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My family – Nicks come back

Ben sat down on the sofa wanting to enjoy the football when the door bell rang. "What now?" asked Ben getting up to answer the door. And come face to face with Nick "Oh no... no this can't be happening I having a dream"

"Hey ya dad guess what? I'm back" said Nick with a grinned

" ...Make that a nightmare" said Ben

"Ben? Who is it?" asked Susan come to the door.

Ben began to shut it door "No one"

Nick pop his head around the door "HI Mum"

Susan looked positively delightful "Nick my little boy how I missed you" Susan pushed Ben aside and dragged Nick into the house and gave him a hug "Nick you stink go up stairs and a shower"

"Yes mother" said Nick heading for the stairs "Dad can you pay the taxi driver I got no money"

"...What?..." asked Ben "All I want to do is watch the football"


Susan was cooking when Janey and Kenzo come in "Hey mum. What are you cooking it's smell lovely"

"What do you want?" asked Susan

"Mum got a date" said Kenco "With banker in town"

Just then Nick walked into the room "Are you Janey?" asked Nick

"Yes I am your sister" said Janey

"Who the kid?" asked Nick looked at Kenzo

"I'm Kenzo" said Kenzo "Are you really a idiot?"

Nick looked t Janey "No am not an idiot Kenzo is a baby. That's not your kid"

"Yes last time you saw him" said Janey

Just then Michal walked in the the kitchen. Susan looked very happy "All my babies under one roof again..."

"Hey Michal" said Nick giving Michal a hug "Have you find someone yet?"

"Yes and he is hot" said Michal

"I bet she is" said Nick nodding then he stopped "What did you say?"

"He is hot" said Michal

"He?" asked Nick

"He" said Michal nodded. Nick open his mouth to speck but walked backward out of the room and into the sofa next to Ben.

"Dad aliens haven't come when I was gone did they?" asked Nick

"No they leave when you did" said Ben

"Kenzo grown overnight" said Nick with widen eyes

"No it takes longer than that" said Ben "But it takes shorter time for them to ask for money"

"Dad Michal is gay" said Nick "I didn't know how to brake it to you"

"We already went thought all this" said Ben

"And nobody told me?" asked Nick

"We didn't know were you were or thankful have anyway to contact you" said Ben

"that is going to change now" said Nick

"Oh yeah" said Ben rising a eyebrow

"Yeah Mum asked me to move back in... and I said yes"

Ben didn't mange to count to ten before he below "SUSAN"

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