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Author's Notes:

For the newcomers, the Deleted Scenes series are appendices to my long story Love in Shades of Green and Grey. They won't make much sense if you don't start at Chapter 1: Grey Beginnings. In the process of developing the long and involved storyline I found myself deleting a few interesting scenes that, for one reason or another, simply didn't work. Some are amusing; others are illustrative of how sometimes the creative process blows goats.

This scene was supposed to occur during the War on Tamaran story arc. At this time, Beast Boy and Raven are still broken up, and 'enjoying' their single status. That is to say: they were apart. Not dating. Not engaged. Certainly not married. Broken up. Not involved. They had not seen each other in, like, three months and lived several hundred miles apart. Under the circumstances at the time, they had no reason to believe that they would ever see each other again, let along get back together. (Either of them.) So they were not a couple at the time. Really.

The reconciliation between Robin and Starfire was supposed to have happened earlier in the War, which is why Starfire's response to Raven's revelation is both positive and in the present tense. The actual plot line, of course, turned out differently.

The key change, though, that I made here was regarding Raven's sexual experiment with Robin. In my original storyboard, I had Raven and Robin 'coming clean' about that experience with their significant others. After some thought, I decided that having them out themselves in that way would likely be interpreted as "revenge sex," which I did not intend in any way. Also, the scene that I'd written was comic, not serious. And the entire arc of the War on Tamaran was pretty dark, other than Garfield wearing Starfire's 'girly armor'. The slapstick scene just struck the wrong tone.

So Raven decided that what passed between herself and Robin while they were single (you know: not a couple with Garfield) was nobody's business but theirs. As for Robin? He keeps everything confidential all the time. If you ask him what time it is, his response is "Why do you need to know?" So he would never have brought it up, either. To anyone. At any time. Even Bruce.

Presented for your amusement: Raven Comes Out To Starfire About Her Hookup In Bludhaven:

The two women sat on the bench in the shuttle, exhausted. They were filthy, sore, and bleeding. Starfire's armor was scorched, blackened, cracked and dented. Raven's cloak was more of a blue rag with a tattered hood attached. It had been some of the nastiest, dirtiest fighting of the campaign and it had taken its toll on both of them. But at the end of the day, the Gordanian advance had ground to a halt. The automated shuttle was tiny, just the single bench along one side. The interior had once been white, and was now a grimy grey. The lighting was stark white, filtered through dirty lenses. It flickered from time to time.

Starfire was leaning her head back against the seat back, eyes closed, her left cheek starting to bruise. Raven sat next to her, cradling a sprained wrist in one hand. She opened her eyes and looked over at the Redhead.

With no warning, she suddenly blurted, "I hooked up with Nightwing. While the four of us were all broken up."

"Why," she thought, "did I just dump that out like that?"

She winced and looked away. Starfire turned her head and looked over at her.

"This," Raven thought, closing her eyes, "is going to be ugly."

A moment passed. Then two. Hesitantly, Raven opened one eye and looked over at her oldest, best friend (and only friend-that-is-a-girl).

Smiling tiredly, the larger woman said, "Did he do the thing where he scratches behind your ears with his fingernails? It makes me curl up and positively purr!"

Starfire's face brightened as if having great idea. She turned to face the smaller woman. "Say," she continued, "Maybe, since you have mated with him, you can help me answer a question. I have read about human males and the "prostate stimulation,[1]" but every time I try to put my finger up his . . . ."

Starfire's voice trailed off as she noticed Raven's stare. The smaller woman's left eyebrow twitched slightly.

Starfire looked down at her hands, her forefingers nervously tapping together. "I am," she said in a querulous voice, "failing to respond like an earth-girl again, aren't I?"

Raven smiled slightly and said, "No, Starfire, that wasn't the reaction I was expecting. But it's okay."

[1] Prostrate stimulation is when, in heterosexual relations, the woman . . . that is, um, er. Okay kids, you're going to need to google this one.