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**French speaking is in italic.

Chapter 1

Gabrielle Delacour was a fourteen year old Veela. If you were to get down to details, she was technically half Veela / half witch as her mama was Veela and her papa was a wizard. If you looked at it through the eyes of the Veela race, Gabrielle was 100% Veela as it simply boiled down to the fact that you either had the Veela trait or you didn't. There were days when she felt that she was both blessed and cursed by being a Veela and today was one such day.

She was sitting in the bay window of her bedroom staring out at the beautiful view that surrounded Delacour Manor and occasionally, she would release a big sigh. Her mind started drifting until it focused on when she had met her idol and personal savior, Harry Potter, for the first time. A year had passed since her life had been forever changed during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. For her Harry, that was what she thought of him as, it had been just another walk in the park with his saving people thing. For her it had been quite different. She hoped with all her heart that he would start looking at her with the same affection she held for him.

At the time of the Tri Wizard Tournament, Gabrielle looked to be eight or nine years old and was just seen as Fleur's little sister. In truth, Gabrielle was thirteen and it saddened her to think that when she met Harry he only saw a little girl even though she was rather cute. Her own schoolmates knew the truth that she was in fact a third year but had kept it hidden so that Fleur could have her constant companion and beloved little sister with her during the school year. Gabby's loving and bubbly personality had endeared her to most of Fleur's classmates and they too looked on her as their little sister.

As was the norm for Veela, most of Gabrielle's Veela traits would not start appearing until about fifteen years of age unless some major event happened in their life to speed up the process. This was a little known Veela genetic trait that allowed young Veela to grow mentally and emotionally and to mature before having to deal with the blessings and the curses of coming into her Veela heritage. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the events that happened during the second task of the tournament were just enough of a major event to force her to undergo her change. Over the course of the following summer and into the next school year, Gabrielle grew and developed into a stunning young woman who would quite easily outshine the beauty of her sister.

The event that kick started Gabrielle's development was when Harry Potter risked his own life to save Gabrielle from the murky depths of Black Lake during the second task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Veela were creatures of air and fire and being held hostage under the water for a long period of time was very dangerous for her. Unknown to the wizards running the tournament, normal magic wouldn't work well on Veela and it would be this fact that would add to the danger she was in. Harry's simple act of doing what he felt was the right thing when he rescued her would bring about change in their lives from that point on. The only problem in Gabrielle's mind was that Harry didn't know it yet.

(Looking Back)

There were several events that happened during the Tri Wizard Tournament that left Gabrielle very unhappy with way Harry was being treated. Like most other young girls, she had read the adventure books about Harry and one day dreamed of marrying the boy-who-lived. Her observations of the real Harry Potter drew him to her more and he was a puzzle that needed to be solved. Gabrielle found it unbelievable that those who claimed to be his friends could not see the underlying sadness in his eyes that he tried to cover with a joke or a smile. Like most Veela, she had inherited an empathic ability which allowed her to sense emotions and through that, she could feel his pain.

The first event was the night when Harry's name came out of the Goblet of Fire. That particular event spurred several chain reactions that horrified the then thirteen year old witch. Gabrielle had been looking at his selection as an opportunity to meet the young hero who would be competing against her sister. She quickly learned that her hopes had been dashed by some hateful and snotty words that were spoken by her sister in the Trophy Room. Gabrielle had truly laid into Fleur the next day when she saw the results in the look of utter contempt Harry held for her sister and therefore her too.

Alone in their room later that day, Gabrielle said "You of all people know how it is to be misjudged and yet you do the same thing to Harry Potter. He would have been a good ally to have in England and yet you let your mouth ruin it for our family. All I can say is that you had better find a way to fix this."

Fleur responded "Just shut up Gabby, I already know I messed up. I will try and fix it but don't play that family thing on me. I know you are really just mad at me because I might have messed up your chance to take him somewhere and snog him senseless."

Gabrielle flushed and angrily said "At least I may have stood a chance. With your bitchy attitude, you'll never find a man."

