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Summary: Bad Luck is quickly moving up into the world of fame, they have just returned from a amazing tour in America! While Shuichi was in America he discovered that each time he sang, he began to feel a slight pain in his throat. As he continued on with the tour, it began to get worse, to the point that he could hardly stand to sing! He keeps his cool and keeps it from his friends, not wanting to let them down! What will Shuichi do as the tumor in his throat keeps getting larger! He refuses treatement because the doctor's say he might never be able to sing again!



Chapter 1- Odd

Shuichi snored lightly on the plane. Bad Luck was just on it's way back to Japan after a long tour in America. He sighed and smiled in his sleep, dreaming of the Yuki he was going home to.

Hiro chuckled as he heard Shuichi mumble Yuki's name.

"I'm glad things worked out for him. Yuki-san came back from New York, and judging by how Shuichi is acting, everything is back to normal." he said and stretched.

Fujisaki nodded. "As long as he continues to work good, I don't really care what goes on between the two of them." he sighed.

Hiro shrugged and yawned. "How long until we land, K-san?"

K shifted. "About 30 minutes, what, you ready to get away from us so quickly?" he asked with a smirk.

Hiro sighed and shrugged again. "It would be nice to get some alone time for a bit." he said.

Fujisaki nodded. "I agree, I am so tired. I need a break from Shuichi's childish behavior." he mumbled.

Hiro laughed. "Oh he ain't that bad." he laughed.

Fujisaki shook his head. "Hmph, that's what you say, you've been around him long enough not to notice." he muttered.

Hiro sighed. "I guess so, but at least he isn't one of those overtime people, or else we wouldn't get any rest around here." he laughed.

K went and sat down in front of Sakano and was going over Bad Luck's next big gig. They talked back in forth throughout the rest of the plane ride. When they finally landed, they had this weeks plans all worked out.

Hiro stood up and shook Shuichi to wake him up. "We're home, get up." he chuckled.

Shuichi mumbled and turned over.

Hiro sighed. He thought for a moment and then grinned. "Hey, Fujisaki, is that Yuki standing out there to welcome Shuichi home?" he asked and winked at Fujisaki.

Fujisaki smirked and decided to play along. "You're right, oh and what is that in his hands? A bouquet?" he said, faking surprise.

Shuichi twitched and he jumped up and looked outside. He then turned to Hiro and Fujisaki with a playful glare. "Liars." he muttered and laughed.

Hiro laughed at Shuichi and tossed him his bags. "Well you get to go see him now." he said smiling.

K shook his head. "Not so fast my little workers, we have work to attend to first, there is a press confrence this afternoon regarding a matter of Bad Luck." he said smiling.

Shuichi and the other two groaned. "Another one! You said we could rest when we got back to Japan!" he said. "I'm going home, just wait for me Yuki!" he yelled to the sky.

K grabbed Shuichi's shoulder and took one of his guns and pointed it to his head.

"What was that, Shuichi?" K asked with a teasing grin.

Shuichi froze and laughed nervously. "I said that another press confrence would be great, fantastic!" he said in defeat.

K let him go and put his gun away and laughed. "I thought so." he said.

Hiro and Fujisaki looked at K like he was mad. "This isn't fair." they mumbled.

Shuichi sighed and then followed K and the others to the car. He hummed as they got in the car and drove down to N-G Studio. He was humming one of their newest songs, 'In the Moonlight', when a sudden pain struck his throat. He instantly stopped humming and swallowed hard, holding a groan in.

This wasn't the first time he felt a pain like this in his throat, he had felt it a few times during their concerts in America. He hadn't told the others, afraid they might assume the worst, when he was sure that it was just a cold or something.

Hiro looked out the window as they pulled up at the N-G studio. He got out and put on a pair of sunglasses along with Shiuichi and Fujisaki.

Bad Luck was well known now, so they had to disguise themselves when in public, or else be trampled. They were greatful for the attention, but sometimes it got to be to much.

They walked inside and removed their disguises and sighed.

Shuichi stretched. "Ah, home at last." he said.

A few people who were sitting in the lobby turned and smiled. "Welcome back, how was the tour?" they asked.

Shuichi blinked and smiled and gave them a thumbs up. "Awesome!" he laughed.

Hiro smiled and nodded in agreement. "It was amazing, we loved it." he said.

The people nodded and then went back to their own conversations.

Shuichi sighed. "What is this press confrence about anyway?" he asked, walking with his arms behind his head.

K grinned. "We are discussing you're new band name." he said.

The three boys looked at him. "What? But what about Bad Luck!" Shuichi asked, afraid they were being seperated.

"Relax, the president thinks that it would be a good idea to give you guys a new look and name, it is for the best, don't worry nothing will be changed within the band, just the name." he said.

