He couldn't deny the fact that the boy wouldn't be an unstoppable force in the future if he continued with his current training regime. Minato and Kushina would have been proud.

"Settle down, brat. It's already getting dark so why don't we go back to camp and call it a day. Training will continue tomorrow." Jiraiya suggested as he made his way towards their make shift camp deep into the forest. They were camped in a clearing near the Valley of the End since he wanted to train Naruto in a quiet place without any disturbance.

"It's still early, ero-sennin!" Naruto whined.

Jiraiya's eyebrow twitched at hearing his new nickname. When Naruto found out that he was the author of the acclaimed (to perverts) Icha Icha, he immediately latched on to that fact and gave him the nickname. Damn the boy!

"Rest is an integral part of training, brat. I know that you still have stamina to spare and Kyuubi is practically healing you with whatever damage you incurred during the fight but you need to give yourself time to relax." Jiraiya told the blonde in a no-nonsense tone.

Naruto nodded immediately, hearing the seriousness in the man's tone. If there was one thing he learned of Jiraiya, he was a great teacher and was always honest with his intentions. Besides, he had it drilled into him by Hari to always listen to a sensei especially when it concerned his training. His former sensei and clan head never lead him astray and if Hari trusted this man to train him then he would to.

"Hai, Jiraiya-sensei." agreed Naruto as he followed the man to their camp. He went to his pack and took out a scroll and opened it. He took out a black matchbox from the storage seal and laid it on the ground, channeling a bit of his chakra into the object causing it to grow into trunk. He opened it and pulled out a bottle of Butterbeer and a bottle of liquor, tossing the latter to the Toad Sage who caught it with ease. "Do you want me to prepare dinner now, sensei?"

"Maybe in a few hours, gaki." Jiraiya answer before taking a long drink directly from the bottle. He hoped Hari packed those Firewhiskeys of his but the man was hoarding it since he was running low. "Hari told me that you're already training to channel your tenant's chakra. Is this true?"

Naruto nodded after drinking half of the bottle's contents.

"I am, Jiraiya-sensei. Actually, I will be training with Kyuubi's chakra tonight after dinner for two hours."

"How come I didn't sense you using Kyuubi's chakra?" Jiraiya asked with surprise. If the boy was channeling the bijuu's chakra without him sensing anything then he needed to find out how this was done.

Naruto raised his hand to show Jiraiya a silver bracelet.

"This is a charm, Hari-sensei made for me. As long as I'm wearing this then no one would be able to sense Kyuubi's chakra. I don't know how he did it but it worked since you didn't feel anything.

Jiraiya whistled as he studied the bracelet, noticing the glittering drawings on the surface. "Nice. So that little thing only masks Kyuubi's chakra and not your own?" he asked the boy who nodded.

"Correct. Hari-sensei told me that he could easily add the spell to mask my chakra but it wouldn't be beneficial to my goal. If I wanted to hide my chakra then I needed to do it the shinobi way – through training." Naruto said dryly.

"Good philosophy." Jiraiya agreed. "How much have you adapted so far?"

"Two tails for thirty-five minutes." Naruto answered immediately.

"Impressive." Jiraiya said, nodding appreciatively. Two tails could be considered an achievement considering he was channeling the potent chakra of the most powerful bijuu in the Elemental Nations. "Are you aiming for three tails before the tournament?"

Naruto shook his head in negative. "No, I am sticking to two tails until I can hold it active for an hour without the strain. Currently, I can channel two tails but my body ends up tired and bruised afterwards." he told his sensei before his eyes took on a glazed look. Jiraiya immediately noticed it since Hari informed him that Kyuubi could hold limited conversation with the boy.

"Kyuubi said anything?" Jiraiya asked in a deceptively calm tone.

"Kyuubi said that I am already doing excellent progress and my healing factor is working overtime to adapt to the stress of handling two tails. He said that I would be able to master the two tails in a week if I keep it up."

