Official cast list!

I am NOT accepting any more ocs so don't submit any!


Pandora (Alpha), created by TheWritingGirl23 (Leader)

Blade Semi (Bravo), created by; San child of the wolves

Azriel (Charlie), created by; San child of the wolves

DevonSullivan (Delta), created by; TheMomeRathsOutGrabe

Enzo DeLuca (Echo), created by; Myself

Beau (Foxtrot), created by; TheMomeRathsOutGrabe

Elizabeth Lily Owens (Gamma), created by; Purple Zippyness

No name (Hades), created by; myself


Dante Mizah (leader), created by; darkmaster429

Danny Comeau, created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe

Matthew Ryder, created by; Kairi Avalon

Anne Murrow, created by; TheWrittingGirl23

Sewer Rats:

Alex Harrison (leader), created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe

Grace Evans, created by; StarGazer

Raiden Lucas, created by; Rex123

Callie Lyna Rame, created by; Death For One

Violet Hale, created by; Huntress

Amy Emers, created by; Rook3pwn

Adrien Weston, created by; Raimaru


Mick Harrison, created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe

Axel, created by; myself

Tarquinn, created by; myself

Jannie Alcott (leader) created by; darkmaster429

Astrid Oconner, created by; Choco23Symphony

Jacob Indie, created by; darkmaster

Maya Indie, created by; darkmaster


Nicholas Arthur (bandits), created by; Rook2pwn

Jalen Bartik (Alphas), created by; BeatTheFox

Satanya Rostov (Alphas), created by;FresianFire

Henri Valon (Bandits), created by; Munamana

Quinn Delmond (not sure yet), created by; Stormysongbird

(Might add one or two already submitted characters to this so, pending. Will NOT take any new ocs though)


The silhouetted figure in the doorway rushed into the windowless room. He closed the door and quickly made his way in the dark across the black vinyl floor to the brass table lamp on his left. He switched on the light, the low-wattage bulb creating shadows throughout the confined, paneled study. The room was small and confining but not without ornamentation. The objects d'art, however, were neither from antiquity nor from the progressive stages of historical artistry. Instead they represented the most contemporary equimment of high technology.

The right wall glistened with the reflection of stainless steel, and the quiet whir of a dust-inhibiting, dust-removing air-conditioning unit ensured pristine cleanliness. The owner and sole occupant of this room crossed to a chair in front of a computer-driven word processor and sat down. He turned on a switch; the screen came alive and he typed in a code. Instantly , the bright green letters responded.

Ultra Maximun Secure

No Existing Intercepts


The figure hunched over the keyboard, his anxiety at fever pitch, and proceeded to enter his data.

I start this brief letter now, for the events that follow I believe will alter the course of a nation. A woman has come from seemingly nowhere, like an artless messiah. She came to me the other night with a note, which I dare not open until she left. How she was able to get into my office, at the time both baffled and frightened me. The mutant gene is what she called it. At first, I thought her as insane, perhaps an asylum escapee, but with the way she moved so effortlessly past the security...

I do not know what she looks like, for she looks like no one and everyone. At will, she can take the shape of anyone she pleases. She is everyone and no one. She showed me what she could do that night, after I refused to believe what she was saying. She looked into the eyes of my secretary, and... and she devoured her soul. Like a devil out of hell she devoured her soul! Then, the most astonishing thing happened, the woman's current identity melted away and her skin took on the skin of my now deceased secretary.

I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it! But it happened right before my eyes!

She.. it had threatened me! Telling me that if I tried to help pass any of the new laws against mutants, she would slit my throat! Then she left, dropping a note on the desk, telling me to read it very carefully and to make my choice.

I have made my choice.

These things... these monsters are very real and very dangerous! And they cannot be allowed to freely roam the streets! We must take action before they... who knows what they would do, what they cou...

"Tsk, tsk, tsk"

The man's typing stopped abruptly and his head snapped to the left, where he spotted the ghost of his dead secretary.

"Looks like you've made the wrong choice" The woman said, pouting her ruby red lips and shaking her head.

"You know what that means" Her pout slowly grew into a sideways smile, her eyes narrowed behind dark sunglasses.

"What ever you do to me will only prove..." The man started to retort but his words were caught in his throat when he looked up, and his eyes fell upon hers. Unearthly purple eyes bore into the man's widened grey eyes, and the world seemed to stand still in this moment. Soon the man's eyes went blank, his heart ceased to beat and his head lolled back, limp.

When the deed was done the woman, now in the disguise of the vise-president's adviser stooped over the keyboard. The soft sickly green light illuminated his face as he finished the advisers last sentence.


Mutants will rise above!

Pandora signing off.

Pandora locked the door behind her as she left the room, still wearing the skin of the adviser.

Goodbye adviser, next stop... vise-president.

She thought as she went through the tireless security procedures before leaving the building.