Warning: The following you're about to read involves violence, alternate universes areas and things not usually seen within their proper universes. In fact, In one of them it's actually connected to another story. Things will be different and things might be not as planned so if you don't like it, you can leave then and ask yourself why you are reading this. In any case, hope you enjoy the story…

Here's what happened last time on Kingdom Hearts: Black and White- In the normal way for once.

Sora and his friends are introduced to the Siblings' father, Jet, as he explains the situation over on his side regarding Izo, the named unborn child of the two. After discussing names, they return to the room to meet Mama Etta- the Mother Meloetta Riku met previously discussing what to do with her child. Reluctantly, they were in an agreement withand decided to take care of Symphony- the nicknamed child Meloetta. After reporting in to their superior in their dreams and getting a rude wakeup call from Lior, the group split up- Jaime heading for the gym and the others heading to Virbank. Sora and the others soon meet up with the Psyduck while in the midst of a battle and shortly after Blitzle hatches, a trio of Purrlion from Symphony's story appeared and attacked the group. After a bit of an incident with them Sora catching both his hatched egg and the Psyduck, the group continues down the road, stopping by Floccessy Ranch and meeting Milo and 'Sword' on the road. After witnessing a battle they arrive in Virbank to see the Gym Leader in an argument with her father before having a nice conversation with her themselves. Shortly afterwards, Milo challenges Riku and Kairi to a Double battle- using only Pokémon lent to them.

Kingdom Hearts: Black and White
Chapter 6: The Whirlwind Tour

Virbank City: Outside of the Pokémon Center

Roxie, the gym leader the group met in the last chapter was in the center of the three opponents. She was facing towards the center as she rose her hands and said, "This Multi-battle will be between Kairi and Riku of Chrono Island, versus Milo of Hearthome City!"

"Actually, I'm from Solaceon Town." Milo explained. "I'm more commonly seen at Hearthome- so much so that you might see me there as a second home. But either all is fine, really."

"Alright then- Milo requests that the challengers use Pokémon rented out to them for this battle- with Kairi using Milo's Cottonee, and Riku using Lior's Sewaddle." The Gym Leader explained as the two Pokémon advanced forward.

"Kick some butt, Sewaddle!" Lior called out from the sidelines also facing the center with the other trainers not participating in this battle, with his Sewaddle giving a happy 'Sewaddle!' in response.

Cottonee looked nervous as it looked to be shuddering a bit- mostly because it had to fight its trainer. Kairi noticed this and said, "It'll be okay, Cottonee- just trust me!" Upon noticing her Cottonee faced her temporary trainer…and gives a nod before looking back. Milo noticed this before giving a more serious look. "I'll show you, Milo! Cottonee can beat you- you just haven't been using him right!"

"Treecko, Lunatone, you ready?" Milo said as both of his Pokémon gave their confirming responses in their tongue. "Alright, we're ready on our end!"

"Then let's rock then!" Roxie said as she rose her hands and –Rival Battle ~BW2~- starts to play.

"Cottonee, use Mega Drain!" Kairi called out.

Cottonee responded as it raised its leafy arms to fire a green beam at Lunatone.

"Lunatone, dodge and use Ice Beam on Cottonee- Trrecko, use Quick Attack on Sewaddle!" Milo commanded as the Lunar Pokémon forms a white sphere near the 'beak' and fires three ice-blue beams directed towards the Pure Grass type, stopping the beam attack easily with Treecko making a beeline for the Bug-grass type with a white streak behind it.

"Dodge it!" The two trainers exclaimed, with the two Pokémon making a quick dodge to evade the attacks (with part of the ground freezing from the Ice type attack).

"Sewaddle, Silver Wind!" Riku called out with the Sewing Pokémon making the edges of its leafy hood glow white before unleashing a small gust of it with it glowing slightly, striking both targets.

"Nice try!" Lunatone said in its tongue before its eyes start to glow red.

"Kairi, it's your turn." The silver haired male said to the red haired one.

"Right!" Kairi said. "Cottonee, Stun Spore on Lunatone!"

