Warning: The following you're about to read involves violence, alternate universes aeras and things not usually seen within their proper universes. In fact, In one of them it's actually connected to another story. Things will be different and things might be not as planned so if you don't like it, you can leave then and ask yourself why you are reading this. In any case, hope you enjoy the story…

"Sometimes, life is full of people and crossed paths; many of them cross paths just once and that's it- never to be seen or heard from again from at least that person. Others walk the same path for a long time before diverging from each other, hoping to meet again. Some walk a path to continually meet up with each other, only the path to combine when they were hoping to or when they least expect it. And sometimes, there are paths that parallel with each other, making you think that someone else has walked the road."

"But sometimes when we part with each other, we often leave each other a strong feeling of regret or bond that will allow us to return back to each other, as if to answer the call."

"As bonds grow, it becomes more and more difficult to part with each other, until we leave behind strength; a belief that one day that road will open again. When a new road opens to allow us to meet again, will you take that path?"

"If you think you do, and if you wish to, then read the story of the three heroes who walked the road together with their new friends. Of course…the saying, 'Parting is such sweet sorrow' will be true to an extent. But in all of a belief, sometimes a way will become open should the person have the courage to walk it."

"After all, not all things are set in stone; Some paths you have to create with your own hand. But I rambled on enough. Let the story begin, as our Story begins with…"

Kingdom Hearts: Black and White
Prologue: The New kids in town


In a starry sky, several hundreds of stars are seen as they glistened at a beautiful sight. But one star is seen, streaking through the emptiness of space with black and white lights. It was seen aiming towards a planet- a large blue world with green patches of land is seen as the star soon came into the atmosphere. Inside of the atmosphere, it glows red as it entered the said space with the lights soon fading. However, the black light looked to of faded and once they passed through. It only a few minutes for the black light to of faded completely. Once they were close enough, A large star-like symbol appeared, and when it vanished, the large star broke into three white lights as they are seen falling towards the ground below them.

As they did, they landed in the water. When they did, several pieces of driftwood washed up onto the beach as three individuals wash up from the beach along with them. They looked unconscious as a distant voice was heard to call out "Oh Crap!" A pair of footsteps were heard as a shadow is seen looking over one of them. The screen fades to black as a voice asked in a worried tone…

"Hey, you okay?"

Earlier…at a new Location.

A grassland is seen as small wind blew around it the camera pans up to see a man near a cliff. The 'Camera' is seen to show the man's appearance- at the feet, black sneakers are seen with black jeans as well. The boy is seen to be wearing a dark green shirt with a red vest. The man is also has a bit of a 'gut' on him as he is seen to be on the tubby side. His face isn't seen but it is noted that he has a bit of a hair on his chin despite it looking like it's not there and blond hair in a male's haircut. He looks out to the distance of late midday sun as he admits, "Geez, it's a bit late- He should've been here by now." The man gave a bit of a stretch with his arms spread upward as he gives a bit of a sigh. "Although now I wish I didn't take that nap- feeling a bit groggy at the moment. But I think he's supposed to show up soon. Just gotta keep waiting."

"Toge Togekiss!" A voice called out as the male heard and and looked out to the distance and gave a quick 'huh?' As a shadow, a large avian-like creature approaches the man with an egg shaped body. As it itches closer, it has white, downy feathers and broad, triangle-shaped wings, with its underbelly dotted with what looked like small red and blue triangular spots. It had very small feet set close together, and it has a three-pointed crest, with the middle point a solid white and the left and right spikes tipped blue and red respectively. It black eyes see the male as it gives an angry look as it flied towards the man as it landed looked to be charging right at him. "Toge~!"

"…Uh oh." The man admitted as he braced himself for what's to come next. At this moment the man was tackled by the flying creature as he and the being landed on the ground. However, the avian-like being looked to…rubbing its head against the the older man affectionately as the man gives a bit of a laugh and said, "Okay, okay Highwind, take it easy, I'm happy to see you too! Could you please get off me, though?"

"Togekiss!" The creature cried before hoping off the human and moving its head to nod.

As the man rose up to dust himself off his face is seen. He is shown to have a bit of a bit of slightly thick eyebrows in a blond color light enough to make some people think that he doesn't have any. His eyes are shown to be blue in a greenish shade, and he does although not noticeable has hair on his lip and chin although not underneath his bottom lip. "I figured that you might make an entrance like that." The man admitted while moving to the being. "Do you have the ball with you though?"

'Yes sir!' The being said (with what it said translated). The being turned around to show a note and a ball on the being's back.

"Thanks, buddy." The man said before taking the note and grabbing the strange ball. It is a red and white ball- red on top, white on the bottom, with a solid black line separating the two color halves, except for a round white part that appears to be sticking out. The man points the ball at the creature and called out, "Togekiss, return!" At this moment, the ball fired a red laser at the white bird-like being and when it hits the creature, it glows with the red beam before it turns into the light and the light enters the ball. He takes the note and read a bit of its contents before to say, "It looks like a note from the good professor himself."

The man silently reads the note as the contents said…

Dear Jaime.

I figure that you might end up calling some of your old teammates back to travel with you again, so I decided to attach a note onto your Togekiss, Highwind, to send to you. Hopefully it should be still attached. Anyways…

It looks like the Unova League is starting up again after what happened before with the whole incident I've heard about from 2 years ago. If you want to participate in it, I won't stop you. But I thought you should know that a couple of friends of yours are deciding to enter the Unova league themselves- they're currently in Aspertia City.

I think Aster wants to try her luck in her first Pokemon League challenge while Lior wants to find a challenge himself. From what I heard, a certain…friend of his is seen at Unova and he wants to have a rematch while training. I think you should meet up with them there and see what's happening.

But don't get too rough on them my friend- they just started their journey after all. In any case, I bid you a safe trip on your journey as well.

Yours truly, Professor Rowan

"So those two are here, huh? Well I got some time to kill- better go see them." 'Jaime' admitted before putting the letter into his pocket, and after pressing the button to shrink the device, he places the ball containing 'Togekiss' onto his belt which contained multiple other balls- at least 5 minus the Togekiss, so 6 balls if you include it. He then heads over to a campsite and picks up a large grey backpack with a sleeping bag and a bunch of pockets. After getting it on he quickly heads towards the thicker part of the woods.


The man from before comes out from some bushes as he walks through a green route. Several rat-like creatures with brown fur and red and yellow eyes were seen looking around, as if keeping lookout as one of them said 'Patrat!' before they duck into the taller grass. While continuing to walk by, several mushroom creatures were seen resting in the shade. It looked to be really tiny as it's 'face' is on the stem while the head had the same shape as the ball Jaime used to recall his Togekiss into. One cried out a relaxed 'Foongus…' as the man continued to walk by.

Finally, several cotton-like creatures flied overhead as the man walks down a path. They are small, brown, resembling sheep with a cotton-like substance over its back, neck and forehead. It has orange, oval-shaped eyes with green curled horns (or ears) as it looked relaxed as the wind carries it as it said, 'Whimsicott!' However, one of them flipped over to show a green star shaped section, making to look like it was where a plant connects its produce. The man gives a bit of a sigh as he said, "Too peaceful if you ask me. The weather's nice and everything for the Pokémon, but I would've hoped for a little more...excitement or something while I walked."

Aspertia City

In the city location up ahead, Jaime is seen walking when he soon noticed something that catches his eye and looks towards the direction of the forest on the other side of the city he entered from. He seemed to give an intrigued 'huh,' before he continued quickly looking he just picked up something, stuffed it into his backpack and heads towards the city.

In another part of the city in front of a shop, a girl is seen looking worried. The girl is shown to have longer blue hair, with the hair falling to at least shoulder length, with a clip with a white star on it present in her hair. Amber colored eyes are also seen as the girl looks around, with her outfit a blue t-shirt and shorts with a white jacket and a sapphire colored backpack. She walked up to a citizen and asked, "Excuse me, but have you seen a Togepi anywhere?"

"Nope, sorry kid." The man replied while shaking his head.

"Ohh…" The girl appears to be disheartened to hear the line. "Sorry to take your time, sir…" She admitted.

"Well, I'm sorry kid. I didn't notice or even seen a Togepi anywhere that I know of." The same man said as he left.

But after the man left another person appeared. This one had black hair with an unusual red shine to it, with a red shirt with a black star on it on the front, a pair of blue jeans and black shoes. He also is seen wearing headphones as he is seen listening to music but when he sees the girl, the boy quickly comments, "Aster?"

The girl squeaked when she hears the boy call out to her, looked to the boy and said, while hiding the worried look with a smile, "Oh, heeeey brother!"

The boy approached the girl while moving his headphones to his neck to ask, "What are you doing here? I thought we were supposed to meet at the Pokémon center?"

"Er, I was there but…" 'Aster' replied before looking down. "Lior, Togepi sort of ran off on me again…"

"Again?" The boy blurted out to his surprise. "Man, you should keep a bell attached to your togepi- not to mention she's your starter Pokémon for pete's sakes! That's what I usually do with my partner here until he grown out of his habit."

At this moment, an opening sounds occurred as a flash of blue and white light appeared from the belt of the boy's belt and it shoots to the ground to make another creature appear as the light disperses. It was a short, chubby, rodent-like mouse with yellow fur all over its body with its ears long, coming to a point with black tips. It has a small mouth resembling a sideways 3, black eyes and two red circles- one on each cheek. Its forearms are short and stubby with 5 digits on each 'hand' and the feet three digits. It has two brown stripes on its back, and the tail the shape of a zigzag-styled lightning bolt with a patch of brown fur at the base of its tail. It looked to be standing on its hind legs as it said 'Pikachu!' in a happy tone before looking up to Aster. "Ah, Pikachu! Good to see you!" She said in a bit of a cheered up tone.

"Pika!" 'Pikachu' responded, which makes it translated to 'You too!'

"Okay, so where do you think that Togepi got away to after you two were separated?" Lior asked the girl.

