Chapter 2

John left and Carter ate her breakfast with a smile on her face. He was getting to her and she hated it. John was dangerous. She didn't know anything about him and yet she did everything to him. That should stop! But seeing him all wet and half-naked above her bed had shaken her like an earthquake. In fact he was always flirting with her and it was difficult to say if the flirtations were for real or one of his games, but Carter didn't want to find out! Anyway, nothing could happen between them.

John got inside his car and waited in silence for some minutes. He had a smile in his face and the cause of it was downwards… I mean… there… Carter was getting to him.

"Finch, are you there?" He turned on the ear bug again.

"Yes, what happened?"

"Carter got the files and an address. I'm heading there…"

"Apparently she didn't get only papers and addresses." Finch provoked his co-worker.


"Your voice is shaken and it sounds like a smile."

"I don't care that you listen to my conversations, Finch, but you might as well advice me when you do so."

John started the car and left.

"That wouldn't be as fun, Mr. Reese. Careful, I'll be in touch!"

"Finch, wait…"


"Keep talking…"

"I don't have anything on the lab, I'm working on it."

"Talk about anything…"

"I'm not good at small conversations, Mr. Reese. What's going on?"

"I'm having some trouble concentrating." John smiled.

"I don't understand…"

"…" John chuckled.


"Forget it… It just worked! I'll be in touch!"

It took John 2 hours to arrive at the foot of the mountain. The rain was getting harder and the dirt road was full of mud. He stopped the car and considerate waiting until the rain stopped so he could get inside the forest. That would be a loss of time, he was tired and he wanted to finish this case as soon as possible and sleep for 5 days. Of course that would never happen. The machine waited for no man and the last few days had been so hard on him that he could count on fingers the hours he spent sleeping. Well, on the road. Let's go.

John grabbed a flashlight inside the trunk of the car. He didn't know what was waiting for him there in the forest. He parked his car strategically so it couldn't be seen by cars on the road and went to a small pathway inside the forest. 20 minutes after he could see a woodhouse.

In a sudden, he felt his foot being trapped and his body flying upside down. He saw himself being grazed by a lot of sharp branches while going up, as if they were there especially to hurt the pray. His clothes got destroyed and his body full of cuts and bruising. His face didn't escape either. He tried to protect it with his hands but he couldn't. When it finally stopped pulling him up, he felt and indescribable pain on the ankle that was trapped by the rope and he saw himself got by a trap, strung up by one of his feet and seeing the world upside down.

"Aww…" He moaned in pain in the middle of the branches. "Fuck!" He screamed in rage.

He fidgeted and could break some of the branches that were close to his face and neck and looked up to check what was going on with his ankle. Damn it! There were thorns on the rope.

"Aaaw… Hm…" He moaned. It hurt like hell.

He tried to reach for his gun, but it had fallen from his belt when he was going up. He searched for his cell phone inside the pocket of his suit and found it almost falling down either, but he could grab it.

"Fuck it!" He tried to level his torso to reach for the rope, but he couldn't, there was a lot of tree obstructing the way and the movement made his ankle screams in pain.

He tried to call Finch but there was no signal to do so. He needed a plan. Carter? No, he wouldn't bother her anymore, especially on her day off.

Carter was bored watching TV and getting her nails done. She liked days like that, but she didn't like it either. It was a question of not liking it, and liking another thing to do. Taylor was at school and he would be home only at 5pm… Oh, and when he did, they would have quite a conversation about condoms. He was only 14 years old after all! Cater was outraged, but she should be prepared for his questions about John! John, son of a bitch, how could he have that audacity to put her in an embarrassed situation in front of her son. She hated John… well, she didn't actually. She smiled. Son of a bitch!

Her phone rang and she half hoped it was him and she half hoped it wasn't. Unknown number.

"Not going, John!" She answered determined.

"Detective Carter? I lost John!"

"What's new?" She rolled her eyes.

"I'm afraid you gave him an address, so I would like to know where exactly it is, since he was too busy dealing with hormonal problems while talking to me this morning." Finch said a little embarrassed.