That made Fleur mad and she said "I may have called him a little boy but at least I'm not a little girl trying to get the fairytale prince."

Gabrielle broke down in tears at this and ran from the room. After she had calmed down and ventured back onto the school grounds, she was witness to how Harry's own friends and even his school had turned against him. Her heart was breaking for him once again and she ran back to the carriage in tears. It was several hours later before Gabrielle pulled herself together and went to see her Headmistress. Not long after they talked, Gabrielle had flooed home and into the arms of her mother. As it was the weekend, she stayed with her parents and then returned to Beauxbatons on Monday after refusing to return to Hogwarts.

At dinner that evening, Fleur was looking for Gabrielle and when she couldn't find her, she approached Madame Maxine. She asked "Headmistress, have you seen Gabrielle? She is not at dinner."

She replied "Yes I saw her right before she returned home. She said she had seen enough and would not stay here with her sister and her over inflated ego any longer."

Fleur nodded and returned to her seat. With Gabrielle gone, she felt truly alone. She became so upset that she lost her appetite and excused herself back to the carriage. On her walk back, she was berating herself for the words she spoke to Gabby and for also not finding her and apologizing. She immediately sat down and started writing a letter of apology to Gabrielle and begged her to return. She ended up repeating this daily as Gabrielle would not even respond to her.

The first task came and went and it had been a lonely time for Fleur at Hogwarts. The one young man that she had somewhat of a connection with would only look on her with cold eyes. She had witnessed the treatment he had been subjected to and knew he was just as alone as she was. The times she had gotten up the nerve to approach him and apologize, he would turn and walk away before she could speak.

She had done the first task with only her father present and it hurt her deeply that Gabrielle still hadn't forgiven her enough to come watch. She had then watched as the little boy as she called him faced down his dragon and did such a spectacular job, that she couldn't help but be in awe of him. Fleur watched as the spike from the dragon's tail slashed his arm open and saw how Harry never even flinched as he stayed on task.

Fleur was in the hospital tent due to her burns and watched as Harry walked in with his head held high even with his arm and shoulder a bloody mess. She also watched as his friends approached him and made an attempt at an apology. She saw his cold acceptance of their apology and realized they would have a whole lot of making up to do to earn his trust once again. If the looks on their faces was any indication, they realized it as well. It was watching this that made her realize just how long of a way she had to go in earning his forgiveness if he could barely even speak to his friends.

Fleur had been writing Gabrielle the whole time they had been separated and had begged Gabrielle to return at least for the second task. Gabrielle finally agreed and appeared with her parents at Hogwarts. The night before the task, Gabrielle had disappeared and none of the Delacours knew it. Jean and Appoline thought she was with Fleur and Fleur had thought the reverse. When Madame Maxine had been asked who Fleur would miss the most, she had immediately said Gabrielle not thinking about the possible results from her being in the second task. Dumbledore had asked Gabrielle to help Fleur with the second task and she had readily agreed. He failed to disclose just what would be happening to her during the task.

** (Looking Back on the Second Task)**

Harry was a very selfless young man who always thought of others first. Even though he was the first to arrive to retrieve his hostage for the task, something in him would not allow him to leave until he knew all of the hostages were safe. Harry had long ago learned to trust his gut when it told him something was wrong. When two of the champions had been gone with their hostages for ten minutes, Harry finally knew that something must have happened to Fleur and that she was not coming. Harry looked upon the miniature version of Fleur and made his decision.

As he approached Gabrielle, the merpeople stood in his way and would not allow him to retrieve her. Harry was not about to be deterred and forced his way through. He managed to hold them off long enough to release Gabrielle from her bindings and then started the long swim back to the surface with his best friend Ron and Gabrielle in tow. Some of the merpeople grew furious at his supposed disrespect and in the blink of an eye; Harry found himself battling a group of merpeople.

