The Feast


"Based On True Events"


The Reverend Thomas Baker was a Methodist missionary in Fiji. When Thomas was 28 years old, he married a lady named Harriet Moon. In the year of 1859, Thomas was accepted as a probationary minister and was sent the mission field. He was commissioned to Fiji on April 5, 1860 and arrived there with his wife a month later. After being in Fiji for 6 years, Thomas and his wife settled into the New Methodist Mission Station at Davaileva on the Rewa River. In July 1867, Baker led a party of 10 followers to spread the gospel in the heathen interior of Viti Levu. Baker and his followers came upon the cannibal tribe, Taukie.

"The Beginning of the End"

July 7, 1867

Thomas and his followers hiked through the woods looking for the camp of the Taukie Tribe. Around 6:00pm the group stopped to make camp. Two people at a time stayed awake for an hour to watch out for predators.

July 8, 1867


It was Thomas' and Sisa's turn to be look out. Sisa told Thomas that he had a bad feeling about this cannibal tribe. Thomas assured him that everything would be okay.


It was now Aisea and Josefa's turn. They were both brothers. They talked about home and their families. Aisea pulls out a hunting knife. He tells Josefa that it is for protection. Josefa sighs in disappointment for bringing a weapon on the holy journey.


They all wake up and get back to hiking toward the Taukie Tribe.


Thomas and his followers finally reach the camp. He meets with the Tribe leader, Chief Walavu. Walavu granted the group to stay at their camp for a night. Thomas and his followers were able to show the tribe the ways of the gospel. They took a tour of the camp and preached about God for the rest of the day.


Thomas and the group turned in for the night at the Taukie camp.

July 9, 1867


In the middle of their sleep, they were all awakened by footsteps in the woods around them. They all got up and looked around. The tribe attacked them dragging some off. Five of them got away, Baker, Sisa, Setareki, Josefa, and Asiea. The night was long from over though.


The five men were scared and tired. They were hiding in a small cave for about two hours. They then heard footsteps outside the cave. The tribe has tracked them down and found them. Stetareki went to investigate the noise and stuck his head outside the cave. As soon as he did that, one of the tribals grabbed his head and pulled him out. The other four of them ran out and were cornered by the tribe. Asiea, Josefa, and Thomas break left and get away while they captured Sisa. Sisa fought back but got his throat slit. Six Tribals went after them. Thomas and the brothers made it out to a dirt road. Josefa knew the road led to a village about a half a mile away. They started running down it. The tribals cought up to them and jumped out of the woods at Asiea, tackling him to the ground along with Thomas. Asiea screamed run to Josefa. Josefa ran until he was out of site. Asiea pulled out his knife and stabbed the tribal on top of him. Blood gets all over his hands, so he kicks the tribal off him and gets up. He started to fend the five of them off with his knife. Then he heard the rest of the tribe coming his way. Thomas told him to leave while he still can. Asiea looked in to his eyes and shook his head. Asiea ran. The one tribal hit Thomas over the head with a rock knocking him out.


The tribe brought Thomas back to their camp. They placed his head on a flat rock. Chief Walavu picked up an ax as Thomas started saying the Hail Mary. Walavu raises the ax. Thomas starts "Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus." The ax is dropped. The last word of Thomas has been said, his voice may be silenced but his legend will live forever.


The tribe cooks the missionaries and eats everything they can. All that remains are the soles of Thomas's shoes.

July 9, 1877

Josefa was found dead in his house. When his family found him, he was lying dead with all of his internal organs removed and bite marks in his arm. The marks in his arms came from human bites.

July 9, 1887

Asiea was found dead in his house. He was missing all of his internal organs and had bite marks all over him just like his brother. But this time a note was left by his body that said "" On that same day, it the last time the Taukie Tribe was ever seen.

Present Day

There is a plaque of names of the people that died that night at the location of the abandoned camp. There is still the ax next to the rock were Thomas was decapitated. Thomas' soles can still be found in a museum in Fiji. To this day the murders of Asiea and Josefa have not been solved and the disappearance of the Taukie Tribe will stay a mystery forever.

"The King of Fear is here."