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Chapter 3- Time

Shuichi panted as he ran home. He had finally finished up work for today. He ran up the steps and then quickly unlocked the door. He walked in and ran to find Yuki.

"Yuki, I'm home." he called and looked around the place. He went to Yuki's work room and sighed.

"He must be out doing something." he said and sighed. He smiled and sat down on the couch and turned on the t.v. He flipped through the channels and stopped when he saw Yuki's face.

He smiled. "He had an interview today." he said. He stretched and laid back on the couch.

'If he gets home soon, we can spend time together before I have to head into work tomorrow.' he thought.

He sat up and went into the kitchen and made him a sandwhich and poured him some drink. He looked at the clock, it was almost nine now. He hadn't thought that their last event to take so long. They had to attend a dinner with other bands and introduce ourselves to the higher ups.

Shuichi at his food as he watched the interview of Yuki. He watched his every move, wishing that he was there.

The phone rang a few minutes later and Shuichi got up to answer it.

"Hello?" he answered.

'Hello, is this Shuichi?' the voice asked.

"Yes, is that you Mika-san?" he asked.

'Yes, is Eeri around?' she asked.

"He is at an interview, but I will tell him you called." he said.

'Alright. Are you alright? You seem kinda off, Sakano told Touma that you were sick in Washington.' she asked.

Shiuichi paused and then quickly responded. "Yeah, I am feeling a lot better now though, back on track." he said with a slight laugh.

Mika was quiet on the other line for a few seconds.

'Alright, I got to go." she said. 'Try not to worry Yuki.' she said and then hung up.

Shuichi sighed and sat the phone back on the base and went and finished up his sandwhich. He sighed and watched as Yuki's interview ended.

He smiled and went and got a quick shower and sat in the kitchen until Yuki got there.

He worked on a puzzle book and hummed to himself. He smiled and then began to sing one of Ryuichi's songs that he liked.

He glanced at the clock every few minutes as he hummed.

He was just about to stand up to get him a refill on drink when a sharp pain shot through his throat, causing him to drop his glass on the floor, causing it to break. He fell to his knee's and clutched his throat. He was gasping as he tried to get himself off the ground, but his eyes started to water and he collapsed to the floor.

"Yu...ki." he gasped before he lost conciousness. He laid there on the floor breathing roughly.

Meanwhile Yuki was just arriving back at home. He placed his keys in a bowl and went into the livingroom.

He glanced at the t.v and sighed. 'The brat must be home.' he thought.

He walked all the way back to the bedroom to see if Shuichi was asleep. He glanced around the room before walking to his study to see if he was there. He mumbled when he didn't see Shuichi in there.

He sighed and shrugged, assuming that Shuichi had just came and left.

Yuki took his coat off and hung it up on the coat hanger and walked into the kitchen to fix him something to drink. He walked in and froze.

He blinked as he saw Shuichi laying on the ground beside a broken glass.

He quickly went over to him and got down on his knee's.

"Hey, Shuichi? Shuichi? Shuichi?" he asked after shaking him a few times.

His heart thudded as he remembered his old teacher lying on the floor dead. He stared at Shuichi as if he were dead as well.

Yuki snapped out of his thoughts a moment later and ran to the phone and called the ambulance. He gave them the information and then went back to where Shuichi was on the floor.

His heart was racing with worry, it wasn't like him to feel this way...but ever since Shuichi had came after him in America, he felt more strongly for him. Yes, he was cold to him often, but he didn't want him gone.

"Shuichi...wake up." he whispered.

There was knocks on the door followed by people coming in. The paramedics walked into the kichen a few seconds later.

"Is this the boy?" one of the guys asked and leaned down and began to check Shuichi's vitals.

"He has a slight abnormalty in his blood pressure. He appears to have a high fever to. When did he first start showing symptoms?" the man asked Yuki.

Yuki's eyes were wide the whole time. "I don't know, this is the first time I've seen him in three months, he just got back from America yesterday." he said.

The paramedic nodded. "Are you his legal guardian?" he asked. "Do you know if he is allergic to anything?" they questioned.

Yuki shook his head. "No, he is an adult, and I don't know if he has any allergies." he replied as calmly as he could. He wasn't used to being this worried about someone, and a guy at that. It was completely different from how he usually reacted.

The paramedic nodded and then checked Shuichi's pulse. "His pulse is slightly off, but not a threat. We need to move him to the hospital to further investigate his condition."he said.

Yuki nodded. "Alright." he said and stood up and followed them out the door as they wheeled the EMS bed out to the truck.

Yuki walked over to his car as his sister was pulling up.

Mika walked quickly over to Yuki and looked over what was happening.

"Eiri, what is going on? What is wrong with Shindo?" she asked and placed a hand on Yuki's shoulder, suprised at how worried Yuki looked.