Shuichi crossed his arms. "What is wrong with the name that we already have?" he asked.

K sighed. "Nothing is wrong with it, but the name that we have for you guys now will further enhance your career." he said. "Just wait and see."

Shuichi frowned, not to sure about that statement. He wanted to question him further, but they had arrived at the meeting room. Shuichi sighed and put on his best smile as they walked into the room.

Camera's were flashing every second as they made their way to their seats. They put on their passes and sat down at the pannel table.

"Welcome." Sakano said to the reporters. "We thank you for coming out to the press confrence, as you know, Bad Luck has just recently got back from America and is very tired from their remarkable progress, so to keep them stress free, please hold all questions until the end." K said and sat down beside Hiro.

The door openened again and Touma Seguchi walked in. He went and took his seat beside Sakano.

Touma smiled and nodded. "Let's begin." he said formally.

"Bad Luck's tour was a amazing success, their time in America has not only gathered them new fans, but new experience to. I have to admit when the band first started out, I had very little faith in them. But as you can see now, after their many concerts, they have proved me wrong. I know have full faith in them. As a fellow rival to Bad Luck, it is an honor to be sitting here with them right now. " Touma said and smiled over at them quickly, then looked back at the press.

"Today's confrence is to infrom everyone of Bad Luck's new plans. First of all, we are putting in slight changes to Bad Luck. We have decided to come up with a better suited name for the band. Now sitting before you, is no longer Bad Luck, but Gravitation." he said.

Camera's began to flash rapidly again.

Shuichi and the other two looked at each other and blinked. "Well it isn't as bad as I thought it would be." he whispered to them.

Hiro kept smiling as the camera's continued to flash. He had grown taller and more handsome in their time in America. His hair had been cut to his shoulders in a layered look. His eyes were sharp and handsome. He had a even better smile now. He looked to the reporters and smiled when they called his name for a picture.

Shuichi raised a brow at Hiro, he sighed and shrugged. He to had grown. He was a bit thinner all over his body than what he used to be. His hair had turned to a slightly darker shade of pink. He had one long piece of hair on one side of his head, going down his left cheek and to his shoulder, while the rest was cut in layers.

Fujisaki was a little taller, his hair now reaching his shoulders and was pulled back into a small ponytail. His eyes grew sharper and his features were more grown up.

Shuishi nodded. "I hope our fan's will continue to follow us under our new name!" he said to them and the camera's flashed a little more.

"Now onto our next plans." Touma said and the media turned it's attention back to him.

"Gravitation will be holding a big three day event at Tokyo Dome next month, starting on the 12th." he said. "Our hopes are to have not tickets left over on the first day. Tickets will be limited and very few will be sold at the door." he said.

Shuichi's eyes went wide when he heard they would be playing at Tokyo Dome. Tokyo Dome was one of the biggest stages in Japan. To play there was a dream that seemed so unreachable back when they'd first started, but now it was only weeks away.

Hiro smiled widely and gave high fives to Shuichi and Fujisaki as they had a mini celebration within themselves.

Touma smiled and kept the media's attention on them. "I would also like to announce the opening band for Gravitation and some guest bands who will be playing." Touma began. "Our opening performance will start with a new starting band, Black Roses. Our guests will be Nittle Grasper who will be performing during Gravitation's break."he said smiling.

Sakano glanced at Seguchi and smiled. "It would be a great honor to have Gravitation perform on the same stage as Nittle Grasper." he added in for the press.

Touma smiled. "It is us who feel greatful, our Ryuichi is looking forward to seeing Shindo-san again." he said with a slight laugh.

Shuichi grinned and gave a victory sign to the camera. "I can't wait Sakuma-san!" he said.

Hiro chuckled and Fujisaki sighed. "It is going to be an amazing experience." Hiro said smiling.

Touma smiled and then looked to the press. "Questions may be asked at this time. But please do it in a orderly fashion, one question at a time please." he said.

"How does Gravitation feel about their upcoming event at Tokyo Dome?" one guy asked.

Shuichi smiled. "I think it is awesome! When we first started it out it was only a dream to be able to play at Tokyo Dome, now here we are about to live it! How can we not be happy!" he said cheerfully.

Hiro nodded in agreement. "It is truly an experience we're looking forward to." he added in.

Fujisaki smiled. "I never thought we would make it this far, but now that we have, I can truly see that our hard work did not go to waste, thank you everyone." he said.

Another man stood up. "Was their any complications during the tour in America, I heard that there was a issue at the stage in New York, is it true?" he asked.

