It was a very hot day – the sun shone mercilessly down on the landscape and the wind wasn't the blowing at its greatest. Two felines walked through the dry landscape towards the nearby town. The two had been wandering around Mexico, looking for adventure for a few days now. The female cat was named Kitty Softpaws, a black and white tuxedo cat with sparkly blue eyes. She wore a pair of brown boots and a belt with an eye-like buckle. The male cat on the other hand was a ginger, wearing a pair of big black boots, a black belt with a golden buckle and a big black hat with a fluffy, yellow feather on top. Both of them wielded an epee and both knew how to wield and use them.

The two felines soon came to the little town. It consisted of a dozen of buildings and seemingly it wasn't that much of a busy town – there were very, very few people in the streets and those that were, didn't seem to be too welcoming.

"Maybe we shouldn't stay here for too long," Kitty suggested as the two felines walked through the town. Suddenly they saw a saloon, called 'el Sol Naciente' - the Rising Sun - up ahead. It would be nice with something to drink. It had been quite a while since the last time the two had had anything to drink – almost an entire day.

"I can only agree," Puss told his girlfriend as the two made their way through the saloon door. As soon as they entered, everyone in the saloon froze and stared at them – even the guitarist in the corner stopped playing. It wasn't a bad thing – no, Puss was actually quite famous, mostly for having saved his hometown San Richardo from destruction. Before that, Puss gone through a lot – he had changed from a hero to an outlaw, then back to a hero again.

Kitty on the other hand had been a street-savvy for the majority of her life. She had once been an ally of a man who wanted revenge against Puss, but eventually she had both fallen for and joined forces with Puss. Now it was only the two of them and wherever they went.

Puss looked around the saloon for a moment. Some of the men in the saloon seemed to be whispering various stuff and looking at the two cats with very impressed facial expressions. Suppressing a little smile, Puss walked up to the bar and jumped onto a chair along with Kitty. Puss took off his big hat and rested it under his left arm and ordered two glasses of milk for the two.

"May I ask where you are headed to, Señor Puss?" the bartender asked Puss once he had served the two cats their glasses of milk.

"Nowhere in particular," Puss replied and took a sip of his drink. Suddenly the door to the saloon opened again. Puss and Kitty didn't turn around to see who had entered, but the two could clearly hear the other people in the saloon whisper various things – far more than when he and Kitty had entered.

"You're him, right?" a deep voice asked Puss. Puss turned his head and looked at the man who was now seated beside him. He was tall and wore a big cape and a big hat, which covered his body entirely, so Puss wasn't able to see his face, let alone any parts of his body. Puss had a bad feeling about this stranger and didn't quite feel like he should trust him.

"Depends on who you're referring to," Puss replied and looked over at Kitty out of the corner of his eye. She didn't seem to trust the stranger either and she sent him a look of warning.

"Puss in Boots, right?" the stranger replied, sounding somewhat sneaky, as if he was suppressing laughter or something. Puss sensed this and moved his right paw downwards towards his epee, ready to draw it in case this stranger was going to try anything. Kitty saw this and did the same, but the stranger noticed as well. "My, my, going straight to the sword fight, hmm?"

Suddenly the stranger got to his feet and drew an epee in one quick motion. Puss and Kitty both jumped off their chairs and elegantly landed on the saloon's floor. The two cats drew their epees and took on defensive poses as the stranger pointed his epee at them in an offensive pose. The stranger seemed to be somewhat awkward in the way he stood, as if he was struggling to stand upright... also, his elbows looked somewhat strange to Puss – they seemed thicker than the strangers arms themselves and the joint seemed somewhat out of place.

Suddenly the stranger jumped forwards, swinging his epee towards Puss. Puss blocked the attack with ease and along with Kitty he jumped forwards to attack, swinging his epee towards the stranger's torso, which he just barely managed to dodge.

"Who are you?" Puss asked. The stranger stumbled backwards, eventually regaining his balance, then pounced forwards with his epee in front of him, trying to impale Puss. Puss jumped backwards, almost making the stranger fall over. The stranger stumbled backwards once again, then supported himself by a table.

"Don't worry, you'll see, very soon," the stranger replied in his dark voice. "It's more about what you've been doing with Sierra."

"We don't know any…" Kitty stopped herself mid-sentence and looked at Puss with a stern, somewhat annoyed face, once she realized what the stranger was talking about.

"… Oh, Sierra… how is she…?" Puss asked, not helping the awkward sphere there was between him at Kitty. At this the stranger charged forwards with an angry growl. The stranger slashed after the two cats with his epee. Puss and Kitty blocked all of the stranger's attacks easily, due to his awkward way of moving. Maybe he was old; maybe it was an unfair battle? It made Puss slightly hesitate, but suddenly Kitty accidentally slashed the stranger's leg. The slash usually would have made anyone scream or at least flinch in pain, but the stranger hardly seemed to have noticed it.

Unexpectedly the stranger suddenly kicked Kitty away as if she was some little pebble. She flew off and landed on top of a table, which broke due to the speed of her impact. The stranger finally turned to Puss and went all out on him. The stranger slashed at least three times a second and Puss couldn't even get to attack for himself – only block. The two continued the fight, but Puss started moving towards the exit, gracefully jumping over tables, chairs and whatever else was in the way and still managed to counter each and every move his foe made.

Suddenly a dash of black fur entered the scene and hit the body of the stranger and caused him to fall onto a table. The stranger caused the table to turn over and soon he had caused two tables to break as well as gotten some drinks from the tables onto himself.

