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Chapter 4

I woke up in the infirmary.

I squinted, "Is this what the afterlife is supposed to look like? I would have thought it would be whiter and brighter."

"You're awake!" I turned towards the voice and saw Josh, "Give me a moment I have to go grab your cousin. He made me promise that I would get him as soon as you were awake.

Josh rushed out of the room. I didn't remember how he mixed into this mess. He returned a few minutes later with Logan.

"What happened?" I asked him.

"We were practicing when you went down. Someone threw a dart laced with a sleeping drought in it. They hit you on the stomach. Josh and I immediately went to chase who threw it. We knew it was a Reaper because the dart was in the shape of Loki's face. Coach Ajax and most of the other teachers and some students chased after them. We left some people watching over you. We killed the Reapers but when we came back everyone looked killed or at least injured. Then I saw you. I rushed over and then we talked. You asked about Gwen and then you smiled a beautiful smile. Your eyes fluttered and by then Oliver came over and was kneeling beside you as well. I thought you would have died but then Josh was there and placing his hands on your chest. He has healing powers and he healed you. When you weren't on the brink of death and only needed rest we moved you to the infirmary and here you are." Logan told me.

I blinked, that was a lot to take in. I thought about it then frowned, "I didn't see Josh at the gym? Why is he training with us?" I gave a confused look towards Logan, "I thought you said you were a Viking?" this was directed towards Josh.

He smirked, "Coach Ajax told me I was good enough to train with you Spartans. I showed him my fighting skills and so now I train with you guys."

"Oh..." I couldn't really find a come back so that was all I said. The boys all laughed and I saw that Oliver and Kenzie had come inside as well. We all talked a bit more about the attack and I told them about how I heard the Reapers saying that they had someone inside the school to inform them and search for the objects of power. They were all worried about this and Logan, Oliver and Kenzie decided to go tell Professor Metis what I had heard. That left me and the Viking alone.

"You know when I said I would see you around this isn't what I meant." Josh told me teasingly.

I looked up at him, serious, "Thank you for healing me, if you didn't I don't think I would be here. Alive."

His face softened, "Anytime." He pressed his lips to my forehead and they lingered just above my hairline when Morgan burst into the room. We leapt back and I looked around my face feeling crimson. Josh quickly said that he'd see me later and hurried out of the room.

"Is that him?" Morgan asked me, her eyes bright with excitement. I nodded, biting my lip and we both squealed. She didn't press about anything but sat on the bed with me reading magazines until Professor Metis came back and told me I could go.

We walked to our dorm with everyone looking at me.

I glanced around nervously, "Why is everyone looking?"

Morgan looked at me, "Didn't you guess? You were attacked by a Reaper and almost died. Apparently Josh could feel your soul trying to leave your body. It took them thirty minutes to heal you enough to move you. Even more then that though is the fact that you actually fought against the Reaper and managed to kill one." I looked at her confused, "The Reaper that you knocked on the head is dead. You must have hit him too hard. Because you did that, everyone is just about worshipping you. Most say it was possible since you're a Spartan." All this she told me as we walked towards our dorm. Once we got there we spent the rest of the evening talking about the thing that always cheered us both up. We read more magazines and did pedicures, manicures and gossiped, not that I believed them since they were outrageous but they were funny, just enjoying our feminine side. After that we watched movies and both fell asleep in the living room of our dorm in front of the T.V.