"Well, I was in the Pokémart section of the center when more than likely Togepi got away. By the time I noticed, I saw it outside and chased after it. But then she used Rollout to escape on me…" Aster said, explaining the circumstances of what's happening.

"Not again…" Lior's Pikachu responded while slapping its forehead while communicating in its own language. "Aster, when are you going to get Togepi to listen to you on not running away? I happen to listen to what Lior is saying."

"Don't make yourself sound so superior, Pikachu- you were just like Togepi when you were a Pichu until you evolved." Lior said to his mouse companion, who gave a quick 'Pika,' with boredom in a bit of a way that makes it translate to 'Oh, right.' The darked haired man sighed as he looked to the girl and said, "But you do have a point."

"I can't help it- Togepi is excited to come here to the Unova region and wanted to have a look around!" Aster replied while twiddling with her fingers. "Me too as matter of fact…"

"Oi!" A familiar voice said, catching the two's attention, as well as the Pikachu as the two looked to see the man from before- aka Jaime. "You guys are alright?"

"We are, we're just having a bit of a...missing head on the head count." Aster replied while looking embarrassed and ashamed.

"Togepi?" Jaime responded in which Pikachu responded 'Pi pi pi.' "I see…Highwind's not gonna be happy that you let his daughter run away on you again."

"I-I'm sorry Mr. Jaime!" Aster said while bowing while sounding upset. "Togepi ran away on me and I wasn't paying attention until the last moment! I'm so sorry to let her get away from me! I'm an awful trainer!"

"It's fine, it's fine." The blond haired man responded trying to calm the girl. "I found Togepi asleep near the edge of town and figured that you may of lost sight of her." He then reached into his pack as pulls out a new 'pokémon'. At first it looked like a larger egg with red blue triangular shaped marks on it, similar to the Togekiss' underbelly but in rings instead of a solid color. However, the top of its head is a bit more yellow then the eggshell seen. Jaime soon nudges the the being to wake up by poking the top and when it did, the top splits into five spikes now resembling a crown, underneath one of them shows a face that looked to of popped up from the egg shell. It uncurls its stubby arms to be shown and shown to have round feet with two twos each and brown pads on the sole of its feet. It blinked its black eyes as it chirps 'Toge?'

"Ahh, Togepi!" Aster screamed as she grabs it and hugs it while crying a tiny bit. "Thank goodness you're okay! I thought I may of lost you when you got away from me!"

Togepi climbed up its master's arms and looked a bit sad as it chirped in its own way, 'Sorry…'

"It's okay, it's okay, as long as you're safe. I'm sorry I didn't keep an eye on you…" The young girl assured her partner as it looked to of been cheered as it chirps 'priii!'

"So you two are starting off on your journey in Unova, huh?" Jaime asked the two, with both them and their starting pokémon nodding. "Alright then. I heard that Bianca, Professor Jupiter's assistant is somewhere in town. If it's not too much to ask, do you think you might want to ask Bianca to meet up at the Pokémon Center? I need to get a quick walk in before we meet up with her."

"Sure/Y'okay!" The two siblings said while nodding.

The adult looked to the Pokémon and two of them gave nods as Jaime heads off to the other side of Aspertia City, while the other two head off at another direction.

But while Jaime checks up ahead, he soon notices three lights falling from the sky, he seemed to give an intrigued look as the lights touched down on the outskirts of the City. He seemed to of gave a bit of a '…' reaction and admitted, "Maybe this won't be boring after all. And I really gota stop predicting these things. This is getting ridiculous."

At the Outskirts of Aspertia City…

In the forest outside of the city, the sky slowly starts to turn orange as Jaime looks around field. He soon notices something on the ground near a beach. He lets out a quick 'Huh?' as he sees something. He finally gives a startled look as he admits, "Oh Crap!"

In a small distance away from him were three people all lying down of the ground face-down in the sand. The man quickly gone down the hill towards the three while tripping a bit, falling into his face into the grass. After cleaning himself off, he ran up to one of them and quickly asked in a worried tone, "Hey, you okay?" He gently shakes one of the people lying on the beach. He repeats the procedure on the other two before the individual turned over the first of three people. One of them was a brunette male, with caramel brown spiky hair, and what looked mostly black clothes from first observation- a black jacket with silver padded shoulders and yellow straps, baggy pants that at least goes past his knees with more straps and zippers seen, fingerless gloves and big black and yellow shoes. He also appears to be lanky and has tan skin- a bit more than the siblings seen earlier. His last noticeable feature is a crown necklace. He seemed to of groaned a bit while the blond haired man check opened his right eye to show a blue iris before letting it close again.

Another person was seen as he made a bit of a groan as he pushed up from the ground with his arms, with the left wrist covered by a white band. This one is also male with silver long hair that reached his a bit down his back, a bit of a paler complexion, and a taller stature than at least the other boy with pale blue-green eyes. His clothes is a black zip-up tank-top with a white and yellow vest over it, a pair of blue denim jeans held up by a black belt covered in square spiked studs, and a pair of sneakers. He shook his head and asked, "What happened…did we make it?"

The last of the three is female, with a young woman's body, darker red hair that reaches the slight bottom of the neck, and a little bit shorter than the brunette- if not a little shorter. She has a pink strapless mine-dress made up of three zippers (two of which are decorative), a white halter top underneath the dress and a black hood. There also appears to be thee bracelets on the left wrist, a black belt that appears to a reminiscent of suspenders with a note book shaded bag attachment and finally lilac sneakers. She seemed to of gave a bit of an awakened 'wha…' as she came to. She shook her head to open blue eyes as she looks around. "Where…are we?" She asked.

"You three seem to be out of it." Jaime commented as the three…well two seeing as the brunette is still out cold, noticed the voice and looked up to the adult looking over them. "So what are you three clowns doing out here anyway? You don't usually see getups like those every day if you're thinking of going to the beach."

"Huh? Um, who…" The silver haired male let out before noticing his brunette friend starting to come to. "Gah, Sora!"

"Sora?" The red haired girl said before the two quickly checked over their friend. "Sora, are you okay?"

"Hey, uh… Is your friend alright?" The blond haired man asked before seeing the two trying to help their friend.

"Yeah, I think he's fine." The silver haired boy admitted as he helped the brunette up, who appeared to a bit tired as he gives a bit yawn. "He seems sort of out of it at the moment."

"Uhhhh huh." Jaime nodded although he seemed to be a bit intrigued. "Were you three hit by something? I asked this because you three seemed to be out cold when I found you to clarify things. Maybe you guys were hit by those lights I saw."

"Ugh…lights?" The brunette parroted while shaking his head to pep himself to wake up. "Errr, hey, do you know where we are?"

"…You're on a beach, outside of Aspertia City." The man admitted. "But seriously, what happened to you guys?"

"We…sort of just got here." The Brunette admitted as he stood on his own two feet. He crossed his arms as he looked like he was trying to remember something, as he then looked to the driftwood and ocean… and then had a hit of inspiration. He looked to his friends and gives a nod, as if he got it. "I'm Sora. Our raft fell apart while we were in the middle of traveling and we ended up adrift until we were here."

The two seemed to of gave startled looks from the Brunette's explanation. But at this point, they noticed that the man seemed to of believed it a bit. They looked to where Sora got his idea from, and seemed to of gotten it as they nodded to each other before looking back at the blond haired individual. "I'm Riku." The silver haired man introduced himself. "I helped the build the ship. Well…most of it- those two were being lazy a bit."

"My name is Kairi." The red haired girl said while bowing. "I was in charge of the Materials we needed to get off our home and also listed what we needed for food or supplies."

"Sounds like you guys were ship wrecked." Jaime commented seemed to give a bit of a nod, although he didn't get his answer he was looking for. He shrugged, for now, and then continued. "Name's Jaime; I'm a Pokémon trainer hailing from the Hoenn Region, but I decided to come here to Unova to partake in the league challenge 2 years ago, but was unable to due to some crazy events happening. Anyways, I'm planning on taking the league challenge again. We're in the Unova region if you're wondering. I'm also helping a brother and sister who are starting on their journey at the same time."

"Pokémon?" 'Sora' said while tilting his head. He looked to his friends who shook their heads, as if they don't know either. "What's that?"

"…You freakin' serious?" Jaime said drawing a blank look a bit of a blank look. "I mean what person has never seen a Pokémon before?"

The three of them gave "…" above their heads before the three of them, on a jinx, said "Not us."

The blond haired male just fell over to the ground. He got right back up, dust himself off, and said, "Daaaaang…you are missing out. I mean I get seclusion, but this is absolutely ridiculous! What person has not seen a single pokemon before…? Ah, never mind."

The three gave intrigued looks to what the slightly older fellow was taking about before Sora asks, "Uh did we say anything wrong?"

"Eh, no don't worry about it. So where are you guys from if I can ask?" The adult asked.

"We're…from some islands." Riku described. "Do you have a map?"

"Ah, maybe from the Sevii Islands then." Jaime said as he pulled out a map from his backpack. On a map several islands are seen in multiple shapes. There appears to be three different map segments- three on one part and two on the ones after it. "Which one?"

The three huddled together and gives a bit of a nod and points to the one second segment, on the right. "This one." Sora responded. "That one looks just a little like our home island."

"Chrono Island…better known to some as Five Island, huh?" Jaime said as he puts the Maps away back into his pack. "Well, I'm kind of surprised that you didn't see any Pokémon before…maybe you guys hit your head? In any case, maybe I can help remedy that. Follow me."

"Hold on a second- why should we follow you?" Riku asked the man, intrigued with the man's behavior as he took a stance.

"Hey, what's with the stance, man? I don't want to pick a fight!" Jaime said as he held his out in a way to make him look like he's trying to stop him."

"No offense, but you're like Sora at the moment- you expect us to trust you right off the bat." The silver haired man said, with the brunette just giving a '…' above his head.

