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Chapter 20

As the elves were in the process of moving house, Harry and Gabby made a side trip to France before going to the island. After sitting down with her parents and discussing their plans for the future, Harry requested that Jean arrange for them to complete their education by taking their NEWTS. They spent the rest of the evening just enjoying being with family and glad that they had all survived. During the conversation, Harry finally broke down and asked Appoline about the potion she had given him.

She replied "Why Harry, I'm surprised. It was a potion of your own creation. The main ingredients were Gabrielle's blood and tears and because of this, it would only have worked for you as your magic and hers are entwined."

Since they were in no hurry, they spent the night in Delacour Manor before heading to their new home. After breakfast, farewells were given along with a promise of a visit on the coming weekend. Just as Harry pulled Gabby into his arms and kissed her, he activated his portkey and took them home.

The next several days were spent arranging their new home like they wanted it and when that was done; they started spending most of their time on the beach. As the days passed, they took strolls on the island and came up with the idea to have the elves build several bungalows for the guests that would eventually make their way there. They also wanted an open air pavilion along the beach for the family parties that were sure to happen in the future. It only took a few days for them to realize that they couldn't just spend all their time lying on the beach and having sex although they didn't get in any hurry to stop the latter. One afternoon as they lay in the sand, they started tossing around ideas and came up with a few ideas they could do in the future and added a shop to the list of structures to be built so they could experiment with wand making or anything else that took their fancy.

The weekend arrived quicker than they thought or were just so wrapped up in each other that they didn't realize it. As usual, they made their way towards the beach and quickly tossed off their robes for a quick swim in the ocean. Once they finished their swim, they sat in their loungers in all their glory until they heard a pop behind them. Appoline's voice could be heard over the surf delighting in the beauty of the island. Gabby started to get up and get her robe when Harry placed a hand on her arm and said "We warned them."

By the time she made her way to them with Jean not far behind, her clothing was removed as well and Harry sat there and took in the beauty that was Appoline. Without batting an eye, he leaned over and kissed Gabby fully on the mouth. He then said "I am one lucky bastard if that is what I have to look forward to."

He heard Jean chuckle and say "That you are son. Her beauty only grows as she gets older."

That earned him a quick kiss as they took their places on the lounges that had magically appeared. The Delacours spent the entire weekend with the Potters and were very relaxed when they returned home. Appoline went on several times about how the elves were so attentive and the climate was so wonderful that it was better than going to a spa. Jean agreed with her and plans were made to return very soon.


The time had come when they were to go take their NEWTS so they traveled back to France. The tests were brutal and went far beyond what they expected but after five days, they were finally done. It should have only taken four but for some reason their defense tests took all day and included multiple duels. On the sixth day, they were ushered into a conference room where they were joined by all the people involved in their examinations. To their surprise, there were even a few grey robed Unspeakables there.

Their results were better than they expected with almost straight O's for both of them. What really threw them was the awarding of Grand Masteries in Defense. When they had the chance to absorb this, Jean stepped forward and said "I want to thank you all for being here today and taking the time to test these two outstanding people."

Most took it as a polite dismissal and left the room as they congratulated the young couple. Once they were gone, the doors were closed and Jean sat in front of them.

"It is known in my organization that you two have more knowledge than is safe for normal witches and wizards. I think it would be best if you joined our organization as well."

Harry started to protest but Gabby placed a hand on his to calm him. She asked "Am I speaking to my father or to Alpha?"

"They are one and the same my dear but you know you are always welcome to speak your mind."

"Papa, my husband and I can understand your position but you know very well that we would like to live out our lives in peace and raise a family. Becoming part of your organization would be counterproductive to our goals."

Harry added "Jean, you know the respect I hold for you personally and your organization but after the life I've been forced to lead, I refuse to be controlled by anyone other than my wife."

"I can respect that son but the problem is that you know too much and are a danger to the rest of the world."

Gabby grew outraged and said "I can't believe I am hearing those words come out of your mouth after all we just went through to make the world safe."

Harry growled "I would suggest you tell us your real reasons before saying another word. I'm sure Maman would not appreciate your being the cause of a permanent rift in the family therefore cutting off her spa time."

Jean looked up at the cloaked individuals in the room. After getting several nods, Jean said "I apologize but I was forced into this meeting. The main goal was for you to take our oaths and join our organization so that you could never be used against us."