Harry used a weak banishment charm to push his charges toward the surface. It would give him room to fight as he turned to face his attackers. Harry managed to hold his own for a bit against the six adult merpeople but it wasn't long before they overwhelmed him. They massed their attacks and in the battle, Harry was speared through his thigh with a trident. The merperson who had speared Harry tried ripping his trident back out but the barbs on it held fast and just ripped more of the flesh in Harry's leg. Luckily for Harry, the handle of the trident broke on the second attempt to pull it free which released him from their grasp. Harry's saving instincts kicked in as the merpeople made a play for his hostages and he used jets of water and stronger banishment charms to push back his attackers. When that didn't have the desired results, he cast several cutting charms that caused the merpeople to back off. Harry did take a little satisfaction when he saw an arm holding just a handle separate from the body of one of the merpeople. The brief respite was all he needed and he fled dragging his two hostages to the surface as quickly as he could. Harry knew he would have to hurry as he was badly injured and in tremendous pain from the trident that was still embedded in his leg. He also knew his gillyweed was nearing its time limit.

With one of his legs all but useless and his arms tied up in holding onto his charges, Harry struggled to get them to the surface. Kicking with one leg made the task ahead even harder and he quickly looked up to see how far he had to go to reach safety. He said a quick prayer in thanks for the merpeople not pursuing them any further and for the strength to get them to safety. Harry couldn't and wouldn't quit as he knew his two charges were relying on him. His strength of character was so strong that he would give his all just to make sure they were safe. Harry could feel his strength leaving him just as quickly as his blood was leaving his body. It was a testament to his will power that he never gave up as he swam to the surface. He knew without a doubt that he was in trouble but still he pushed on trying to save his best friend and the little Veela.

With still a ways to go, things got progressively worse. Between Harry's contact with her and the faulty magic, Gabrielle began to awaken from her magical slumber and with her not being able to breathe; she panicked and started floundering in the water. Her actions were actually making things much worse as it drained Harry's strength even quicker. Harry made a quick decision and pulled her to him. The gillyweed he had used to allow him to breathe underwater would have to do double duty and allow him to breathe for her as well. In the only way he knew he could help her, he placed his lips over hers and started breathing for the both of them. Through her empathic abilities, his strong will and his love for life, especially when it concerned others, was passed through the sort of kiss. She also saw glimpses of his life along with the details of what had been happening during the task. This sort of kiss then did the unexpected and formed an emotional link between the two of them.

In that moment, she could feel his determination as his life flashed before her eyes. She could feel his pain and weakness as the life giving fluid was leaking out of him. She felt him gather the last of his strength and push her and Ron (she learned his name through the link) to the surface where they could be rescued.

As they broke the surface, Ron woke up and found the little Veela holding onto him for dear life as they both gasped for breath. It took her about a minute before she realized that Harry had just given the last of his strength to make sure they would live and that he was no longer with them. The judges and the spectators saw the two heads pop to the surface and just as they started to applaud, they were rewarded with an ear piercing scream.

Victor saw the two hostages in the water and heard the screaming but could not find Harry anywhere. Ron had somewhat gotten his bearings and was trying to help Gabrielle to the shore but it was difficult as she was struggling against him and shouting at the top of her lungs in French. Ron didn't really know what was going on and tried to assure her that he would get her safely to shore. Fleur stood there in relief as Gabrielle was brought to shore and was completely focused on her safety until the words she was screaming finally registered in her mind.

Gabrielle shouted at Fleur "Do something; Harry was injured while trying to save me and now he is drowning!"

Even with her limited ability with the French language, Hermione understood what was being said and dove for the water. On the way into the water, she yelled "Harry is in trouble!" She performed a perfect dive and began swimming out into the lake towards where Ron and the little Veela had come up.

Once Ron realized what was going on, he too tried to dive back in but was grabbed and held back by Cedric. All Cedric could hear through Ron's tears were "Let me go, I can't let him down again."

Cedric said "You are too weak right now, there's nothing you can do."

Fleur was trying her best to calm down a hysterical Gabrielle. Fleur could barely make out through her tears just what she was saying. She couldn't make sense of Gabrielle repeating "He's saying goodbye."