"…Touché." Jaime replied. "Alright if you want to know that badly, I come from Littleroot Town in the Hoenn Region, another location that I travelled through to participate in the Pokémon league and lost flat out in the first round after the Preliminaries. I then decided to travel to Sinnoh region to get a fresh start, travelled through THAT league, managed to get to the top 16 before losing. Finally, I travelled here to the Unova Region again with a fresh start, and attempt to participate in this league, but some crazy things happened, and then I couldn't take the league challenge because they need to rebuild the building until this year."

"…I don't even get what even half of that meant." Kairi said while giving a blank look with her friends shaking their heads.

"…GAAAH!" Jaime screamed a bit before giving a sigh. "Jeez Louise… Look all you have to know at least to the point to you can understand is that I'm a well-seasoned traveler who knows this place a bit from memory and that I am pretty strong and good as a trainer. If you can understand that much, then there's no further need to explain anything else at the moment until you understand more about Pokémon!"

"Umm, okay then…" Sora said, while looking nervous. "Sorry if we upset you."

"No, no, no, sorry me," The man said while shaking his head to calm down. "I just overreacted to what you said. Because if you guys claimed is true about you guys never seeing a Pokémon before, then you're going to need some help then seeing what one can possibly look like. Lucky for you guys that I know of a way. Besides, I'm what people an experienced guy for this sort of thing when it comes to helping people. Follow me to the city. It's just over the way."

The three looked to each other at the moment. At this point they had no current idea of where they are, but they certainly know how they got here though…by the looks of their faces. But in any case, they decide to follow the chubby man into the city.

Aspertia City

The three looked around at the new setting as the three looked to the sky and saw several birds are seen showing shadows on the ground of an early sunset. The looked up to see them and see a clear look of at least two of them. One appears to be mainly grey in color with a pigeon-like appearance, large oval eyes with golden irises, and a rounded head from a spiky, crest-like arrangement of three feathers from the top of its head. It is seen with a short black beak, a bulbous pink cere, and a black batch seen on the back of its neck. Next up, it has a wide heart-shaped area of lighter shade of grey on its chest, with blac colored wings seen with a thick gray stripe down it. Finally it is shown to have pink feet with black nails. But the others seen another one of these pigeons, although this looked a bit…different. It's the same appearance, but the difference that it has different colors- it looked a bit more blue in color- mostly in its body and even its wings. However, the light in the Sunset seemed to make it look like the others. "What are you guys looking at?" Jaime asked.

"Huh?" Sora said, a bit taken off guard. "Oh, uh-nothing- just looking at the birds."

The two also nodded as well as Riku admitted, "I thought I seen a blue pigeon for a second there."

Jaime just blinked as he admits, "Huh… Anyways, welcome to Aspertia City- the current first stop of new Pokémon trainers- whether you're an old fellow or a young child. It also goes by another name too by those who speak another language- Hiougi City."

"Aspertia City…Wait, so where do we go have to go?" Kairi asked while looking around.

"I'll take you guys to the Pokémon center, but first, I'll give you a little tour around the place." The adult said as the city's theme, –Aspertia City/Hiougi City- starts to play. The three walks through the city as he stops off at the steps leading up to a form of lookout. "This here's Aspertia's lookout point. Lookout points are PRETTY nifty to see how far do you have to do…but I suppose I don't need to explain it at this point as it's sort…self-explanatory. I know what I'm saying is redundant but bear with me, would you? Anyways, go up the stairs and you'll see the sight of Route 19, the main exit of this place."

The three nodded as if to understand. The group is soon outside of the next stop- a school. "I can easily guess this one- this one's a school, right?" The red haired girl commented.

"Yep- This is Aspertia City's Trainer School, the place to learn how to become a Pokémon trainer." Jaime said. "It's also the First Gym for trainers- located at the backyard of this building." The three gave confused looks to that comment. "You'll learn more about it later. Now here's the last stop."

At a small distance away, the group finally shows up at large building with several windows and sliding doors and notably a large ball-like symbol resembling the device Jaime used earlier as a symbol on the red roof. "And this here's the Pokémon center. Basically it's a hospital/clinic for Pokémon." The adult finally said.

"But we don't have Pokémon!" Sora said. "Well…we don't even know what one looks like."

"Hah… Basically, you see 'animals' around here, right?" The male said. "They're called Pocket Monsters, or what we abbreviated to is 'Pokémon.'" He then points to a random boy seen with one of the rodent creatures from before. He then points to another trainer with another 'Pokémon'- a tan-colored dog-like being with large eyes, red nose, and an abundance of cream colored fur. The large ears have spiky lower extension with the fur puffing above the paws and a black spiky stripe. Finally, the tail is spiky and shaped similarly to the pup's ears.

"…Even those birds we saw earlier?" Riku commented with the older man nodding.

"Those would be Pidoves flying above us, although I did see a flock of Pidgey flied above Route 19 one time." Jaime said as the theme ends. "Anyways let's head in- I promised a couple of friends that I would help them with their journey. Besides, I know someone who can help you with your Pokémon situation."

Pokémon Center Interior

The four walk into the clinic as the theme –Pokémon Center- plays. In a lineup several were standing line with some injured Pokémon including a white circular Pokémon with white, puffy sections on its head and underside, with the back showing the same star shaped section as the previously seen creature. The last note-worthy features of the Pokémon is orange oval-shaped eyes and furled, notched leaves on the sides of the body as it gives a sore-sounding 'Cottonee…' Kairi notices this and asks, "Hey, what happened to this Pokémon? And what is it?"

"What's it to ya?" The trainer said, with a blond haired boy with straight hair and an angry look. He is seen with a bit of black shirt as well as a bit of a black eye, as if something smacked him there. "We just lost a battle to the Gym leader in this city. And what, has none of you ever seen a Cottonee before? Mind you that this thing was utterly useless against the gym leader…"

"Useless?" Sora parroted with an angry look. "What do you by use-" but before he could finish the line, Jaime slapped his hand over the brunette's mouth that let out a confused 'huh?'

"Gym-" Riku tried to say before the blond haired man slaps his mouth over the male's mouth. He lets out a muffled 'Hey!'

"D-don't mind us! Just keep going." Jaime admitted while sweating. "Besides, what happened to your eye?"

The trainer just shrugged. "Whatever. And just for the record, the cotton ball got knocked into my eye when he was finished off by the leader's final Pokémon." However, the trainer noticed that Kairi patted the Pokémon's head. The cotton-like Pokémon gave in a confused tone 'Cotton?' before looking at the Red haired girl.

"What happened to your…Cottonee was it?" Kairi asked the boy.

"I told you already- the stupid Gym leader of this city injured my Cottonee during a battle. I lost to that arrogant jerk. He even questioned me why I was taking the challenge in the first place!" The boy said. "Although at this point, I guess must be considered the arrogant one and a sore loser to boot."

"Sounds like you just plain lost." Jaime commented. "Besides, you're just starting out- it's alright to make mistakes- maybe you're just frustrated and a bit sore from the battle. And he's right- why are you taking the challenge anyway?"

"…Tsk." The younger of the blond haired trainers scoffed at the group. "Well I want the strongest Pokémon ever, and I guess this puffball ain't going to do too much of anything if I don't train him, right?" The Trainer said while giving a bored 'humph.' "Well I guess I better get cracking then, as soon as I get it patched up that is."

Kairi seemed to give a cheerful look to the Cotton Pokémon as she admits, "Well I hope you get strong, Cottonee, even if your trainer is a bit of a jerk."

The Cottonee gave a bit of a "…" above its head before letting out an intrigued 'Cottonee…' as it blushed without realizing it. However, the trainer just gave an annoyed grunt before stepping forward in line. "Sounds like the trainer lost his Gym battle and his Cottonee got injured." The blond haired man commented while crossing his arms.

"Er, Gym Battle?" Riku parroted with an intrigued look.

"Pokémon get stronger via battling each other- what's otherwise known as a Pokémon battle." The blond haired man said. "That's a good known way for Pokémon to become stronger, although it might involve getting hurt for them…or sometimes us if you're unlucky enough. Another way is to train with your Pokémon to get in synch with each other or another way is to learn certain techniques. Pokémon often learn a wide variety of moves in battle. But here's what a Gym Battle is… Basically it's fighting against the leader of a gym and if you managed to beat the leader's team, you get a gym badge as proof of your accomplishment. But the Gym Battles are usually tough- as the leader fights with plenty of Pokémon and skill move usage, and it won't be their first fight. Sometimes their skills are enough to ignore certain circumstances."

"But you also said something about a League before… What did you mean?" Sora asked.

"Ah… Basically the Pokémon League is a gathering of trainers of high talent and those who proved themselves in defeating eight Gym Leaders." Jaime explained. "It's a big league of trainers who strived through the league to prove themselves one of the strongest trainers in the Pokémon world at least in that region. It's a really cool achievement. I was trying to participate in it last year, but… crazy stuff happened. And I do mean REALLY Crazy stuff. And it takes a trainer who with strong bonds and even stronger determination to pull through and win it all. You also just gotta have the right moves for your Pokémon, and the right strategy and trust from between yourself and your team."

"Moves?" The Brunette parroted.

"Moves are basically how a Pokémon fight- combat moves that can deal damage, stun opponents, or even those that can weaken them or strengthen their own. But there are plenty of moves out there, and their attacks are based on type!" The senior trainer described. "There are lots of types in the world- Fire, Water, Grass- those just are beginner's stuff. And there also moves that are type related too- like a Water Gun being Water type, or Razor Leaf being a Grass type."

"Or like Thundershock being an electric type!" Lior finished as he walked up to the group with his Pikachu on his shoulder Aster behind him a bit shy.

"Huh? Hold on a sec… Is that-" Sora exclaimed with a confused look. He then quickly whispered to his friends, who seemed to give an intrigued look to the boy.

"Er, what's up? Is there something on my face?" The red-black haired boy commented as he tilted his head.

"No, no it's fine." Riku said assuring the boy. "We thought you were someone else for a second there. What's your name?"

"That's Lior, one of the Pokémon trainer siblings I've been telling about." Jaime explained. "He's starting his Journey here."

"So I take it that he has a sister too?" Kairi said. "What's her name?"

