Oh no, that would be a long day. Carter stepped inside the shower only to experience cold water! Damn it! The plumber was there last week and he was supposed to fix the damn shower, but apparently, he didn't! He was too busy looking at her backwards. She took her shower anyway. She had been in worst situations when she was in the army, so she didn't care.

"Mom! I'm leaving!" Taylor said in his way out to school.

"Hey, Taylor, wait… I've prepared your breakfast!" She screamed from the inside of the bathroom.

"Mom, I'm already late! Bye…!"

"Taylor!" She screamed angry.

"Love you!" He smirked and left.

Carter rolled her eyes and stepped outside the shower. It was so damn cold. It would be one of those hard rainy and cold days, but she didn't care because it was her day off. She would drag herself under the blankets and watch a terrible horror movie, which would make her laugh and forget all of her duties. She wore her bathrobe and went down the stairs to get some breakfast. Taylor would be lectured later for not eating with his mother on the one day she was off the work. She even had a smile in her face, which disappeared when she saw John resting comfortably on her couch.

"You broke into my house!" Her anger was so visible that demons would be intimidated.

"I'm wounded, detective!" He faked a sad face.

"How did you get in here?"

"I had the key…" He took it out of his pocket. "I borrowed from Taylor!"

"Oh really?" Of course she didn't believe him.

"I haven't asked him, though!" HIs voice was as calm as a dove alone in a lake.

"You assaulted my son!" She was furious.

John threw the keys in her direction. Of course he didn't throw right on her, but towards her side. He wanted her to stop embracing herself with her arms as if she was attempting to defend herself from some attack coming from him. She had to stop holding her bathrobe to get the keys and well, that was the plan. John's eyes went to a part of her breasts that came to light with the movement. He smirked. There was a long time he didn't use his smartness to embarrass a girl.

After she took the keys she managed to close her bathrobe and make sure none of the parts of her body was visible again. She noticed his eyes, but decided to ignore it.

"Answer me!"

She took some steps forward and it seemed her anger was something physical that could fill the room and leave no space for anything else.

He smirked.

"Nice bathrobe, detective!" He tilted his head to have a better look.

"Stop or I'll call the police!" Her voice had a hint of warning.

"You are the police, Carter!" He was still smirking.

She rolled her eyes.

"I just… bumped on Taylor!" He answered simple.

"I should arrest you!" She was still angry.

"I need your help on a case…" He stood up with the file in his hand.

"It's my day off!" She took a step back as if she was afraid of him getting closer.

"I just need you to do some digging… don't need you on the field…"

"Of course you don't…" She scoffed. "You are a super hero!"

He smirked again and offered the file. He didn't take any step forward though.

"I need all you can find about this guy…"

"Can't your hacker friend do it for you?" She took some steps forward and got the file.

"Yes… he can!" He nodded his head casually.

"Then why bringing it to me?" She turned and headed towards the kitchen. "Follow me!"

He did it.

"Because you are more fun!" He leaned against the threshold.

She gave him a look and started reading the file.

"Since you are here and my son has just abandoned me… do you want some breakfast?" She sounded sincere and almost desperately waiting for a yes as answer.

"Thanks, detective… I'm good!"

"Oh, yeah… super hero stuff! You are like Jack Bauer! No pee, no food!" Her irony made him chuckle.

"As much as I'd like to have some super powers, well… I've just peed inside a bottle of water…"

She choked and stared at him with a disgusting face.

"There are no bathrooms on a stake out, Carter!" He said as if he was outraged.

"Over sharing, Mr. Super Hero!"

"Sorry…" He smirked.

"So who is this guy? Why are you chasing him?" She started to read the file again.

"Apparently he is a biologist, works as a researcher in a lab and lives on a cab in the woods. No family."

"Why him?" She put the file away and looked at him.

"He is fun!" He left the threshold and sat at the chair.

"That's your answer for all of my questions!" She rolled her eyes.

He smiled.

The son of a bitch had a great smile. She thought as she tried to hide a smirk.

"Okay… here is our deal… I'll pull his file, but you have to do something for me." She sipped her coffee.

"I'd be happy to…"

"You have to fix my shower!"

He narrowed his eyes at hers. He crossed his legs in a female way and rested his hands on his lap. His face was serious. Actually he was trying to swallow a burst of laughing that was about to come out.