Gabby stood and faced the cloaked individuals. "I'm going to assume that those present in this room are at the highest level of your organization."

Jean replied "They are."

"Good then, they can hear this directly from me. My husband and I have no wish to be a part of your organization or for that matter, the wizarding world as a whole."

One of the cloaked individuals asked "If that is the case, then why did you take your NEWTS?"

Harry replied "It's quite simple really. When our children show the signs of being magical, and we know they will, we will be fully qualified to teach them ourselves. NO matter what anyone else says, I didn't like the crap that I endured from my fame and I damn sure won't subject my children to it. My wife and I want a life of peace and as far as we are concerned, we have more than earned it."

Jean said "Harry, Son, please. I agree totally with you but the truth of the matter is you both carry around many of our secrets."

Gabby looked to Harry and he nodded his head. Gabby said "Blade and Angel have retired unless we are forced to defend our family. However, Blade and Angel, the Unspeakable researchers may take the oath under certain conditions."

"And they are?"

"Mainly that the knowledge of our existence never leaves this room. The fastest way for us to withdraw from this will be when some commander gets a splinter in his ass from going to the outhouse and Harry Potter gets called in to handle the disaster."

Several of the other grey robed people chuckled at that comment.

"I think that would be acceptable. The main goal in this was for you to never be used against us. The second condition?"

"If I am called in on a situation that you cannot handle, I choose my own team."

Jean smiled "It is not our plan to use you as such but situations do arise from time to time. If that were to happen we would need to test anyone you bring on board as well as put them under oath."

Harry said "Listen, you guys helped us when we needed it most and we can't forget that. That being said, we would never turn our backs on those who came to our aid. It's just that for our age, Angel and I have already shed enough blood and dealt with enough pain to last a lifetime. I intend to spend the rest of my life trying to make up for the pain that I personally have caused her."

Gabby wrapped an arm around him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. She said "Just as I intend to do my best to wash away the painful years you have went through."


Before they left to go back to the island, Gabby stopped by for a private chat with her mother. When they finally separated about an hour later, both women were smiling brightly. Harry and Gabby warmly embraced Appoline before they left and were secretly glad that Jean had not returned home yet as they were not happy with him for the ambush that was led against them. Gabby had even informed her mother that it would probably be for the best if she kept Jean away from the island for the time being. Appoline made it quite clear that Jean would know her displeasure once he got home.


Gabby arranged for a special dinner on the beach that evening and waited until after desert before finally getting around to the news she had for her husband. She stood and held out her hand "Walk with me."

With her in just a wrap around her waist and him in a pair of running shorts, they strolled along the beach hand in hand. When Gabby couldn't take it any more, she stopped and turned to him to look in his eyes. "Honey, Maman gave me some news today and I think you need to know."

In a panic, he asked "What's wrong baby?" All kinds of things were going through his head with all that they had endured. As it had been for years, it was still his biggest fear that he would lose her.

She pulled him into a warm embrace and said "Nothing is wrong my love. In fact, I think everything is finally going right for us. Harry, you're going to be a father. I'm pregnant."

He pulled her tighter and then picked her up and swung her around ending in a passionate kiss. Before she knew it, he released her and was running around on the beach screaming for joy. Once he had exhausted himself and lay down in the sand, she joined him while still giggling at his actions. "I'm guessing you're happy about this?"

Harry rose up and kissed her solidly again. When he pulled away, there were tears in his eyes and he said "Baby, you have no idea. You have given me everything I've ever wanted between your love and now giving me somebody who will part of MY family and not me being a part of theirs."

She leaned back over and kissed him hard while reaching down and untying her wrap. As her hands made their way to his shorts, he asked "But what about the baby?"

She purred "Honey, Maman said we have nothing to worry about until its time for the baby to be born. She also said that you may have to worry as being pregnant will increase my desire for my husband."

Harry mock swore "I promise to do my duty and make sure my wife is happy during her entire pregnancy."

"Damn right you will if you want to continue having more."