"Good. I think it would be best to have dinner early. I feel that what I'm about to tell you will keep us awake for some time." Jiraiya said cryptically while mentally preparing for the revelation and the fireworks afterwards. Despite Hari's training, the Mahora clan head warned him of Naruto's rather short temper. Considering the blonde was a jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, the fireworks afterwards would be devastating to say the least.

"What is it?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Later. Prepare dinner and I'll tell you."

Naruto grumbled but did as asked. It wasn't hard to prepare dinner since everything was already prepared thanks the Mahora elves. All he needed to do was bring it out from the storage seal and resize the trunk that held all their food. Besides, only those who had magic in their system could undo the enchantment placed on the trunk. Despite being a squib, Naruto had enough magic running through his veins to work the enchantment. It didn't take long for Naruto to serve dinner for the two of them and the duo ate in silently companionship.

Jiraiya burped as he laid down the empty plate beside him, a sigh escaping his lips. If he knew that Hari's elves were this good in cooking, he would have visited Konoha plenty of times just to enjoy the delicious food. He saw Naruto already done with his dinner and waiting for him patiently to get things started. He sighed since this was going to be an emotional night.

"I promised your parents, especially your father before he died that I would tell you their identities only after you reach a sufficient level of strength. I know you asked the Sandaime plenty of times about your parents and he would change the subject every time." Jiraiya started, noticing the look of understanding and irritation on his student's face.

"You know, I really wondered why he kept doing that." Naruto said with some annoyance.

"Don't blame the old man, gaki. We did it for a reason." Jiraiya chastised the boy who had a hurt look on his face.

"What reasons are those?" Naruto asked with a bit of anger.

"Reason one is that you were too young to know it." said Jiraiya, flaring his killing intent a bit to shut the boy up when he opened his mouth. It worked since the boy closed his mouth with an audible click but the glare was there. "Besides, could you honestly tell me that you wouldn't have shouted it to the whole village if we told you who your parents were when back when you were six?"

Naruto growled as he nodded. "Fine. Why all the secrecy?"

"I'll get to that." Jiraiya promised. "The second reason was your safety. Your parents were powerful shinobi, powerful enough to merit the hate of other villages. If they found out that your parents had a son then you would have been swamped with assassins before you could blink. For your safety, and the safety of the village, the Sandaime and I decided that it would be in your best interest to withhold the information until we deemed you ready. In accordance to your father's wishes, we decided that we would tell you when you reach Chuunin or when you reach 18 years old."

"That's…reasonable I suppose." Naruto said doubtfully. "Any other reasons before you're going to tell me who my parents are? And why tell me now? I'm not yet a Chuunin and I'm definitely not 18 yet."

"The reason I'm telling you now is because of Hari. He assured us that you are ready to learn who your parents are." Jiraiya replied.

"Hari-sensei said that?" Naruto asked with happiness.

"He did. He even threatened me if I didn't tell you."

"Sweet. So who are my parents, ero-sennin?"

Jiraiya's face took on a sad expression. "Your mother was Uzumaki Kushina, one of the most powerful kunoichi Konoha ever produced. She rivaled Tsunade in strength and her kenjutsu skills were off the charts. In fact, she was given the alias 'Red Hot Habanero' due to her temper and a testament to her swordsmanship. No one survives a direct confrontation with her when her sword was out of her sheath. She was also a Seals Mistress and taught your father the art. I think you got your interest in fuuinjutsu from your parents since both were masters in the Sealing Arts." he said the last part with pride.

"Wow." Naruto said breathlessly. His mom was so cool. "And?"

"Well, your mother is also the second container of Kyuubi."

"What?" Naruto asked with some surprise. Now this was new. "You mean that I'm not the only container of the Kyuubi?"

"No, you're not. You are the third to contain the Kyuubi. The first was Uzumaki Mito, the wife of the Shodaime Hokage, and the second was your mom. You became the bijuu's third container when it was yanked out of your mom's seal after she gave birth to you." Jiraiya informed his apprentice.

