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Chapter 15

Hermione and Ginny were running as fast as they possibly could back towards camp but Hermione was quick to stop dead in her tracks and jump behind some thick shrubs, dragging Ginny in behind her as she heard footsteps approaching. She quickly put her finger up to her lips to warn ginny to stay quiet.

"You're sure you saw some of them run off this way?" They heard someone ask, his gruff voice all too familiar, Gregory Goyle.

"I'm telling you, I saw them." snapped Draco Malfoy.

Ginny gave Hermione a look that said we can take them on but Hermione shook her head. They didn't have the time to waste battling Draco and Goyle because they had to get into camp where they were really needed.

Draco stood looking round but he could no longer see the group of fighters he had seen run off in the direction, but he had seen something... "Come on, let's keep looking." he spat at Goyle before they both took off running.

Hemione waited where they were hiding a moment until Draco and Goyle were out of sight before she carefully crept out from behind the bushes. She quickly checked again but could see them nowhere. "Ginny, come on out." she said.

Ginny climbed out, brushing herself free of dead leaves. "Let's get to the camp!" she said in a panic, hoping the loss of life there was not to great and praying her family members were all safe.

They were both about to run when Hermione yelped in pain as she felt a hand tangle itself into her hair. She was pulled backwards before the tip of a wand was jabbed into her throat. Ginny could do nothing to help her friend as at the same time a heavy set of arms had been wrapped around her. She felt like she was being crushed and each breath she tried to take hurt more than the last.

"Looky what we caught, Goyle!" Draco growled.

Hermione glared at Goyle who she could see was hurting her friend. "Let her go!" she growled at him.

"Shut-it Mudblood!" Draco spat at her jabbing his wand harder into her neck. "The only place you two are going is to prison. Guards have missed you, Granger. I'm sure they'll find a good use for a blood traitor like you too, Weasley."

"Fuck you, Malfoy!" Hermione yelled at him.

Draco hated that she dared speak to him in such a way. "Watch your tongue Granger or something might just happen to you by accident on the way to the prison."

"And the Dark Lord would have your arse!" Hermione spat back at him, "Say what you want but we both know you would never hurt me because He wants to kill me himself and he would rip you apart if you beat him to it and besides you're too scared of him to defy him anyway."

"I don't think he'd mind if I cast an unforgivable curse or two on you." Draco growled into her ear as he prepared his wand.

However, he never got time to cast a spell as another spell hit him. A painful stinging jinx had him on his knees screeching in pain. Hermione wasted no time in elbowing him hard in the face followed by a swift kick to his ribs. "Stupefy!" she yelled as she hit him with the spell.

The stinging jinx that had first hit Draco had been cast by someone from a small group of army members, the ones Draco had seen running from camp after having been sent off to find help. Another had used the Petrificus Totalus spell to free Ginny from Goyle who now lay on the floor, still as stone.

Hermione turned to face hers and Ginny's rescuers and was a little saddened to see they were all first years. They looked so tiny and far too inexperienced to be fighting in the camp. "You lot need to run and hide, do you understand me?"

"We're supposed to be finding more help!" one of them told her.

Hermione knew that wasn't safe. "No, just hide and we'll find help. GO!" Hermione yelled at them and to her relief they did as she instructed.

"Hermione, look!" Ginny cried.

Hermione turned to look down at the camp and the further chaos that had erupted. "Oh my god! Lets move!" she ordered and she and Ginny took off running towards the camp as fast as they possibly could.

Without hesitation they began charging down the slope that would lead them into camp, their wands drawn and ready. Within seconds they both had to start defending themselves against attacks and desperately trying to cast their own attacks at the Death Eaters who flooded the camp.

They tried to stick together as they made their way deep into camp but chaos was ever and when Hermione turned around she could only see Ginny off in the distance fighting. She turned her back to the younger witch and missed a jinx by an inch. She threw a strong hex at the Death Eater who had cast the attack and she watched in satisfaction as he flew backwards through the air, landing in among a burning tent.

There were burning tents everywhere. There were screams of terror coming from every direction. Blood curdling screams of pain echoed around the camp. This was a blood bath and Hermione knew it and it was only getting worse.

Hermione continued moving through the camp doing everything she could to help win this battle. The ground was littered with the dead bodies of both good and evil fighters who had lost their battle. It made Hermione so angry to see fellow ex-students who had not been so lucky.

She suddenly heard a terrified scream and she looked up to see Fenrir Greyback chasing a young female student who had lost her wand and so could not defend herself. All she could do was run towards the woods that surrounded the far end of the camp.

Hermione began running as fast as she could towards him, not about to watch him kill another student or worse turn one into the monster that he was. She watched as Fenrir pushed the girl to the floor and just as he was about to throw himself down on her, bite her and end her life, she threw the strongest jinx she could.

Fenrir flew through the air before he slammed into a tree with a loud crunch. "Run!" Hermione yelled to the student. She knew she was safer if she could hide in the woods as without a wand she was defenseless. The young girl did as she was told, hating that she was running from the fight, but she had little choice.

Hermione watched until the girl was out of sight. She had just turned on her heels when she felt the back of someones hand connect hard with her face. She fell flat on her arse as the impact had been so hard. She could taste blood in her mouth as it seeped in through her lips from a cut at the corner of her mouth.

She looked up with tear blurred eyes to see Bellatrix standing above her, a terrifyingly wicked smile on her face. "Looky what I caught..." she said to herself.

"Not quite!" Hermione said and threw a jinx too quickly for Bellatrix to deflect.

Bellatrix held her shoulder where the stinging jinx had hit her. "Disgusting little Mudblood!" she screeched as she cast a retaliation jink upon Hermione who was trying to push herself to her feet. The jinx hurt like hell and she had just gotten rid of the pain from it when she heard some of the most unforgiving words come out of Bellatrix's mouth.

The Cruciatus curse hit her hard and painfully. She could only lie on the floor whimpering in pain that went on and on.

"Not so tough on your own, are you? Where's your beloved Professor when you need him?" Bellatrix mocked.

"Try looking behind you wench!" Snape growled.

Bellatrix turned but only to see a flick of Snape's wand, then she went soaring through the air before crashing into some shrubs.

"You know the Dark Lord wants her. How dare you put your own selfish desires before his." Snape growled at her. It was true but it was also just an excuse to stop her because the truth was he just didn't want to see Bellatrix hurt Hermione.

Bellatrix climbed to her feet and the angry look on her face told Snape that this fight wasn't over yet. She was just about to hit Snape with another curse when a huge smokey snakes head appeared in the sky with a loud crack of thunder. Snape knew this was Voldemort calling the attack off. He knew dozens of members of Harry's army had been captured. This had been Voldemort's plan all along, capture as many members of the army because he knew Harry would want to come and rescue them and that would be when he would kill Harry.

Snape had to get Hermione out of here before she too was captured and taken back to the prison, however, as he turned around to face her he realised he was too late. Bellatrix was stood behind Hermione one hand gripping her neck in the other she held her wand, the tip of it pressing into Hermione's throat. Bellatrix smiled just before she Disapparated, taking Hermione with her before Snape could do anything to stop her.

He wanted go right after her, but instead he had to find Harry. He Disapparated from where he stood and Apparated in the middle of the camp, right beside Harry. He wasted no time in snatching his wand from him and then grabbing hold of the boy-who-lived and Disapparating with him.


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