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Chapter 1. Fun in The Hub.

No matter how many times he slept on it, the makeshift bed in the hub was not a good substitute for a normal king size comfy bed. But Jack lived in the Hub, a private section housed his bed, cabinets and all the makings of a cute studio apartment. He tossed and turned over and over again as he tried to get a few minutes sleep. Jack knew he was in a deep sleep as the familiar feeling of the regular dreams started to invade his mind. For the last few weeks he had been plagued with dream after dream. He couldn't make head nor tail of them but he didn't want to bother the team with them. They had been run off their feet for the past few weeks as the amount of rift activity and Weevil sightings had increased and the team were finding it hard to have a few moments to themselves. As soon as they had returned from the last sighting Jack had ordered them to head home. Gwen had rushed back to Rhys for a nice romantic evening, Owen had headed out for a date, Tosh had headed home for a nice relaxing night in. Only Ianto wanted to stay, but Jack had insisted he head home. After a lot of arguing and persuading, Ianto had left. Not long after, Jack had fallen asleep. The dreams came and refused to go. The images invaded his mind as he tossed and turned. He didn't understand them but he did know they scared him. Each night he would see the pained looks on his teams faces as they fought off monsters and aliens. But tonight's was different. He could see Ianto, the pain and fear on his face scared Jack. Something or someone was hurting him. He couldn't see who or what, but he knew Ianto was in pain. His young eyes were full of tears, of pain. He had never seen Ianto so scared, not since the events at Breacon. An image of Ianto, laying on the ground...crying in pain was too much for him. Jack tossed and turned again and in a split second he jolted awake as the terrifying scream of his lover echoed through his mind. Jack sat up, covered in sweat and panting away.

"Not again" He thought to himself as he recalled his dream. He knew he needed to tell the others, but this last one would be left out. Something about it made him feel uneasy. He swung his legs out of the bed and put his head in his hands. The clang of a pot got his attention and he looked up. He knew what that sound was. He got up, forgoing the effort of putting on a t-shirt or robe. He left his room and headed through the maze that was the Torchwood Hub. He noticed the familiar figure of Ianto standing by the coffee station.

"What are you doing?" He asked leaning on a support beam, crossing his arms in disproval.

"My job, coffee?" Ianto replied, flashy the cheeky smile that made Jack's heart melt.

"I sent you home." Jack said. He walked down the mesh stairs and up another set to join Ianto on the upper level.

"I went home, but now I am back." Ianto turned to hand Jack his famous coffee. Jack put his arm around the young man's waist and gently pulled him closer. He leant in and gently kissed him.

"Trust my Ianto to ignore my orders."

"I didn't ignore them sir, just stretched them a bit." Ianto kissed him back, passion evident in his kiss. The lovers pulled apart and Jack smiled as Ianto handed him his coffee. He took a sip and smiled again.

"Just like you...perfect in every way."

"Oh lord, leave it out will ya." Owen's voice boomed as he came through the clog door, Tosh right behind him.

"Leave them Mr Grumpy." Tosh ribbed him as she walked behind him and headed to her work station. "Just because your night sucked."

"Really, what happened?" Jack asked the young doctor.

"Nothing." Owen replied. Jack knew that wasn't the answer he wanted. He glared at him. "Okay, turned out...she was married. Her husband called her in the middle of the dinner to say he was coming back from his trip early. See nothing special."

"Plenty more fish in the sea Owen." Jack said.

"Easy for you to say, you have found one." Owen said. "A fish that wears suits but still."

"Hey...since when am I the fish?" Ianto asked. Jack smiled at him and turned back to Owen and Tosh.

"What are you two doing in early? I gave you all the night off." Jack asked them.

"I wanted to get an early start on the Rift Predicator program, I am nearly done with it." Tosh said.

"And I...I came in with her." Owen said. Jack glared at him with a sneaky look in his eye. "Its not what you think Mr One Track Mind. I went to Tosh's last night after the date, we chatted, had wine and I crashed on her couch."

"Right!" Jack smiled looking over to Tosh. Ianto came over to Tosh's computer and handed her a coffee, she smiled at him as he walked away. "So Tosh, you say you are close to finishing it?"