"What do you mean it was yanked out of the seal? You mean someone unsealed the fox from my mom?" Naruto asked in shock.

Jiraiya nodded with a frown on his face. "According to the Sandaime, during the night of your birth, someone came into the hidden location where your mother was in labor. A fight ensued resulting in the unsealing of Kyuubi after you were born. That was also the start of the Kyuubi's attack of Konoha."

"So that is the reason why the Yondaime had to seal the fox into me. Do you know who the masked person was?" Naruto asked seriously.

Jiraiya shook his head in negative. "No, we don't. The only description we had of the man was the spiral orange mask and the black cloak he was wearing."

Naruto nodded, filing the information away. "Alright. I now know who my mother is and the reason why you kept her identity a secret so who is my father?"

Jiraiya sighed as he steeled himself. "Your father was the person who sealed the fox inside you before it could destroy the village." he answered in a rush be Naruto heard it all.

"You mean…" said Naruto as his mind finally pieced the puzzle together.

"…the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, was your father." Jiraiya continued, unprepared when red chakra erupted from Naruto's shocked form that almost drove him to his knees.

Hari was pouring over a smaller Konoha version of the Marauder's map, studying where to place the new prank items the twins sent him, when a pop startled him. He looked to see the house elf he assigned to Naruto to watch over the boy's training with Jiraiya. Despite being no longer his apprentice, Hari still treated the blonde as one. He noticed the worried and harried look on the elf's face.

"Something wrong, Nancy?"

"Hari-sama! Hari-sama! Come quick! Naruto-sama be in big trouble!" the elf shrilly announced that brought Hari closer to the edge of being worried.

"What happened?" Hari all but demanded.

"Toad man told Naruto-sama about his parents then Naruto-sama became angry and he brought the red cloak like he was in training but this was stronger."

"Shit!" Hari cursed, finally realizing the extent of what the elf told him. It would seem that learning of his parents brought Naruto to the edge, enough that it brought out the full force of the fox's chakra and destroying whatever control he had over it. "Go to the potion stockroom and get me the standard med kit. Follow when you're done." commanded Hari before apparating out of the room.

Hari materialized just outside the camp just in time to see Jiraiya being blown back by a surge of red chakra from Naruto. He looked at his former apprentice to see four tails swishing angrily behind him and the boy had this blank look in his eyes as the inherent rage and malice of the Kyuubi's energy completely controlled him. He saw Jiraiya expertly recover from the attack and was trying to get a piece of paper with some symbols on Naruto while dodging ethereal red claws that were aiming to slice him to bits. The wizard's eyes locked onto the glowing bracelet on Naruto's wrist, sighing in relief since the enchantment was holding despite the power Naruto was giving out.

If the bracelet was destroyed then the entire Konoha ANBU and the Sandaime would be down on their individual asses before they could blink.

He needed to stop this before it escalated to something fierce. Hari brought out the Elder Wand and leveled it at Naruto who was giving the Toad Sage crash course in bijuu dodging, not that he needed it since he splendidly dodging Naruto's chakra claws.


The Elder Wand, sensing its master's distress, decided to be helpful. Instead of the light red spell coming out of its tip, the magical energy it added into the spell made it come out something similar to a cannon ball. The spherical bomb impacted the Kyuubified Naruto and exploded with a force that was enough to blow a four-tailed Naruto backwards. Hari took it up a notch as he channeled large amounts of magic into the Elder Wand who was also absorbing whatever ambient energy in the area it could latch on.


Hari fired off the four spells in rapid succession. The overpowered explosion hex blew Naruto back while the lightning spells penetrated the protective cloak to electrocute the boy, keeping him occupied with volts after volts of pure lightning coursing through his body as he screamed in pain. Finally, the blasting hex opened up a small hole in the bijuu cloak covering Naruto which Jiraiya noticed immediately since the man immediately slapped the tag on the boy's face before activating its effects.

