Jules didn't miss it, she saw Sam run over to the young girl and her mother. She also didn't miss the 'ping' in her stomach. What was it? Was it jealousy? She hoped not, because whether she wanted to e or not, she was on the job right now.

"So how's everyone doing? Don't answer that unless you want your brains blown out of you skull. Unless it's a really funny answer, then I might allow you to choose between a fast, virtually painless death, and a slow and an agonizingly excruciatingly painful death with a chance of you still being able to make it out of here alive. Your choice, choose wisely." Subject one said, jumping over the counter towards the tellers to herd them towards a corner.

Subject 2 hobbled over to the three largest men left in the building, who all happened to be managers, and indicated for them to go shut all the blinds.

Subject 3 walked towards Sam, the little girl, and her mom, and roughly shoved them all towards the larger group. Jules walked over by herself, figuring her only other option was a bullet to the brain.

"Let go of me! Mommy! I'm scared!" The little girl screamed as the subject grabbed her shoulders to guide her.

"Hey man, she's just a kid, let her go!" Sam said, grabbing her waist and hefting her up, and tucking her head into the crook in his shoulders. She couldn't have been any older than three, but knew who to trust as she wrapped her arms around Sam's neck and wrapping her legs around him. In the process of shielding her small, frail childish frame, with his own masculine frame, Jules couldn't help but notice that something was not right with Sam.

His eyes were darting back and forth, his nose bloody, but Jules only realized why something was off as his back came into view, the gunman's gun was shoved up into his neck.

Jules couldn't help but compare the trio. The little girl, frail and small, made Sam seem big, but he really wasn't, and then Sam being smaller went into making the subject a giant, being at least 6 feet five.

Jules also hadn't realized she had zoned out until she was roughly shoved to the ground from behind.

"Jesus man! You just love to shove woman around, don't you?" Jules heard from her right. She looked up just in time to see the knife divulge itself into his flesh until the blade no longer showed, making his blue irises squeeze shut in pain or because he was dying, but either way his limp body soon fell to the floor.

"Hey boss, do you think that perhaps no one is going to anything stupid today?" Michelangelo Scarlatti, AKA 'Spike,' yelled, walking into the locker room, shoulders slumped and head bent forward so he was staring at the ground.

"You're late!" Ed yelled from inside his locker. No one was happy to be here. If you needed proof, three out of the six were late, and 2 still hadn't arrived yet.

"Spike, do you know where Sam and Jules are at?" Greg asked, walking in, already clad in his uniform.

"Ski trip?" Ed replied, finally pulling his bald head out of his locker space.

"It's only eightish, they should be here by now." Greg responded.

"What time did you text them?" Ed asked from beside Spike now. Ed was also fully dressed in the mandatory outfit.

"About seven. Maybe we should call them again..."

"Or we could Facebook them?" Spike suggested. Both of the men looked at Spike, Raf as well as he poked his head out of the bathroom.

"We can tell if they view our messages now…" Spike said, slowly losing confidence in his idea.

"That may just work…" Greg started, but was cut off as Winnies voice and the sirens cut over the intercom.

"Team One! Shots fired! Hostage situation in the downtown banking district at the Bank of America. One injured as of so far and boss, you're going to want to take this one."

The team looked at each other in confusion. That was a new one, but quickly got into action.

Once in the SUV's, comm links were connected, and a few minutes into their drives, Winnie had more information.

"Shots have been fired, but they have knives as well. Three subjects, witnesses say they are all strongly built. Some witnesses also said they were told to get out of the bank before the subjects entered the bank, by two police officers, one male and one female. Their descriptions match none other than Constable Sam Braddock and Jules Callaghan.

The line was silent as everyone thought different things, none of them good thoughts.

"OK Team One, we still don't know if it is them, but Winnie, call in Team Four and tell them we need backup." Greg said into the link, after convincing himself with false evidence that it wasn't Sam and Jules. The SUV's pulled into the crowded parking lot, sirens in full swing.

The blinds were all pulled shut, so it blocked any opportunity to see inside the bank, but they had cameras, and they had Spike. Double BINGO!

"Ok Ed, you'll be Sierra, Raf I want you watching out for any openings into the bank. You see one, you take it. Spike, you're in the truck with me. Everybody got it?" Greg waited for a response. Several nods ensued, but no words were spoken as everyone quickly dispersed to where they needed to be.

"Hey boss?" Spike asked, spinning quickly on his heels and running back towards Greg.

"Yes Spike?" Greg asked, walking towards Spike to spin him around towards the truck.

"Typewriter is the longest word you can type on the top row of an average QWERTY keyboard."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Greg asked clearly stumped as to why that mattered. They were two men down and all Spike could think about was computers…which was actually a good thing, but not in that way.

"Motivation boss!" Spike yelled, running into the truck, closing the door and interrupting Greg's thoughts.

Shaking his head, Greg walked in after Spike, and looked over Spikes shoulder, and Greg tried to comprehend what was going on with the computer screen, and he really did try, but it was no use.

"What's all this?" Greg asked, pointing towards the screen.

"Hacking into the banks mainframe, there firewalls suck though, so I should be in right…about…now!"

Instantly, the screen was filled with six boxes showing six different camera views, of the inside of the bank.

One view showed the empty hallway leading to the bathrooms and the emergency exit.

The second view showed the drive thru filled to the brim with cop cars and bustling with people.

The third through sixth view had the interior of the bank, and what they saw made them gasp. Then there was Jules pressing down on the blonde's chest.

"Team One, it is confirmed, Sam and Jules are in the bank, I repeat, Sam and Jules are in the bank.

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