"Don't make me specify it, detective."

Carter shocked her head and smiled. She half knew what it was.

"Hang on a second! I'll check it… It's an address to a path on the feet of the mountain. He must have hit the forest and you lost the signal."

"Yes, the address to the lab on a cab in the woods?"

"Yes. Catskill Mountain. Take the 23A road, cut east-west through the heart of the mountain. I'll have to send you a map to find the cab."

"Okay, thanks, detective. I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

"Anytime! The map will there by a minute."

Carter smiled at the image of Finch going into the forest!

John gave up trying to get himself down cause each movement he made, his ankle gave him pain. It was already 5 pm and he couldn't get in touch with Finch. Rain had stopped falling harder for a bit and now it was only drizzling. Suddenly he felt his cell phone vibrating.


"Mr. Reese, where are you? I've trying to reach you for hours."

"I'm kind in a trap…"

His voice was sounding painful.


"Strung up in some… tree in middle of… the forest. "

"I'm coming to get you! Hang on!"

"No! Don't come into this forest, Finch…"

"What?" Finch couldn't believe his friend.

"Just… call Fusco..."

"What? You think I can't do it!"

"You don't know how, Finch… I don't want you to get in any danger…"

Finch admired the sincerity of his friend and… agreed. His injuries would never allow him to go into a forest and perform a cinematographic rescue.

Finch tried to reach Fusco, but he didn't answer his phone so he thought about another option. Carter. It was her day off, but there wasn't anyone else. He could drive her there, if she wanted to.

"Taylor! It's my day off and you are not coming home!" She screamed outraged on the phone.

"I'm sorry, mom. I promise I'll make it up to you! I can't lose this game."

"Oh, Bet you will have to make it up, Taylor!" Carter was outraged.

"So, can I go? Pretty, pretty please."

Carter couldn't say no to that little pleading voice of his. And she smiled. The boy was a good boy and he deserved some fun sometimes.

"And, besides… You can call that guy, John… to be there with you!" He smiled victoriously and Carter could see it through his voice.

"Taylor!" She warned him.

"He is great looking, mom! I approve."

"Stop, right now, or you won't see this game neither on television."

"Sorry, mom!"

"You can go! But, this weekend you will be mine!"

"I promise. I love you, mom!"

"Yeah, right! Do you have any money?"

"Yes. Thanks mom, bye!"

He turned off the phone and left her talking to the line.

She smiled at her son's audacity and thought he had got it from his father.

She had just sit on the couch and turned on the television when her phone rang. Unknown number. By the time she knew she was going to be alone all night, she expected that it was John on the phone, but she would never admit it.


"Detective Carter?"


"I would like to ask you a favor…" Finch with a sweat voice.

"As long as I don't need to get out of my comfortable couch."

"Well, about that…" He sounded embarrassed.

There was silence for a few seconds.

"Where is him… I'll get him!" Carter breathes deep!

"I'll send you a map with his location and I'll guide you."

"Just give me a minute to get dressed…"

"Thanks, Detective."

"Yeah, right!"

What else did she have to do at a rainy evening? Of course pick up John from some tumultuous situation wasn't on her options, until it was an option.

She drove for 2 hours and entered to forest.

"Strung up on tree? Is this some kind of a joke?"

She mocked him while walking through the forest and talking to Finch.

"Apparently it's not, detective."

"John can get out alive from car explosions, from shots, from places full of enemies and he was caught up by a tree trap." She couldn't believe that.

"As surreal as it is."

"That's really amazing!" She opened a wide smile.

"I beg your pardon…?" Finch said confused.

"Forget it… I think I've found him. Get back to you later."

She walked towards the tree and saw John. First she smiled at the situation, but when she got closer and saw blood, her smile turned into a scream and a contorted face.

"John!" She looked up. It was really high.

"Carter?" He looked at her.

"John, you are bleeding, how serious are the injuries?"

His clothes were destroyed and his ankle was spilling blood through his leg. He had some bruising and some branches penetrated in his skin.