Slowly, but surely, the bijuu cloak receded back into the seal on Naruto's stomach before the boy slumped down to the ground, unconscious. Hari sighed as he stowed the Elder Wand back to its hidden holsters and looked around the destroyed campsite. He growled as he stomped towards the panting Sannin nursing his scorched hand to give him a verbal lashing he would never forget…after healing him of course.

"For an S-rank shinobi, you suck at telling secrets." Hari scolded the white-haired pervert after he finished healing the man of the chakra burns he incurred when he penetrated the cloak to plant the bijuu suppression tag on Naruto to remove whatever influence the Kyuubi had in his system.

"How was I suppose to know that Naruto would take the identity of his father that badly." said Jiraiya as he tried to defend his actions.

"I told you before you left that the Yondaime is Naruto's idol. Of course, don't you think his action is understandable since the person he admired the most was practically the reason why he was hated in his very own village?" Hari deadpanned as he pulled out a vial from the pouch his elf brought him and shoved it to the Sannin's hands. "Drink it." he ordered.

"What's in it?" Jiraiya asked, looking at the vial in his hands suspiciously.

"That's a pepper up potion, dimwit. Your chakra level is quite low so you need it to replenish your energy reserves. If I decided to kill you then poison is way down the list to use." Hari scolded the man before making his way to Naruto and firing a diagnostic charm on his former apprentice before a few curses left his mouth.

"What happened?"

Hari growled but answered anyway. "Naruto is suffering from chakra overload. His coils are cracked due to the amount of Kyuubi's chakra he used when his mind shut down on him. It would take a few days for his healing factor to repair the damage. If it wasn't for that, he would be down for a month and missing the Chuunin Exams." he reported as his mind was assaulted with the information from his spell. He winced. "He is also suffering from chakra burns all over his body but he is healing already. Thankfully, the brat is unconscious or he would be screaming himself hoarse right now. All in all, Naruto wouldn't be dying anytime soon."

"When do you think he would wake up?" Jiraiya asked before downing the potion Hari gave him. He sighed as he felt his chakra reserves filling up at a rapid pace.

"Give it a day or two. It's better that he sleep this off." said Hari as he levitated the boy from the cold forest floor before turning to the Toad Sage. "Let's head back to the compound. I need to make sure that Naruto heals properly before you continue training. Chakra exhaustion is serious but chakra overload is worst. I need to make sure that the gaki is 100% healthy before you do anything to make him blow up again."

Jiraiya scowled. "I said I didn't mean to make him blow up on me."

"You might be a great teacher, Jiraiya of the Sannin, but you're lousy at telling secrets. Remind me not to let you give anyone 'The Talk' or you might end up traumatizing someone in the end."

"Ha ha. Very funny, Hari." said Jiraya, his tone oozing with sarcasm.

"I wasn't trying to be funny. Just telling the truth." Hari said calmly before putting a hand on Jiraiya's shoulder and another on Naruto. He gathered his energy before apparating out of the clearing with his passengers.

"What hit me?" Naruto breathed out as he woke up groggily to find himself surrounded by water. He was about to ask where he was when a boy answered his first spoken question.

"You were hit by a total of four tails worth of my chakra, kit."

Naruto turned his head to find Kyuubi behind his cage looking down at him with an amused expression on his furry face.

"Eh what?" he asked in surprise.

Kyuubi rolled his eyes. "What was the last thing you remember?" he asked the confused Naruto who was now standing, totally dry despite how he was lying on the water when he appeared in his mindscape.

"Well…ero-sennin told me who my father is then I sort of blacked out." said Naruto before realizing what he just said, the memory of his conversation with the Toad Sage crashing down on him in full force. "I'm the Yondaime's son. He sealed you inside me!"

Kyuubi growled upon the mention of the man's title. "So you're his son, huh. I should have noticed that immediately from your looks. But for the life of me, I didn't know why I didn't make the connection." he added the last part in a silent murmur but it was still loud enough for Naruto to hear.

"Wait a minute. You didn't know? I thought you were sealed inside my mother." Naruto pointed out causing the bijuu to huff.