Harry and Gabby managed to stay in close contact with the younger members of their family through letters and the occasional visit. The Easter holidays from the school brought guests to Black Island in the form of Sirius and Aurora along with Remus and his Veela girlfriend Fiona. Appoline had kept them informed on family news and they already knew that Remus had undergone the procedure and had his furry little problem completely cured. The theory that Harry had proposed all those years ago was finally seeing results. The natural healing powers of a Veela would increase exponentially under the effects of a Love bond; at least it would for the person they were in love with. The first example of this ever tested was when Harry collapsed after dealing with the dementors during the final battle. Appoline didn't know the effects that a potion created from Gabby's blood and tears would have on Harry but she had faith it would work and gave it to him anyway.

Sirius and Remus made it clear that they needed to have a talk with Harry and Gabby led the two ladies out to the beach. Gabby explained to them that she and Harry had declared the island clothing optional and that she and her husband more often than not exercised the no clothing option. As she sat down in a lounge, she pulled off her top and sat there just in her wrap. As they looked at her for a minute, the small baby bump was quickly noticed. When she saw where their eyes were, she said "Yes, we are expecting our first in late summer. Aside from Maman and Papa, you four will be the first to know."

Fiona was Gabby's cousin and she quickly hugged her offering her congratulations. Aurora smiled and said "Congratulations. While I know that Sirius and I will never have kids of our own, if he ever gets off his ass and makes our relationship permanent, I would love to spoil our grandchildren rotten."

Gabby smiled and said "We'd like that and I wouldn't worry to much about that. I'd be willing to bet that is the whole reason behind this visit."

"Why would you say that?"

Gabby giggled and said "Their relationship is by no means normal. The strain and stress those three have endured together just make it more special. Harry already knew they approved of me but now they need to know that he approves of you. I wouldn't worry; my husband thinks a lot of you both. We both know you would have to be pretty special women to fall in love and put up with those two reprobates."

They all laughed and then to Gabby's surprise, Aurora pulled off her top and joined her on the lounge in a pair of shorts. Fiona had long since stripped down to a bikini bottom and picked a lounge to lie on.

The men in the study were having another discussion that Harry found amusing. Sirius and Remus both had come asking for his approval for them to take their relationships to the next level. In the end Harry finally asked "Do you love them and do they make you happy?"

Sirius grinned and said "More than anything."

Remus said "I've never felt this way before or thought someone could love me as much as she does."

"Then what are you waiting for. You guys put you lives on hold to help me and to help me find the happiness that had eluded me since my parents died. Its time for you to do the same for yourselves and if you're asking if I approve of them, I'd have to say yes. I mean, who else could put up with a couple of leg humping dogs like you two."

They all laughed at that and then the conversation grew serious again. "Pup, we want to come back here and live in a few years if you'll let us. We've all talked about it and we think we need to hang around Hogwarts for a few years until we get some of the kids graduating this year ready to take over and assist Filius."

Harry said "I think that is a good idea. Listen, just because we don't want to be there doesn't mean we hold any ill will towards anyone who does. We just want to be able to live our lives the way we want to."

Remus nodded and said "I thought as much. Now, we need to deal with a little bit of unpleasantness. Amelia is demanding you return to England so they can present us the awards that she says we so richly deserve."


"But Pup."

"Listen you two; we have nothing against everyone else being rewarded. Each and every one of you deserves it but don't include us in it. Blade and Angel disappeared the same day Tom did and they will hopefully never have to reappear. We have talked about it and it is a part of our lives we'd rather move past and not dwell on. Everyone who helped and fought deserves whatever reward they get but Gabby and I did not do it to save England or the world. We did it so that we could live our lives as we wanted without having to look over our backs."

"You still need to come back and take your NEWTS."

"Nope, already done 'em. In fact, I'll send the transcripts with you so that Nana can place them in our files."

Sirius said "I'd really like it if you'd come back to visit at least."

"Sirius, I love you but don't try to trick me into coming back so you can rope me into an awards ceremony while I'm there because it won't happen. I won't go back to a place where I have to watch our backs because people think I'm as bad as Tom."


Harry held up a hand before he could finish. "Remus, even though you are cured, do you still get the looks?"

Remus sighed "Yes."

"Just like second year, they will look at me as if I'm the next dark lord. Even worse, Gabby will be looked upon as a dark creature and not the Lady Potter/Black. If they want to give me money, tell them to divide it amongst the ones who held the wards and shields in place or get some decent armor for the Auror force. I have enough and don't want it."