Cottonee's eye had a bit of a shine speck before unleashing a large puff of Orange-yellow dust at Lunatone, hitting on target with an…unusual blustering speed. Upon getting hit by the blast, Lunatone struggled to stay afloat as it looked to be staggering and electrocuted for some reason. "Whoa!" Sora exclaimed upon noticing this. "That puff of Stun spore looked too fast….almost like Quick attack…"

"That's Prankster for you- it's an ability that makes status inducing moves like Stun Spore as fast as Quick Attack." Jaime explained. "In other words, it'll hit before any other move unless it's something like Quick attack- Mach Punch for example is the fighting type version of it."

"Oooh, so moves like Leech Seed would work like that too?" The Brunette added, with the others nodding in agreement. "Got it!"

Lunatone looked to be trying break through the Paralysis as Milo called out, "Use Psychic, Lunatone!" In response the meteorite's eyes began to glow blue as it manages to have Cottonee lifted up by a Psychic force (and blue aura) causing it to look nervous as if trying to get free. "Sewaddle, use Razor Leaf!" Riku called out, giving the caterpillar to use its hood to launch several leaves, hitting the moon-shaped Pokémon which released its target with Treecko dodging.

"Alright Lunatone- Rock Throw on Sewaddle, and it's time to unveil our new technique, Treecko: use Seed Bomb!" Milo called out, and the gecko fired out several white projectiles at Cottonee that explode on contact, creating a small smokescreen.

"Cottonee, let's try Mega Drain again!" Kairi called out, with the Cotton Pokémon firing the beam at Lunatone. As it hits, the attack looked to be absorbing energy from Lunatone, with the attack cutting though the smokescreen and showing it slightly injured before recovering its energy with it glowing white briefly.

Symphony was observing the battlefield as she turned tangible. Symphony gave a bit of a look that would look like she wants to battle too, but…looked nervous, due to inexperience. She just sighed though.

However, in the background, someone in black walked into view as he quietly snuck on the group from underneath the bridge as he carefully flipped up and hid from sight. This figure looked to be shorter than the previous one, only this person has the same jacket with a bit of a different… style to it. From the ground up, it shows look to resemble sneakers (but really boots- just the legs haven't been put inot the boots) with the coat's shoulder's more pointed and slightly close-fitting sleeves. The person however looked to carefully sneak up on the group, trying to make as little to no noise before grabbing the shimmer with his arms, catching the still invisible Meloetta who was near the group. Symphony suddenly gave a startled grasp as the hooded boy grabbed her and muffled her quickly before running away with her towards the south. However, this doesn't go unnoticed- Jaime had surveyed the scene with Aster and Lior as well. Jaime looked to Sora as he said, "Ah, Sora- I have a bit of an idea."

"What's up?" Sora asked while looking to the older man, ignorant of what had occurred…yet.

"I wanna take Lior and Aster to a location where you could find a couple of Fire-type Pokémon. It's to the south at a location called the Virbank Complex." Jaime explained. "You guys can check it out later- we're just doing it now."

"Ummm…alright then?" The Brunette said before turning his attention to the battle, which showed Cottonee hitting Treecko with multiple seeds. "Hey! Looks like Cottonee's using Leech Seed on Treecko! …Huh? It didn't work!"

('At least he's figuring out what moves are being used…') Jaime said in his thoughts before Lior, Aster and himself head off to the south as the theme ends.

Further down the way…

-Apprehension- plays as Jaime, Lior and Aster were seen chasing down the road with the cloaked boy still holding Meloetta (who was now visible), but looked he was slowing down to try to better contain her with his arms as she was trying to break free. Before speeding back up, he looks back to his pursuers. "It must be the same guy from Sora's Story! The one with the cloak!" Lior said with an angry look. "How can we let a guy like him steal Symphony from under our noses like that?!"

"Easy- he's as quiet as a ninja unlike you two." Jaime said with a bit of snark, prompting the two to give a bit of a groan in response. "But seriously, I digress- he must've snuck up on us while we were watching the battle. And I don't think it's the same guy- he looks a bit too short to be him."

"Well we can't let him get away- we have to stop him before he seals the deal of catching Symphony with the Poké Ball!" Aster said. However as the two try to catch up with the boy Jaime suddenly felt a surge of something before yelling out in pain 'GAAAH! MY LEG!' and falling to the ground. This reaction prompts the siblings to stop, as did the apparent thief. "M-Mr. Jaime?!"

"Gack…what a stupid time to get a charley horse…!" Jaime said while holding his left shin with his hands while groaning in pain and all the while weeping a bit. "Sorry guys- looks like you're on your own."

