Puss, Kitty and Enrique walked into a saloon. It was pretty crowded with lots of men, and none of them evens seemed to notice the three cats when they entered. The three walked up to the counter and jumped onto a bar chair each. Puss quickly ordered some drinks for the three, then turned to the others.

"So, since you've basically been stalking us, is it with any purpose?" Puss asked Enrique as the three waited for their drinks.

"Well… yes, actually," Enrique replied, slightly hesitating for a moment.

"Then what is it?" Kitty asked, sounding a little impatient.

Enrique seemed to hesitate again as if he was almost afraid of asking. What was this, Puss thought. Was Enrique's request really as crazy as Puss slightly sensed? Or was it an impossible or especially hard mission? Either way, it would be nice with a new adventure for once – it had almost been too long.

"Well?" Puss asked and narrowed his eyes a little in an impatient way.

"Well… I wanted to ask you if you'd want to help me… with some water from a wishing well…" Enrique eventually finished. Puss and Kitty quickly looked at each other. Water from a wishing well?

"Hmm… why that particular type of water?" Puss asked, somewhat suspicious. Any water could do right? Besides, stealing water from a well like that was wrong. A wishing well didn't exist to provide the people with water – regular wells did.

"Because of what it can do," Enrique said, almost dreamingly. "It can grant any wish of whoever drinks it; fortune, wealth, food, fish…"

"Wait, are you telling us that this is something we're stealing for ourselves?" Puss asked suspiciously, lowering his ears a little and looked sternly at Enrique.

"No, no, no, it's so that we can give it to the people who need it," Enrique said dramatically, sounding like a storybook hero. "To the poor people who have nothing… me included." He added with a somewhat sly, yet innocent grin to Puss and Kitty, whose eyes turned to a more annoyed expression. "What? Don't look at me like that!"

"So it is just for you," Kitty said annoyed. She and Puss were about to leave, jumping off their chairs and onto the floor. But before they could leave, Enrique stopped them… with himself.

"No-no-no-no-no!" Enrique pleaded with his arms and legs clamped around Puss' body. Puss quickly looked around the bar, seeing people muttering various things and chuckling a little… how embarrassing.

Puss sighed deeply in annoyance and surrender, then grabbed Enrique and held him up in front of him, just like a little kitten, looked him straight in the eyes and said: "On two conditions; first of all, the water will be given to the people who need it only. Secondly, you never clung onto me like that in full public."

"Then in nonpublic?" Enrique joked with a nervous chuckle, but stopped when he saw Puss' stern face. "Okay, I take that as a no… but that means that you'll still help me, right?"

Puss sighed annoyed at Enrique's somewhat pathetic pleading. If Enrique's arguments for getting the water had been better right from the start, he wouldn't have had to clutch onto Puss like that… or plead for that matter.

Again Puss sighed as Enrique put on an innocent grin and let him drop to the ground. Enrique landed with a "Mew!" and Puss and Kitty sat back down on their chairs. Enrique got up and brushed the dust off of himself and jumped onto his chair as well. "But… that still mean that you'll help me… right?"

"Yes, sure," Kitty said annoyed. Puss was annoyed as well, even though he didn't quite want to show as much as Kitty did. This one task with the wishing well would show if Enrique was worth the trouble… if he wasn't, then he wasn't.

"Bien mis amigos!" Enrique said in an upbeat tone of voice as he Puss and Kitty exited the door of the saloon, which they had also stayed in for the night. The three cats had also eaten breakfast there – scrambled eggs with bacon – and now they were ready to head out… to wherever Enrique wanted them to head off to.

"Where are we going?" Kitty asked as the trio started walking through town, towards… well, they would get that answered in a moment.

"To a little town in the mountains… to the West," Enrique said and pointed towards where they were going.

"West is that way," Puss pointed out and pointed in the opposite direction. Puss sighed and Kitty rolled her eyes when Enrique immediately turned around and started walking the other way as if it was on purpose all along.

"As I said, to the west," Enrique continued as they walked the opposite way. "We're heading off to a little town called Los Dinero."

