Sweet Sugar and Hyper Spice~

Kikumaru Aiji

"Wake up Ai-chan! Don't wanna be late for your first day nyah!"

"Ah, ohayou Ei-chan! What do you mean by- nyeh! EI-CHAN! Why didn't you wake me earlier?"

"Ai-chan looks too kawaii sleeping nyah!"


Yep! I'm Kikumaru Eiji's imouto! Today's my first day at Seigaku and I'll be a freshman this year, my aunt and uncle separated me from my mom, my dad, my two older sisters, my two older brothers, my grandma and grandpa, and my favorite older brother in the world!

They took me all the way to America when I was five, I managed to come back at as Kikumaru Aiji, the now twelve year old! Though I still look like I should be nine… and if anyone asks then no, I didn't meet Ei-chan's friends yet.

I don't play tennis either, Ei-chan wants me to try but I like doing gymnastics. Gymnastics make me feel light and it's really fun doing them with Ei-chan! I miss doing them with Ei-chan, it was fun while it lasted but maybe one day we'll get to play again!

While Ei-chan has Kuma-chan I have Usagi-chan, she's a big white bunny with a light blue ribbon on her neck. Ei-chan gave it to me before I went to America, so around the house I keep it with me at all times!

"Aiji! Hurry or you'll have Eiji late for his practice!"

"Hai hai!"

Well, enough introducing myself or Ei-chan's gonna be late! I had gotten dresses in a very… original sailor school uniform? If I had the power to change the green to white I would!

"Yogatta! C'mon Ai-chan!"

"Nani! Matte Ei-chan!"

Too late, Ei-chan threw me over his shoulder and grabbed our bags. He practically was running a marathon!

"Nyah! Buchou's gonna kill me!"

"Nyeh! I didn't get to do my hair!"

My hair reached to my knees and I didn't get to put it up so it wouldn't get in the way. Don't get me wrong but I love having my hair down but for school and sports or stuff like that I put it up.

Soon we {more like Ei-chan} stopped at the gate to breathe, nyeh, Ei-chan didn't position me correctly and I stopped breathing for a few minutes but I'm okay now nyeh!

Ei-chan handed me my bag and dragged me this time to what I guess is the tennis courts. He told me to wait outside of what seemed like the boys changing room, nyeh, why do I have to be here?

I didn't even get to do my hair! Well, at least I have my cat clip nyeh.

"Who are you and what business do you have here?"

A reeaaalllly tall man had stood in front of me wearing a Seigaku regulars jersey and glasses. He looked so scary by his intimidating presence.

At least I managed to answer,

"Ei-chan dragged me here and told me to wait nyeh."

"Who are you?"

I guess he just wanted to know my name, well maybe I won't tell him nyeh!

"A person nyeh!"

He rubbed the bridge of his nose. I guess he's getting irritated, where's Ei-chan at a time like this?

"Gomen Ai-chan I- buchou!"

"You're late, Kikumaru. Thirty laps after you tell me why this girl is here."

Ei-chan rubbed the back of his head,

"She's my imouto, Kikumaru Aiji. Say hi Ai-chan!"

"That doesn't explain why she is here."

"Ah, Eiji there you are- who is this?"

A guy who is as tall as Ei-chan had appeared with a strange haircut. He looked nice enough I guess considering Ei-chan's buchou is a scary person.

I hid behind Ei-chan just in case, man, Ei-chan why do you have to be so tall? I only reach to your elbow. Ei-chan looked at me and grinned,

"Nyah, don't be scared Ai-chan! Only buchou bites."

Ei-chan's buchou glared at him.

"Fifty laps."


I could see six more guys come up to us. All wearing a Seigaku regulars jersey

"Eiji-senpai! Who's this?"

A guy with violet eyes had looked at me causing me to instinctively cling on Ei-chan.

"Nyah, Ai-chan isn't usually this shy."

"Mada mada dane."

A guy with a cap looked at me as did everyone else.

"Nyeh, Ei-chan I'm not shy!"

Ei-chan smiled at me and pushed me in front of him.

"This is my imouto, Kikumaru Aiji nyah! Say hi Ai-chan!

"Yoroshiku nyeh!"

"Why does Eiji say nyah and Ai-chan say nyeh?"

"Nyeh/ Nyah?"

It came out of my mouth one day in America so I just say it sometimes. It's not like I say it ALL the time nyeh?

"Well, my name's Momoshiro Takeshi. Just call me Momo-chan alright, Ai-chan?"

I nodded and looked at the guy beside him who hissed like a snake,

"Kaidoh Kaoru."

So guy after guy I learned all their names.

Echizen Ryoma: A cocky guy who is unfortunately my age.

Momoshiro Takeshi: Ryoma describes him as a hamburger eating monster.

Kaidoh Kaoru: A guy with a cool bandanna and acts like snake but when Momo-senpai calls him one he hates it.

Fuji Syuusuke: A bishie, that's all I can describe him as.

Oishi Syuuchirou: He's Ei-chan's doubles partner.

Kawamura Takashi: I wonder if he'll burn a building with his burning mode.

Inui Sadaharu: Some of the guys described him as a stalker.

Tezuka Kunimitsu: He's Mr. I-Like-To-Give-Laps guy.

Ei-chan warned me to not drink any beverage he makes. If Ei-chan wants me too then I guess I have too!

"Neh, would you like to be our team manager, Aiji?"

Fuji-senpai grinned at me,

"But I don't play tennis."

"Don't worry nyah! We'll show you Ai-chan!"

Why do I have to be manager?

"Okay, so like this?"


I served at the basket only to have it bounce it off the edge and hit Tezuka-buchou.

A nervous laugh had come out of my mouth while Tezuka-buchou glared at me and said,

"Fifty laps."

That's probably all I'll write for this chapter since my mom is scaring me. Q_Q