Meanwhile, the thief managed to run ahead towards the southern direction, towards a bunch of buildings. "B…but what if he was too strong for us?" Aster said, sounding unsure of herself.

"I think what matters now that we get Symphony back." Lior said. "We'll take care of things- see if you can get yourself back up and catch up with us!"

"One more thing- one of you has to at least catch a Fire-type- we don't want make things too suspicious." Jaime added. As the two nodded to each other they tossed out their Poké balls to call out Pikachu and Xia respectively. After the two ran ahead, Jaime struggled to get up before bring out a what looked like a sort of homemade play sword- a beige plastic tube with black Styrofoam wrapping around it. The Styrofoam was completely covered with black Duct tape, what looked like part of the Styrofoam broken off, creating a bit of a gap it as shown in the tape being a bit more straighter. Jaime looked to the audience and as if to break the fourth wall, said "Expect unexplained things like this to happen- like why did I have this thing. Plot convenience, that's what."

However, as the man tried to help walk off the pain he got, the hooded male hopped up from onto the building with the Meloetta in his arms. He quickly leapt down with an expert maneuver before heading down another way, across another bridge as soon passed by a club with a purple neon logo- the same logo seen as the badge cases.

Virbank Complex

Lior and Aster immediately ran in with their electric types as they looked around the field, storage crates, and buildings full of smokestacks and generators. "This place is PRET-ty big." Lior admitted. "How do we found what we're looking for?"

"Hey! Kids shouldn't be here!" a female's voice called out. It was shown the person was female as she approached the two. She was wearing a fairly identical outfit to Sword but with some differences- the shirt is the same color as Officer Jenny's outfit and the blue vest's icon has the shield looking be on fire, but with the fairly same sigil- a shield with the logo in it. The woman has slightly longer blue hair in a darker shade, violet eyes and a bit of a chest. She surveyed the two before coming to a different conclusion: "Oh- you're trainers. But still though…what are you two doing here at the Complex?"

"Erm, well…" Aster tried to say. "We're looking for someone with a black jacket with a black hood covering the face. He's carrying a Pokémon around, trying to escape. The person took that Pokémon from us."

"We saw him run this way." Lior explained. "We just need help trying to find him."

"Hmm…well, I guess I can lend a hand." The woman said. "I'm Flare- a member of the Police."

"Flare?" Lior parroted as he tapped his chin as to think. After a couple of seconds, he remembers something- "Hey, yeah! One of Sword's squad members, right?"

"You met Sword?" 'Flare' responded, a bit surprised to hear them.

"Sort of- he was helping a friend of ours with training." Aster explained. "We ran into them while they were said training- and even turned a piece of evidence in to him!"

"Oooh…Okay, now I recognize you! You must be part of the group that captured the Neo Plasma grunt." Flare said, noticing the two who nodded. "Well, you did a good service to Unova, so I'll help ya out then as an officer in training."

"But…you looked like a real officer to me." Lior admitted. "I didn't know you were a recruit."

"Aww thanks." Flare said with a smile. "Besides, I'm only 17 at the recruit level- well entrée level." She then gives a bit of a look up and down to the boy as she adds with a odd smile, "Hey, you look like my age- maybe you and I can grab a bite to eat later?"

"Er, no thanks!" Lior said, suddenly flustered as –Virbank Complex- starts to play.

"Hmmm…okay then. Let's catch us a thief then." The officer said as she brought out a Poké ball and tossed it into the air. When it opened, it showed a tailed, bipedal Pokémon with a red body, a yellow flame design on it, yellow thighs, and a yellow tail with a flame on the tip. It has red feet, with two toes and the arms are covered in red rigid scales with the hands red with five fingers, and black metal shackles on the legs and neck. It has a row of red spikes running down the back, two lumps on the forehead with a flame on top of each, and a yellow beak. It gave a pumped-up 'Magmar!' as it was released from the ball. Aster gave a curious look as she examined the being with her Pokédex. 'Magmar- the Spitfire Pokémon. Its internal temperature is 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, and been known to be an especially adept Pokémon, especially in unleashing devastating special attacks and powerful physical attacks. It's also known to be savage and intelligent. They've been known to reside around warm to hot locations, such as volcanoes and avoid colder ones- which normally would make it dopey.' The Magmar's trainer then looked to the two as she said, "I'll look on ahead- you two try to avoid getting into trouble."