Albus Dumbledore came out of his shock upon hearing this. Up until this point, he had stood on the dock gaping at the scene that was playing out in front of him. Sirius and Remus had been watching from the woods. When Sirius made the move to go after Harry, Remus pulled him back and said "You can't go. They will catch you and then where will Harry be?"

Sirius looked at Remus and said "Where the hell do you think I will be if Harry doesn't live? I owe him and I damn sure will not ever let him down again. There is no cost too great when it comes to Harry."

The spectators were shocked as out of the woods charged a big black shaggy dog. The dog ran along the dock and sprang into the water. Not many were close enough to see the dog change into a man as he entered the water. Sirius Black would not let down his godson and he didn't care if he exposed himself to do it. In his mind, he owed Harry his life. Not only for saving him last year but for the fact that it was his thoughts of Harry that kept him alive while he was in prison. If that wasn't enough, he felt he owed him for deserting Harry when he was a baby by running off after Peter.

It took several minutes but Sirius finally located Harry by following the blood trail. He was down deep and it took several minutes to get to him. Sirius noticed that the bleeding had stopped and that could good or bad but it didn't deter him from what he felt was his duty. Sirius also saw that the gillyweed had worn off and tapped Harry's head to place a bubblehead charm over it. When the charm didn't take, Sirius knew how bad things were as there was no magic left to allow the charm to work.

Victor had seen Hermione in the water trying to get to Harry and went after her. He made a choice that would effectively end their new found relationship as he grabbed her and forcibly pulled her back to shore. The whole crowd had lumps in their throats as they heard Hermione wailing and trying to fight against Victor to get to Harry. Hermione's screams of "NO! HARRY!" would give many of the spectators several nightmares for days to come.

Sirius did the only thing he could and pulled Harry back to the surface. He sped up the progress by using a banishing charm to propel them along faster. As they approached the surface, Sirius transformed back into a dog and broke the surface while dragging Harry to shore. The next thing seen by the spectators was an unconscious Harry with a trident sticking out of his thigh being drug by a big black dog. Sirius let out a bark that got Madam Pomfrey's attention. She ran over waving her wand as she came. Her wand waving was frantic as she diagnosed her favorite student. She paled at the results and called out for her elf Florence. When she popped in, Poppy said "Florence, you need to take us to the hospital now. If we don't hurry, he will be dead in less than five minutes." They popped out with a loud crack. The big black dog ran howling back into the woods.

Once they arrived in the hospital, Madam Pomfrey was barking out orders left and right. There were ten elves immediately around her as she called out what she needed. The potions were appearing instantly as she said them. She was frantically pouring them down Harry's throat.

She continued to work at a feverish pace. Harry was already pale from the cold and the blood loss and he was slipping away. Just then Albus popped in and before he could speak, she turned and said "Get the hell out of here; I don't have time for your crap right now."

He quietly asked "What do you need to help him?"

Poppy sighed and did something she only did as a last resort, she put him in stasis. Albus noticed this and then realized how grim the situation was. She turned and said "I…I don't know what to do. I have put this boy back together so many times over the last few years but he always helped. His magic was so strong that it made it easy but now I have next to no magic to work with as he has completely depleted his core. From my scans, the pull on his magic from the gillyweed transformation was rather large but not really too much for him. But when you add in the powerful charms he was casting, it led to the downward spiral he faces now. He lost almost all his blood and in an attempt to keep him alive, his magic started creating more which further drained his core. His strength also began failing him and again it was his magic to the rescue giving him the strength to complete his task. That's when things started going very wrong as his core drained completely while it was trying to help him accomplish what he felt he needed to do. Technically, he drowned because the gillyweed failed once his core was depleted. Without the magic and the blood, I cannot risk warming him up to treat him. As of right now, the potions won't work either as they have nothing to work with." She held her head down trying to think of a solution.

Albus said "Fawkes has helped him in the past, maybe?"

Poppy said "Not this time. I have seen them do amazing things but Harry has nothing left. At the worst, Harry's core would destabilize with the influx of magic and nothing to hold it or carry it."

