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The door was flung open and Sophie dashed out, launching herself at her brother. Josh caught her and pulled her in for a hug. Both twins were talking at the same time, and Scathach couldn't understand a word of it, but the twins obviously knew. Sophie was crying, laughing, smiling and was obviously furious at Josh for distancing himself.

Sophie looked over Josh's shoulder and saw Scathach. She untangled herself from her brother and the two hugged as well. "It's so good to see you, Scatty."

"You too, Soph," Scatty replied. "It's been a while since the wedding." The two stopped hugging and turned to see Josh being smothered by Tsagaglalal. The elderly woman planted a kiss on Josh, who grimaced.

"No phone call, no letter, nothing! In this day and age, there are so many ways to communicate!" She looked around Josh and saw Scatty. "Scathach, so good to see you." She turned her gaze back on Josh.

"Tsagaglalal," he began in a calming tone. "I've been doing what I'm supposed to."

"You still could've contacted us!" Tsagaglalal grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. Laughing, Sophie and Scatty followed.

The strange group settled around the kitchen table, and Sophie put the kettle on for tea. Tsagaglalal fixed Josh with a unblinking stare, and he shifted uncomfortably. Sophie took her place between Scatty and her brother, and she began talking animatedly.

Scathach was content to listen for a while, tuning out, just letting the sound of their voices drift through her consciousness, when she heard her name. "Scatty?" Sophie repeated, and the Warrior Maid blinked, coming back to reality.

"Sorry, what?" she asked. She rarely let her guard down like that, but she felt so safe and secure here, it couldn't be helped.

Sophie laughed. "I was saying that Joan said that she was eventually going to come visit, but I'm not sure when..." She trailed off and both tuned into the conversation passing between Marethyu and Tsagaglalal.

"So, Marethyu, no kiss for your old Aunt Agnes?" Tsagaglalal asked. Josh smiled and rolled his eyes, but gave the woman a kiss on the cheek anyway. She smiled smugly and continued. "As much as you may be Death, or whoever you are now, Josh Newman, I'll always be your aunt, and you'll treat me as such, the same goes for you, Sophie."

"Yes, Tsagag- Aunt Agnes," the twins replied, and then Sophie got up to make tea. "So, Josh, how are the Flamels?" she asked. Josh shifted uncomfortably, like he didn't want to talk about it in much depth.

"They're well," he said, but nothing more. Scatty and Sophie exchanged a look, but didn't press the subject.

"And, Scatty, have you seen Aiofe and Niten recently?" Sophie asked, placing mugs before each immortal.

Scatty nodded. "They're well, too. Aiofe is thinking about making a Shadowrealm with Niten. I warned them that if they did, you'd all be wanting to see it," the petite vampire said, grinning and showing off her pointed incisors. Sophie laughed.

They began recounting their trips, and what they'd been up to. Eventually, Tsagaglalal got up and left the three of them to talk. When they had, more or less, finished talking, it was dark outside.

"Where are you staying?" Sophie asked Scatty. It was obvious that Josh was staying in the house.

She shrugged. "I'll find somewhere..." She trailed off with the look Sophie gave her. "I suppose I can stay here," she said instead. Sophie smiled.

Scatty was reading when Sophie found her. Both Josh and Tsagaglalal were sleeping, or, at least resting. Who knew what either immortal did now.

Sophie knocked softly, as it was well past midnight. Scatty smiled at her and set the book down. "Hey, Soph."

"Hey, Scatty. How is everything?" the blonde asked.

Scatty patted the spot on the couch beside her, sitting up straight. "Wonderful, thanks again- Soph, are you crying?" she asked. It was only then that she had noticed the bags under her eyes, which were puffy and red.

"It's-" she began, but broke down. Scatty pulled her closer for a hug. Scatty knew it was out of character for her, but she also knew that her friend needed a hug. While Sophie was crying, Scatty felt a pair of eyes on them. She looked up to see Josh's form leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed, and hook glinting slightly in the low light. He nodded once before vanishing into the darkness.

"Scatty, it's Saint Germain," Sophie finished, bringing Scathach's attention back to her.

"What happened?" she asked.

Sophie sniffed, sitting up straighter. "Monster attack, Joan thought it was a minotaur. It took him, Scatty. I don't know where, but, it took him." Sophie was no longer crying. Scatty knew that she thought of Joan and Saint Germain as the parents she never had, and they were the closest the twins had ever gotten.

"When? How did you find out?" Scatty asked.

Sophie smiled. "Joan called me, because she knows where to find me. She's on our way here. Now," she added thoughtfully.

As she said it, they both heard someone stumble at the front door, and then knock. Scatty and Sophie both stood, and Sophie opened the door. Joan of Arc was standing on the step, hands on her hips, looking between the two, a miffed expression on her face.

"Well, ladies, it looks like we have yet another adventure on our hands."

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