"Okay Pup, you've made yourself clear. We'll drop it but we had to try."

"Good, now why don't we go see what our three lovely ladies are up to?"

Harry led them out to the beach where he found the ladies topless. As he approached them, he quickly pulled his shirt over his head and said "I see topless is the dress code for the day and such a lovely sight it is."

Aurora and Fiona both blushed at his comment but remained in their seats. As Sirius and Remus joined them with their mouths hanging open, Harry laughed and said "Since my Angel and I moved here, we declared the island clothing optional."

Harry moved over and climbed behind Gabby with his arms wrapped around her baby bump. Sirius's eyes gazed over the scene before him before his eyes stopped on what Harry's hand was on. He said "Harry, she's….."

Gabby giggled "Yeah Pop, your son knocked me up. You're gonna be a grandpa."

Sirius quickly went and sat on the lounger with Aurora. He said "Merlin, I barely survived when you were a baby."

Harry chuckled out "Then you may be in trouble since we don't plan on stopping anytime soon."


By the end of the spring term, Amelia had a stable and working government in place. There was currently a House of Lords but it was intended for that body to be slowly phased out but for now, their experience was needed for the near future until elections could be set up. Her first act as Minister was to abolish all the laws that legalized the prejudices and bigotry. The discussion and vote had been long and brutal but it was the family's votes that eventually won the day. Amelia knew it was the place to start but changing the prevailing attitudes for the last few decades would take time and patience. She just hoped she saw it in her lifetime.

It had been decided that the closing feast would also hold the awards ceremony. The Great Hall was packed to capacity as Wizarding England celebrated their heroes. Most of the awardees received a substantial endowment along with their awards which would allow them to live their lives as they chose. Of these awardees, quite a few of them had signed contracts to either teach or serve in the capacity of an Auror until there ranks could be fully replenished. Next to Amelia's seat on the podium, there were two empty seats in honor of the Potters who had brought about the end of the war.

Once Amelia had presented all of the awards, she asked Sirius to come forward and say a few words.

"Good afternoon everyone, I guess I'm here to speak on behalf of my son. I had the pleasure to meet with them over the Easter holidays and tried to convince them to return for this ceremony but it's kinda obvious they refused. He wanted to congratulate everyone receiving an award and offer his thanks for playing your part in bringing about the end of the war. He wanted me to make sure you knew that he was proud of each and every one of you who showed the courage to do what was right. If you will indulge me for a few minutes, I have some things I'd like to say. First, I would like to happily announce that at the end of the summer, Harry and Gabby will be making Aurora and myself grandparents. If nothing else came out of this whole war, then I can at least say that my son got his deepest desire of having a family of his own."

There was mild applause at this announcement and someone yelled out "When will Lord and Lady Potter/Black return?"

Sirius looked uncomfortable with the question but finally said "The Potters have decided to make their home away from England."

Molly asked "But why?"

"To put it as nicely as I can because in no way do I want to take away from this celebration, Harry said that England is his past and he would like to leave that part of his life behind him."

She again said "I don't believe that. That Veela trollop has him ensnared. He would never leave his family behind."

Sirius lost it and said "I'll make sure I relay your comment. I'm sure Harry would make a special trip to England to keep his wife's honor intact. As far as why, you just showed exactly why he doesn't want to return. Is he ensnared, hell yes but it isn't the Veela allure that has him, it is her unquestioning love and devotion for him that has him captivated. Besides, Harry is immune to the allure. If you don't believe me, ask your children."

Ginny stood and said "Mother, do shut up about things you don't know anything about."

Molly glared at her daughter with her mouth hanging open.

Hermione stood and stepped up beside Sirius. She hugged him and whispered "Allow me."

When he backed away, she said "I'm going to speak on behalf of Harry's brothers and sisters. If you really want to know why Harry doesn't want to come back, you should all look in the mirror. My brother willingly risked his life numerous times to save all of us and what did he get for it? Except for a few cases, not even a simple thank you. Most of the time he was either humiliated or treated with scorn. I was with him during the whole Heir of Slytherin thing and I saw how much that hurt him. He was called a cheat and a liar during the Tri Wizard Tournament but still almost died several times in defense of others and yet you still acted as if he was a bad person and to my shame, I was not as supportive of him as I should have been. After you begged him to return to fix the problem that should have never fell to our generation, you once again acted as if he was the next dark lord when he ended Voldemort's reign of terror. During my first opening feast, I was full of dreams of how wonderful a world filled with magic would be. On the night of my last leaving feast, I find my hopes and dreams have been trampled by a bigoted, backwards, and cowardly society. I can honestly say that my fiancé and I are thankful for the endowments which will allow us to build a new life away from this world."

