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Chapter Ten

The Future

Set four years after the birth and two years after Division's fall

After Division's fall, Michael and Nikita got married. It was the most beautiful thing in the world, especially because Danielle and Daniel were in the ceremony. A month after the wedding, Michael, Nikita, Alex, Birkoff, Daniel, and Danielle all moved to New York. They all bought apartments in the same apartment building using Birkoff's money. Michael; Nikita, Daniel, and Danielle lived down the hall from Alex and above Birkoff. They were all getting together at Michael and Nikita's place to celebrate the anniversary of Division's and Danielle were in the kitchen making the food, while Michael and Daniel were in the living room watching TV.

"Mommie, when is Aunt Alex and Uncle Birkoff coming?", Danielle asked Nikita.

"In a few minutes baby.", Nikita said.

"How long is a few minutes?", Danielle asked confused.

"Three minutes.",Nikita said smiling at Danielle.

Nikita couldn't help but grin really big. Whenever she was around her children, she became a big softy. She couldn't help but admire how beautiful her children were. Danielle had long straight black hair, like Nikita,and she had Michael eyes and lips. She had a little button nose and almost chubby cheeks. Whenever she smiled,Niktia could see Michael's trademark smile somewhere in there. It made her laugh every time Danielle would didn't only laugh because of her daughter's smile, but also because Daniel had the same smile! Daniel had brownish, blackish hair and Michael's eyes also. He had Nikita's lips and nose. He also had almost chubby cheeks, just like Danielle. One thing that Nikita loved so much about them was that they both were exactly like her and Michael! Danielle reminded her of a younger version of herself and Daniel reminded her of a younger was pulled out of her thoughts by a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!", Daniel and Danielle said jumping up from where they were at.

One difference was that Daniel was faster than Danielle. She stopped a few inches away from the door because Daniel had already beat her to was stubborn and had a temper, like Nikita.

"That's not fair! You got it last time!", Danielle said stomping her foot and crossing her arms.

"No I didn't, you did!", Daniel said opening the door.

"I'm telling on you!", Danielle said running for the living room.

"So, I don't care!", Daniel said turning around.

"Hey Daniel!", Alex said.

"Aunt Alex! Uncle Birkoff!",Daniel yelled hugging both of them.

"Hey Dani. Where's the other Dani?", Birkoff said picking up Daniel.

"She went to go tell on me 'cause I wouldn't let her open the door.", Daniel said.

"You guys are funny.",Alex said walking in.

When they were all the way inside the apartment, they saw Danielle sitting on Michael's lap folding her arms. She was pouting, but everyone thought it was cute. Danielle couldn't help but smile when everyone started laughing.

"Daniel, next time let your sister answer the door.", Michael giggled.

"Fine." Daniel said looking at the ground.

"Hi Aunt Alex!",Danielle said jumping from Michael's lap into Alex's arms.

"Hey there kid!", Alex said hugging Danielle.

Alex didn't admit it, but Danielle was her favorite. She liked her so much because she was just like though she wouldn't admit it, everyone knew that Danielle was her favorite.

"Hey Alex!",Nikita giggled at the two girls.

"Hey are you cooking, it smells good.", Alex said walking to the counter with Danielle on her hip.

"That's for me to know and you to find out.",Nikita smirked while putting the food in the oven.

"Aw mommie can I tell her,please."Danielle pleaded sitting on Alex's lap.

" has to wait like everybody else.",Nikita said with her back turned.

"Aww.",Danielle pouted.

"Yeah,aww."Alex mimicked.

When Nikita turned around she saw a pouting Alex and Danielle. She had to admit, they looked the same. She couldn't help but laugh at the two girls.

"Don't pout at me.",Nikita smiled hitting each girl playfully.

"Ouch mommie!",Danielle giggled.

"Yeah ouch Nikita!",Alex mimicked again.

"Aunt Alex, are you mimicking me?", Danielle said with her hands on her hips.

"I don't know? Why don't you ask your Aunt Alex?", Alex said looking behind her.

"That's you silly!", Danielle smiled.

"Really?!I didn't know that!",Alex gasped.

"Why don't you two take it in the living room?",Nikita laughed.

"Mommie are you trying to put us out?", Danielle said.

"No baby,never.I'm trying to get everyone in the same room.",Nikita said leaning over the counter.

"Well, we're not going. Right Aunt Alex?", Danielle said folding her arms.

"Right!", Alex said also folding her arms.

"Well why not?"Nikita smiled.

"'Cause you didn't say the magic word.", Danielle said.

"Oh I'm sorry baby. Danielle and Alex please take it in the living room",Nikita said waving her hand towards the living room.

"Mommie, that is not the magic word.", Danielle said putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh right. Dessert.",Nikita said.

"Come on Aunt Alex! We gots to get to the living room before mommie counts to five or else we gets no dessert!", Danielle said jumping off Alex's lap and running in the living room.

"Are you really going to count for me?", Alex smirked.

"1...2...3...4..",Nikita said crossing her arms.

"Oh you're serious.", Alex said running for the living room.

Nikita laughed on her way to the living room. When she got in the living room, Michael and Birkoff were talking and Alex,Daniel,and Danielle were on the floor playing a walked over and sat down on the couch next to Michael.

"Oh guys, did you know Nikita did the whole magic word thing on me?", Alex said.

"Oh goes for everybody who steps in this house.", Michael said looking at Nikita.

"What is the magic word thing?",Birkoff asked confused.

"It's when I say the magic word and you have to do whatever I told you to do before I count to five. If I get to five you get no dessert.",Nikita said.

"Oh guys better listen to your mother because she is so serious.",Birkoff said to Danielle and Daniel.

"They listen, most of the time.",Nikita said.

"Daniel.", Danielle said looking at the game.

"It wasn't me! It was you!", Daniel said pointing.

"Man Michael, your wife is so the boss.",Birkoff said hitting Michael playfully.

"So what. I want her to be.", Michael said wrapping his arm around Nikita's shoulder.

"I bet you down.",Nikita said kissing Michael.

"Ewww!",Danielle and Daniel said at the same time covering their eyes.

"Mommie and daddy love is gross.", Daniel said.

"You said it.",Danielle said.

"You two are hilarious.",Birkoff said.

"Come on you guys, I think the food is down.",Nikita said getting up.

When Nikita sat at the table, she couldn't help but smile. She didn't imagine seeing herself sitting in HER house, married to MICHAEL, with TWO KIDS, and all her FAMILY around. All she could do was smile and she was glad.

Michael and Nikita-Have been married 8 years

Has two kids

-Daniel and Danielle,11

Alex and Robert-Have been married 2 years

Has one child

-Alexandra, 8 months

Birkoff and Carolyn-Have been married 3 years

Has two kids

-Seymour Jr.,2

-Allen,4 months