"Umm…" Aster peered from behind her brother and answered, "A-Aster."

The Three teenagers gave a bit of a '…' above their heads before Sora whispers, "The Resemblance is really uncanny- she looks just like her."

"I agree. So this must be what that old man was talking about before about meeting people similar to what we met ourselves." Riku nodded while whispering.

"Yeah…" Kairi said with an odd look as theme ends.

"Is everything alright?" Jaime asked the three.

"Nah, we're good." Sora responded. "So, Lior and Aster, right? Nice to meet ya! I'm Sora!" He points to himself with his thumb while saying who he is.

"Riku." The silver haired male introduced himself with a nod.

"My name is Kairi. We're all from the Sevii Islands." The red haired girl responded as –Traverse in Trance- starts to play. "Chroma Island to be exact."

"We're both from the Sinnoh Region ourselves- we both come from Hearthome City, although we occasionally are more seen in Solaceon Town checking out the Day Care." Lior explained. He looked to his Pikachu who was seen perched on his right shoulder as he explained, "In fact, that was how I got my partner here!"

"Pikachu!" Lior's Pokémon said in a cheerful tone.

Sora gave a curious look to it as he gives an observing view. "So…what's that Pokémon called anyway?"

"It just said his name- Pikachu. Most Pokémon usually say their name as a way of communicating and Pokémon can understand us human too." The black haired boy said. "You didn't know that?"

"Well, no actually. This is the first time the three of us actually seen Pokémon." The red haired girl commented. "Well not counting that ones we saw earlier." However, some of the people heard that and seemed to give an odd stare or a confused look, even the two humans who gave a bit of a startled look. Jaime however already reacted and gave a quiet 'Meh.' The girl noticed this and said while sweating a tiny bit, "Our family actually lived on a separate island away from the main island but we don't usually get contact with Pokémon- not even at sea or at the beach. It wasn't until we become old enough that we got to look around, but even then our parents wouldn't let us see Pokémon. I guess they had a bad experience that scared badly enough to the point that we wouldn't see them, huh? But we decided to go on a trip to sea by ourselves only for us to wash up here on the shores of outside Aspertia City."

"…That is a really unlikely story." Aster said. "But seeing as you three never actually seen a Pokémon until now… I guess it could have some truth to it, right?" The other two males nodded and then the young girl had an idea. "Tell you what- I'll show you mine too! I'm starting on my journey, but instead of getting a regular starter, Mr. Jaime here gave me mine to start with." She then brought out an identical device to one Jaime used earlier, presses a button to enlarge the ball and throws the ball into the air. It opens up and in a quick flash of light heads to the ground as blue and white lights dispersed, revealing Aster's Togepi who chirped in its happiness, 'Toge toge priiii!'

"Awww, how cute!" Kairi cooed upon seeing the creature. "But what is it?"

"It's a Togepi! She's my starter!" Aster said while picking up Pokémon into her arms. "Although she is a bit adventurous- earlier she got away from me…"

"Pokémon are like us humans- they have their own personalities." Jaime explained. "Aster's Togepi is a good example- adventurous and a bit of a wonderer."

"I see!" Sora said. But now he seemed a bit amped and said, "Now I wish I have my own Pokémon! Right?"

Riku seemed to give a bit of a chuckle and said, "Why I am not surprised? But you do have a point. These Pokémon things seem to be really interesting."

"I agree." Kairi said while giving a cheerful look. "Some of the Pokémon we already seen are cute to say the least- especially the one that looks like a dog, the Cottonee and your two Pokémon."

"Why aren't we that surprised?" Sora and Riku sarcastically commented at the same time, with the red haired girl giving a quick 'Hey!' The three seemed to give a bit of laughter. However, somewhere in the lines, the same Cottonee that Kairi petted and looked to of blushed again.

"So where do we get a Pokémon anyways?" Sora asked.

"Well there's two ways- three if you count one other method." Aster explained. "You get one in the wild by battling and capturing it, or you could go to the a Pokémon Center or lab, since they usually have the Region's starters too. But lately a representative from Professor Jupiter's Laboratory has been travelling around. She actually arrived in town today!"

"So where is this representative anyways?" Riku asked.

"Over here!" A new voice said as the theme fades out and the group's gaze is fixed upon a new individual. This one is a young lady with a green hat with white ribbon, light blond hair with some of the hair reaching down the back of the neck of with two strands of it sticking out a bit sticking up a bit on the sides. Some of the girl's bangs help to frame her face, while seen wearing red framed glasses in front of her green eyes. She is seen wearing a white shirt with a V-shaped opening on the front, showing a black shirt underneath. Overtop of the shirt is an orange jacket with the bottom reaching above the center of the body with the sleeves appearing to be sewn to look like like a winter jacket, per se. (can't really describe it personally) The jacket is seen to have pockets, with the opening's lined with pale light green lining, with a light green purse with a snap opening hanging diagonally from a long strap, on the left shoulder. Lastly, she appears to be wearing capris and a pair of orange shows with black straps. She is seen carrying a pipe-like object in her arms as she pushes her glasses close to her face. –Aspertia City theme- starts to play as the girl approaches the group. "Hello everyone! I'm Bianca, Professor Jupiter's Aide." The woman said, bowing.

"Hey Bianca. Sorry to of kept you waiting." Jaime apologized while scratching his head. "I was taking a quick walk when I ran into these three here, long story short. I also gave them a quick tour of the city too."

"Ah, no worries. If anything, I was hoping to say hello to a friend of mine before I go anyways." The aide said while giving a cheerful nod. "Lior and Aster filled me in. But if I heard right, are you three here are starting on your Pokémon journey?"

"Well, yeah, I guess…" Sora said while scratching his head. "We're not entirely sure, but we figure we might give it a try then."

"Ah I see. Hehe- you remind me of when I, a friend of ours, and Cheren started our Journey two years ago!" Bianca said while giving a cheerful look. "It's amazing that you guys are sticking together for this."

"Heheh…" Sora seemed to rub the back of his head while hearing this while Kairi seemed to of gave a nod and Riku crossing his arms and smiling. The Brunette notices what the aide has in her arms and asked, "So what do you have there anyways, Bianca?"

"Well, as I said, I can help you out with your situation- I got three starter Pokémon here." Bianca said while presenting the device she carried. "They're the starters of the Unova region if you went to Nuvema town. But sometimes we usually bring starters out to cities- like here for example." She gives a quick 'ta-da!' by pressing the green button. When she does, a glass portion opens up to let a quick jet or cold air before showing three balls inside the tube. "Inside these Poké balls are Pokémon that will become your partner if you want them to. The one on the left is the Poké ball containing Snivy, the Grass type Pokémon. The center is Tepig, the Fire Type Pokemon! And the last one on the right is Oshawott, the Water Pokémon."

"Mind if we see 'em?" Riku asked. "It would be nice to know what we're choosing if we know what they look like."

"Oh, sure thing!" The girl nodded. "First up, Snivy!" She then tosses the ball on the left into the air, and just like Omimi's Togepi prior, the ball opens, in a flash of blue and white light out appears the Pokémon landing on the ground. It appears to be reptilian, as most of its body is green in coloration with a cream-colored underside. It has a yellow stripe running down the length of the back and tail, and yellow markings around its large red eyes, extending from the eyelids. Yellow curved structures protrude from the shoulders and bends backwards, resembling leaves or small wings, but also a fleur-de-lis when viewed from the back, making it look like it's wearing a collar. In spite of its snake like appearance, is has fully developed limbs- green slender arms with three fingers, with tiny geet matching its underside in colorato, although without digits. Its' other noteworthy feature is a palmate leaf with three prongs on the end of its tail. It gave a bit of a look at the three before saying 'Snivy' as it looks away from the group in a disgusted manner.

"Hm, sounds like this one has a bit of an attitude." Riku noted.

"It…does, actually." The Aide agreed with a down look. "I think it was acting that way because over the last month, some of the trainers that I came across seemed to always choose either Oshawott or Tepig. I guess Snivy here felt angry because he wasn't picked, like he's the odd one out. I guess he's feeling really sour about it, and assumed that he wasn't going to be picked again."

Sora gave a bit of a quiet look when he sees his silver haired friend give a bit of a quiet stare at the snake Pokémon before the Brunette asks, "What's next in line?"

"Do you want to see Oshawott or Tepig?" The Aide asked.

"I wouldn't mind seeing Oshawott." Kairi said.

"Okay! One Oshawott coming right up!" The blond haired girl agreed before taking the right Poké ball and tossing into the air. The same sequence as before plays with the ball opening and the blue and white light flash heading to the ground, but a new Pokémon appears. This one is a bipedal sea otter-like Pokémon, seen with a spherical white head with blue dark blue triangular ears to the sides of its head with large dark ovoid in shape in shape with a dark-orange nose shaped like an oval on its side and speckles to the side of its face, meant to probably be a stylistic implication of whiskers like cartoon canines. Its torso is light blue in color with the 'collar' around its neck has bubble-esque features to form the collar and there appears to be a yellow seashell appendage on the center. The creature uses its small, white, digit-less, and small somewhat rounded arms to grab the shell made out of 'keratin', then throws the appendage into the air. Using its dark blue feet which have discernible digits to hop up and catch the shell. It lands on the ground its dark blue blank-like tail hitting the ground as it spun around cried, while showing fangs on the upper part of its mouth, 'Oshawott!'

"Aw, so this is Oshawott?" Kairi said while going down to Oshawott's level.

"It's adorable!" Aster said. "I wish I can catch one, though…"

"I'm sure you can find a wild Oshawott somewhere out there." Bianca said. But meanwhile, Oshawott seemed to of grown nervous upon seeing a bit of people looking at it. It held its seashell in both of its hands as it looked to of trembled a tiny bit before looking a bit embarrassed as it hides behind the Snivy, although the Snivy seemed to walk away, leaving the sea otter to tremble a bit in nervousness. "I think this one is a bit shy though." The aide admitted.

"I guess that leaves Tepig then." Lior said.