"Unlike your seal that gives me access to the outside world through your senses, the seal used on your mother was absolute. I was a complete prisoner, chained to a floating rock with my tails and hands pegged down. She doesn't use my chakra nor does she ask for my help. I was metaphorically thrown into the pit with no way out and no contact to the outside world."

"I didn't know that. Can you tell me what you meant about me getting hit by four tails of your chakra?"

"I don't really know what happened since I don't have any access to your mental state due to your father's seal. However, whatever did happen resulted in your body pulling in four tails worth of my chakra. It was like a warzone here for a few minutes until something stopped the flow of my chakra into your body." replied Kyuubi before using one of his tails to point to the various cracks on the walls. "Those cracks are the result of your chakra coils being damaged by the sudden influx of my chakra into your system. As you can see, they are healing but it will take time since your body is practically working overtime to adapt to the energy you wielded."

"Huh?" was all Naruto said, not understanding what the fox was trying to say.

"Stupid. In a nut shell, you forced your body to adapt to large amounts of my chakra. When it's done, you can easily handle two and three tails without problem though you might want to experiment on that before using my energy in battle." Kyuubi explained patiently.

"Cool!" Naruto exclaimed before adopting a confused look. "How come I don't remember all of this?"

"Don't know." Kyuubi answered with a shrug before his eyes took on an evil glint.

Naruto saw the expression the fox was porting and couldn't help but ask. "What?"

"Since you're going to be stuck in here until your body fully heals, I think its fine time I give you a crash course on what you can do with my chakra. It's going to be a…marvelous experience." Kyuubi said before cackling like a loon making Naruto gulp.

Jiraiya saw his apprentice twitching on the bed. Curiously, he approached the boy and poked an arm, not getting any reaction. He noticed another twitch before looking at Hari in confusion.

"Why is he twitching? I'm no medical expert but I know that twitches aren't common in coma patients." Jiraiya said to the equally confused Mahora.

Hari didn't answer but nodded. He walked over to the comatose teen and placed a finger on his forehead. He closed his eyes and muttered something under his breath. He stayed in that position for five minutes before he burst out laughing, his now-opened eyes showing mirth.

"Well?" Jiraiya asked immediately, wanting to know what was happening to his student.

Hari cackled that made Jiraiya's hair stand on end. "Let's just say that Naruto is currently training with his tenant and the fox is having the time of his life." he told the man before cackling again.

Jiraiya looked at Hari as if he was crazy. "Are you sure that's alright? Kyuubi might harm him." he pointed out causing Hari to shake his head in negative.

"Trust me. When Naruto wakes up, you're going to have your hands full when the gaki trains with what the fox is teaching him right now." Hari said in amusement before leaving Naruto's room with a nervous Toad Sage trailing after him.

Naruto woke up with a groan, mentally tired due to the insane 3-day training the fox subjected him to. He thought that Kyuubi's chakra would only give him a power boost but he was dead wrong. Being the demon fox's container, he had the capability to manipulate Kyuubi chakra in a specific way – pure manipulation. That was the reason why he was mentally tired – Kyuubi practically rammed the knowledge of chakra manipulation down his throat and the fox was nothing but merciless because it didn't want a weak container.

He let his eyes roam around his surroundings, recognizing his room in the Mahora compound. Sighing, he got off the bed, wincing slightly as muscle pains started to make themselves known though he knew that they were being healed already. He made his way to the bathroom for a cold shower, letting the cold water wake up his body while his mind focused inwards, checking out his chakra reserves. Despite in a healing coma for three days, his chakra was still half-way filled. He noticed that it noticeably grew again, inwardly cursing that he would have to do chakra control exercises just to get his control back.