Albus said "Then tell me what will help you start to heal him."

Poppy sighed and said "Blood from his parents."

Albus looked dejected. "What else?"

"There IS nothing else, the muggle doctors have a way of giving blood to another called a transfusion and I have studied it but the blood type and magic would have to match Harry's along with it being magical blood. That combination should theoretically be enough to help me save his life."

Albus raised his eyebrow and asked "Theoretically?"

Poppy said "Yes Albus, we are in uncharted territory here. The only way I even hope it could work is due to the fact that Harry here always seems to pull off the impossible and at this point, I think blood is the key. Even with that, there is the possibility that his core is too damaged and he will be reduced to life as a squib."

Albus nodded his head and then asked "What about a godparent's blood?"

Poppy looked up and said "It could work, the magical connection is there but Alice is in no state to do this."

Albus said "There is another."

Poppy looked up wide eyed and said "Surely not."

Albus smiled and said "Who do you think pulled him from that lake?"

Poppy said "Then get him now, this stasis will only hold for so long without his magic to help it along."

Albus conjured a patronus and sent it on its way. Deep in the woods, Sirius sat with his head in his hands. Tears were leaking from his eyes as he was saying "I wasn't fast enough."

Just as his despair was at its greatest, a patronus soared into the clearing and settled in front of him. It simple stated "Harry needs you now. Fawkes will arrive momentarily."

Fawkes flashed in and Sirius and Remus grabbed his tail feathers and were flashed straight to the hospital wing. Sirius went straight to Harry and asked "What do you need?"

Poppy recovered from seeing the escaped convict and said "Blood"

Sirius lay down in the bed next to Harry and said "Then drain me dry. His life is worth ten of mine."

Albus looked up at this and waved his wand at the doors causing them to be locked from any outside interference. At the same time, shutters appeared and cut off all view from outside. He said "We don't need any unexpected visitors coming by at the wrong time. Remus, if you would please guard the door just in case."

"Of course Albus"

"Poppy, I will leave you to it. Send an elf if you need anything. I think I had better go calm the masses. Remus, if anyone comes through that door, stun them first and ask questions later."

Remus nodded in agreement.

Albus popped away not realizing the significance of what was getting ready to happen. Sirius smirked as he was well aware of what the results would be. No longer would anyone have any control over Harry's life, well that is if this worked.

Poppy said "Sirius, you know this could kill you both. I just don't want you to go in without knowing the extent of what could happen."

Sirius said "Hook us up Poppy, without Harry, I have no life. I made a vow fourteen years ago to put his life before mine. It's damn sure time I started living up to my end and not the other way around."

Poppy looked at him questionably but them nodded and started connecting them together. She said "It is my theory that anything harmful will be negated by your magic. Sirius, I need you to start downing the blood replenishing potions. Just keep going until I tell you to stop. I'm going to need you to tell me if you start weakening too much but you can expect quite a drain on your magic. My whole focus will be on Mr. Potter and as soon as I start the flow, I will be trying to warm him up at the same time. "

Sirius nodded and Poppy started the transfusion. As the blood started flowing in, Poppy banished the trident and quickly healed the wound. She quickly banished Harry's clothes to look for more wounds on his body and was encouraged slightly that she found no more.


An hour has passed while Albus had been in the hospital wing and during that time, all the students and staff had been moved to the Great Hall. Chaos was running rampant in the Great Hall as everyone was speculating on the fate of Harry James Potter. The occupants of the hall were of varying emotions over Harry's condition. Some were gleeful, some were remorseful, some were indifferent, and some were very worried. Professor McGonagall was doing her best to calm everyone and sighed in relief as Albus made his way into the Great Hall. She approached him and asked the status of her lion only to be told "I am going to make an announcement momentarily."

Albus approached the podium at the head of the Great Hall and made an announcement. "If everyone would please settle down, thank you. Mr. Potter was grievously injured and is in a critical state. I have placed wards around the hospital wing to keep everyone away as Madam Pomfrey is working feverishly to save his life. Anyone attempting to interfere will be severely punished or worse as one of the Champion's lives hangs in the very balance."