"I don't know, I came home and he was in the floor, he wouldn't wake up." he whispered, his voice strained a little.

Mika looked at Yuki. "Eiri let me drive." she said and pushed him to the passenger seat and then got in the other side and buckled. She pulled off after the ambulance and followed closly behind them.

She glanced over at Yuki. 'This isn't like him...he must really care for Shindo.' she thought to herself.

They arrived at the hospital shortly afterwards. The ambulance took Shuichi inside and to the emergency room.

The doctors looked over him and ran test. He ran his hands over certain parts of Shuichi's body to see if he reacted to any pain. He ran his hand up Shucihi's shoulder, squeezing lightly at each touch. He then ran his hand over Shuich's throat and stopped.

"Nurse, write down what I am telling you, my hands are occupied." he said and sighed and put on gloves and opened Shuichi's mouth.

He took what looked like a popsicle stick and pressed Shuichi's tongue down and looked down his throat. He sighed and pulled away and closed his mouth and then began to touch at Shuichi's neck again.

"Ready, doctor?" the nurse said and watched him examine Shuichi's neck.

"The patient has developed a knot inside the vocal chords area, it seems it has grown rapidly, judging by the affects it's having on his body." he began.

The nurse nodded and wrote down what the doctor was saying quickly.

"The patient seems to be having no difficulty breathing, but judging by the looks of his vocal chords, he has trouble speaking. Since he is a singer, the strain on his vocal chords is even more great." he said.

The nurse wrote it down. "So what is causing the problem, doctor?" she asked.

The doctor rubbed his temples. "The patient has a rapidly growing tumor in his throat." he said.

The nurse frowned and looked at Shuichi. "Oh dear...what actions should we take? Is it to late to save?" he asked.

The doctor looked at the pictures of Shuichi's inner throat they had taken. "The tumor is getting bigger each time he uses his vocal chords...if it keeps going like this, it could completely swell the throat and he will suffocate, that is if the cancer doesn't take him first." he said. "But by the looks of it. We can take it out...the only thing is, he won't be able to speak or sing again." he said and sighed and sat back in his chair.

The nurse nodded. "But at least he will live." she whispered.

The doctor nodded. "But we can't do anything without his permission...if he refuses treatment, then we have no choice but to let it go." he said.

The nurse nodded and handed the clipboard to the doctor. "I wonder how the rest of the band will take it." she said.

Shuichi stirred and winced and opened his eyes slowly.

The doctor rolled his chair beside his bed. "Good evening, Shindo-san. I am Doctor Nakamura." he said and looked at Shuichi.

Shuichi looked around confused. "What am I doing here? What happened?" he asked, his voice groggy.

Doctor Nakamura looked at Shuichi. "Well you collapsed at Eiri-san's place. You were unresponsive so he called the hospital and we had you brought here." he said.

Shuichi sat up quickly. "Wait, who all knows I am here?" he asked.

Doctor Nakamura smiled and made Shuichi lay back down. "Don't worry, Shindo-san. Only Mika-san and Eiri-san is here at the moment. We thought it would be best to keep a low profile, seeing how you are a famous star now." he said.

Shuichi sighed and winced when he did. He rubbed his throat and looked at the doctor. "So...how much do you know?" he asked.

Doctor Nakamura looked at Shuichi and sighed. "So you already knew about your condition, I guess I should've known. After all the person who is sick always knows first, but anyway, Shuichi you need surgery...and you know what will happen if you have surgery. I know it may be hard, but I want you to think seriously about this. " he said.

Shuichi shook his head. "I can't have the surgery...and I don't want Hiro and the others knowing about this. I will make it to Tokyo Dome!" he said.

Doctor Nakamura sighed and looked at him. "If you keep on going likes this...it could cause death. Even so, are you willing to risk it?" he asked.

Shuichi looked down into his lap. "Die...I have a deal to make. I will have the surgery after the concert...on the last day of the concert I will tell the fans that I am going away...of course I will tell them I will be back, so they'll have something to look forward to." he said smiling.

Doctor Nakamura sighed. "You have to be careful...I don't agree with this, just so you know, if I could I would force you to have the surgery right away, no matter what you have to give up. But I know that you won't even budge, so I won't argue...but Shindo-san...Please keep in mind, if you die, how would Eiri-san feel?" he said and stood up.

Shuichi closed his eyes and smiled. "I don't know." he whispered and then sighed.

"Another thing doctor. I only want Yuki to know...nobody else. I only want him to know...please." he whispered.

Doctor Nakamura sighed. "Alright." he said. He sighed and turned. "Rest up. I will fill Eiri-san in." he said and walked out of the room.

Shuichi laid back on the bed and closed his eyes, not willing to fight the sleep that was overcoming him. He yawned and dozed off. He wondered how Yuki would take it.

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