It was half an hour later that he exited his bedroom clothed in civilian apparel of blue cargo pants and a black muscle shirt, making his way to the dining area for a well-deserved meal. He was quite hungry and he knew that his reserves would fill up much faster if he had something in his stomach. He noticed the lack of people in the house before sitting himself on his usual place on the large dining table. He called an elf for something to eat which the helper was more than happy to comply. Five minutes later, the table was practically groaning with different food that made him drool. He didn't know how long he ate but he just finished the last of the food and was chugging down a bottle of Butterbeer when his senseis entered.

"Glad to see you're awake, gaki." said Jiraiya as a greeting, seating himself beside the boy and was no longer surprised when a plate of food appeared in front of him. His stay in the Mahora Clan house practically desensitized him of the unusual that was common in a wizarding-shinobi household. He munched on a Tempura before turning to his new student. "How are you feeling?"

"My body feels fine but my mind is still out of whack." Naruto answered honestly causing Hari to chuckle.

"I wouldn't put it past Kyuubi to take it easy on you during your 3-day training." the Mahora clan head pointed out.

Naruto looked at the man with shock. "How did you know, Hari-sensei?" he asked curiously.

Hari rolled his eyes. "I checked your mental state when you entered your coma. I found out that your mind was very active. I scanned your mindscape using a spell and found out that you were training with Kyuubi." he told the blonde. "I didn't bother to make myself known since I don't want to disturb your lessons with the fox."

"What did the Kyuubi teach you?" Jiraiya asked in curiosity and a bit weary since the fox was not good news for anyone in Konoha.

Naruto finished his Butterbeer before starting his explanation.

"Kyuubi gave me a brief overview of what a jinchuuriki should be capable of given adequate time to train with their bijuu. According to him, each jinchuuriki gains certain abilities due to the bijuus they contain. These abilities manifest through the use of their unique chakra. For example, Shukaku, the Ichibi no Tanuki, specializes in wind-based techniques and couples it with sand for both offense and defense. The jinchuuriki of the Nibi no Nekomata should be capable of using potent fire techniques, far superior than those a shinobi could pull off outside a bloodline. This was why Kyuubi decided to teach me how to use his chakra properly." explained Naruto before raising his hand for the two shinobi to see before pulling out a bit of his tenant's chakra. His fingers now sported red sharp ethereal claws. "Kyuubi gives me the ability to use his chakra and shape it to anything I wish. Unlike other bijuu who holds elemental abilities, Kyuubi is pure chakra manipulation. Meaning, I can do anything I want with his chakra given time, training, and imagination."

"Amazing." Jiraiya breathed out as he studied the claws on his student's fingers. "So you can now manipulate Kyuubi's chakra without bringing out the tails."

Naruto nodded. "Yes but only for small chakra constructs like the Fox Claw as he called it. If, for example, I want to form an extra clawed hand then I need to go into tailed-beast mode since I need large amounts of bijuu chakra to pull it off."

Hari smirked. "What else did the Kyuubi teach you?" he asked his excited student.

"Well, he taught me how to properly control his chakra." Naruto answered excitedly when he remembered something. "Oh yeah, Kyuubi told me that I practically went four tails when my mind shut down. Due to the chakra overload, my body was forced to adapt to the large influx of energy coursing through my coils, hence the 3-day coma. He told me that I can now go up to three tails without worry but four tails would still give me some problems. He warned me not to go into five tails since he sensed something about the seal being in the way. Did my father do anything unique with the seal?" he addressed the last question to his new sensei.

The Toad Sage nodded, happy that his student wasn't going berserk at the mention of the Yondaime.

"That's correct. The reason why I want you to sign the toad contract is to give you access to the key for the Hakke no Fuin Shiki and Shiki Fuuin Seal on your stomach. With the key, you can slowly loosen the seal to allow more access to the Kyuubi's chakra. He was right that you won't be able to go above four tails without the seal getting in the way. I don't know what the consequences would be if you try so I suggest you refrain from doing so."

Naruto nodded in agreement. "Fine. I have no intentions of going above three tails anyway and I doubt I would need it anytime soon." the boy told the duo with Jiraiya nodding in agreement. Hari, however, had a speculative look on his face that Naruto immediately noticed. "What's on your mind, sensei?"