Los Dinero. Puss had heard of it before. Come to think of it, he had actually heard of something about a wishing well being near that town. The town was famous for the economical fall it had had a few years ago. What had happened was that the town had gotten its money from a nearby mine by digging out and selling the minerals – there were lots of various among these minerals. But suddenly the source of minerals had run dry, which had caused the town to fall into a gap of dept. and carrying quite a bit of money, Puss wasn't even sure if he wanted to go there.

"Los Dinero?" Kitty asked. "I've been there… about a year ago. It's not a nice town."

"Agreed, but we have to – the well is there." Puss could sense a bit of nervousness in Enrique's voice. Did he even know what he was getting himself into – or Puss and Kitty for that matter?

"So exactly what have you planned?" Puss asked determined. Puss was already sure he knew the answer though. "What do you have in mind?"

"Who knows," Enrique replied, much to Puss' expectations, very little to Kitty's.

"Wait, you haven't even planned anything?" she asked surprised. As a pose to Puss, Kitty had actually thought that Enrique had planned everything – the young tom seemed so secure and beat up…

"Nope," Enrique replied. "If you plan everything, the surprises won't be as big!"

What kind of logic was that, Puss thought. If it wasn't planned, it might as well get them killed in the process.

"I need to ask you something Enrique," Puss said somewhat spontaneously. Enrique just nodded in response. "Were you ever dropped on your head as a kitten?"

"Well, I fell on my head a few weeks ago, and I'm still a kitten, at least kind of, at least I'm kind of a kitty-cat," Enrique said, obviously not really getting it. "But no, not really."

Puss just raised an eyebrow and looked at Kitty. She did seem to find his question a little weird, but eventually just smiled at him.

The trio continued walking under the baking sun. Puss luckily had his big hat, but Kitty and Enrique had nothing. Puss noticed this and walked over to Kitty to offer his hat to her, so that she could shield herself from the sun. Pus put an arm around her should and was about to take off his hat, but when he closed his paw, his hat wasn't there.

Puss looked at Kitty – she didn't have it; he looked at Enrique – he didn't have it. Had the sun finally made him mad? A hat couldn't just disappear like that! Where the…? Puss looked back at Kitty and got an annoyed facial expression as he realized that she was wearing it. She just chuckled at his annoyed face.

Enrique was feeling pretty hot already – after all, he wore not only boots, but also a pair of gloves and a scarf. Eventually the gray tabby took off his scarf and held it above his head to shield himself from the sun.

Puss knew it would be a long way to walk, and the sooner they got to Los Dinero, the better; yet another reason to hurry up – at least for Puss. It was a long trip, which just reminded Puss of something at that very moment. "Enrique, have you remembered to bring some food and water?"

The gray tabby was carrying a bag, but Puss and Kitty had no idea whatever he had in it. Enrique stopped for a second, then seemed to think about it for a few seconds, which was rather painful for both Puss and Kitty as this could mean the worst... Eventually Enrique had to put down the bag and look through it. Puss sighed and started tapping his foot on the ground beneath him, feeling somewhat impatient.

"No, I have nothing at all," Enrique finally said. Puss felt as if his whiskers had just been ripped out of his face.

"Now, now, let's not panic," Enrique quickly said to protect himself. He quickly zipped over and hid behind Kitty. "I'm sure we'll find something edible along the way."

"Like what, cactuses?" Puss asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Maybe, I've never eaten those before," Enrique muttered, getting somewhat distracted by the thought. "Wait, I mean… we might come across someone who could help us."

"Out here?" Puss' eyebrow was still raised, if possible raised higher than before. There was absolutely no chance that the three cats would possibly meet anyone who would offer them food out here, let alone meet anyone.

"… now, now, don't be so pessimistic," Enrique said, annoying Puss even more.

"Come on, Puss," Kitty said. "We'll be fine. We always are, right?"

Puss sighed and muttered a reply none of the others could hear. Maybe Kitty was right – maybe it could turn for the better as the three went along… right?