As she stepped away from the podium, Sirius pulled her into a hug and whispered "Did you just tell them to go screw themselves?"

She chuckled "Yes, but I did it nicely."


At the end of the summer, the newly wed Dean and Hermione Rosier made their home on the island. Since Dean was the last of the Rosier family, he inherited their wealth along with several cadet houses that had died out. In his eyes, it was the final revenge on those that had killed his parents.

Ollivander had returned to England and Lobo made his way back to the islands to live in peace. When he reappeared, he brought a muggle born witch named Julia with him. Julia's first husband had been an auror who had been caught in the initial purge by Tom's forces. She brought a daughter with her from the first marriage who would be returning to Hogwarts to start her fifth year.

The end of the summer also saw the birth of the Potters' first child. James Harrison Potter was a copy of his father with his mother's sparkling blue eyes. Appoline was so enamored with her first grandchild that she resigned her positions and moved to the island. Jean couldn't stand to be away from her so he commuted to France on the days he had to go in but then started slowly passing his duties to others.

Harry had asked the elves to construct a new building on the island which would replace the shop they had originally wanted and would serve as a research center with a library along with labs and room to expand to their needs. Appoline even got a state of the art hospital wing. The building would also satisfy the researcher requirements of the Unspeakables by offering them a place to work.

The beauty of the library was that it contained copies of all the libraries owned by the Potters and Blacks. Over time, the library would grow to contain copies of many books from the Hogwarts' library including the restricted section along with copies of the Delacour and Rosier libraries. There were even copies of some very rare tomes that could only be found in the possession of the Unspeakables. It seemed as if the library would also grow every time the elves would go out and procure supplies. Mi was quickly sworn in as a researcher and took her job very seriously as Dean was often seen dragging a not so reluctant and smiling Hermione from the building.


By the time Christmas came around, Hermione was pregnant with her first child and was joined by Gabby who found herself pregnant once again. Appoline and the elves were ecstatic to have more children on the way and were already helping with the planning of the new nurseries.

The Christmas Eve celebrations were held in the new Rosier home on the island with Julia and Lobo attending. The house had been a belated wedding present from Harry and Gabby. The next day's festivities would be held at the Potter's house as they would be celebrating James' first Christmas. Before the first present could be opened, the floo activated and started disgorging people. Sirius, Aurora, Remus, and Fiona were followed out of the floo by Jake and Emma. Just as Grangers were hugging Dean and Hermione, the floo activated once more and Nana stepped out. As soon as their eyes met, Harry leapt over the couch and pulled her into a hug where he lifted her up and swung her around. Her eyes grew wet with tears at the greeting she received and she was pulled into the crowd to meet her great grandson. She was pleased that her letters of apology had been accepted as she knew her actions had yet once again failed her grandson. It was a good thing that James wasn't walking yet as his feet would have never touched the floor due to the unprecedented spoiling that the assortment of grandparents were showering upon him.

Harry sat back in thought as he watched all this and his mind traveled back to his childhood. Before his thoughts could turn dark, Gabby quickly sat in his lap and brought him out of his thoughts. She gazed in his eyes before saying "None of our children will ever have to worry about that my love."

After a large dinner that made the elves very happy, everyone retired to the family room where they caught up on the news of each other. Over the course of the afternoon, it was revealed that Remus and Fiona were going to be parents and had decided it was time to leave England. Sirius sadly said that the prejudices and bigotry were still running rampant in England and that they felt it was time to leave as well. The group became amused when Sirius asked Harry if they could move back home. Harry smiled and called for Vinny. When he appeared, Harry asked "It seems you have some new construction projects. Remus and Fiona need a house so please get together with them this week about what they would like. I'm going to assume that we will need a Black wing much like the Delacour wing added onto this house. Jake? Emma?"

"We would love to. We don't want to crowd Hermione and Dean but we would like to be a part of their lives and be close enough that we can help with the babies."

