Big News!

I've pulled the trigger on my second commercial short story.

Ya'll were really supportive of my efforts in this forum, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here. (If I get reported to fan fiction dot net, they'll ban me.)

Please check out my offering at Amazon dot com.

Fanfiction dot net works VERY hard to keep people from linking off the site. (And I freely admit - I'm over the edge of the TOS asking ya'll to check out my for-pay stuff.)

But for those of you who are interested, go to Amazon and search on "emerald darkness urban fantasy" and it should pop up. It's got a dude riding a motorcycle in the rain on the cover.

PM me if you have any problems finding it or feel free to email me at lamont dot cranston1066 at gmail dot com.

I have another Teen Titan's short in the works for you that I hope to put out shortly and a really cool "Kim Possible" concept floating around in my head. And those will come out regardless of what you decide.

But, in the spirit of "Kickstarter," I'm gonna make you guys an offer. We didn't make it to 50 sales of "Black Rain," but . . . .

563 people currently follow "Love in Shades of Green and Gray." If even fifty of you will pop the whopping $.99 for my commercially published short story, I will write up a brand new chapter of additional material for "Shades." I will go 5000 words and even let YOU pick the time period: Post children, married – but pre-children, dating, or pre-dating. We'll run a survey monkey survey to pick the time period.

The catch? Well, "Emerald Darkness" is something you've seen before. I realized that so little was recognizable of Gar and Raven, since it was an AU story, I ground the rest of the DC content off, polished it up, and put it up for sale. So as much as I hate to tell you - If you're read "Wooley Swamp" here on Fanfiction dot net, "Emerald Darkness" over on Amazon will look mighty familiar.

And yes, if you follow the link, you get to find out my real name.

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"

"I do." – Lamont Cranston