"What?" She gazed around, trying to hide a smirk.

"You can't be serious!" He scoffed.

"I'm deadly serious, Mr I-can't-fix-a-shower!"

"Of course I can!" He couldn't.

"Then do it! Shower doesn't heat and faucet is leaking!" She shook her hand and sipped her coffee.

"Where's it?" He asked confident.

"My bedroom, upstairs! Don't touch anything or I'll rip your head out of your body!"


"I'll be here pulling that file!" She smiled.

The woman knew how to play people and she had just played him flawlessly. He smirked at himself for allowing her to do that to him. And now he had a problem. How the hell would he fix a fucking shower? Finch might know… how to look for it, not to actually do it.

"Finch, I need your help!" He arrived at the door and took a look inside.

He could tell it was Carter's bedroom. It was screaming her. He smiled.

"Mr. Reese, I've been trying to contact you!" Finch answered worried.

"Yeah… I lost connection because of the rain, I think!"

"I haven't found any relevant thing in his lab files."

"Well, yeah… I've got it covered!" John leaned at the threshold of the bathroom and looked at the shower.

"Carter?" Finch asked in disbelief.

"Yeah!" John smirked.

"Your obsession about her will complicate you, Mr Reese!" Finch warned him but inside he was smiling.

"Well, It just did! How do I fix the heat of a shower?"

John looked to the object in question and frowned in doubts.

"As much as I wonder and want to ask you why you could possibly be asking me something like that, I can't ignore the fact that you think I might know something like that, Mr. Reese."

"You seem to know everything, Harold!" John provoked the man.

"There's nothing in this world that can't be figure it out, though. I'll call you in a minute or two!" Finch went from confusion and anger to curiosity and excitement.

He hung up the phone.

John looked at the leaking faucet and analyzed it carefully. Well, since he didn't know how to fix heaters, he would go first for the faucet… not that he knew how to fix it either. He approached it like he was approaching a half dead body. He concentrated. He would never admit he didn't have any clue about what he was doing, but there he was. Finch would probably figure it out and it would be like a number… John would do the dirty work. Well, it was only a shower, a heater and a faucet. It couldn't possibly be any difficult, anyway… best thing was to concentrate and know the enemy. Considering the enemy was a shower, at least John was bullet free.

"Turning off the power would be a start!" She showed up at the threshold.

John's skeleton almost burst out of his flesh.

"God… you scared the hell out of me!" He stared at her, breathing heavily.

"I thought nothing could scare you!" She provoked him.

He made a face and turned to the faucet again.

"I'll turn off the power… In so many exciting ways you could get yourself dead… being electrocuted wouldn't be one of them!" She grinned.

"Funny!" He glanced at her and spoke with irony.

She smiled and left the room.

"Mr. Reese?"


"I think I may have found something!"

"I'm listening, Finch!"

John worked on the faucet while Finch was giving him instructions. John had already discarded his suit, the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up and more than usual buttons of his collar were opened.

"It's not working, Finch!"

He held the faucet with a wrench and his body was in a peculiar position. Yoga could do well for him after this. Hell…

"Need some help?" Carter popped her head inside the bathroom.

"No…" He turned his head to her with a smile and still holding the faucet with the wrench.

She smiled.

"Everything is fine, detective!" He was screwed!

"Ok! I'll be here if you need!"

Carter was getting amused! She sat comfortably on her bed and put her lap top on her lap. She smiled at John's conversation with Finch.

"No, Finch… I already did that!" John's voice had a hint of anger.

Carter smiled. How come a man like Mr Finch, computer genius, couldn't be able to give simple instructions to his co-worker. She knew how to fix the damn faucet, it was so simple and yet, Reese and Finch, probably two of the most intelligent people she had ever known, couldn't do that! She got amused with it and decided to forget about the heat… he would never get to the heat… he was barely wining the faucet.

"Finch… listen to me… I don't know what a fucking slip joint pliers is!"

John was really frustrated and Carter smiled widely at that. She decided to check on him again!

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" She popped her head again inside the bathroom.


Hell, the moment he said 'yeah', the faucet broke and a lot of water splashed against his body. Carter laughed at him. She should be angry, but the situation was so surreal and peculiar, she decided being angry was a waste of amusement.