"Mum, we're only having one baby."

Harry laughed and said "Yes but you have always been an overachiever Mi and Dean is very competitive. I'm sure you won't stop at one." She blushed but nodded in agreement.


Over the course of the next few years, the population of Black Island grew with the addition of children and with Harry's brothers and sisters becoming disillusioned with life in England and deciding to join him. Neville and Susan joined them about a year after Sirius and his group came in once Susan became pregnant. With the population of the island growing, Harry called a meeting one night to determine ways to make themselves more self sufficient. While most of the families had wealth, the fact that there was no money coming in except from interest on their accounts would see a drain on their finances in the long term.

Jean and Appoline had been accustomed to leading a very busy and active life and made a proposition to the group. They had investigated available property in the area and came across a small island that was reasonable priced. They proposed that the family buy the island and turn it into a magical community including a magical hospital. The hospital could be marketed as a prime location to heal and recover in the warm tropical sunshine. Jean offered to administer the hospital with Appoline becoming its chief healer. His financial projections were figured using the sliding scale used at Hogwarts and in other places in Europe but in reverse. The rich, famous, and purebloods would pay more while everyone else would not but the care would be the same regardless. Fiona even proposed a clinic to help the less fortunate which was quickly agreed on by all.

The elves were just as efficient as ever and had the hospital built and outfitted within three months. In a bit of inspiration, Dobby and Vinny traveled back to England and sought out the elves that had lost their families during the war. Before you could even blink an eye, there were fifty elves coming to Jean and Appoline asking what they needed to be done. The rest of the healing staff was quickly filled out by Appoline's former team along with several Veela who would serve as Potions Mistresses. There were two healer positions held open for when Daphne and Tracey decided to join the rest of the family.

It was about three months after the hospital opened when Daphne wrote that they were through and were coming to the islands. When they finally arrived, they sat down and told a story of how they were constantly trying to be trapped into marriage contracts by the remaining pompous purebloods. They did as they always did in the past and turned to each other for comfort and found that they already had what they were looking for. They were hesitant as they revealed this to their family but found their fears were unjustified. They were accepted with open arms and without a bit of scorn. Harry was the first on his feet to hug them and say "All I ever wanted for you was to be happy. If you are, then that's good enough for us."


In addition to the hospital, several other business ventures were launched including a shopping district much like Diagon Alley but on a grander scale and much classier where muggleborn and half blood shop keepers were recruited. Without the biases in England, it was felt that this would give them the chance to succeed. Their next project would be a major undertaking as they planned on building massive greenhouses underneath the ocean. Under Neville's tender care, they hoped to be able to provide for the hospital therefore cutting costs at that facility and gradually work towards cornering the market for plant based potion ingredients world wide. It was hoped that when Katie arrived, she could expand her family's import/export business to handle the logistics of this aspect of their business.


(Ten Years Later)

The investments made by the family were starting to pay off handsomely. The family learned very quickly that Jake and Emma were good with numbers and were recruited as the financial officers of the business ventures. Their creativity in money matters saw the ventures' initial outlays being repaid in half of the time that was projected. Susan took over the marketing aspect of the business and came up with a brilliant strategy that led to increasing number of visitors to the island.

The years also saw many of the long time missing family members starting to reconnect with the others. Dora had returned to the Auror service and remained there for several years until too many propositions from not enough real men led her to resign and escape to the island. Katie Bell would eventually retire from her professional Quidditch career and seek refuge on the island as well as run the island branch of the import/export business. The two unhappy ladies found comfort in each other and much like Daphne and Tracey, found something in each other that they couldn't find anywhere else.

The biggest surprise to the island was in the form of Ginny and Colin Creevy. Ginny had been Dora's Auror partner and decided to resign at the same time Dora did. She volunteered to run a shop for the twins on the island and they quickly accepted her offer. Her husband also opened a photography studio on the island and was under contract to Ernie and Hannah MacMillan and their hotel called the Coral Reef. Both couples were attracted by the progressive attitudes on the island and thought it would be a great place to raise a family. It was also a plus that those that they felt were family were close by.