"It hurts…" He nodded his head.

"Just, hang on… I'll get you down… just hang on…"

"I told Finch… not to call… you… I'm sorry…" He apologized sincerely.

"You are an idiot..."

She searched for the source of the trap. The rain started to fall harder again and Carter cursed it.

"I've found it… I'll cut the rope and try to land you slowly, but I don't know If I can…"

"Just… cut it… I can… aw … deal with the fall…"

"I'll try… hang on…"

Carter cut the rope and held it with all her forces, but the rain wasn't helping with the grip, so in the middle of the way, the rope slid from her hands and John fell heavily on the floor. She ran towards him.

"Awww… Fuck…" He cursed it.

John eased the fall with some arts martial techniques, but it was still hard. He fell over his front and stayed there moaning.

"John…" She kneeled beside him and touched his back.

"Aww…" He turned and sat on the floor with her help. "So… much for… liking to be… tied up… huh." He joked and she smiled, but worried.

She examined his body to check if there were any serious injuries, but couldn't seem to find it.

"Come on, let's get rid of the clothes… or… what is left of it…"

She helped him take off the suit and the shirt. His body had some cuts that should get attention.

"I'm sorry for ruining your day off…" He whispered in pain.

"Let's get you out of here…"

"Take the rope off…" John pointed to his foot.

"Jesus Christ… John… How long were you hanging there?"

She looked to his damaged ankle.

"Just…. Take it off…"

"It's going to hurt" she touched it and John moaned.

Carter removed the rope thorn by thorn and each one that she pulled out of his skin he moaned in pain.

"Hurts… god…" A tear? Maybe.

"Hang on, it's the last one."

It cut her heart to see that, John wasn't the kind of man who felt pain easily, or… showed that he was in pain easily. She removed the rope entirely and threw it away.

"It's pretty damaged, John…" She stared worried at him.

"I know… I'm sorry, Carter…"

"Stop saying that… let's get you out of here…"

She put one of his arms around her shoulders and helped him stand up. With the first step he almost fell on the floor.

"I can't take you in my arms John… though I'd like!" She smiled.

"I know…" He smiled back.

They walked slowly out of the forest. She helped him as much as she could and they arrived at the car with no great problems, besides his pain. She opened the door and helped him sit.

"Come on… slowly…" She said.


She finally got in the car and searched for something on the back sit.

"Detective Carter?"

"I found him… he is injured…"

"How bad?"

"He will survive… I'll take him home and help with the injuries."

"No hospitals, Detective, please."

"I know…"

"Thanks. I'm on the line if you need anything."

She turned off and found a blanket.

"Take it…"

"I'm fi…"

Before he could finish the sentence, she interrupted him.

"You are trembling, John… just take it… I hope you are not in shook."

He looked at her and took the blanket.

After some minutes of silence on the road, she broke it in anger.

"Never do that again!"

Her eyes were on the road and John just glanced at her.

"I mean… call me… whenever you need. You know I'll be there… you know…" She seemed outraged.

"It was your day off, Carter…"

"I owe you, John. Every second of my life I owe you…"

"You don't…"

"Not only because you saved my life… but because… I… care about… you… as much as you annoy the hell out of me."

"You shouldn't, Carter…"

"Well, there's nothing I can do about it…"

They drove in silence until they reach the city. Carter wore all that "I-don't-like-you-don't-care-about-you" attitude towards him, but inside, she felt like protecting him just as he told her he would protect her.

"Just drop me anywhere. Finch can pick up me." He said.

"I won't leave you bleeding on the streets…"


She stopped the car in front of her house and helped him getting out.

"You are freezing…" She said it to herself.

They got to the door and she opened it skillfully while still holding him on her shoulders. She was wet by the rain just as him, but her body wasn't that cold.

"How bad is the pain?" She asked worried while guiding him to the bathroom.

"It has been worse…"

He smiled and she smiled back.

"I'll say it again… In many exciting ways you could get yourself killed, you've been choosing the boring ones lately."