Malfoy rudely said "I told him he wouldn't live through this tournament."

Albus grew enraged and said "Mr. Malfoy that will be 1000 points from Slytherin House! I have never in my life heard such blatant disregard for a fellow student's life. In fact, while I'm at it, maybe you should meet with me this afternoon to discuss whether or not you will continue to be enrolled here as a student."

Malfoy stood and said "My father will hear of this."

Albus replied "Good, I think it would be a good idea to invite him along to the meeting to discuss your actions towards House Potter and possibly any reparations that may be need to be made towards an ancient and noble house."

Malfoy stomped out of the hall.

Minerva approached him and asked "Not that I disagree with you but wasn't that a little severe?"

Albus smiled and said "Not in the least. Now if you will excuse me, I must go make apologies for failing in my responsibilities."

Madam Maxine and the Delacour family approached Albus. Jean asked "What were you thinking? To place a Veela underwater could very well have killed her. You also placed a charm on her that could only fail as no normal charms work on a Veela. I had thought better of you and your intelligence but I am loath to think what might have happened if it hadn't of been for Mr. Potter. But don't think you are alone in this, Madam Maxine will also be under scrutiny for failing to protect one of her charges."

Albus said "Lord and Lady Delacour. My actions were unforgivable and for that I am truly sorry. I will take full responsibility for what has happened. It is my hope that Miss Delacour be fine and that no long term damage has been done."

Jean calmed a little and said "That is our hope as well. At this point, Gabrielle has been too distraught to answer our questions and since there is no one else who can tell us what actually happened, we can only hope for the best."

Albus said "Again I apologize and I'm sure as soon as Madam Pomfrey stabilizes Mr. Potter, she would be willing to check out Miss Gabrielle to assuage your fears."

Jean said "That will not be necessary as we will be taking her home with us and to a Veela healer. I have nothing against your Healer but feel that it would be in my daughter's best interest to see someone who specializes in Veela physiology."

The hall was quiet as this was taking place and the only thing that could be heard besides the Headmaster's conversation was Gabrielle's sobs and muttering. Appoline was holding her and heard her say "He's gone, I can't feel him anymore." That statement shocked Appoline as all of a sudden, Gabrielle passed out.

All of a sudden, Florence popped in and approached the Headmaster. Albus said "Please excuse me for a moment."

Albus bent down to one knee as Florence whispered in his ear. He turned pale at the information and hung his head. He rose up and said "Please excuse me, Mr. Potter has slipped further away and Poppy is giving little hope."

Albus grabbed Florence's hand and had her pop him directly into the hospital wing. As soon as he landed, he asked "What is the situation Poppy?"

"I have taken all the blood I can from Mr. Black without killing him and it still isn't enough to save Mr. Potter. I'm losing him. In fact he may already be too far gone as I still don't have any magic to work with."

Just then a loud pop was heard and Dobby the house elf appeared. He ran over the Harry and grabbed his hand. With tears running down his face, he said "The Great Master Harry Potter Sir cannot die. Dobby cannot allow this. Dobby promised himself to always take care of Master Harry Potter Sir."

It was then that a glow appeared around Dobby as his magic started pulsing into Harry. Seeing what Dobby was doing, Fawkes leapt off Albus' shoulder and landed on Harry's. He flared his aura and started pumping his magic into Harry as well.

Albus looked at Poppy and said "What are they doing?"

Poppy said "It looks like they are trying to give him a chance by pushing their magic into him."

Albus said "I thought it was too dangerous to do that."

Poppy said "There is blood in him now but I can only hope it is enough. I don't think those two would do anything harmful to him."

Albus said "Yes they have always shared a special connection. I just hope it is enough."

Sirius heard this and stumbled out of his bed and knelt next to Harry's while taking his other hand. He used whatever strength he had to push more magic into Harry. He leaned over and said "Don't do this son. I need you. I love you."