Sakano cleared his throat. "It is true that we had some complication in New York where we were performing. It was rather stormy and it was an outdoor stage, the concert there had to be delayed until the storm blew over, causing us to be slightly late for our next location in Washington." he said. "But we managed to get back on track a few days later." he said.

The man sat down and a woman stood up. "What is Bad Luck's feelings on the name change, will it cause any problems with your relationships together in the future?" she asked.

Hiro shrugged. "I'd have to say that I like the name Gravitation, it's like a new door that we have to step through to further move ourselves into the future. I have a positive attitude with the name and have no complaints. I do not think that it would have any effect on our relationships." he said.

Fujisaki nodded in agreement. "Bad Luck was a good name, but I have to agree with Nakano-san, I to believe it is a good choice and a new door to the future." he said.

Shuichi sighed and looked at the reporters when they turned to him.

"At first I thought that changing the name of our band, meant we had to change our relationships within it, but now I can see that it is a great decision and it will be helpful to us later on. I am happy to be in Gravitation and I look forward to more progress." he said.

The woman sat down and wrote in her tablet as another woman stood up.

"I have a friend in Washington who attended your concert. She said that it was remarkable. But she also said that Shindo-san was acting a little different on stage, she said that your voice seemed a little strained, is there a reason behind that Shindo-san?" she asked.

Shuichi felt his heart speed up for a second. Hiro and the others at the table were looking at him as well.

Shuichi sighed and smiled and ran a hand through his hair. "I was feeling a little under the weather during that particular concert. I guess you could say I had a slight cold that week, but I managed to make a speedy recovery the following week." he said.

The lady sat down and then Touma stood up. "That is all for questions, thank you for coming out today and we look forward to seeing you at Tokyo Dome next month." he said.

Shuichi and the other sood up. "Victory!" he said to the camera before it cut off, then relaxed as he and the others made their way out of the meeting room.

Touma turned to them and smiled. "Good job everyone, you've done great this past few months." he said.

Shuichi laughed and smiled widely. "We did put a lot of work into our songs this time. Thank you for supporting us while supporting your own band as well." he said.

Touma nodded and smiled. "Well I must be going, I have other matters to attend to. Ryuichi looks forward to seeing you Shindo-san." he said and turned and walked off.

Shuichi waved as he left and then turned to Sakano with puppy eyes. "Can I go home now, please." he begged.

Sakano sighed and smiled. "You guys can take the rest of today off, but you have to be back here at the studio for tomorrow. We need to prepare for the performances at Tokyo Dome. So be here at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning." he said.

Shuichi nodded quickly. "Mmkay, bye guys!" he said and took off. He panted as he ran down the street to where his home with Yuki was at. After Shuichi went to New York to find Yuki, he managed to persuade him to come back home. Now they lived together in an apartment that was similar to Yuki's old one.

He huffed as he climbed the stairs, he hoped that Yuki was home. He had missed him so much, he wasn't able to see him these past three months, so he was really excited.

Shuichi almost jumped up the last flight of steps and sped to the door. He pulled his key out and put it in the lock and opened the door quietly. He tiptoed inside and smiled when he heard computer keys from the room down the hall.

He quietly sat his bags down and tiptoed silently to the door of that room. He peeked inside and smiled as he saw Yuki sitting in his work chair, completely wrapped up in what he was doing. He smiled and sighed. He didn't want to bother him while he was working, so he went into the livingroom and sat down on the black leather sofa.

He laid back on it and closed his eyes. Finally he was home. He soaked up the smell of expensive coffee and the cigerettes that Yuki smoked. He smiled and relaxed into the couch and sighed, drifting off to sleep.

Meanwhile Yuki got up out of his work chair a few hours later and stretched. He picked up his coffee cup and walked into the kitchen, not seeing Shuichi asleep on the couch when he walked by the livingroom.

He stirred his coffee up and leaned agains the counter and took a sip of it and sighed. He then heard someone sigh, causing him to jump slightly. He looked in the livingroom, squinting his eyes a little in the darkness and blinked.

He walked over to the lamp on the table and turned it on to see who it was more clearly. He looked over at Shuichi and then sighed. "When did you get here." he whispered quietly. He stared at Shuichi for a few more moments and then sat down. He smiled a little. He had missed Shuichi while he was away, of course he enjoyed the quietness to, but he still missed being around him.

He got up and went to the closet in his room and pulled out a blanket and took into the livingroom, laid it over Shuichi and then went to bed. He yawned and laid on his stomach as he to drifted off into a sleep. It suprised him a little, the whole time Shuichi was away, he had a hard time falling asleep each night...But now that he was back and in the same house with him, he felt it quite easy. He smiled slightly and slept peacefully.

The next day would very busy for Shuichi, there was much to do in preparations for the concert, and so little time to do it.

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