I've been trying to upload this for a while now but my writer's muse has been quite bipolar lately. Let's just say I'm lazy and leave it at that. This is my interpretation on what if our lovely and extremely awesome Sherlock Holmes had a daughter? This is pretty much how it would go. Hope you like it! I know this prologue sucks but it's the sincere best I could do

Oh and guess what Kiara actually means? It's Latin for: Clear, bright, famous!


It's been five months since Irene gave him full custody his infant daughter. He was mixed about it though. Even though it WAS his child, he never really thought that having a baby in the house was EVER possible but it was. As impossible or improbable as he turned it out to be, he had an irresistible feeling of fatherly pride.

This child of his wasn't purposely created. On the contrary he didn't know about it until Irene told him, during one of their "games". He met her during the grand where she offered him and only him wine. When asked about not drinking any, she explained she was with child and did not want to take any chances.

Sherlock, at first, was shocked of the news. He has had previous outings with her before but they never had this type of consequence. Then he was self-loathing, that he wasn't prepared neither for the news nor to even try stopping this unlikely event. Then he was accepting, there was nothing to stop the baby from coming, and frankly as much as Sherlock had no previous interest in children, he never felt it necessary to just give up. Then he was rather happy, if anyone was going to have his child, it would most definitely would be Irene Adler, she was the smartest and most cunning woman he'd ever met, she was(to him)his complete equal.

Irene seemed very accepting as well. She shared all the same feelings Sherlock had. After the news was explained and every emotion settled, they began to discuss everything so they could be careful and prepare. Sherlock would explain to Watson a little bit AFTER the baby was born, Irene would hide around London to ensure no one she was associated with would try anything. Irene knew that she would a dangerous job and she wasn't going to take any chances. Irene would take care of the baby then in five months would give the baby up to Sherlock, so their child would always live and be raised safely. It was a full-proof prepared plan but both parents carried this plan with concern and caution

However, that did not stop Sherlock from thinking that having a child in general wasn't in his strong suite of interest. As much as having a child was a blessing on its own right, he knew that being a devoted parent was going to be his greatest challenge yet. When he and Irene met on 221 Baker Street, there was their little bundle, all wrapped in a pink blanket and covered in a small pink suit

Sherlock was aware from what Irene showed, that it was rather hard to say good-bye. Irene if she could would've stayed to protect and watch her daughter. Irene wanted to see her daughter grow into a lovely young woman but she couldn't. Irene traveled and had many dangerous even cruel clients, sure at the moment she was unemployed but it would never be long until she was back on the bumpy road again. So with a kiss to Sherlock's cheek and a tearful good-bye, Irene left without turning back.

Now as Sherlock was in his room, tuning his violin, Sherlock watched his daughter protectively, she was safe in the crib he just made for her but, like some sort of jungle animal, he watched over the new human carefully, ready to protect. Strangely the baby never once made a noise since she arrived. Sherlock walked to the crib and put his finger over the baby's nose to see if she was breathing. She did and he quickly figured out she was just sleeping.

He went back and tuned his violin, then proceeded to practice it. Suddenly he stopped as his little baby girl began to cry. He had awakened her, well he never thought certain noises would wake babies so easily but then again he was learning.

Sherlock picked up the baby and gently shushed her, apologizing for arousing her. The baby screamed a bit more which wasn't really what Sherlock needed, thank god above that Mrs. Hudson wasn't here and was at home or she would've made things worse. Eventually though the baby went straight back to sleep and Sherlock put her down on the crib

He then decided it was time to focus on his child a bit more, he then realized how much she looked like Irene. It was a bit touching as well as heartbreaking, Irene and he both agreed on his doorway that night to not let the child have any bitter feelings about each parent and try to support one another in the best way they could. Sherlock then remembered on what to call their child..

"Well. We should call her Annabelle"

"Oh no far too fancy. Abigail?"

"No people have named their daughters that far too many times"

"Well then. Something original… Ah I have one. Kiara"

"Most engaging. Yes. That's her name"

Right after that little agreement of the name both parents have separated, but also with a final promise that Irene and Kiara would cross paths again. Sherlock was pleased about that, not just he would get to see her but Kiara would know who her mother was. It was a good and needed thing for Kiara to have or at least know her mother. Sherlock then made a small promise that he would be a loving parent, being a "good" parent may or may not would work but he would definitely love, protect and raise Kiara to the best of his ability

As he watched Kiara in her crib, he laid out a hand and gently put his thumb over her small cheek, caressing it and smiling a bit as she didn't stir. This was his child, his little girl, his greatest creation and challenge ever. That special challenge and creation was Kiara Holmes