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Scatty had just finished packing her bag when Sophie brought Josh back downstairs. Joan was in the kitchen with Tsagaglalal, and had been explaining what had happened to her husband.

Sophie had pulled herself together, and had a look of hard determination on her face. Josh looked similar, but also slightly bemused. Scathach wondered what was confusing him.

They all sat down at the kitchen table, and Joan began the full story.

"We just returned from Australia, and were on our way to the house," Joan began. They all listened intently, searching for clues as to where and why Saint Germain had been taken. "He had just pulled onto our road when something massive hit the driver's side of the car. I jumped out, and I know Germain did too, and watched as it threw the car twenty feet. From then, I assumed it was a minotaur."

Josh nodded. "Horns and all?" Joan nodded.

"When we'd recovered slightly, it was already coming towards us. Germain used some fire while I worked with my aura, but it managed to grab hold of him, and then they vanished."

"Just like that?" Scatty asked.

Joan nodded. "No trace at all. We weren't at a leygate, there was no sign of magic used, they just vanished."

Tsagaglalal was doing some hard thinking. Then, without a word, she stood up and left the room. Josh was also thinking, his fingers were drumming on the wooden surface, a habit he hadn't lost over the thousands of years.

"Was there anyone with something against Germain?" he asked.

They all stared at him, and Sophie voiced their thoughts. "Josh, this is Saint Germain. Of course there's someone with something against him."

He rolled his eyes but continued talking to Joan. "Any Elders that you know of with a grudge, or immortals?"

Joan sighed. "Several immortals, and a few Elders."

"Which Elders?" Sophie asked.

Joan began listing them on her fingers. "Thor, Sobek, Erebos, Nyx, and Serqet."

Josh groaned. "The Norse god of thunder and battle, the Egyptian god of crocodiles and alligators, the Greek god of darkness and shadow, the Greek goddess of night, and the Egyptian goddess of scorpions. Fantastic."

Sophie laughed at the trouble Saint Germain could get himself into. "Well, we can pretty much rule out Thor, Sobek and Serqet, as minotaurs are Greek. So, Erebos and Nyx are who we're looking for."

Josh nodded. "Sort of. We can't completely forget about the others, but the Greeks are most likely to be using a minotaur."

Scatty cut in. "Well, does anyone know where we might find them?"

"Erebos has been in his Shadowrealm for the past fifteen years, and Nyx was last spotted somewhere in Brazil last month. Thor is in Iceland, Sobek is in the Amazon rainforest, and Serqet is somewhere near Africa," Josh stated simply.

"Right, because we all keep tabs on every Elder in existence." Josh laughed at his sister.

No one had noticed Tsagaglalal come back into the room. "I've set up a temporary leygate that will take you to Paris. From there, you'll find your way. I don't want to lose this connection, follow me downstairs if you're ready."

With confused glances, they followed the Elder downstairs, and saw the 'temporary leygate' in the middle of the room. "This house is on a leyline, leading right to Paris." And then, just like old Aunt Agnes would have, she smiled. "Have fun, and be safe."

They knew they would be fine, four immortals, Death, The Warrior Maid, Joan of Arc and the Silver. They each stepped through the leygate, Josh first, and Scatty last.

After her stomach settled, Scatty looked around. They were in an abandoned alley off one of the main roads. People hurried past the dark alley, not sparing it a second glance.

Sophie was already on her feet and walking, and she glanced back to where the others were standing. "It's just after eleven o'clock in the morning."

"That makes sense, it was just after two when we left," Joan said, nodding. "Come on, I know where we're going, but not where we are."

They followed her out into the streets, Josh casting a quick spell to change his and Scatty's clothes, as both were wearing conspicuous clothing. Sophie and Joan blended right in.

"Bonjour, monsieur..." Joan stopped a man and asked him for some directions. He pointed towards the end of the road and then told her to go right. "Merci," she said, and they continued.

"He thought I was very peculiar, I can tell," Joan whispered.

Scatty laughed. "That's because you speak more fluently than he did, and had to ask for directions, and you have an accent that hasn't been heard for hundreds of years," she explained. The others laughed.

After ten minutes of walking, they stopped at a small road. "This way," Joan said, and they arrived at one of their safe-houses. Scatty noticed all the police cars and private investigators around.

Joan let them in and Scatty and Josh changed while she and Sophie packed some extra food and weapons into their packs.

"Joan, take us to where Germain was abducted," Josh said as he returned downstairs, flexing his new hand. Scatty followed him, tying a bandana around her hair.

"Everyone have everything? Good. Alright, this way." Sophie locked the door behind her, and Joan took them to a spot across the street, a yard or so down the road.

Everything was surrounded by yellow police tape. "They're still investigating," she said. "All I've told them is that Germain and I were returning home when he lost control of the car. Neither of us sustained injuries, and Germain wants to stay out of the media."

Josh began to cross the tape, and a police man began speaking to him in rapid French. "Monsieur..." Josh held up a hand and explained something to the man, also in rapid-fire French. He gestured to Sophie and Scatty, and all she caught was him explaining that they were part of his team. The man paled, and he quickly allowed them entrance.

Josh examined the car while Sophie and Scatty went through the scene together, speaking in Gaelic so no one would overhear.

"So, if this is where the car landed..." Sophie said, looking over to several spots a ways away. "Then the minotaur must have been-"

"Over here," Joan cut in.

Scatty glanced at Josh, who nodded and continued looking at the overturned vehicle. They all moved to the spot Joan had indicated, and Scatty crouched down, Sophie beside her.

"How did they vanish, Joan? This looks like it would have been a flash, or something, there's a scorch mark..." Scatty trailed her finger through the dark spot on the ground, and then examined the pad. "Not soot."

"This was burned into the pavement," Sophie said.

Meanwhile, Joan was looking at the sidewalk, where several long scratches were dug into the concrete. "Yes, definitely a minotaur."

"Joan, Scatty, Soph, come look at this," Josh said quietly from behind them, having left the car. They all stood up, and looked at the piece of scrap metal in his hand. It was scratched and dented, but a very definite pattern had been marked into the material.

A large curved shape was etched into it. "It looks like a horseshoe..."

"Omega, Greek letter o," Josh muttered under his breath.

"Thanks Josh, but what does that have to do with it?" Sophie asked.

He sighed. "We've got a Greek on our hands."

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