As the officer-in-trainer walked forward with her Pokémon, Lior still looked embarrassed as Aster noticed this and said, "Brother, are you…okay? Your face is still red…"

"I-I'm fine." Lior said when he shook his head as the blush seemed to fade. "…That was the first time that I was asked out- and right out of the blue like that. Should I accept it or not?"

"Err…shouldn't we focus on finding Symphony?" The blunette commented with a blank look. "And I wouldn't go for it. I don't think Mom or Dad would go for it either."

"Sorry, I guess I was sort of…caught up with that." The older brother replied while rubbing his head. "Anyways, let's go for it then!"

The two nodded before looking beginning to look around. As they surveyed the area, several Pokémon were seen with some of the workers as well- including a Lillipup, a Patrat, and even another dog- a canine with a short rounded muzzle, a small fluffy tail, a tuft of fur on top of its head, and rounded ears. It has orange fur with mostly black stripes over its back and its forelegs with the belly, tail, and fluff on the head cream colored. The nose is a shiny black with the insides of its ears brown, two claws on the forepaws and the paw pads are brown in color. The two were seen asking the worker if they see anyone before giving a negative head shake, giving the blunette a saddened look. "We've been everywhere in this complex… and not a single hint to where he went…"

"Maybe he's too good for us." Lior said while crossing his arms, discouraged.

"We can't give up! We need to find Symphony!" Pikachu said while trying to cheer up the two.

"Who's Symphony?" Xia asked while tilting her head. "Is it a Pokémon that can sing?"

"Oh, right…you never met Symphony before." Pikachu said, realizing the electric type's question before using his fingers to count something out. "Neither did Sewaddle, Riolu, Metagross, Solaris, Minun, or even some of Milo's Pokémon."

"Hey guys!" Flare called out as she ran in with Magmar. "I saw someone in black heading out of the complex and towards the city! He may be the guy you were looking for!"

"Really?!' Both of the two and their Pokémon responded.

"Yeah- I just got word from Sword that he's heading for Pokéstar Studios." Flare explained. "My buddy Prism is over there!"

"Great!" Lior said in his excitement- but then remembered something important. "…Nuts. We still need to catch a fire type though…"

"Well here's your answer!" Flare said as she points towards the right. When in response the two gave a confused response before noticing something. It looked to resemble Magmar, only smaller with some more differences- red body, yellow flame-shaped marking on the belly, only red spike on the back, stubby arms and a short red tail. The head has large lumps that resemble hair and a black metal shackle on its neck as it gave a curious look around, saying an intrigued 'Magby?' as it looked around. "A Magby!"

"Magby…" The dark haired male replied before analyzing the being. 'Magby- the Live Coal Pokémon. Magby is the pre-evolved form of Magmar. Its health is determined with the flames that it spews from its mouth- with yellow meaning that its quite healthy and a lot of smoke when it is fatigued. It is able to use smoke though as an obscuring movement (smokescreen) to lower accuracy.' The moveset revealed it to know Faint Attack, Fire Spin, Smog, and Ember, with the gender female, and the ability Flame Body. "Time's on the essence here- we need a Quick ball to…" As if to answer his question, the officer handed him a blue and yellow Poké Ball into his hand. "…catch it." He finished. He then just gave a sigh before giving a whistle to catch the Magby's attention. "THINK FAST!" the trainer said before throwing the ball and it with it, the ball hits it right away. After absorbing the creature, the ball wiggles around for a little while until it gives the confirming seal sound. Lior picks up the poke ball and puts it away as he said, "Thanks Flare!"

"No problem!" The officer said as she waved them off with her Magmar doing the same with a cheerful look. "I'll keep an eye out for the guy so don't worry!" However, as soon as the two were far enough away… "…Those kids are lucky."

Earlier, back with Sora and the others…

"Cottonee, Mega drain!" Kairi called out with the Pokémon attacking with the beam again as –Rival Theme ~BW2~- resumes.

"Lunatone, use Hypnosis!" Milo commanded.

On command, the Lunar Pokémon had its eyes glow red before firing a red circular array at Cottonee. Sora was ready to call out 'Look out!' but Cottonee immediately dodged it. However, he noticed something was odd in the air- he soon looked around as he quietly said, "…Where did Symphony go?" The Brunette quickly surveyed the area as he crossed his arms before to assume something… "Maybe she went with them?"