Instead of answering Naruto, Hari turned to Jiraiya.

"What are you planning to teach Naruto?" he asked the man.

"Well, I plan to teach Naruto the Rasengan since that would give him an edge over the Hyuuga though I doubt that he needed it considering what he's capable of." replied Jiraiya before pulling out a scroll from his pocket. "I also plan to give Naruto his father's journal. It contains all the research Minato did for all of his techniques; this includes the steps for the Rasengan and the levels to achieve Hiraishin." He tossed the scroll to Naruto who caught it with reverence. "That you're legacy, gaki. Learn from your father's footsteps and become a powerful shinobi of Konoha."

Naruto studied the seemingly unassuming scroll in his hands before giving Jiraiya a thankful look.

"Thanks, ero-sensei." he said with a smile that turned into a smirk when Jiraiya twitched. He frowned when he realized something. "Did my mother leave me anything?"

"I'm not really sure. If you want to know then I suggest that you ask the Sandaime about it. I had Minato's journal because he gave it to me before your mother gave birth to you, a just-in-case thing if worst comes to worst. If your mother left you anything then it would be with the Sandaime since he was the one protecting your mother when the Kyuubi attacked."

"Alright." Naruto nodded before giving Hari a questioning look. "You have something in mind, Hari-sensei?"

"Yes. I want you to try to achieve mastery over the four-tailed state before the Chuunin Exams on top of your learning the Rasengan." Hari replied with a devious smile on his face.

"Why?" both Jiraiya and Naruto asked in unison.

"You both know about the coming invasion correct?" he got a nod from the confused duo. "I want Naruto as our trump card. I know Orochimaru would likely use Gaara as the main attacking force. The reason why the Sandaime needed Jiraiya and I at the ready was the possibility of using our summons to counter a fully-realized Ichibi. However, if Naruto masters the four-tailed state then he can easily bring down Shukaku with enough firepower left to deal heavy damage on the invading force. With Naruto taking care of the Ichibi, Jiraiya and I can concentrate on other matters."

"You revised the plan, I take it?" Jiraiya asked shrewdly.

Hari nodded since he already hammered out the details with the Sandaime when Naruto succumbed to his coma.

"I tried to puzzle out why Orochimaru wanted to invade the village and I was able to come up with a set of theories. The first is merely the eradication of the village. The second is to acquire the different jutsus Konoha has in the archives considering how obsessed the pedophile is with techniques. Last, but certainly not the least, is the assassination of his former sensei that stopped him from continuing his research and resulting in his exile. I thought about it while Naruto was in a coma and I realized that all these theories coincide. This is why Hokage-sama and I revised the plan."

"What revisions are we talking about?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"I will be using a powerful illusion spell on Jiraiya that would render him invisible to anyone without magic. He will serve as the Hokage's bodyguard during the third phase of the Chuunin Exam." He turned to Jiraiya and gave the man a serious look. "You are going to be sticking to your senei like glue and I am quite confident that your presence will not be detected. Just in case Orochimaru planned something underhanded to bring the Hokage down, you would be there to counter him or offer assistance if needed."

"That is a very good plan. What will you be doing?" asked Jiraiya with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm going to help with the counter invasion force that Shikaku devised. With you sticking to the Hokage, only I have the arsenal needed to combat large threats if the pedophile decides to bring out his summons on the village." Hari replied casually before cackling. "Besides, my bears are quite bored and they requested that I bring a few of them out during the invasion."

"You wouldn't mind if I bring some of the tigers out, sensei? The boss asked me to the do the same during the invasion." Naruto asked, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

"I don't mind. The more the merrier I always say." said Hari with a grin on his face mimicked by the blonde.

Jiraiya could only shake his head. Orochimaru was so screwed with two battle-oriented summons against him. He wondered briefly if he could spare chakra to bring out Gamabunta to make this invasion a more memorable experience for his traitorous teammate.

End of Chapter 21

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