On the day of graduation Rose sat on the edge of her bed and stared around her room. Everything she owned had been stripped out and packed away to be sent home until she started her internship. The room was pretty much empty except for the bed, the dresser and the large mirror on the wall. Her bare feet rested on the cold hardwood floor as she glanced around the hollow room. Blake with Albus setting up the decorations for the ceremony, it was his punishment for losing the bet he apparently had made with Scorpius over who would win the house cup. Slytherin won, so Albus had to spend hours doing Scorpius's end of the graduation decorations.

"Rose?" Lucy called sensibly knocking on the door.


Lucy came in; wearing a clean cut black dress. "Have you seen Hugo anywhere?"

"Um. Last time I checked he was still messing around on the grounds with his friends."

Lucy frowned. "I hadn't thought of that. I'll go look." She paused before leaving giving Rose a thoughtful look. "You okay Rose?"

Rose said, "I'm fine. I'll see you later."

An hour or so later she was changed into her graduation robes, but she wasn't ready go down to the ceremony quite yet. She had some time and she figured the best way to spend it was in her room. Almost everyone she would miss Rose had already made plans to see over the summer before she left for her first assignment.

There was a knock on the door and Rose rolled her eyes. "Lucy, you are ridiculous. I'm fully dressed and I will be down there in a minute. Do I need to remind you that I'm older than you? And therefore don't need to be treated like a child."

The door opened and Rose was a little stunned to see Scorpius standing in the doorway.


He smiled back, already dressed in his green robes, with his graduation hat in his hand. "Hi."

For a minute neither of them said anything. There wasn't really much left to say between them. After today they wouldn't see each other again. It wasn't even guaranteed that they'd speak again later either with everything they had to do and all the people they had to say goodbye to. This was really the last time for them.

She sighed and pushed herself up to stand, in her hands she fiddled with her hat. "You know…I really hated you a few months ago…Like I wished a bludger would hit you during a game hated you."

His lip curled up into a smile. "Oh?"

"Yeah." She smiled, looking at him in the eye.

"Well the feeling was mutual Weasley."

She nodded with a smirk. "I could tell when you hexed books to hit me for no reason other than you were bored."

His smile grew into a smirk. "Well I had to get your attention somehow."

"Well you got it."

She walked forward a few steps she was standing in front of him. Her eyes were brimming with tears, but she couldn't look him in the eye. It was one thing to avoid him and try to let go of him. That way she could still see him around the castle or hear about him from Albus. This was something different. She would have to actually let go off him and she didn't think she could do it.

Scorpius knew this was a bad idea. He should have just let her go and stayed away, but he had to see her one more time. Now, standing in front of her, he couldn't stop looking at her. She was truly beautiful. He loved the way her bright red hair looked caught in the sunlight and how when she was nervous about something she couldn't look the person responsible in the eye.

"Well," She sighed, rocking back and forth on her heels. "I guess we should go down."

"Yeah," He nodded his jaw tightening. "We should."

Rose moved for the door but instead of walking past him, she paused and glanced up at him. Her big brown eyes were full of tears and it broke his heart. She reached up and pulled him into a tight hug.

"Merlin this hurts." She breathed her head resting on his shoulder.

"I know." He whispered wrapping his arms around her quickly. Her held her closely trying to memorize the way he felt in that exact moment.

"Someday Rose." He told her softly.

She nodded wiping her eyes and letting go of him. "Yeah. Someday."

"You have to be the stupidest person in the world Albus," Rose scoffed waltzing into his hospital room, her hair up in a high ponytail as she surveyed her cousin.

He grinned weakly, "I heard you were back."

She smiled and gently hugged his banged up body. "Got in from Peru yesterday and my mum told me you were in here. She said you went after a suspect without back up." Rose added giving him a scolding look as she sat in the visitor's chair across from him.

He shrugged. "It's my job. I heard you were back permanently though, what's that about?"

"I've been traveling for six years. I'm exhausted." She laughed, rubbing the sides of her face. "I've transferred to homicide. Burt Maclan just retired and a new kid wanted to take my spot so it all worked out."

Albus nodded closing his eyes briefly before refocusing on his favorite cousin. "So are you still with what's his face?"

"Kyle?" She questioned, "No we split up ages ago. I've been by myself for the past few months."

"I guess you just can't seem to find anybody worth hanging around for eh?" He teased mimicking their Uncle Fred.

"I've dated five guys since Hogwarts. You guys act like I'm constantly weighing my relationship options."

"Well now that James is engaged they all think you are bound to be next."

"I'm 24!" Rose snorted in disbelief. "I have plenty of time."

Albus pointed to his own chest with his battered hand. "Did I say your biological clock was ticking? No I believe gran was the one that said that."

"Which I really appreciate you bringing up," She glared at him sarcastically. "What about you anyway?"

"Don't have any bloody time to find a bird. I'm working all the time."

Rose gave him a sympathetic look which quickly turned evil. "Well I guess I'll just have to help you with that won't I?"

"Oh Merlin, not you too. My mum and Lily have already tried-"

"Yes, but who knows you better than me?" Rose reasoned giving him a look.

Albus shrugged not answering the question. "Have you seen Charlie lately?"