At that moment, a faint swirl of an emerald green aura started showing around Harry. It somehow triggered a reaction in Sirius who glowed with a silver aura and Dobby who flared gold. The auras joined together and started swirling around the three of them. Sirius groaned and passed out on the floor. Fawkes just leapt back over to Albus' shoulder and chirped merrily.

The Delacours ran to the nearest fireplace and flooed directly to their Veela healer. Fleur was left in the Great Hall devastated as she couldn't get to her family fast enough. She fell to the floor sobbing as Madam Maxine walked over and gently scooped her up and took her back to the carriage.


Harry awoke in a comfortable room that looked much like the Gryffindor common room. As he raised his head, he saw two other couches much like the one he was on which held his Godfather Sirius Black and his house elf friend Dobby. The other two groaned as they began stirring and they all just sat there looking at each other. Finally Harry said "Where are we and did anyone get the number of that bus?"

Sirius said "Don't know and that makes two of us. Do you know what happened?"

Harry shook his head and then said "Dobby, do you know what is going on?"

Dobby shook his head and said "Dobby is not sure where we be Master Harry but Dobby thinks this may be part of the bond we now share."

Harry asked "What bond?"

Dobby said "Dobby is sorry Master Harry but Dobby promised long ago to always protect Master Harry and Dobby bound himself to Master Harry so Dobby could give Master Harry some of his magic to keep Master Harry alive."

Harry asked "Are you okay with this Dobby? I know you liked your freedom."

Dobby nodded his head and said "Dobby is happy. Dobby just wanted to be free from old nasty masters. Dobby always wanted to be the Great Master Harry Potter Sir's elf."

Harry nodded and said "Well I guess welcome to the family then. Now, not that I am complaining but what are you doing here Sirius?"

Sirius laughed and said "Well, you needed blood and I provided it. Truth be known, it couldn't have worked out better because now along with Potter blood, you have even more Black blood running through your veins. More specifically, my blood."

Harry asked "What does that mean?"

Sirius laughed and said "Well, we just performed a blood adoption ritual right under Albus' crooked nose. As of now, you are my son through blood and magic."

Harry got up and walked over to hug Sirius. He said "That's the best news I have heard in a long time. Does that mean I never have to go back to the Dursley's?"

"You bet kiddo. Not only that, I've got some ideas that we can use to clear my name and take back control over our lives."

Tears were leaking out of Harry's eyes as he heard this and then he glanced up and saw a door that was glowing along with a dark and forbidden looking door. He turned to Dobby and asked "Dobby, do you know where those doors lead to?"

Dobby answered "Dobby thinks that it leads to another bond. Dobby not sure but can feel warmth coming from the light one. The dark one doesn't feel right but it won't hurt Master Harry as long as the light one is there."

Harry said "So how long are we here for?"

Dobby said "Until you wake up Master Harry."


Albus reopened the hospital wing the next day with the announcement that Harry was in a magical coma but he was alive. Poppy had expanded a bed and left the three of them together as the green, gold, and silver auras were swirling around the three of them. To protect Sirius, Albus conjured a partition and warded it to hide them from curious eyes. Quite a few of the students tried to visit Harry as he lay there but were turned away in disappointment. Hermione was devastated that she couldn't go and sit with Harry as he had done while she was petrified. It finally took Poppy banning her from the hospital wing to stop her from making a scene. As she left, she handed Hermione a calming draught for her nerves and ordered her to take it. The constant flow of well wishers surprised Poppy. She had watched the way they had been treating Harry since his name came out of the Goblet and was quite displeased with their actions. Even if Harry wasn't in isolation, there is no way she was going to allow anyone to try and ease their own guilt by apologizing to him while he was asleep. They would just have to 'man up' as the muggles say and do it face to face.

In France, little Gabrielle had also slipped into a magical coma. Her experience was a little different from Harry's. While she too had landed in a comfortable room, she did not have any companions although she could feel a presence near her. There was also a door leading out of her room that had a nice warm glow about it but her attempts to open it failed every time.

AN: FYI, the pairing may take awhile. Harry has a lot on his plate in the near future but then so does Gabrielle.