She joked to break the tension that she herself had created and led him to the bathroom on the living room.

"Do you think… this is boring…?"He gave her a look in disbelief.

"Well, I think it's … how can I say… stupid…"


He chuckled, of course she would never now what was like being trapped in a tree seeing the world upside down. It was extremely exciting!"

They reached the bathroom on the living room.

"Come on, let's wash over all this blood."

She guided him into the warm shower.

"This will hurt…" He said.

"I thought you were into masochism…" She played him.

He gave her a look and a smirk.

"Well, it has some… boundaries. Obviously"

He got in the game. He would never miss a chance to piss off Jocelyn Carter.


He narrowed his eyes at hers.

"Let's get rid of these pants…"

With no teasing and no jokes she helped him step out of his already destroyed pants. As professional as she tried to be, seeing him half naked made her hands shaken. He stared at her the whole time, but he saw on her eyes she was there to help him, no matter what kind of feeling she pushed away.

She turned on the water and it fell on his bruised body. It burned but he could hang on.

"Stay there… I'll be right back…"


He waited for some minutes while the water washed his body. He felt sorry for ruining her day off, but he was glad she cared about him, cause he cared about her, more than he should.

She came back with a towel and in her pajamas.

"Here, John… let me help you!"

She turned off the shower and gave him the towel.

He wrapped on his waist and took of his underwear. His ankle was really giving him a hard time.

"Leave it there, John…"

She told him when she saw him trying to grab his pants and underpants. She helped him dry his body with another towel, not forgetting to avoid the wounds. She was trying to not focus at his body too much, because it would give in the feeling of lust rising inside her body.

She helped him walk to the couch and sit. She had already caught the first aid kit and some advanced medical supplies.

John sat on the couch and breathed deeply. The towel was covering his waist and she gave him a blanket, which he wrapped around his torso. She would first take care of his ankle.

"Thanks…" He whispered.

She smiled and sat on the coffee table in front of him so she could grab his leg to take a better look on the damaged ankle. It looked like it could need some stitches. She rested his foot on her lap.

"It needs some stitches, John…"

"I was afraid you would say that…"

"I can do that… but I don't have any pain killers…" She stared at him worried.

He smirked… He really wanted to make that masochist joke again. She narrowed her eyes on his.

"I'm really starting to think that you like pain for real, John…"

He tilted his head in that peculiar way of his.

"Maybe I do…"

"Well, then breathe and stay quite."

She started cleaning the wounds skillfully.

"Where did you learn that?" He asked.

"In the army… Breathe…"

She started doing the stitches.

"Hmmm…" He closed his eyes and contorted his face in pain.

"Poser!" She joked.


He put his hands on his face and, smiling, she glanced at him.

"Once in the army I had to stitch the balls of a friend."

"Jesus Christ…"

He looked at her through a small fence between his fingers. She found that quite cute and mixed with that messy wet hair of his could really make her smile.

"It was either that, or an infection!"

She continued skillfully working on his ankle. They spent some minutes of silence focused on their tasks.

"Finish…?" He asked grounding his teeth.

"Just two more knots…"


"Just hang on…"

"Where's Taylor?" He asked. He needed to focus on something else besides the pain.

"Watching the Nicks game." She rolled her eyes.

"I like the Nicks… You are angry… because you… hmm wanted him to be here with you… in your day off…"

John brought his hands from his face to his lap.

"Do you read minds either?" She glanced at him.

"… Just how I would feel if I had a son."

Her heart skipped a bit and she glanced at him again.

"Would you like to have children?"

Finally she had a chance to ask him some personal stuff.

"Maybe… but I wouldn't be… aw… a good father…"

"What makes you think like that?" She stopped and stared at him.

"Just know … aw…" He nodded his head indifferently.

"You can't know that… Finished!"


He narrowed his eyes on her. God, how beautiful this woman was.

"What, John?"

She turned to throw the discarded medical stuff into the garbage.


"Good… let's get these branches out…"

She looked for the tweezers while he got rid of the blanket around his torso.

