The Soul Eaters Meet the Cullens (The Cullens are in for a big surprise)

Chapter 1: Moving In

(Death the Kid)

"Liz, Patti, it's time to go!" I called. Where were those two? They came racing down the stairs, Patti holding a broken paper giraffe by its neck. Seriously? I thought they were finishing packing for the trip. We were temporarily moving to Forks, Washington, one of the cloudiest and most overcast places in the United States. Father had assigned us a mission there. Apparently, there was a family of kishin living there. Our mission was to destroy them and collect their souls. Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki were coming later to help us finish them off.

We loaded ourselves into the car that Father had loaned us when Liz said, "Kid, I didn't think you were old enough to drive." "I'm not." I answered her. "But Daniel Reap is." I held up my fake driver's license for her to see. "Father had decided that if we were going to do this right, we might as well have a more normal mode of transport than my skateboard. Besides, you wouldn't want to stay in weapon form for the entire trip there. It's a long way from Death City to Forks." After that, Liz didn't complain at all. We spent the drive talking about how we might be able to destroy the kishins. When we got to the house we had rented for the stay, we unpacked just what we needed for the night, picked out our rooms, and collapsed on the beds. It really had been a long drive.