"Yep!" The blond haired aide said before grabbing the last Poké ball, presuming to be Tepig's ball and throwing it into the air. It follows suit like the rest of the starters and out pops out the last Pokémon. This one is a pig-like Pokemon primarily orange in color the with the additional black, pink, and yellow colors seen around the body. It has large ovular eyes, an archetypically piglike ruddy-pink nose, and a thick yellow stripe over the snout. Most of its face is black, with its long oblong ears positioned closely together on the top its head seen. Tepig has short legs, with the extremities of its forefeet black in color. Finally, a band of black on its lower back and rear is seen with the color extending to the coiled tail, topped with a ruddy-red bauble-like adornment. It said 'Tepig Tep!' after being released from its ball.

Sora responded with a smile as he said, as a form of response to the pig Pokémon, "Hey there!"

The pig just huffs out embers out of its nose as it hops and replied to Sora in its own way for acknowledging it. It walked up to the boy and sniffs around the brunette before looking up and gives a big smile, saying 'Tepig, Tepig Tepig Tepig!'

'Osha?' The Sea otter said while walking up to Brunette. It looked up to Sora who appeared to be a bit friendly. The Oshawott gave a bit of a stare before nodding. However when it walked up to Kairi though, it got a bit scared as runs and hides behind Snivy again, who just gave a sigh. "I think the poor thing's nervous around girls though to say the least." Jaime said, based on perspective.

Pikachu and Togepi, from their respective trainers hopped to the floor to advance to the Tepig and said their name as a form of hello as well. Tepig was soon chatting (in the Pokémon language) with the two. The Shy Oshawott soon seemed a bit intrigued as it walked to the other Pokemon to have a chat. However, the Snivy was looking at the Pokémon but as it gave a bit of a 'Sni,' it turned away. "You can make your choice if you want to, you know." Bianca spoke up.

The three seemed to contemplate their choices. However, the silver haired male seemed to of gave a smile. "You guys mind if I go first?" Riku asked his friends.

"Go ahead!" Sora replied with Kairi nodding, as if he knows what he wants to choose.

"Alright then." The silver haired male said. He seemed to look over the two other starters before facing the snake and said, "I pick Snivy." The Snake seemed to give an intrigued 'Snivy?' as it faced the male as the human bended down to its level. "I don't know if you want to be chosen or not, but maybe that you were just unlucky with the other trainers. I get that you were jealous, maybe even left out because of the trainers that you came across favor to choose Oshawott or Tepig. But maybe you were waiting for someone, until now. But if you want to stop waiting, then we can work together on this journey. What do you say?"

"That is a mouthful." Jaime admitted.

'Snivy…' The Snake Pokémon seemed to give a bit of a quiet stare before closing its eyes while smiling and walked up to the silver haired male. Afterward it gave a bit of a head nod as it raises its right hand to reach Riku's and said, translated, 'Thank you…for now that is.' The male gives a bit of a smile as it took the snake's hand and shakes on it. Bianca hands Snivy's Poké Ball to Riku. "To recall your Pokémon, say its name and return- the Poké ball will do the rest."

"Alright." The silver haired male said before to say, "Snivy, Return." On command, The Pokéball fires a red beam to recall the snake back. "Thanks for Snivy." Riku commented.

"No problem. Who's next?" Bianca said while facing the two.

"I wouldn't mind having Oshawott." Kairi commented. Upon hearing that it was called, the sea otter faced the red haired girl and flinched, only to hide behind Pikachu, which is actually a bit taller than it normally...(if you look it up that is.) "Huh? Is there something wrong?"

"I guess this Oshawott's shy- that and it is smaller than normally should be." Jaime said. "It normally isn't shorter than Pikachu unless it may of just hatched. Maybe it's just short. And as we noticed before, maybe it's afraid of girls?"

'Osha…' The sea otter looked sad, even a bit teary eyed. Togepi tried to cheer up the Oshawott by patting its back and saying in its language translated, 'It's okay! I'm small too, but I can make up for it! Besides, I'm sure the red haired human picked you for a reason anyways!'

Oshawott gave a bit of a smile to the Togepi and said, again in translated language, 'Thank you…' Kari walked up to the Sea otter to pick it up to face it and said, "Don't worry, it doesn't matter if you're small anyways. I'm sure you'll do just fine out there with me. As a trainer, I got your back, right?"

Oshawott seemed to give a bit of a watery eyed look before crying a bit, crying a spout of tears as it cried its name over and over again in an upset tone. Jaime seemed to give a bit of a bored look, and muttered, "Man, that Oshawott is a cry baby…" Kairi gave a bit of a look at Jaime that would definitely say, 'You be nice.'

Bianca handed the Sea Otter's Poké Ball to Kairi, who said, "Oshawott return." The Poké ball recalls the crying Oshawott back into its ball. Kairi looks to the ball and said, "I'm sure Oshawott will be alright."

"I guess Tepig's mine then if it's alright." Sora asked with the others nodding. "Alright!" The Brunette bends down to the fire pig's level and said, "So Tepig, if you want to, do you want to come with me on this journey?"

Tepig looked up to the Brunette and after a moment of staring, the pig's eyes lit up and as it yelled 'Tepig!' it tackled Sora over in an overjoyed expression. Pikachu couldn't help but to laugh as Togepi gives a bit of a giggle as the Brunette lifts up and gives a bit of a laugh. "I guess Tepig's yours, Sora!" Jaime said with a nod.

"Sure is!" The Brunette said as he takes the ball from Bianca and said, "Tepig, return!" When Sora tried to recall his pig, the Pokémon notices and dodges the light. "Huh? Er, let's try this again. Tepig, return!" The pig pokémon hopped out of the way by the beam again and shaked its head in disagreement with a smile, but angry look. "Hey, why doesn't Tepig doesn't want to in its Poké ball?"

"Jeez, Tepig's one of those Pokémon." Jaime commented, prompting the others to look. "Sometimes Pokémon don't like to be in their Poké balls and prefer to be out in the open."

"Well, being cramped into Poké balls can be a bit stuffy, so why not bring everyone out once in a while?" Lior said.

"Good idea. Oshawott, come back out!" Kairi agreed before throwing Oshawott's ball into the air and out comes out Oshawott. The sea Otter gave a nervous 'Oshawott?' while looking around with teary eyes. The Togepi gave a happy 'Toge toge!' The Oshawott gave a bit of a nervous smile as it walks towards it.

The line to the desk is seen to of shortened compared to earlier. Bianca then commented, "You know you should have Nurse Joy look over your Pokémon before you go anywhere. You know, to make sure they aren't sick or anything."

Riku nodded before throwing out the ball to send out his Snivy, whom gave a confused 'Snivy?' The ball returns to the silver haired male's hand before to say, "Snivy, why don't you hang out with the other Pokémon?" The snake seemed to look to the other Pokémon before looking back to its master and shook its head and hopped on his shoulder. The Snivy used its arms to hang off his Master's shoulder and gave a bit of a head shake, as if to disagree. "Hmm…alright then." The male commented.

"By the way… You guys don't have a change of clothes, do you?" Jaime said, with the three giving a bit of a startled look. "People will give ya odd looks with clothes like that. Once the Pokémon are in, we'll go a bit of a shopping trip- I'll buy. And by the way, Bianca, did you give them the other necessities?"

"Oh, whoops! That's right! I have to distribute the Pokédex!" The Aide responded with her hair spiked a bit before returning to normal. She then brought out a total of 5 devices that look identical. It looked to small rectangular device with what looked like with a screen, two buttons near the bottom on the sides with a Poké ball design at the bottom. The colors are different- One of them is black in color with the Poké ball design red in color in which Lior took. One of them was white in color with a blue Poké ball, which Aster took. Sora took one of them which is a dark grey with a orange ball. Riku took one of them that looked the same as Sora's, only the Pokéball color being purple. Finally a pinkish white device with pink Poké ball circle pad is given to Kairi. "Here you go- a Pokédex for each of you!"

('Why do I get the girly colored ones?') Kairi admitted in her thoughts with a bored look.

"Anyways, the big guy's right- we might need a change of clothes." Sora admitted while crossing his arms. "You wouldn't happen to know a place to get a change of clothes, would you?"

"Yeah, I know, don't worry." Jaime admitted. "But we'll worry about that when we come to that bridge. Anyways…"

The group leads the group towards the desk. There stands a woman with a pink dress with a bit of a nurse's design to it, a white apron worn on the waist, leggings, and pink nurse's shows. She is shown to have a white nurse's hat and pink hair, with the hair in two loops. She bowed as she said, "Welcome to Aspertia City's Pokémon Center. My name is Nurse Joy. May I help you?"

"Could you check up on Pokémon, please?" Sora asked politely as his recently acquired Tepig hopped up to the desk. "We want to make sure they're in good enough shape for us to depart with us tomorrow."

"Certainly, young man." The Nurse said while giving a smile. "But if I may ask, who are you?"

"I'm Sora. Me and my friends Riku and Kairi come from Chroma Island of the Sevii Isles." The Brunette said as Riku had Snivy set down on the desk with Aqua the same for her Oshawott. "This is Riku on the left here, and Kairi on the right. We're starting Journey here, in Unova."

"Oh, I see! Nice to meet you all then. Audino, could prepare a cart for three Pokémon?" The Nurse asked while turning her head away to her left. In that direction, a new Pokémon appeared. This one is a bipedal, blue-eyed, pink-and-creamed-colored with its upper section of its face pink, as well as its floppy ears, exepting tips curled lower extensions that are cream colored. The sides of the chest of this being is pink, as well as its arms, making it look like a jacket, except for the forelimbs being cream in color. Its tail is shown to be to lumpy and white, making it look like a rabbit's tail or even soft served ice cream. It wears a Nurse's hat as well as it nodded while saying, 'Audino!' heading into another room.

"What was that Pokémon?" Sora asked.

"Why don't you use your Pokédex to look it up?" Jaime suggested. "Press the white button on the device."

