I thought I had sworn I would never let him escape,

But here he stands triumphantly staring me in the eyes,

His pointed ears picking up the horrific screams of the innocent,

Hollow eyes staring at me through his ice cold demeanour,

The emptiness in his heart weighing through to my own,

His icy sneer penetrating my very soul,

I feel the tremendous sorrow and anguish overwhelm me completely,

As I shake my head, I see him shake his,

For different reasons he does,

He cannot possibly feel the desperation and terror that I feel,

He cannot, because he is not real,

These words I repeat to myself over and over no longer have any effect,

No comforting thoughts or reassuring smiles can change what is and what is meant to be,

I close my eyes to fend off unwanted tears,

This cannot be real, cannot be true,

Cold hands reach out towards my own,

Touching the glass, the only thing that separates us from each other,

The truth is something I can never believe,

Ironic isn't it? As I stare at my own reflection.