~Chapter Final: I'm the Most Happiest Person in the World~

"Dark!" yelled Emiko. "What happened to Dai-kun?"

"..One of his friends found out he was pregnant with my child, and had a crush on me.. She thought he was lying until this happened… I'm sorry…" Dark bangs covered his wet eyes. "This wouldn't have ha-"

"…No.. It's okay…" Emiko gave him a hug. "Just hope he and the baby is fine… But I know they are both fine.. Dai-kun is strong."

"Are you Daisuke's mother?" asked a doctor. He had a pineapple shaped hair style and had one blue eye and one red eye. "They are both fine, both your son and his child. He just need a lot of rest, when I mean a lot, I mean a lot. Don't make him get any stress, but don't do everything for him. That could stress him out. He is in a weak stage, he will be back to normal in a couple of days to about 2-3 weeks."

"Thank god." Dark shed some tears.

"Mrs Niwa, your son is very strong… He will wake up very soon." He walked away letting the 2 people walk in and see their precious person sleeping on a white bed.

"Dark…" Said Emiko.

"Yes…" replied Dark.

"Would you like to get married to Dai-kun? Would you do everything to make him feel happy and protected?" she asked.

"Even without you asking… I would do them both…" He said with a small smile. "Daisuke… Thank god your fine… and the babies are fine too…"


She and the 2 others heard the conversation between the doctor and Daisuke's mom and the other one between Daisuke's mom and Dark.

"Would you like to get married to Dai-kun? Would you do everything to make him feel happy and protected?" Emiko asked.

"Even without you asking… I would do them both…" He said with a small smile. "Daisuke… Thank god your fine… and the babies are fine too…"

"Dark-sama…." Risa walked into the room. "I-I'm so sorry!" She walked in crying and was on her knees. "I shouldn't have done that!"

"Risa…." Dark said. "Still…"

Emiko interrupted. "You should have not done that!" She was flaming. "Do you know why Dark would never love you? Because you are like this. You do things with out thinking. You can stay and watch Dai-kun."

"Thank you…" Risa sat on a chair and Riku and Takashi sat with her.

"Daisuke-kun…" said Riku.

Daisuke finally woke up, wanting to see Dark. His wish came true Dark noticed Daisuke opening his eyes. "Dai-chan?"

"D-dark… Is the babies f-fine?" Daisuke asked.

Dark nodded. "Your friends came too…"

Risa, Riku, and Takashi was happy that Daisuke finally work up. "I'm so sorry Daisuke!" sobbed Risa.

"It's okay…" Daisuke replied. "I'm fine and the babies are too… So it's okay.."

Risa was sobbing, she knew she didn't deserve a friend like Daisuke.

~Months Later~

"Daisuke…." said Dark. "A male and female…"

"What do you want to name them?" Asked Daisuke.

"Anything is fine…" Dark replied. They changed Daisuke large room. The walls were light purple and red. It had a red carpet and purple ceiling. They had a king sized bed full of purple, red, white, and black pillows and blankets. Near the bed was 2 cradles. One white and one black. Toys were everywhere. There was a TV and many other things in the room. It was a safe room.

In the room next to the bed room was Daisuke's art room.

"I want to name them… Yuuma… and Yuuka…" said Dark.

"I love them… Those names are perfect."

A Month after the fall Dark and Daisuke had a wedding. The theme was feathers, red, purple, black and white. It was a simple and beautiful wedding. Friends and family was invited. Who knew Dark would fall for a male. Hey but this male was cute.

Daisuke was in his 9th month. It was November 11, Daisuke's and Dark's birthday. They celebrated it together. It was a feast. Every one was pleased. Daisuke looked like he was in pain. "D-dark, the babies…"

Dark quickly called Emiko and the rest, they drove to the hospital. They arrived in 5 minutes and rushed into the room to deliver the babies. Hours past and finally the first baby came. It was a girl. "Dark.. She looks like you… Yuuka.. Niwa Yuuka…"

"One more baby!" said the doctor. "Push!"

After a couple of minutes and screaming the last baby, a boy came. "Yuuma. Hello little Yuuma."

Yuuki had dark's looks, while Yuuma had Daisuke's looks, but had a lighter red hair color. "They look adorable…" said Daisuke.

"They do…"

Risa, Riku, and Takashi came. "Hey Daisuke! Dark!"

"The babies look soooo cute!" exclaimed Risa. "What's their names?"

"The older one, is a girl, her name is Yuuka, while the youngest, a boy, is named Yuuma." replied Dark.

"Those names are perfect." Riku said. She smiled. "Congrat. So now you and your babies have the same birthday!"

"Hey! You forgot me! I have the same birthday as Daisuke!" Dark said.

"YOU DO?" exclaimed Takashi.

"Sadly yes.." Daisuke said. "Funny… now all of use have the same birthday."

"Too funny." Dark laughed. "Now November 11 is a REALLY special day!"

Years past and each time November 11 came they celebrated it big. The babies were now 4.

"Mama! Papa!" They yelled while running in Daisuke and Dark's room. "Grandma, Grandpa, and great-Grandpa said to come down!"

"Okay, okay." Said Daisuke. He was a successful artist now. Dark stop stealing and the police gave up on him.

The walked downstairs and.. "SURPRISE!" The group yelled.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY! DARK, DAISUKE, YUUMA, AND YUUKA!" Confetti and ribbons flew.

The family of 4 was smiling. "Thanks guys!"

~Few months later~

"Dark!" yelled Daisuke.

"Yes?" Dark came in the bathroom.

"I'm pregnant… Again…." Daisuke said.

"Looks like our family is going to grow again." Dark replied while smiling. "EMIKO! DAI-CHAN IS PREGANT AGAIN!"


"ha… You didn't need to scream but.. Okay." Daisuke Laughed and went downstairs to tell his twins. "I love you Dark."

"I love you too… I hope I get twins again…"

"Ha… really?"


"Maybe… Maybe…"

They walked down the hall while holding hands and one of Daisuke hand was on his slightly popping out stomach.

"I'm the most happiest husband in the world."

"And I'm the most happiest person in the world."

"Aw.. you beat me..." Dark secretly gave Daisuke a quick kiss. "But I still love you."


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