Sora takes out the device and does as the older man instructed, and as he did, another screen seen from the back slide into place, with the emerged screen positioning itself into an equal level of the first one. Both screens activated as the top screen shown a picture of the creature. The device has a digital's voice as it said, "Audino, the Hearing Pokémon. Its feelers on its ears can be used to determine a being's heartbeat to tell how they are feeling. Its ears can also be used as radar to look to its surroundings to detect even the slightest of sounds." The device places the moved screen back into place as Sora and the others gave an amazed reaction.

"So this thing is like encyclopedia for Pokémon, huh?" Riku commented. "That is convenient. That will save us from asking questions."

"And before I forget…here you go!" Bianca said before handing them 5 Pokéballs to each of the three, and then 5 to the two siblings. "These Poké balls are supposed to be empty, because they are used to capture other Pokémon in the wild, in case you're wondering."

'Audino!' The Audino from before now appears by pushing a Hospital cart as it stopped short of the group. "Ah, Audino has the cart ready. Place your Pokémon and their Poké Balls on there." The Nurse instructed.

"Got it." Sora nodded. He then places his Tepig onto the cart with his friends putting their Pokémon on there. "Oh, er, by the way, Tepig's one of those Pokémon who doesn't like being its Poké ball."

"Okay, thank you for the heads up." Nurse Joy said with a bit of a smile. Jaime then walked forward as he passes out a contact card. The Nurse received it and nodded. "Alright then. I'll contact you when I'm done checking up on your Pokémon." Nurse Joy said while the Audino carts the Pokémon towards a hallway.

"So, do we have to wait?" Kairi asked with a bit of a look.

"Not necessarily." Jaime commented while shaking his head. "Nurse Joy will call me when she's done. We got shopping to do!"

"W-wait- how do we contact her?" Sora asked while giving a confused look.

"Nurse Joy will contact us via my Xtransceiver." The blond haired man said while smiling as he brings out a watch. This watch's band is a solid black in color on the inside, with it a very slight light shade of grey on inside. The main base design of the 'watch' is an octagon shape with the longer vertical sides, with a screen in the center of it. The sides outside of the black border protecting the screen are green in color, except for the bottom and top, which are grey in color (with the top part a sturdy section with a grey round part.) A part of the segmented grey bottom area at the bottom of the area is a lighter shade of green with the bottom half of a Poké ball symbol seen. To the right side of the watch is a pop-out part when a button is pressed to show another screen. "This device although a previous model allows contact via a good decent distance, at least city wide." Jaime described as he puts it on. "So let's shop then!"

"Alright!/ Sure." The three agreed while nodding with Aster and Lior nodding as well.

Loir's Pikachu and Aster's Togepi hopped into their places of their master's shoulder while the group leaves. But Lior and Aster themselves quickly backtracked to retrieve a couple of bags. One of them was a black color with a Red Pokéball logo on the back of it with stronger straps while the other is as seen before- a sapphire colored bag.

At least an Hour Later… Outside, in front of the Trainer School…

Sora looked over his new bag for any damage, which is a simple red in color with the top half of the backpack seen with the top half of the white Poké Ball (As if it's a logo). At the bottom, there appears to be an attachment to enable carry a Sleeping bag. Riku is currently wearing a black backpack of his own, which appears to be a bit of large structure, looking it can carry plenty of gear with him, including a Backpack at the top. Kairi also had a new bag too- A large blue bag with several pockets with a large strap. It also has a padded area for placing the strap over the shoulder and a zippered opening at the top to prevent items from spilling out. This one is also seen with a couple of the Poké Ball logos. "I gotta say, they definitely like the Poké Ball designs on these stuff and clothes. Can I ask what's up with that?" The Brunette asked.

"Let's just say it's a logo they like to post on their products- heck, even I don't know what the deal with it is." Jaime admitted. "But in any case the clothes you guys got should have been decent while the ones you have on now should be good as decent alternatives."

Lior had a bored look as he admits, "Even I'm not sure how to react to that design. As a 16 year old, I have no taste in logos. Now cool clothes are something I don't mind."

Aster gave a cheerful nod and said, "Well I have winter clothes too- they season changes here too so it's better to be prepared, especially since you don't when the weather changes!"

"Why didn't you bring your clothes from Sinnoh though?" The red-blacked haired boy asked.

"My winter clothes were too small!" Aster replied with a pouty look.

"Then you should've told Mom and Dad then!" The older brother said in a huff. "We're wasting Jaime's money as well as our own paying your clothes!" The two's Pokémon just gave nervous laughter while the blond haired man just slapped his own forehead.

"…They definitely remind us of some friends we know." Sora admitted with a smiling bored look. But then a ring tone played from Jaime's Xtransceiver played.

However, the Blond haired man gave a quick sigh as he answers the watch by pressing the button with the Poké Ball logo and said, "Jaime here, what's up?"

"This is Nurse Joy- I finished checking up on Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy. You can come pick them up now at the Pokémon Center!" The Nurse said on the other end of the transmission said.

"You got it. Jaime out." The man said before shutting off the device. "Alright guys, your starters are ready to go!"

The three (supposed) Chrono Island trainers gave a bit of happy looks to each other and for the Brunette to say, "Then let's go then! We don't want to keep our Pokémon waiting!" The Brunette then rushed off as he heads towards to where the Pokémon center is.

Pokémon Center: Interior

The Brunette ran in with the others tried to keep up with the boy as he stopped short of the desk and asked, "We're here to pick our Pokémon."

Jaime stopped short of the others as he skid to a stop and panted a little bit and said, "I may be a bit tubby, but I am not a slowpoke or out of shape...! *Whew!*"

"Glad you made it back- Tepig and the others are waiting for you." The Nurse said with a smile. She then looked to the Hallway and called out, "Audino, you can bring them in now!"

The Audino from before carts the Pokémon into view as the Sun looked to be almost down in the background. 'Audino~!' The Pokémon said with a happy look as the trainers approached. Tepig gave a bright happy look with Snivy with a slight smile. Oshawott, well…it's pretty much the same as before- Although a bit happy, it appears to be nervous, maybe even cowardly around its new trainer as it started to cry again as it gave a nervous 'O-osha…' The Three new trainers each retrieved their starters as Lior and Aster walked up to the new trainers. "It's kind of late at the moment." Lior commented as he points to the setting sun. "Why not stay the night here?"

"Can we?" The Brunette asked the others.

"Well, I don't see why not." Riku said. "What about you guys?"

"Meh, I don't mind." Jaime admitted.

"Sure/Y'okay/okay." The others agreed.

"What about you guys?" Sora asked the Pokémon.

'It's fine, as long as I don't sleep in a Poké ball!' Tepig said in its own way.

'I'll be fine wherever.' Snivy said in its language.

'Um, okay…' Oshawott admitted in the Poké tongue, although cleaning its tears.

'You got it!' Lior's Pikachu responded.

'Okay dokey!' Togepi said with a happy look.

The Brunette nodded as he walked up to the desk and asked politely, "Can we stay for the night, Nurse Joy?"

"Of course you can." The Nurse said. "We sometimes have guests that stay the night in case we need to check their Pokémon overnight. We can let stay the night if you wish to."

"Great! Thanks, Nurse Joy!" Sora said with a happy look.

"My pleasure, Sora. You all may stay the night, too." The Nurse said. "The rooms are in the left hallway."

Several Hours Later, in a guest room…

Sora, Kairi and Riku are seen asleep in separate bunk beds with a single bedside table seen, with Kairi on the right hand of the room sleeping in the higher bunk with Sora and Riku taking both bunks on the left. However, the brunette was actually awake although he just gave a quiet sigh. He lifted up his right hand and when he did, a flash of light came from the hand. "I don't get why we really do need this training. We're pretty strong on our own." He whispered. "But one thing's for sure…do we really need to be better leaders or something?"

Sora seemed to be had his head on the pillow when he seemed to give a bit of a bored look. But then he looks down to the other side of the room. He sees Kairi asleep as he quickly flinched and looked back up to the ceiling and quickly blushed. He sighed before he sees down to the Pokémon and gives a quiet 'Hm?' He then heard something as he quickly made himself looked like he was asleep.

In an empty bed, Tepig is seen asleep, as was Snivy and Oshawott, until a door opened. It was Pikachu and Togepi looking into the room. The two quietly crept around, before heading towards the bed with the starter Pokémon. Pikachu nudged Tepig as it said, in Sora's perspective. "Hey, you awake?"

"Muh…huh?" Tepig muttered before waking up a bit and looking to Pikachu. "Pikachu? We just got to sleep. Why are you awake?"

Sora widened his eyes upon hearing them. Did…did he just hear those guys talked? But then notices something. Inside the blanket he quickly dug into stomach pocket and pulled out a small star-like sticker. ('I almost forgot I had this… I thought this thing may of malfunctioned or something.') Sora admitted in his thoughts before placing it on his glove and presses on it as he leans in without the Pokémon noticing as he try to listen. He then listened in to a translated conversation…

"We couldn't sleep yet, that's all." Togepi explained. "Well it's another reason. What about you guys?"

"Trying to sleep, but then guys woke us up." Snivy said while looking grumpy.

"Is…is there something wrong?" Oshawott asked quietly while looking nervous. "I was trying to sleep too but, I couldn't for some reason. Besides we shouldn't be awake- our new masters might be a bit mad that we're awake."

"Masters?" Pikachu parroted. "They're not our masters- they're our friends!" The mouse explained.

"F-friends?" The sea otter parroted nervously. "What makes you say that, Pikachu?"

"I was with Lior ever since I was a Pichu!"Pikachu said, pointing to himself. "He may be my trainer and a bit hot headed even when I was a Pichu, but he was really concerned about me when I ran away one time."

"You ran away? Why did you?" Tepig asked with a curious look.

"It's a long story we can explain later. Anyways we're really sorry about bugging you and interrupting your sleep, guys." Togepi responded while looking a bit flustered. "We just wondered if you were awake. Besides, Dad's snoring."