Well, now she had a problem. John was naked on her couch, only covered by a towel and a blanket on his private part, and she had all access to touch him anywhere.

She started to take the small branches out of his body and it took her 10 minutes. John couldn't stop following her movements with his eyes. She was so close to him and her intoxication made the pain go away. He didn't even notice how irregular his breathing was.

She leaned closer to examine one quite branch in his shoulder and she realized how deep his breathing was and how sweetly his eyes were closed.

"Stop it, John!" She leaned back.

"What…?" He tilted his head and opened his eyes.

"Following my movements with your eyes… and… well…"

She was not uncomfortable about what he was doing, but about what was doing to her insides what he was doing.

"I can't stop it…"

His voice was a low whisper that touched her ears like a tremendous loud concert. He didn't make any effort to hide his innuendo.

She stared at his eyes and they were an amazing dangerous ocean and he narrowed them on her.

They stared at each other for some seconds until she diverted her gaze and suddenly yanked the fluke out of his shoulder with no delicate movements.

"Aaaaaw…" He moaned in pain and closed his eyes.

"Stop that! Or I might abuse your condition…" She joked.

"And I might like it…" He opened his eyes.

His voice was a low sexy whisper that the butterflies inside her stomach made a hurricane. Their flirtations had never gone so far before and Carter felt it was becoming really dangerous.

She stopped cleaning the wound in his shoulder and leaned back resting her arms innocently on his legs. She was sit at the coffee table that she pulled closer to the couch so she could work on his ankle comfortably. This position got her almost in the middle of his legs. He shivered with her touch and she stared at him, amused with the power she had over him.

He raised his eyebrows and she smiled.

"Are you that easy, John?" She played again.

"… That's because it is you, Jos…"

She chuckled, but tried to hide.

He leaned closer to her and was about to kiss her, but she turned her head slowly, almost giving up to his move. He followed her movement with his eyes and head until she decided to look at him again. When she did…

"Just kiss me…" He pleaded in a low sweet whisper.

God, that was so cruel, she thought. He was so dangerous with only one look… she couldn't let him touch her otherwise it could be a disaster to her hormones "Stop it, John…" Her voice was low and shaking.

John's hands were rested on his lap and he wouldn't dare use them to coarse Carter into a kiss. He tilted his head a little and leaned closer to her lips and waited. They breathed in each other's breathing and Carter parted her lips just a little, unconsciously. When John tried to capture her lower lip and kiss her, she diverted her head again and rested one of her hand on his chest to gently push him away.

"Fuck…" He whispered with a smirk and allowed her push him away until his back touched the couch again.

"You are a dangerous predator, John…" She didn't look at him, but she had a smirk.

He smiled and she glanced at it. Dangerous predator was a pet name for him. God!

"I'm helpless when you look at me, Joss…" John confessed.

"Have you hit your head…?" She warned him again, but not sounding convincing.

"At some point in my life… yes"

He smiled and it made her smile too. She was preparing some clean stuff to make a stitch on his shoulder and his eyes were on every inch of her body. John learned in the field how to control his desires and his impulses, but he was on the edge of his lust… In the field they didn't teach him how to control love desires… maybe they did, but John chose to ignore it.

Carter leaned again to make a stitch on his shoulder.

"Breathe…" She advised him.

He could feel her warm breath touching his cheek like a small summer breeze. He breathed and closed his eyes, he couldn't stand it anymore.

She pinched him with the needle and he moaned low, and it touched her ears sending shivers down her spine. She finished the stitch and leaned back, but suddenly John stole her one gentle kiss.

She even parted her lips and kissed him back gently for some seconds, until she came to her mind and leaned back.

He smiled and leaned back at the couch too. That was enough for him… well, for now, cause if it got a little far, it could be a disaster on his hormones too… well, it already was. She got so embarrassed and confused that she didn't know where to throw the medical stuff on her hands. Damn him for having so much power over her desires.

"On your left…" He pointed on finger at the garbage.

She smiled and finally threw the stuff away…

"Son of a bitch…" She whispered still smiling.

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