"I dunno…" Tepig said as he looked on. "She could be invisible though. Maybe she's here, but making sure no one else sees her."

While in the middle of the fight, as Jaime returns to the scene while the play sword to balance himself, Riku made his next move as he commanded "Sewaddle, use Razor Leaf!" Sewaddle nodded as he tssed more leaves out towards his target.

"Stop them with Psychic, Lunatone! Teecko, Seed Bomb!" Milo commanded as the Psychic-Rock type uses the same technique as before to redirect the leaves back at Sewaddle, knocking it back. Treecko on commanded fired the seeds at his target, hitting Cottonee. "Now finish it with Ice Beam, Lunatone!"

"Not this time!" Sewaddle said before firing a string at rock type, completely covering it in a web, causing it to blink its red eyes in surprise, but unfortunately, before it can move itself free, it looked to be paralyzed before giving a bit of a pain 'Owww…' in repsonse.

"Lunatone's unable to continue battling!" Roxie announced.

"…Tsk!" Milo said before giving an angry look. "Treecko, hit 'em with Quick attack!"

Treecko gave a nod before streaking towards Cottonee, but it quickly dodged it. However, as it passes, Cottonee hits Treecko with a tuft of purple dust. When Treecko landed, it looked to be surging with purple electricity and a bit of a sickened look before falling to its hands and legs. "Looks like the Poison's definitely effecting Treecko now." Jaime said as he advanced forward.

"Huh?!" Sora exclaimed upon noticing the boy. "A-are you alright?"

"I got a charley horse midway to complex- so Lior and Aster went on without me." The male explained. "And before you ask where I got this, I had in my backpack- and let's say that thing is really good that those kinds of bags are virtually…odd. I mean if I can fit this in a bag, then you could fit a fold-up bicycle in it too for that matter."

"Umm, okay then…" Sora said, feeling confused. "But I wasn't just asking about where did you get that sword though- I was just asking about your condition."

"My sister made it- it was hers, but I decided to take It along for reasons- mostly to do this." Jaime said before using the play sword to hit a distant object via throwing it. Afterwards, he quickly adds a quick 'I'll be back' and went to retrieve it.

"Ergh…" Milo responded while giving a groan. "I guess I was looking at the wrong picture for Cottonee. Hate to sound like a quitter, but I gotta call it quits!"

"You sure?" Roxie replied, with the trainer nodding. "Alright then- Milo has conceived defeat for this battle!"

Milo nodded as he recalls his Pokémon with his Poké balls. "I guess you were right about that." Milo said with a bored look as the theme ends. "I can't believe that I got beat…by my own fricken Cottonee."

Upon hearing this, Cottonee looked amazed as it gave an excited jump as it said its name over and over again as it floats around in its excitement, chanting its name. Sewaddle gave its own happy look as well as it looked to of tried to raise up and gave a happy 'Sewaddle!' as well. "The both of you did great in your battle." Riku communicated with a smile. "You definitely shined- especially for your first real battle, Sewaddle."

"Thank you, Riku!" Sewaddle responded with a happy look.

Milo noticed Cottonee's behavior as it looked to see Kairi walking up to it and picking it up to congratulate it. Though the words weren't heard…Milo just gave a bit of a smile of his own before walking forward. "I concede defeat. I guess I was using Cottonee the wrong way." The male said. "You used him a lot better than I would ever would, Kairi."

"Thanks- but if it weren't Jaime telling us how to properly use Cottonee, I think I would've been winging it." Kairi said while rubbing her head.

"…You know, I heard this from a young girl and a wise guy- a trainer's always gotta think of a Pokémon's happiness first before their own." Milo said. "And seeing Cottonee all that cheery around you, confirmed it." He then took back Cottonee's Poké ball from Kairi to return it. However, he then opens it up again, but this time the light is red and blue this time as Cottonee rematerialized, but this time with a perplexed look.

"He…released Cottonee?" Jaime said with an odd look, prompting the Brunette to look at him with an alarmed look. "Why would you do that, Milo?"