Another surprise during those ten years was the addition of Thomas and Fleur Bell. Fleur eventually got pregnant and thus ended their curse breaking careers. They moved to the island before the birth of their first child and opened a very reputable warding business. With the family backing them, they quickly took their business worldwide and were considered rivals of the Goblins in creating wards. In later years, Bill Weasley would eventually be interviewed by Fleur when the downturn in their warding business forced the Goblins to lay off their non-Goblin associates. His dreams of superiority were quickly felled when he returned home to his dumpy little wife that was almost a carbon of his mother and a house full of children.

The rest of the family threw their focus into creating the absolute best magical school in the world with Aurora at the helm. As expected, it was named the Marauders' School of Magic with Sirius and Remus very involved with the course designs and curriculum. They expected to split the school into three entities much like they had done at Hogwarts but with basic education beginning when the students were seven followed by general magic education which lasted from eleven years old to fifteen. After fifteen, they began advanced magics and had the option to continue in obtaining their masteries. The plan was that in the later years, the students would receive more practical experience and knowledge by going on site to learn their craft. The whole family was included in this as any healing students would spend their time at the hospital, Herbology students would be with Neville, and curse breaking and warding students would be with Thomas and Fleur in the field or in the office where they would learn their trade. Advanced potions and masteries were taught under the guidance of the Veela potions mistresses of the hospital and every other career option had someone in the family who could progress the students along.

The advanced defense part of the school was led by the Potters and the Rosiers. The four of them quickly became the sought after defense instructors and were respected worldwide.

If you were to look into the future of the Marauders' School, it quickly outstripped the other magical education institutions due to their progressive thinking and planning. The learning environment was very open with no harassment or bigotry allowed. If a student acted in such a negative way, they were immediately expelled without a refund to their tuition. As it was, there were very few students who met the qualifications from England and if they did, they usually didn't last long unless you were a member of their family.

The school eventually became the primary recruiting grounds for the Unspeakables and the Auror departments of the world as they would require minimum training before beginning their duties. It also became common that the Aurors of the world not recruited from the school would attend at least a year before being licensed to perform their duties.


Over the years, family meetings became more important as the family had their hands in so much and some were traveling quite a bit. Harry had sat there and brooded during most of one meeting and the others recognized it for what it was. In their eyes, brooding was much more desirable to pacing and they knew he was waiting for the reports to be finished before he had his say. When the last report was made, Harry stood and started pacing the room deep in thought. Jean finally said "We all know something is bothering you but we cannot help if you don't tell us what it is."

Harry sighed "We've gotten too busy. I know we all decided that we had to do something or our funds would run out but in the process we have lost why we are out here. I mean, we came here to be a family and we hardly ever see each other anymore."

Fleur said "But Harry, its not like we can just quit at this point, there are a lot of families relying on us now for jobs and so much more."

"I know, I just….I just miss you guys."

Appoline said "I agree with you but at the same time, if we had just hid out and did nothing, we would have driven each other crazy. I'm assuming you have an idea."

"Well, a long time ago, you guys left me in charge to make decisions for the family. I'm going to invoke my rights once again and put a new rule in place."

Gabby already knew what her husband was thinking and smiled brightly. "And was does the family patriarch have to say in this matter?"

Harry grinned at her "From this day forward. No members of the family are allowed to work on Sundays. That day will be declared family day and every single member will be expected to attend without any complaint."

Susan said "You're really serious aren't you?"

With a smirk he replied "No, he's Sirius, I'm Harry. And yes, at the rate we are going, our family will be too spread apart and only our children will have contact with each other. In my opinion, that is unacceptable and against the whole reason we came here and then started the businesses. I also think that our meetings will be so much better after a day of relaxation where we gather and talk and work out the things that are bothering us."

Emma finally stood and said "I think it is a wonderful idea." One by one, the rest of the group agreed and realized that they had lost focus on the more important things.


It was Sunday a few weeks later that found all the men walking along the beach with their numerous children. Harry sat in the sand as his children went to play in the water. His wife had blessed him with six beautiful children and had been hinting that she might want a few more. He grinned as he thought of the practice sessions they would have before that became a reality. Gabby had remained constantly pregnant for six years and he still struggled to figure out how she managed to arrange it so that their children showed up in boy girl order and in the end retained the body that had entranced him. James was leading his two brothers Orion and John (a compromise over the name Jean) down to the water followed by his sisters Lily, Pollee, and Mya. All three girls were Veela. As Harry thought on it, he winced at the thought of their teenage years.

