This is stuck in my mind too…. Gah… I have to type it all or else my mind will kill me.. THIS IS M! MPREG! (Male pregnancy) and Yaoi (Boy x Boy, BL, or Boy love) Please click back if this is not your cup of tea. (I have warned you)

Dark and Daisuke finally have their own body, but at the same time don't. If Dark dies Daisuke will too. Reason why they separated is because they fell in love. Soon Daisuke gets… pregnant with Dark's child. Will his friends accept the fact?



'Dark and Daisuke talking in their mind'


~Chapter One: I Love You~

"Dark… I want to do it.." said Daisuke. "I want to take the risk…"

They were one person, at the same time were 2 different people who were in love. Dark and Daisuke fell in love and wanted to have two different bodies.

"But.. If I die you would too…" Replied Dark.

"It's the same for me…" said Daisuke. He was determined. "It's fine… Either way.. If you died… I would kill myself…"

"…" Dark was thinking. "Fine…"

"At least… We get to still be able to communicate by mind like always.." Daisuke smiled. "Lets go…"

Recently they found a way to have 2 different bodies, but the price was one of them dies, the other dies with them. The 2 lovers went in the Daisuke's room and started the process….

A couple a minutes later, they saw each other's face. Daisuke had a bright smile on him and Dark just grinned. "I love you…"

They locked the door and started kissing. Dark tongue started dancing with Daisuke. "mmn…" They were panting for air, they didn't break the kiss until Dark started to play with Daisuke pink nubs. "AH!" Daisuke couldn't hold in the moans. Dark soon started to lick the pink nipples like it was candy. Biting, licking, and pinching the nipples, Daisuke was trying to hold in the moans. But then Dark squeezed Daisuke small member that was hardening. "ahh~!"

Dark grinned and started to softly touch Daisuke member that had a small ball of pre-cum. "Daisuke… I love you.." He started kissing the head of the begging member and licked it. The member was begging for more and Dark did what it asked, he put it in his mouth. After a while Daisuke couldn't hold it, he came inside Dark's mouth. "Mm.. Not bad… taste like strawberries…"

"D-dark!" Daisuke exclaimed. Suddenly Dark put his fingers in front of Daisuke and said, "Suck."

Daisuke did what Dark said. He licked and suck fingers like it was a lollipop until it was coated nicely. One by one Dark took away his fingers and added his pointer finger in the twitching hole. "AH!" Daisuke was feeling odd.

"shu… It's fine…." Dark whispered into Daisuke's ears. He started making the hole larger and added and another finger. He started scissoring Daisuke insides. He was trying to find something. "NNM!" Bingo… He found Daisuke's prostate. When Daisuke moaned loudly Dark added a third finger and was stretching his insides.

Dark took out his fingers and Daisuke was whimpering because he felt empty. But not for long, something bigger entered Daisuke. "DARK!" On the first thrust Dark hit Daisuke's prostate making him scream Dark's name. They were kissing like there was no tomorrow. Dark kept thrusting in Daisuke, thankfully no one was home that day because they went somewhere with out Daisuke. "H-harder!" Daisuke wanted it to go faster. His cheeks were bright red and his lips were pinker them usual and were swollen too.

Daisuke was holding onto Dark's back tightly and his nails dug into Dark's skin but Dark didn't mind it. It was worth it, to be able to see his cute little lover's panting and moaning face. He felt Daisuke's hole tighten a lot, they were both near coming. "D-dark, I'm cl-close!"

Daisuke came onto Dark and his stomach and Dark came inside of Daisuke. The took out his dick and the cum slowly poured out of Daisuke. "I love you Daisuke…"

"I love you too Dark.."

What they didn't know is that there was another thing about them having separate bodies… Daisuke… could now get… pregnant…


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