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Tuesday, 11:45 a.m.

Outside Cafeteria

"So, Beck, tell us how rehearsal went!" Tori clapped her hands excitedly and Jade rolled her eyes. Beck had gotten some stupid extra work in a new movie with Emma Stone. He only had one line, but everyone was treating him like he should be the next Oscar winner. Especially the girls. Now that it was lunchtime, three girls had already stopped by and wished him luck on the movie.

Beck raved on about how great it was to work with Emma and Jade whacked him in the arm. "Hey! That bitch better keep her hands off you. I don't want you talking to her anymore."

"But it's Emma Stone! Jade, you can't be serious…she's one of my favorite actresses! I have so many questions for her, like when did you get your big break, did you ever have a side job—"

"Will you let me suck your lady parts?" Jade cut him off, imitating him. "Yeah, I get it. And now I'm even more positive that I want you to stay away from her."

"But she's famous. She has my dream job, and I gotta network if I'm gonna get anywhere in Hollywood. And she can give me tips and introduce me to her agent and…and she's famous! It shouldn't even count as cheating if I kiss someone who's that famous!" Beck fought the urge to flinch after he saw Jade's fuming face, but he wasn't about to apologize. He'd put up the ball and chain's crap for far too long, and when it came to Emma Stone, that was where he drew the line. "Guys, back me up here!" He looked around the table.

"Y'know, Beck has a point. I mean, how often in life do you get to kiss a famous person? You can't hold someone back from a once-in-a-lifetime experience!" André came to Beck's rescue, but covered his face when he saw Jade's nostrils flare. "Don't hit me!"

"Yeah, don't you guys have one of those lists, like on that episode of FRIENDS?" Robbie chimed in. "Where you each list the top five celebrities you'd like to sleep with if you got the chance and it doesn't count as cheating if you do it. I made a list like that for when I get a girlfriend!"

"Yeah, you should call it Things You'll Never Do! And you can add getting a girlfriend to that list!" Rex cackled.

"Are you guys insane?" Jade barked. "You want me to give him permission to cheat?"

"My brother cheated on test once!" Cat piped up. "He would have done better if he'd had permission…"

"Congratulations, that was almost close to being relevant." Jade rolled her eyes.

"If I'd done that with Steven, he probably would've put Carly Shay on that list…anyway, I think it could be fun! As long as they're really famous celebrities that people our age know. Then you know he's doing it for the bragging rights. And you'd have to decide how often that list should be updated…I think it should be once a year!" Tori said.

"That's awesome, 'cause I totally remember asking you." Jade said sarcastically.

"Come on, Jade…" Beck pleaded. "I mean, if you had the chance to kiss George Clooney and went for it, I'd understand!"

"Ew, he's old!" Jade wrinkled her nose.

"Okay then, Brad Pitt."

"Gross, he's getting old too!"

"Oh, come on…who do girls like these days?" Beck snapped his fingers, trying to think of a name. "Oh, what about Edward? You like Edward?"

"That sparkling fairy who calls himself a vampire? No thanks!" Jade snapped.

"Ugh, I give up!" Beck got up from his seat in frustration. "I'm going to get coffee."

"I'll go with you!" Cat jumped up.

"You know, you should let him do the list thing." Tori said as soon as Beck was out of earshot. "Do you really wanna be the one holding him back from an experience that'll give him an awesome story to tell and a couple years' worth of bragging rights?"

"Tori, Tori, Tori. My naive little simpleton. Let me explain something to you: Men are like tiles. You lay 'em right the first time, then you can walk all over 'em forever!" She rubbed her palms together evilly until she noticed André and Robbie staring at her with a scared look on their faces. "Oh, except you guys, you're not tiles!" She assured oh-so-sweetly, then mouthed "Yes they are" to Tori.

"But come on, you'll get points for being a cool girlfriend! And it's not like he'll actually get the chance to kiss any of them!" Tori said.

"He just met Emma Stone." Jade reminded her icily.

"Yeah, but still…she's a superstar! Beck may be the hottest guy here, but I'm pretty sure Hollywood girls have seen better." Tori took a sip of her lemonade. Jade clenched her teeth. She couldn't think of anyone better than Beck.

"Just remember, if you ever meet Johnny Depp, you're gonna regret this!" Tori laughed.

"You just don't get it, do you? It's a question of how much I can let him get away with. If I let him make this stupid list, what's he gonna ask for next? If Emma can come into bed with us? When you wear the pants in the relationship, you gotta keep a firm grip on them!" Jade argued.

"Wow…you should teach feminism classes!" Tori laughed again.

"Oh my God, you won't even let Beck have a top five list?" Trina came up to their table and stopped to gape at Jade. "If I was Beck's girlfriend, I would totally let him make a top five list."

Jade clenched her teeth even harder. She couldn't stand that girl! But she wouldn't let her anger get the best of her this time. It was time for her to take the high road and get some of those "cool girlfriend" points Tori was yapping about.

"Ooh, here he comes!" Trina squealed. "Hey Beck! You can practice kissing on me anytime if you wanna get even better at it for Emma!"

At that, Jade grabbed Tori's icy lemonade out of her hands and dumped the freezing contents over Trina's head.

Screw the high road, that bitch needed a good soaking.

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