"Uh no. I owled her last month. I think she just got promoted. She's working in the missuse of magic department…why?"

"No reason. I just haven't heard much about her from Blake."

Rose leaned forward in her chair, and pressed her hands together with a frown. "Well they don't really talk that much anymore. They have opposite schedules since Blake works the Auror night shift with you."

"True." He yawned, shifting his position on his pillow.

"Do you want anything?"

Albus paused pensively. "Ice chips would be nice."

"Okay I'll be right back then."

Albus smirked as he watched his cousin leave. He was injured that was true, but Rose could have visited him anytime. He specifically had his aunt encourage her to come at this time. She had long ago stopping asking how Scorpius was and he stopped bringing him up. The look on her face never changed. Rose may have believed that she was perfectly fine with hearing about him, but her eyes said something different. And Albus knew why. Hearing about Scorpius in any respect just reminded her of what she was without. After all she had everything else going for her. She loved her job and now seemed enthused to go in a different but equally as exciting direction. Their family life hardly changed although they seemed to be growing by the minute considering that both Victoire and Dominique were pregnant. There was however one area that she didn't seem to excel at and oddly enough it was the same area that his dear friend Scorpius had a problem with.

At Hogwarts, Albus agreed with them both that dating then was pointless as they would have to separate almost as soon as they got together, but now they were older and over the years James had come to see how well they would fit together.

Scorpius adjusted his lab-coat as he examined the paperwork in front of him. He was going to be there all night. One of the first years had completely buggered up all of the tests forcing Scorpius to personally re do them all. Thankfully he had an hour before the patient was even able to do so. This gave him time to cool down and not murder the panicky 19 year old under his charge.

"Scorpius?" One of the assistant healers said tapping him on the shoulder, "Your mother is looking for you."

Scorpius looked down the hall and peeked at the receptionist desk. "Thank you for telling me. Do you know where she is?"

"I saw her talking to a young lady by the circulation desk."

He gave her a smile and tucked the paperwork to the side of the desk. Later he would grab all of the parchment and deal with this mess, but for now he was happy that he was going to see his mother. He could use a good distraction. After his longtime girlfriend left him a few months ago, Scorpius had been throwing himself into work much to Albus's chagrin. Though Albus had a worse schedule, he was less than understanding when his friend said he was kind of done with dating. It was impossible to explain something like that to Albus. Albus couldn't find a girl himself, but he always assumed that everyone else just made it hard on themselves and didn't look hard enough. Most of them time Scorpius wanted to know what he was supposed to do that he hadn't been doing.

Spotting his mother, Scorpius grinned and went to interrupt her when he saw who she was talking to.

It had been a long time since he thought of Rose Weasley. He long had written her off as something that just wasn't meant to work out, but there she stood. Her long red hair was up, but he could by the length that it wasn't as long as it used to be. There were a few more wrinkles on her face and her clothes were much more mature than the last time he had seen her, but other than that she didn't look much different.

"Astoria," Rose said crossing her arms, "You need to tell that woman off. I know you like to be the bigger person, but she's cheated for the past two years in a row. You deserve to win."

Astoria sighed, her dark much more grey than brunette. "I know. I just don't understand how this gardening competition became so cutthroat."

"If you put people in a competition there's always someone willing to go farther than reasonable to win." Rose told her sympathetically.

"Yes that's true." She laughed lightly. "I'm sorry for boring you dear. I was just waiting for Scorpius-"

"Well you don't have to wait anymore." Scorpius said stepping forward.

A bright smile grew on Rose's face. "…Hi."

Scorpius smiled back at her warmly. "Hi. It's been a long time."

"Yeah…Albus mentioned you got a job here. He just didn't say you were working today." She flushed, biting the side of her lip.

Astoria looked at the pair of them and grinned. The expression left her face as she looked at her watch. "Is that the time? Oh no! Scorpius I have to go! I'm supposed to have dinner out with your father tonight. I will visit you on Thursday." She kissed him on the cheek and moved to hug Rose. "And you and I shall have lunch now that you are a permanent resident."

"You have a deal." Rose laughed, hugging her back. "We will defeat those horrible women."

Astoria smiled and walked briskly away, but as soon as she turned the corner she paused to listen to the rest of the conversation.

"So um…How have you been?" She asked glancing quickly at his left hand before looking back to his face.

"I've been good you?"

"Good. I'm back home now. I've transferred to homicide."

He grinned. "One thrill to another?"

"Something like that." She smiled impishly. "I'm not keeping you from anything am I?"

"No." He shook his head noticing her bare left hand. "You're here to see Albus?"

She nodded rolling her eyes. "Yeah…"

"Do you want to get a quick coffee and catch up?" He asked directly.

"Well I wouldn't want to get you into trouble with your girlfriend." She said innocently.

He smirked, "I don't have a girlfriend, but I'm sure your boyfriend wouldn't like you going with me."

"If he existed he probably wouldn't." She grinned back.

They eyed each other for a moment before they both turned and began to walk down the hallway leading to the cafeteria. Neither of them were touching, but they never walked farther than three feet away from one another.

Astoria Malfoy smiled and left the building, silently going through the options of what she would get them as a wedding present.

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