"Damn it!" He tried to put the faucet back, but he couldn't.

"Are you really asking me that, Finch!" He was outraged and soaked.

Finch said something that made John turn off the ear bug impatiently.

Carter walked inside to turn off the supply of water from the bathroom. Finally the water stopped.

John was soaked and looked at her with a smile.

"I'm super, Joss! Don't look at me like that!"

She smiled.

"You can't fix a damn faucet!" She sounded disappointed.

"Apparently I can't! And my instructor is an idiot!"

"You can't fix a damn shower, but you can kill skillfully."

"It hurt, detective…"

Soaked John wasn't something hard to look at. The white shirt revealed a bit of his chest and abdomen, and the soaked pants… well, they were soaked pants in strong legs.

"I'm gonna get you a towel!" She left smiling. "Here…" She tossed the towel in his direction. "Take off your clothes! I'll put in the dryer."

"Thanks, detective!" He grabbed and started drying himself.

"I'm printing your file!" She said from the bedroom.

John took off his clothes and wrapped the towel on his waist.

"Apparently, this guy has a lab in his so called cab!" She said. Her eyes were watching him.

"A lab in a cab?" He questioned getting out of the bathroom. "Old school, huh!"

Carter ran her eyes on his body wrapped on that towel and his face went red. She shook her head with a smile.

"You piss me off, John!" She was still smiling.

"Why, Jos…?" He asked flippantly.

"Give me that!" She yanked his wet clothes out of his hands and walked to the laundry downstairs to put the clothes in the dryer.

John was looking at some of her photos when she came back.

"What did I say about touching my stuff…"

"Hm… it's just a picture… What about the lab in the woods."

"It was under investigation some years ago, but the case was inconclusive." She shook her shoulders. "Although, I found these pictures…"

John approached and sat comfortably beside her on the bed, and stretched his legs along it. She observed his audacity and smiled.

"You, John… you! One day I'll end up shooting you!"

He stared at her with a smirk. She fell. But suddenly, Taylor entered the room.

"Mom, I forgo… ooooooo, sorry!" He saw John in a towel, soaked and sit on the bed.

"No, Taylor! It's not what you are thinking!" Carter froze.

"No, Mom… it's okay… I just… came to get my keys…" Taylor was clearly embarrassed.

John was trying to hold his smile.

"Taylor… He is …" How would she explain it to him?

"Mom, I told you, it's okay…. Just… I hope you have condoms…"

"See, I told you he would be okay…" John provoked her.

"Shhh, shut up!" She slapped his shoulders.

"If you guys don't have condoms, I have in my second draw…"

"Wai… wai… wait… what is that all about?" She narrowed her eyes on her son.

"Don't deflect mom! Well, do you know where my keys are?"

"Here, boy!" John threw it to him.

"Thanks… and… be a gentleman with my mom, otherwise You'll have to make explanations for me!"

"Understood. I'm always a gentleman with her…" John smirked.

Carter felt like ripping his balls of and giving them to animals as lunch.

Taylor left with a big smile.

"I should rip your balls of!" She spoke upset, but amused with his audacity.

"Hmm… that would hurt… would you touch it…. Cause if…"

"Hauhasaofbadh, shut up!" She slapped his shoulder again.

"I'm into masochism, Jos… don't do that again!" He provoked her with a smile.

"That explains a lot of things…"

He narrowed his eyes aimlessly.

"You are into screwing with me John!"

"Oh, that too… But that's because I like you, Jos." He smiled.

"U-hum! You are dangerous, John… oh, you are dangerous. Here, get your file and your clothes and out! That's my day off and I don't wanna hear about dead bodies and explosions."

She stood up and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. He followed her in amusement.

"Here!" She gave him his clothes.

"Thanks, detective." He smiled.

"Are you sure you don't want to eat?"

She asked again desperately for a yes. One of the things she hated was eating alone.

"Thanks detective. I'm on the run!"

"Okay… then out! Before I tie you up on the chair and make you eat…" She closed her eyes and realized what she had just said.

He made a dangerous face and his eyes shone with something she couldn't decipher. John was a flirtations guy and he would take anything into sexual contest apparently.

"You made my day, Jos!" He smiled.

"Get dressed and out!"

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