"Yes. I figured with the increased activity over the last few weeks, we really needed this program to be up and running soon. Been working on it in my spare time." She said.

"Well I appreciate it." Jack said. "Owen, when you are done moping around come and give Tosh a hand. Maybe we can get this program finished today." Jack said.

"I am not moping around" Owen called from the autopsy room, his home away from home. Jack looked up to find Ianto, he wasn't in the area so Jack decided to look for him. He headed though the base of the Hub and through to the lower levels.

"Ianto, you down here?"

"Here sir." Ianto replied. Jack walked through the dark hall to the archive room. Ianto was stood at a cabinet, filing away some more paperwork. "Just thought I would take advantage of the quiet and get a head start on the pile of filing on my desk."

"Good idea." Jack said. He leant his back against a cabinet and looked down to his shoes. Ianto put away some papers and looked over to him.

"Is something bothering you?" The young man asked him.

"I have been doing this job for so long, I have seen things, hundreds of things. Had millions of dreams but..."

"But what?" Ianto asked him sensing Jack wanted to talk.

"Over the past few weeks I have had more and more dreams, and they have been disturbing."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Ianto asked him.

"They were just images, horrible images but they are just dreams right?"

"Well dreams can tell you a lot about yourself. In some cultures, dreams are important...a way of telling the future." Ianto described. Jack looked at Ianto.

"That was what I was afraid of."

"Why? What did you see?" Ianto stood in front of Jack.

"A lot of faces, everyone's face. Gwen, Owen, Tosh...and you. You were in pain. Something was hurting you." He said.

"Not all dreams come true Jack." Jack couldn't believe how calm Ianto was. "I once had a dream an elephant followed me to work and set up inside the hub." He laughed. Jack managed a quick smile.

"Trust you to make me smile. But you are right." Jack said. The familiar shriek of the alarm echoed through the hub. "Not again." Jack rolled his eyes. He ran from the room, Ianto on his heels and headed for Tosh's computer.

"Rift activity, a corner of Bute Park, near Cardiff Castle." Tosh described.

"Any idea on what it is this time?" Jack asked.

"No." Tosh replied. The group grabbed their weapons and coats, getting ready for the fight.

"Owen, Tosh...lets head out. Ianto..." He noticed the young man was also getting himself prepared. "No...stay here. Call Gwen and get her to meet us there."

"I can help Jack." Ianto was slightly annoyed that Jack didn't want his help.

"No, stay here. Monitor the computers and inform us if anymore spikes occur."

"Jack..."Ianto started to say. Jack put his arm on Ianto's shoulder.

"Please, I need you to stay here. For me." He said. Ianto saw the serious look in the Captain's eyes. He nodded in agreement and painfully watched the others once more leave on a mission without him. The cog door closed behind them and Ianto put his earpiece in, pressed a few numbers on his phone and waited for it to ring. A few rings later and Gwen picked up.

"The others need you at Bute Park near the castle, rift spike."

"I am in my car on the way. Meet you there?" She asked him

"No, I am left babysitting the office." Ianto replied. Gwen sensed the upset in his voice and wasn't sure how to reply.

"Well, we will see you when we return" Gwen replied.

"Stay safe." Ianto said. Gwen hung up the phone and Ianto stood looking at the computer screens. He knew the reason why Jack didn't want him to tag along, but he hated it. He was as much a part of the team as the others and he should be out there helping them, not picking up half drunk coffee cups. He was used to it. His first few months at Torchwood were full of coffee making, dry cleaning and dirty jobs. He didn't mind. He wanted to be there, to be part of the organisation. But over the last few months, Jack had included him on more missions. Ianto knew that since the events at Breacon and the arrival and threat of Captain John Hunt, Jack was more reluctant to let his lover out to fight. This time it was a direct action of his dream, but Ianto still hated it. He knew the others were invaluable in the field. Owen was the doctor, there if someone was hurt. Tosh was the techo head, able to help on that front and rather experienced in rift patterns. Gwen had the heart and fighting soul. What could Ianto do? Hand out coffee as they are fighting the forces. No, maybe he was better at the hub. He picked up Tosh's coffee cup and walked back up to the upper level, back to his coffee machine.