One Shot with Sue Ellen, and JR.


Sue Ellen was sitting outside on her deck reading some papers, and having her breakfast. She hears a voice she wasn't expecting she puts the papers down, and smiles as JR walks over to her.

"Good morning Sugar"

"What are you doing here JR, I'm getting older but I know I didn't invite you"?

"Is that nice I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I would drop by to say hello"

"Yeah I hear your living at Southfork again, I knew you would be back"

"I'm not here to talk about me, I came to see how you are doing"?

"Great JR, but I know you could careless how I'm feeling"

"You really believe that Sugar, I have missed you like crazy, I was a little hurt you didn't come, and visit me"

"I was thinking about it, but I couldn't bring myself to see you again"

"How are you, and John Ross getting along"? JR asked Sue Ellen.

"OK I hear you, and John Ross are bonding, he blames me for everything"

"You kidding Sugar he was not really impressed with me either, but I put him in his place"

"Oh that is scary JR he doesn't need you to teach him anything, I don't know where he has got his attitude from, but it sucks sometimes"

"Are you saying our son has a bad attitude"

"Yeah I guess it is in the genes"

"I know his Mom has a nasty streak in her"

"Me JR, I was a bad Mom, but I thought sending him to boarding school would change him, but it only made him more angry. I don't want him to end up like us"

"Us we turned out pretty good"

"If you think that JR you really need help"

"I have many regrets, but my biggest one was how I treated you Sugar. I have no regrets in business, I was good, and I still have it, but I messed up with you, and my son. I am trying to make it up to him, but will you ever forgive me"?

"I don't know JR"

"I understand Sue Ellen, I will let you get back to your work"

JR smiled as he walked away but he was grinning, but Sue Ellen couldn't see his face. He thought to himself , Sugar you want me to stay, I know it.

Sue Ellen yelled out JR's name, and he turned looking at her.

"JR I know you have not changed, and I just want you to know". Sue Ellen stopped turning away from him making JR walk over to her, and touch her shoulder.

"What Sue Ellen"?

Sue Ellen turned facing him, and whispered, "God forgive me, but I must be a fool, but I still love you, I always have, and I know your probably playing me this minute, did you ever love me JR"?

"Yes, you are my Sole mate, and when I was sitting in that home, I would think about you, and John Ross everyday. I would dream that you came, and I remember one day I could have sworn, I heard you talking to me, but I opened my eyes, and you were not there"

Sue Ellen touched his face, and whispered, "I did come but you never opened your eyes, I hated seeing you like that. I would rather see the old JR, than the JR, I saw in that bed. I have changed JR, I can't go back , I'm to old to play games"

"I'm the same old JR Sugar, but I needed you to know, I regret ever hurting you"

Sue Ellen was speechless as JR walked up the stairs, and she saw him disappear. Her heart was telling her to yell out his name,
and stop him from leaving, but she couldn't move, and she finally walked over sitting in the chair, and started to cry, she loved JR Ewing, but remembering the past scared her to death, and she didn't want to be a victim of her past anymore.