Dean joined him in the sand as his four made their way to the water as well. It seemed that Hermione had done enough research to figure out how to have the wanted number of kids without the required number of pregnancies and had two sets of twins. Dean Jr. and Harrison were followed by Emma Jean and Jane who were born a year after their brothers. When teased about it, Hermione said that she didn't have the Veela gift to keep her young and beautiful and would use whatever means necessary to try and remain that way for her husband.

Neville was next and watched as daughter, Amy, led his three sons, Little Frank, Jimmy, and Edgar, down to the water behind their cousins. Neville clapped Harry on the shoulder and said "Never thought we would live to see this day."

"I know what you mean. Its funny but I think our children will be the ones to change the world. I'm just sorry that we weren't able to do it before they came along."

Sirius and Remus sat down as their children joined the others. Remus replied "Well, it's not from lack of trying. It may take several generations before the last of those attitudes are gone."

Sirius was watching his daughter closely as he listened. Getting away from England was the best thing he had ever done. Although Azkaban rendered him sterile, the research and advancements made at the hospital along with incorporating muggle medicine allowed Aurora and him to have a daughter of their own. He saw the longing looks that Aurora gave the children and decided to endure whatever he must to give her that which her heart desired. Even helping Harry as he recovered had not been enough to drive the last of the immaturity from him but one look at his daughter and Sirius Black was officially an adult.

Remus and Fiona were still going strong and were up to five children. Harry laughed as the former werewolf had it worse than he did with five Veela daughters. It was probably a good thing that Remus was the most patient man alive or he would never survive in a house with six females. He still held out hope that he would have a son one day.

The next to join the group was Neville's dad. Once the war was over, he took Harry's warning and gave Neville a little brother along with a sister. Alice was in heaven but still made time for her two boys.

Thomas strolled up with his two daughters who were the spitting images of Katie and Fleur. Thomas always shrugged it off to luck that only one of his daughters was Veela but still knew that he would be fighting off the young men if Katarina turned out half as lovely as his sister.

The last to come up the beach was Colin carrying his sleeping two year old boy and three year old daughter. He and Ginny had talked about continuing their family but once she made an example of her family and what it had done to her mother, he quickly agreed with her. Her two pregnancies already added more curves in the right places and even though he would love her no matter what, he was quite pleased with his little Spitfire. Harry had tagged her with the nickname years ago and when Colin used it, it usually made her blush as he was referencing her passion in the bedroom. Yeah, in Colin's mind, he knew how good he had it.

Katie and Dora along with Tracey and Daphne were the beloved aunts to the whole group. While they wanted children, they all felt that the incest required to get pregnant was not something they wanted to think about even though they loved their brothers dearly and were clearly the only choices they could ever consider. It was quite obvious that their brothers made some beautiful children even though a lot of the credit should be given to the mothers. They were also well aware that the thought of cheating on their wives was not something they would even consider. Tracey and Daphne were currently involved in a process that worked much like the one created for Sirius and were starting to see results. They all held out hope that they would one day share a child with the loves of their lives.

Jean and Jake finally caught up to the group of men just as the children were growing tired of playing in the water and started the constant stream of "Dad, I'm hungry."

Harry called out "Okay you guys, head to the Pavilion and call for Dobby. I'm sure they'll fix you something."

Harry watched in pride as the older children took charge of the younger ones and led them back towards the family area. The men got up and started that way as well while they talked of anything and everything. Most had started the day stressed about something or another and after a day of just talking things out with their family, everything started to either make sense or they had solutions to their problems.

As they walked along the beach, they came upon a sight that left them speechless. In front of them lay their wives, sisters, and mums in all their glory. Every one of the ladies was lying on their stomachs as the men ogled the luscious bums that were displayed in front of them.

Finally Neville whispered "Harry?"


"If I ever doubt any of your ideas ever again, you have my permission to smack me around."


Sirius said "Thanks Son."

"Yeah…huh…for what?"

"Telling us to wear shorts today and not informing the girls."

Several of the men looked down and chuckled at themselves.


"Yeah Dean?"

"Think they'll turn over soon?"

"Oh God I hope so. I love my wife but this is just beauty beyond description."

Harry heard several muttered 'yeahs' along with a distinctive giggle from his Angel.

The End

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