"That's what you get for using me as a dummy," Kitty said and brushed off the dust and splinters in her fur. But still the stranger somehow managed to get to his feet after a few seconds. Somehow his limbs seemed to be broken or at least severely damaged, but suddenly something seemed to escape the stranger, and suddenly he seemed to be falling asleep or something… as if his mind and soul had left his body somehow… maybe that was what had dashed past them a second ago. No, he was probably just knocked out due to falling onto two tables.

Puss looked at Kitty in question when the stranger didn't attack them again, but before they could do anything, the door to the saloon was opened and someone else jumped onto the stranger that had attacked the two cats. The two strangers fell onto another table, which also broke and the sound of wood being destroyed and hitting other wood was heard. There was silent in the entire saloon for a few seconds. Puss looked over at Kitty. What had just happened? Suddenly the pile of wood and fabrics started moving and there stood a third cat.

He was a little shorter than Puss and Kitty and he was a bluish gray tabby, having darker gray stripes all over and he had clear sky blue eyes. Unlike Puss and Kitty he didn't wear anything, which was appropriate for a cat though. After he had brushed the dust and splinters off his fur, he turned towards the couple. "Hello, you two must be Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws, right?"

"Yes, that's us," Puss replied, looked over at Kitty out of the corner of his eye, looking somewhat suspicious. "Who are you? And more importantly, how do you know Sierra?"

"The name is Enrique G. Ride," the gray tabby introduced himself. Puss and Kitty both noticed that he didn't appear to have much of a Spanish accent, even when speaking Spanish. Maybe he came from another country with an accent-less language. "And I don't really know any Sierra… I just made that up."

Once again there seemed to appear a very awkward sphere around Puss and Kitty, and even Enrique could sense it.

"Eh… What happened to that guy?" Puss asked in an avoiding tone and pointed his epee at the cape and the big hat amongst the broken tables.

"Who? Oh him!" Enrique said once he realized that Puss was talking about the stranger. "He was just a fake."

"A fake?" Kitty asked with a raised eyebrow, not seemingly believing the strange cat. How could a person be a fake?

"Yes, a fake indeed," Enrique said in a far darker voice and held up the fabrics to reveal that everything that held it together, was some long pieces of wood. Puss figured that Enrique in some way had been able to balance on the pieces that had boots attached to them and at the same time used the ones in the coat-arms as lower arms. It also turned out that the epee was actually attached to the fake arm with a rope.

Puss and Kitty couldn't help but seem impressed. Enrique alone had pulled off this big prank. But why? What was it that made a person want to do that? Eventually they asked him.

"Good you ask," Enrique said and tossed the fake person aside. "I wanted to impress you."

"Why would you want to impress us by beating yourself?" Puss asked confused. Eventually Enrique explained. It turned out that he had a similar lifestyle to that of Puss and Kitty and wanted the three of them to join forces. Enrique also explained how he had mastered the skill of imitating nearly anyone and how he had been helping people in a way similar to how Puss had in his past. But how much man were you when you could only demonstrate beating a disguise, Puss thought.

"Sorry, but we don't really need any help," Kitty told Enrique. Puss agreed with a firm nod, which caused Enrique's ears to drop a bit and his face to turn to one that was somewhat annoyed.

"Are you sure?" Enrique suddenly asked, imitating Kitty's voice perfectly. Somehow he had already been able to read and learn the high and low notes of her voice. Accidentally Kitty couldn't help but gasp in surprise at the fact that she heard her own voice escape the mouth of a tom like Enrique.

"… Yes, we are," Puss replied. He could clearly tell that Enrique wouldn't just give up like that and told Kitty to wait for him outside. Puss then returned to Enrique, took off his hat and placed it under his chin. What was to come was Puss' 'cute kitten face'. Most times it would certainly help Puss convince someone to do something for him and most people's initial reaction would be something along the lines of "Awww...!" but Enrique's was vastly different and unexpected. The gray tabby simply sat down and did exactly the same and stared Puss deep in the eyes as his own irises seemed to expand and almost fill out his entire eyes, just like Puss'.

"Stay…" Puss whispered in a hypnotic way, hoping that it would get Enrique to stay as he and Kitty left. Enrique did stay, but he kept up the kitten eyes. Shockingly Puss noticed that he couldn't look away either. Since none of them were able to look away, captured by the kitten eyes of one another, a few minutes passed by.

"Puss, what's taking…? Oh…" Kitty stopped herself once she saw what her boyfriend was doing. She was a little surprised at the fact that someone was actually able to resist the face that Puss made (He had used it on her several times to get what he wanted), even she could not stand for it.

"I… can't stop…" Puss managed to say as he kept staring into Enrique's kitten eyes. "… Help… me…"

"Boys…" Kitty sighed and rolled her eyes and started dragging Puss away by his tail, and even then did he and Enrique keep the eye contact. It was only once the two exited the salon that the hypnotic connection between the two cats was broken.

"Whew, that has never happened before," Puss sighed with relief as he put on his hat, once he was able to take on a normal face again. He was still somewhat shocked by the fact that he hadn't been able to stand for his own trick. Now he kind of understood how people felt when he did it to them.

"Which one? Having your own trick used on you or being tricked to admit something like… that?" Kitty asked with a raised eyebrow, not utterly impressed by what had happened moments ago.

"I'm sorry about that," Puss said, a little embarrassed. He could clearly tell that Kitty wasn't happy about it. Puss had been with many ladies (Cats), but it was different with Kitty – he had never felt he like he had truly loved any of the ladies he knew before he met Kitty. "Either way, let's just get going, before another weird person approaches us."

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