Meanwhile, in the other room…

Aster is seen asleep with earmuffs on as a loud Snore was heard. Underneath her bunk was Jaime's Togekiss, who was heard snoring on the bed. The camera shifts to Lior who was asleep without his headphones on, but Jaime was still awake in the bottom bunk as he admits in a whisper and tired look, "I forgot how loud a snorer Togekiss was. Too bad it ain't one of his moves. But I want to know is how Lior can survive a snorefest from him."

Back in the 'Chrono Trio' Guest Room…

"Aw shucks, it's alright, Togepi…" Oshawott admitted while looking embarrassed. "Besides, I didn't know your dad knows Snore."

"He doesn't- he's a just loud snorer." Both Togepi and Pikachu admitted.

"Ohh…" The Sea Otter admitted. He then blushed as he said "Well, if you want to sleep in here in this room with us if your dad's asleep then it's okay too. I always wanted to be friends with someone my own size. I'm sure Master Kairi and our other masters won't mind."

"Whoa." Tepig admitted with a blank look. "Oshawott, you never had a friend before?"

"Well, yeah…" Oshawott admitted as he blushed a bit more, but now starting to cry again. "Back home, I'm smaller than other Oshawotts, so people and sometimes Pokémon make fun out of my size- especially the girls and my big sister…although my sister is a bit of a special case."

"Aww…" Togepi admitted as she walked up to Oshawott and cleaned off the tears. "But I like you small sized! You're like a mini-samurai! And not only that, big surprises sometimes come in small packages after all. And I meant that as a complement."

"R-really?" Oshawott admitted while lessening the blushing. "Th-Thank you Togepi! It's nice to hear a compliment, especially from a fellow male! Well, we're all males here, right?"

"R-right…male…" Togepi replied while a giving sweatdrop and a bored look.

"You do realize that Togepi's a girl right?" Pikachu commented.

"Ga-sh-do- WHAT?" Oshawott stammered out in a surprised tone, now his white head completely pink.

"I thought you would notice something like that, Oshawott!" The egg Pokémon said with an angry look. "You must've heard me when Pikachu, Tepig and I were talking!"

"Speak for yourself. I didn't know you were a girl until now." Snivy said while looking to grumpy. "If you two are done, could you leave us at peace?"

"Aw, what's wrong with a little sleepover?" Pikachu said. "I'm sure Lior and Aster won't be worried! Besides, Highwind was cool about me coming in here and he'll explain things to Jaime, who'll explain things to Aster."

"EEP! I forgot about Aster and Dad!" Togepi said while looking worried. "If she discovers that I've gone missing again, she might not be happy that we went to another room! Besides, I forgot to tell Dad that I was going with Pikachu! Be right back!" The eggshell wearing Pokémon hopped out of the room and headed back to the other room.

"Aww…" The Sea Otter admitted, while looking disappointed. "Why did Togepi have to go?"

"Togepi will be right back. Besides, Her Dad is with us- His nickname is Highwind, and he's actually Jaime's trainer." Pikachu explained. "He's a Togekiss, and sort of the one who's snoring."

"Whoa, a Togekiss!" Tepig said in its excitement. "I heard those Pokémon are strong, and I mean really strong!"

"When protecting its also young you mean. It would be no surprise if Highwind would step up to protect Togepi." Snivy responded. He then gave a bit of a smile as he said, "Well, Oshawott, Togepi's dad is with us, maybe to stay close to his daughter. Better not do anything to upset him or else you might be hot water before you know it."

"W-w-w-What are you talking about?" Oshawott said while looking scared to the point of tears. "D-do you think that he'll be mad at me? And what do you mean?"

"What are you so scared for, Oshawott?" Tepig said. "I'm sure Togekiss is a cool guy to let his daughter hang out with us- I mean, he lets you hang out with her, right Pikachu?"

"Yeah-huh!" Pikachu responded.

"Why are you being mean, Snivy?" Oshawott said while crying a bit.

Just then Aster's Togepi came running back and carefully closes the door behind her. The egg Pokémon hops us to the bed and said, "Dad's cool with me staying here for tonight!"

"Great!" Tepig said with a smile. "Find a spot and grab a spot to sleep."

Oshawott walked up to Snivy and said with a huff and his eyes angry as he said, "Snivy, what did you mean by that! Answer me!"

"Just think of the possibility. Besides, you must be oblivious." The Grass snake said as he yawns and positions himself to sleep. "Now let me sleep…"

"Oooooh, now I don't know if I can sleep if Togepi's dad is going to be mad at me…" The Sea Otter admitted while while walking back. "I don't even know what Snivy meant anyways…"

"Er, what do you mean anyways, Oshawott?" Togepi asked.

"He said that I shouldn't do anything to…upset him…" Oshawott admitted as he gave a bit of a yawn. He then gave a bit of a sleepy mumble that sounded like, "I'm going to sleep now…Night night…"

The egg Pokémon just looked nervous as she noticed what he meant. "I think Snivy was just being rough with you, Oshawott. And night guys, I'm heading to sleep." Togepi said with a smile before yawning and curling up, getting its arms and legs into the shell and head closing up to make it into its egg shape as light snoring noises is heard from it.

"Heh, that was quick." Pikachu admitted before giving a bit of a stretch and looked a bit tired. "Okay I'm tired enough now. I'm going to sleep now, Tepig. Night." Pikachu soon lay down as it soon began to snooze with a snot bubble forming as it drifts to sleep.

"HehehNight." Tepig admitted before lying down. But then, he noticed something- he sees his trainer was awake, but then he noticed that the two noticed each other. Sora notices and turns to the wall. ('…Sora? How long was he awake for? Did he listen to us?') The pig couldn't help but to blink before giving a bit of a yawn and then falling asleep. ('Nah, that's impossible… Humans don't usually understand Pokémon. Not to a talking level, but maybe to a Heart to Heart thing… But I can't help to think maybe… could those human understand us?')

Sora seemed to give a bit of a quiet sigh and whispered, "Maybe this thing is more of the trouble than it's worth. Maybe I shouldn't wear it yet…" He then took off the star and puts it away and went to sleep.

?: At an Unknown location…

Three silhouettes are seen as they walk into the room a man with a black and white jacket that reaches the feet is seen as the man stood up from his seat to see the indivdiuals. "I see you have finally arrived. Take a seat, all of you."

The three of them nodded as the three grabbed seats. One of them asked, with a male's voice, sounding like a certain male. "So why did you call us in anyway? Are we doing anything related to what his Majesty gave us?"

"No, nothing as of yet. I'm sure he'll call you in when it's time. But we will need you to prepare in another field." The cloaked man said while fixing his gaze on the three from underneath the hood. "I would normally ask you just the two of you to come in, but in this special situation, this will be a proper way of training for all three of you, in case should the lady wants to assist in this battle."

"Are you sure about this?" One of the male asked with a slightly deeper voice to the one to the right sounding like another male, with the female shaped silhouette in the background nodding while grunting 'Mhm!'

"I don't want to stay behind this time. It was just a little while after everything that happened that we're finally together again." The lady said in a tone that sounded like they went hardships. She then spoke again with a determined tone. "This time, I'm not staying behind. Besides, the old sir said that I can take on this challenge with you guys, so this time I'm going with you two and you're going to say anything about it. Except for those couple of times, this is the first time I've been to another world without being taken away or kidnapped."

"Hey, as if we'll say no at this point- because you're here now!" The boy on the far right said with a happy tone to his friend. He then faces the cloaked man and asked, "So what did you need us to train us for, sir?"

"Listen carefully. Once I finished with your instructions, you'll be sent to where I'll have you train. Once you land make sure you don't let anyone know that you come from another world. Come up with a lie if anything." The cloaked man said to the three silhouettes.

"Yes sir." The three nodded.

The man nodded as he lifts his head to who shows a heterochromia eyes, blue on the left when facing him, yellow in the other. "Good. Now let us begin our discussion."

Three silhouettes from before are now seen sitting in the chairs as the man said… "It appears to be a bit dark in here, wouldn't you say? Let us turn on the light." He then presses a switch on the desk and the room brightens up to reveal the three- Sora, Kairi and Riku- to be in the chairs with Sora on the right and Kairi on the left of Riku whom was in the center. "Much better. Now, listen carefully- you will be heading to a unique world as I said before. However, in this world you will meet several faces- and by some small chance, some of which may appear familiar or resemble someone. But don't be fooled though- some may resemble a few of your friends, but they aren't them. Do not draw attention to that detail."

"But what if that person we might meet acts just like the other person we know?" Sora asked. "What if they really just act like our friends?"

"It could be a mere coincidence. However, duly note… sometimes it may or not be a mere coincidence. It may be the same person, but it might be something different about them. For instance, you might notice things similar to the person you know but are different. But know this- sometimes people may be sharper than they appear, as they might end up noticing wide holes in a story you might make- but you must continue. However, if they do discover the truth, try to limit as little people who learn this as little as possible. But if they are the kind of person who would spread rumors, then you might be in hot water." The cloaked man said with his Heterochromia eyes fixed upon the group. "We don't want to make things complicated than you want it to be."

Riku nodded at this as did the other two. "So what do we need to know?" Sora asked.

"This special world is a unique one- just as this world until during your previous journey has not been touched by the darkness of the outside world, this one has not either." The cloaked man said. "As such, you will not encounter the dark presence of our enemies there. However, there have been some known corrupted individuals, who wish to 'take over' the world as a conquest. However, there will always be people in the way to stop that wish. However, they know of nothing upon our world or what they went through. So to that extent, I'm afraid to further your hide your secret, I must seal your abilities."

"What?" All three of the teenagers exclaimed in surprise. "Why would you hide our powers anyway?" The silver haired male asked.

"Just as this world prior knows nothing of the legendary weapon you three carry, that world knows nothing of the same weapon yet." The cloaked man said while facing them with the heterochromia eyes. "However, unlike this world, they have evolved to a point they don't need weapons to fight with each other, although some uses this as an advantage to threaten others. In order to hide this secret more effectively, I will seal your powers. Now I ask that hold out your hand."

