Title: Life Among Mortals

Author: Quest

Rating: M – for language, violence, & some sexy times later on ;)

Pairings: Brittana, Kline, Fabrevans, & maybe some others :D

Summary: AU- It's every young Greek Gods rite of passage to live in the realm of mortals for one year when they turn "21" before they can actually take their place on Mount Olympus. But Santana never thought she'd actually fall in love with a mortal. So when the time comes to leave; will she want to or will she try and find a way to stay. Sorry not a very good summary but I promise there will be some good stuff in here!

A/N: I tried desperately to follow Greek Mythology as closely as I could. BUT in order for the story to work some things had to be tweaked ;D So forgive me if I diverge sometimes.

Disclaimer: Don't own Glee or any of the songs, vehicles, movies, TV shows, and/or restaurants/stores mentioned during the story. This fic is for pure enjoyment only and not being used for money.


To tell you the truth I don't really know how it ever got to this point. Everything was supposed to be so simple and well…fun. But in a matter of eleven months my life got turned upside down. No one prepares you for these kinds of things. Especially not my relatives; we are Gods for crying out loud. I don't think anyone would have expected this. I sure as hell didn't.

Month ago I had started making a mental list of things I learned here on Earth living with these mortals we oh so diligently watched over:

1) Ice Cream… could eat it everyday

2) Stuffed crust pizza… who knew?

3) Mortal alcohol… tequila is my new best friend and it's even better than Dionysus wine

4) Best mode of transportation… fast cars

5) Rooftop sunsets… were priceless

6) Mortals… are beautiful

7) Falling in love… is amazing

8) Secrets… can hurt

9) Good… outweighs evil

10) Death… is imminent

Ok it's not much of list and most of the things were about food…but I'm still working on it. At least I was.

I really don't know what I was actually expecting. It didn't hurt. I had through there would be pain but it never came. A numb sensation, yes. Pain, no.

I had never even seen it coming. If I had I probably would have been able to stop it. Everything blurred around me; I was completely zoning everything and everyone out. Finally I looked down at the golden blade sticking out through my chest. It was slick with blood; my blood. My knees finally buckled and I fell to my side feeling too weak to stay upright. The current t-shirt I had on was now drenched in a sticky liquid clinging the material tightly to my body. I heard faint screams of my name and I couldn't tell who it was exactly but I knew she was there. She was always there.

The sound of footsteps quickly grew closer to me. Breathing was becoming more and more difficult; I now had a metallic taste in my mouth and I knew it was bad. A hand quickly grasped one of mine tightly and it actually gave me some comfort knowing she was there kneeling next to me.

"Pull it out!"

"I shouldn't!"

"Fuck Quinn, pull it out!"

The voices were so panicked. I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know how bad I must look.

"This can't be happening. She can't die. It's not plausible." I heard a soft ringing in my ear and realized Quinn was calling someone. Normally I would have been able to hear the conversation from both ends but I couldn't bring myself to focus in on the person on the other line. But I knew she was talking to one of three people. The sudden squeeze of my hand brought my attention back and started focusing on the conversation my friend was having. "She's bleeding! Yes bleeding. Like lots of blood. I don't know!" Quinn was starting to shout into her phone. "A fucking blade is through her chest! Should I pull it out? Okay okay. Hurry!"

I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder gripping it tightly as I slay on my side. The blade suddenly retreated back through my chest in one quick motion. It clattered to the grass and I felt onto my back. Gasping a few times I desperately tried to take in a good breath but my lungs felt heavy.

"We need to get her to a hospital!"

"Help is on the way. Don't move her."

"She's bleeding everywhere Quinn!"

"I know! She just has to hold on a little longer."

"I'm calling 911!"

"NO! They can't do anything for her. Trust me."

My eyes darted around trying to get a good look at the two women kneeling next to me. I didn't want to leave this world. I loved her and she loved me. My gaze slowly drifted up at the stars and I mental cursed the Gods I grew up around. My father, mother, uncles, aunts, and my grandparents; all told me of our immortality. Yup, what a big fat lie that was. Apparently there were ways to kill a God. Who knew? I sure as hell didn't.

There was one thing I did know. It was very possible I was going to die in this park tonight.

"Hey!" Quinn grabbed my chin roughly and forced me to look directly at her. "You are not allowed to die. Do you understand me?" I nodded slightly at her. "Beg him to save you. You know he can. Make a deal with him!" I stared at her; no way in hell, literally, was I going to ask him to save me. "Do it!"

I gave a small nod. But didn't beg or offer to make a deal. Hades hated my family so there was no point in asking for his help. It was just pointless. So I brought my gaze away from her and stared back at the stars. I had a better chance hoping one of my family members would come down and help me than him.

"San. Stay with me please." Her voice was desperate and broken. It tore me from my trance that I had on the stars above our heads.

"Hang on Santana their almost here." Quinn tried to reassure me but I could see the utter panic in eyes when I glanced at her. She knew me all too well and even though she demanded that I ask for his help I never would not in a million years.

It's an odd feeling; the blood leaving your body. My entire body felt numb and weak. And my lungs felt restricted and I tried to take in a good breath of air every so often. But I only coughed feeling more thick blood fill into my mouth and drip out the corners and down the side of my face. There was still no pain. Maybe it was because I'm immortal we react differently to injury. But death was unheard of for my kind. My father told me stories of Gods way before both of our times being killed by other Gods in heated battles and war. But it was myth among us; a story to keep us young Gods wary of the Fates.

Oh the Fates… they were probably laughing right about now. Poor young Santana, the Goddess at the end of her thread. I bet Atropos was sharpening her shears this very moment. Ready to snip, ending my life and sending me to the underworld were I would remain.

Brittany's sudden voice snapped me from my morbid thoughts. "Don't leave me…I love you. Please…" I stared into her crystal blue eyes that were glazed over with tears as she gripped my hand tightly placing kisses against my knuckles. I would do anything to stay with her. Maybe I should beg him to save me from the Fates; it was him realm. Death that is. I should make a deal with him; allowing me to live...to stay with her.

"I love you." She repeated with a sob and my bloody lips slowly smiled ever so slightly. But I couldn't say it back there was far too much blood in my mouth to say anything. I do love her more than anything in her world or in mine.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Our story didn't actually begin here far from it. And hopefully it wasn't about to end.

A/N: Annnnnd there you go the prologue…middlelogue? Either way I promised in an Authors Note in my other fic that I'd post it. And now you guys are probably going to hate me since the actual first chapter won't get posted until next month once I'm done ATC :D But feel free to rant in a review or PM. Got many ideas for this fic. The list is starting to get very long… which I guess is a good thing! Thank you guys for taking the time to read it, means a lot!