Ever since I've been in New York everything has been perfect for me. I have the perfect life. I have the perfect boyfriend. I'm on stage in Broadway, I mean, how amazing is that? I am so siked about every night I'm up there. The best thing that I ever did was move here. Okay, at first when I moved here, I didn't even think that this would be possible. After all, I moved into an apartment which was a roach motel with no room service and my bed did come out from behind a wardrobe and I did say that it was closet with a tongue, but yeah, it was one of the comfiest bed that I've ever slept on in my life. Where was I again? Oh that's right, about my life since I've moved to the city. Well, I've been on Broadway shows. Once I had one then they all just kept flowing in. I guess they just couldn't not love Boy and I. Well, obviously Boy because he is the cutest dog to ever walk this planet. Anyways, I have a big show tonight and I am so stoked about it. It's the opening show and people ask me 'are you nervous?' or 'are you scared about it?' and I'm like pluh-lease why would I be scared up there, I'm Sharpay freakin' Evans for crying out loud, I never get nervous, okay, I may have got scared for the first time in my life when I first went on my Broadway show but Peyton was there to help me out. He's my boyfriend, we've been dating for a year and he is sooo cute, like super cute. Is he cuter than Troy, I don't think so, I mean, nobody could be cuter than Troy but he's with Montez now and he never saw me more than Sharpay Evans, the one thing I liked about Troy was that he never saw me as the Ice-Queen, he always treated me like a human being even though I wasn't the best person in the world to him, but he was always nice to me, and for that I thank him for. What was I talking about again? Oh that's right, my boyfriend Peyton. Yeah, he's totally cute and is amazing but lately, I feel like there's been a strain on our relationship. We hardly see each other anymore because I'm always on stage, or I'm rehearsing and if I'm not, then he's in college with his film studies. I'm afraid that something is gonna happen to our relationship, I'm scared because I don't want to lose the best thing that ever happened to me. I know what you're thinking, I would've said that in the past because I would be an independent girl who knows how to stand up for herself but that was high school and this is real life. When you're in high school you think that you're invincible and you can do anything you want and get anything you want, and when you get out of high school it's gonna carry on that way, that however, isn't true, not one bit. Now I feel like I have to actually work hard to get things I want, in high school that never happened, I always got what I wanted. I was, and still am, daddy's little girl. But now I'm living the real life and things don't just come to me, I actually have to w-w-w-work for it.

I love the city, it was the best choice that I ever made, well, it was the only choice I was ever gonna have, okay, along the way, I had a few hiccups but I finally got where I'm supposed to be. And that's on stage, an audience clapping and cheering me, being centre stage with the lights on me. The way that it's always supposed to have been and I'm finally there, which I knew, of course. I'm Sharpay Evans and that's what's supposed to happen.

I've just finished a show and of course they loved me, every night they come to see me. Well, they say they come to see the show but they don't, they come to see me because I'm the star of the show. Well, Boy and I but it's still me. Peyton's supposed to be meeting me tonight, he promised me that he was gonna meet me. He said that this specific show that he was gonna come and see me, but I can't see him anywhere. All I can see right now is people waiting around for my autograph and screaming my name. I love it, of course, but the one person that I truly want to see now is boyfriend and he's the only person that I can't see. I walk over to my personal assistant, yes, you heard right, I have a personal assistant, every star needs one because you can't always do things for yourself, you're always busy, especially when you're on stage. My PA is young, I like them young because they can learn the trade and I like it when they haven't worked for anybody before because then I can teach them everything, everything that I would love them too. She's got blonde hair like me. I love blonde hair, I mean, of course I love blonde hair because I have it and there is no other colour that is better than blonde, trust me. She's good looking, because I wouldn't hire somebody who wasn't good looking, she's not as beautiful as me because nobody could be as beautiful as me, as I am Sharpay freakin' Evans for crying out loud, hello. She's slender and is well groomed, well, that was from the help of me, I took her on a shopping spree because her outfit that she was wearing for the interview was not what you call appropriate to be my PA. Holding Boy, I stand behind her and clear my throat.

She turns around and looks at Sharpay. "Can I help you, Sharpay?" she says with a polite manner. I taught her that because I don't want people being rude to me.

"Yeah, has Peyton turned up yet? I'd like to see him and he promised me that he was gonna come tonight to see my show" I said to her politely, because I can be polite, people don't think that, especially those in high school, they think that I'm just an Ice-Queen without a heart but I have a heart, Peyton wouldn't be with me if I had one. And speaking of Peyton why hasn't she answered me yet?

"Um, I don't think that he's here" she says nervously to me.

"Well, how come you don't know where he is?" I ask her quite harshly, it's not actually her fault that he's not here, it's his fault but I can't help it, I'm angry that he's not here.

"I'm sorry, Sharpay, I'll go and see if I can find him at the front, or would you like me to call him?" She asks politely, reaching into her purse. I place my hand on top of hers, stopping her from grabbing her phone out of her purse.

"No, you don't have to worry about that." I say to her with genuine tone in my voice, like I said it isn't her fault that he's not here. "Why don't you go and see if he's at the entrance or in the foyer and if he's not then I guess he hasn't come." She gives me a sweet smile and walks off down towards the foyer. Now, I'm more nervous than I would be than if I was going on stage and performing in front of people. Performing on stage isn't my personal life, I'm pretending to be somebody else, but with Peyton not being here kinder tells me something? Is this the end of our relationship? I'm scared because I like the guy but maybe, just maybe this is the end of our story.