At this point, the three teenagers looked to each before giving a bit of a look at each other and although reluctant, they held out their right hands. The Cloaked man then seemed to of shimmered with a unique white and black aura before he struck the back of the hands of all three of them with his hands. At this point a strange star symbol appears on their hands of where they are struck. It appears to be a star symbol, with half of the left side white, and the other side black. The three looked to the symbol on the hand as the Brunette took off his glove to look at the symbol as it vanished. The boy then put the glove back on and held out his hand. The symbol appeared to be showing through the glove of his hand, as a light flashed briefly before disappearing, but…nothing happened afterwards but the brunette expected something to occur. "So, what do we do if we have to fight?"

"You will found a way, so do not worry about it." The older man said, with an assuring tone. "If I were to let go to a world without a way for you to fight back, that would utterly ridiculous, unless I know you have something to hide. But in the case you lack the ability to fight…there is a failsafe."

"What is this training for anyways?" Kairi asked.

"This will relate to your friend, milady. Sora, in your journey, you had to lead or choose who you brought into battle without a second thought." The Cloaked man admitted. "But you noticed that they became stronger, and some based on your own decisions. Others never needed a word and did whatever they want- as a form of 'Winging it'. However, as a leader, one must be able to make decisions, give effective orders and plan quickly and accordingly in the rules of battle. Sometimes there are rules for you to follow accordingly. This applies to you too, Riku."

Riku gave a quiet nod as he looked to his friends. "But what if we manage to complete the training anyways, Major?"

"If you succeed in your training, the seal will fade away and you will regain use of your abilities." The 'Major' said. "My Seal is used to seal powers up to prevent cheating, but will work as a failsafe in case it's a desperate measure. It starts as a faded star, but as you grow and mature into a better leader, the star will turn into my symbol. As you continue to grow, soon wings will sprout. Once the wings had fully opened, it'll glow on the back of your hand and disperse into lights, removing the seal completely. But you also need to see what kind of method you need to know- is it based on friendship? Could it be loyalty to your friends and your team? Or there is a way that you help to hold your team together? There are many styles of leadership, but it is up to you to find the ones you are best with."

"But how will we leave though?" Sora asked.

"We'll be in orbit, observing your progress." The cloaked man said. "But there is something you should know."

A Static-like field is seen as a camera is seen distorting before shutting off in static.

End of Prologue…

Jaime's Memoirs:

Today I decided to call in Highwind from Professor Rowan. When I asked for him, Highwind immediately zipped out of there all speed. According to Professor Rowan, I think he was waiting for the chance to join up with me again after all I went through with him in Sinnoh. Heheh…I always liked the Togepi family, and for a good reason- he's a kickass member and my header whenever I head into battle. And with that, my team is complete!

What my team is? I'll never say it, but let's just say that my team's a decent balance, although the problem is I think I'll need to see if I can shape up my strategy. But I got a broad moveset that can handle multiple problems.

Anyways, I also received a letter from the Professor- and it looks like the Unova League is starting up again after what happened two years ago. I'm going to participate in the league again, but this time I'm going with everything I got. Togekiss is one of the teammates that I called, and two from the Sinnoh Region I can rotate, and I only brought one of my Pokémon from Hoenn… and he's one HECK of a Powerhouse! But first I have to help my two buddies from Sinnoh get started on their journey.

I met Aster and Lior when I was goofing off in Hearthome when he was trying to train up his Pikachu, which was at the time, a Pichu. However, the trainer I met, Aruni, pretty much cleaned the poor mouse's clock, and got Lior into a fit. However, I noticed that Pichu was pretty much disheartened. I'd say more but let's just say that I saw Lior looking for his starter and well… Let's just say that he wears a heart on his shoulder.

Anyways, I decided to take a quick walk, but that walk turned into a tour when I found three teenagers who NEVER saw a Pokémon before. Sora, Riku, and Kairi from I've been told are from Sevii Islands- more specifically Chrono Island. They also said that they gone by ship, so I guess that story had some truth to it, as I found drift wood on the beach- parts of which I think were from a ship. I swear that I think I may have just gone into a confused daze for a second there. Anyways, I led the three to a Pokémon center and gave them a quick rundown… well quick but informative rundown of the Pokémon basics. I even had Bianca give them their starters while everyone but me got a Pokédex. I already had mine- just updated and stuff like that.

Anyways while we were eating dinner, I decided to ask what their home was like. They seemed to remain quiet as if they don't want to speak about them. I guess there are some things they don't want to talk about, but they did tell me that they were friends since they were children, so I guess it has some consolation. They seemed to gone through a lot of stuff, but…they seemed to be alright, and not to mention the Pokémon seemed to be attached to their owners- although Kairi's Oshawott was still nervous around her, it seemed to be really good friends with Aster's Togepi. But…maybe it doesn't know it's a girl? Ah well.

Anyways, I'll close this Memoir particular for now. And I think Highwind is starting to snore on me again… I forgot how noisy a sleeper that Togekiss is… I guess I'll give Journal entries on what I know about those guys so far but title it in case they don't know who or what I am. But I'll just document myself and the siblings next time, unless it involves a new Pokémon. Maybe I might leave myself out though.

Journal Entries:

A new trainer who claims to be from the Sevii Isles- more exactly, Chrono Island. Until recently, he and his friends had never seen a Pokémon or know what one looked like, so he journeyed off from his home with his friends, Riku and Kairi to see the world.

According to the story, their raft had crashed and the three was sent adrift to shores of Western Unova, where they were founded by Jaime.

Landing in Unova, the group decided to partake into the Pokémon League. With his new Tepig in tow and new clothes, he heads out to take on new challenges. But from what Jaime can tell they will have to learn a lot about Pokémon before they can take their chances in taking on the Pokémon League.

Sora's Team:
A chipper sounding Pokémon, seen as a friendly starter. He is seen with a happy outlook on life as he easily makes friends with Pikachu and Togepi, as well as the other starters except for Snivy who seemed rather distant.

Not much is known about Tepig before meeting Sora, but he dislikes being its Poké Ball.

Known Moves: Tackle, Growl, Ember

A good friend of Sora and Kairi, and another new trainer from the Sevii Islands. From an interview I did earlier before the night and from the looks of things, Riku can be seen as individual who takes account the feelings of others, and seen to protect his friends. But if one who pays attention can guess, he's the more mature one of the three.

According to the story, Riku was the one who built the raft mostly, but unfortunately for them, they've crashed and the three was sent adrift to shores of Western Unova, where they were founded by Jaime.

The guy is seen to also make cracks at his friends' expense, and I believe they get it sometimes. But I believe he is kinder then he lets on, but also more cautious, as he was wary of me when I first met them. But when he chose his starter, he chose a Snivy who was over the last month been picked over him. Taking it in stride, the level headed Snivy decides to be Riku's first Pokémon. With new clothes and Snivy, he takes on the league with his friends.

Riku's Team:
A cool and collected Snake who is shown to be distant from his friends. Until he was picked by Riku, he was always the odd man out as other Tepig and Oshawotts before him (and the current ones alongside him) was picked. As a result, he seemed to of grown distant and maybe a bit of a sour puss. When Riku chose him as a partner, he seemed to show loyalty to him, but prefers to be with him than with the other Pokémon. Maybe he was using him as an excuse to stay away from the Pokémon?

Otherwise, I don't think I don't know much of his life before he teamed up with Riku.

Known Moves: Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip

A red haired girl from Chrono Island of the Sevii Islands and a good friend to Sora and Riku. Like the two she journeyed off the island with her friends to see the world. For some reason I seem to get some weird…pure air around her. It could be from my perspective though, but I don't usually give a hoot about these sorts of things.

She seemed to the one to handle the listing the food to take with the group, but I guess they may of lost their food, and their raft when they crashed in the Unova region. Okay, I know it's kind of redundant but I am writing their roles!

Anyways, for some reason, Sora seemed to be easily flustered around her for some reason, especially since when we were picking out clothes and for Kairi to try on her clothes. Not that I noticed or anything but I think she gave a look when I mentioned something about her starter, a smaller than average crybaby Oshawott. But she feels assured that as long as her friends are with her, she can do anything, including take on the league.

She seems to show a great amount of compassion, as she can help ease her cowardly partner's fears- even showing the nervousness through, or so I believe.

Kairi's Team:
A cowardly little Sea Otter that Kairi chose as her partner and first Pokémon. But the fears for some reason seem to be present in the presence of females- mainly its master. However, it seemed to be really friendly around Aster's Togepi, although it would assume that it was a boy. Oshawott initially seemed confident when it was first come out of its Poké ball, but that somehow crumbles as it either trembles or even starts to cry when near a female. To be honest, I'm not really sure about him though…

One could wonder whatever happened before it met its trainer had anything to do with Oshawott's behavior around women… And it takes a professional to be worried that if Kairi and Oshawott's bond could be a bit strained.

Known Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, ?

Next Time on Kingdom Hearts: Black and White

Our Heroes finally start on their journey through Route 19, following Jaime's instruction to train their Pokémon before taking on the gym, as to gain some experience for their Pokémon. They decide to travel to Sangi Town when they met a trainer from the Pokémon Center the day before, whose ego is definitely showing. Deciding to try to defeat him, Kairi challenges him to a fight. But when the battle is over it is someone else's turn in the barrel to show up this Mystery Trainer.

Next Time:
Chapter 1: An Unusual Welcome

Well there's the Prologue of the story I'm writing. But things you must know…

Lior and Aster are personsas of two certain characters I have. Two are other characters are mentioned that I own besides the Pokémon persona of myself- one of them being blond haired guy that lost to the gym leader of Aspertia City, the other mentioned in the Memoir, Aruni.
This story is seen off of Black 2 and White 2, so unless you want to spoil yourself, you might want to back off.
Finally, this story takes place after a certain story I'm also writing, so you might wanna prepare for spoilers for that.

And before you ask, my older sister helped me with the alternate costumes so there's no need to help out. : P