"Cottonee was the first Pokémon I caught here in the Unova region on Route 19." Milo started. "However, that little cotton sprout was injured when I first found it- poisoned essentially. So I took it to the Pokémon center to treat it. Afterwards, Cottonee started to follow me around. I assumed that it wanted to thank me for treating it. So I decided to capture it." As he said the line, Jaime remembered what Lior said and gives a slight smile. "However, he only had Mega Drain and Leech Seed to sustain itself in battle as well as to damage it. The rest of his moves are status based. So I had train up this sprout until he can learn better moves- like Energy Ball, or Giga Drain. So I tried to push him as hard as I could and as far as he could. Unfortunately, I used him in every battle, with him losing every time with only its attacking moves, resorting to the status moves as a last resort. I was starting to get aggravated, even contemplating releasing it until I saw how you interacted with him."

"Me?" Kairi parroted as –Destiny's Union- begins to play.

"Yeah. When Cottonee met you I noticed that he was trying to work harder- even using Poison Powder and Stun Spore on his own without me telling him and ignoring my orders- as if he was going with his own…'gut' I guess. At first, I didn't know about the Prankster ability being in play- I just assumed that he could manage to use it much faster than other Pokémon. Stupid excuse, huh?" The younger blond haired trainer admitted with an odd look with the others looking to each other. "Anyways, after seeing how well he improved itself, it still lost though- I guess he was disappointed in himself, and after hearing what I said…I guess I really made him upset, huh? But…you treated differently than I did, and afterwards, I got a wake-up call from the battle. It was an unneeded wake-up call mind you, but indeed a wake-up call. Cottonee." The trainer said, prompting the cotton Pokémon to look up to him with an odd look. "As long as you're with me, I can't use you to your full potential- I can't win with you. That's why I'm letting you go…and giving you to someone who WILL use you better than I would ever do."

"But…who?" Cottonee said in its confusion.

"Look behind you, Einstein." Milo said with sarcasm.

The Cotton Puff looked behind it- only to see the trainer who used him in front of it. "…So you're saying that Kairi's the better trainer?" Riku said.

"Take a hint, silver boy- who else did I mean?" Milo said with more sarcasm and a bored look with Riku giving a bit of an angry look to his 'nickname'.

Cottonee looked up to the red haired trainer as she said, "Well, uh…Cottonee. Do you want to come with us?"

In response the cotton Puff looked up to his previous trainer, as he gives a bit of a nod. The grass type then looked back to the other trainer before giving a bit of a happy look as the eyes shined and hopped towards Kairi and floats up to her hands with a happy look as it said "I would love to come with you, Miss Kairi!"

"Well, I guess it's decided then." Jaime said with a happy look before grabbing out a new Poké ball. This one is shown to be a regular Poké ball, but the top of it is green in color with four red dots on it as an arch. "Use the Friend Ball here. I got this while I was exploring Johto after leaving Unova. And that was…1 year and…well 7-8 months ago at Azalea Town. A man by the name of Kurt made this for me when I brought him a green…apricorn was it? Anyways…these special Poké balls are only made by Kurt- You can't find them anywhere else."

"So you've been to Johto." Milo said with an odd look. Kairi meanwhile uses the Friend ball on Cottonee and easily catches it with it as it wiggled only a few times before it was successfully captured and she picked it up.

"Yep- been to Kanto too for that matter!" The older blond haired male commented. "I even have a bunch of Apricorn and the balls they get made into with me!" Jaime dug into his bag again, but this time setting out a large bag and a basket yellow basket with a white lid. The man then opened the basket to show a red berry-esque fruit with a brown top. He also brings out another ball too- this one looked to have a slightly reddish-pink top with a triangular shape pointed towards the center of the ball, as well as a black top with a red border around it. "This here's a Level Ball- a Poké ball that makes catching weaker Pokémon easy, depending on how strong your Pokémon is. It's made by red Apricorns. I got several of these Poké balls in case I need to catch a new member."

Sora takes the Level ball to examine it as he admits, "It looks pretty cool… You mind if I have one?"

"Go ahead- I have plenty!" Jaime explained as Sora sets it away and passes more to the other two. "From my travels in the Johto regions, I always find these Apricorns in trees and things. Anyways, here's the blue Apricorn and the Lure Ball!" Jaime then brought a fairly identical fruit- just blue in color. The ball provided has is mostly blue-green in color, with a red Traingle at the front- top pointing down. It also had a yellow III in it as well. "Lure Balls are great for catching Pokémon while fishing. In fact- that's what it was made for!"

"I'll take one!" Kairi insisted before receiving the ball from Jaime as she puts it away.

"The next one is a green Apricorn- used to make Friend balls." Jaime said as he presents a green apricorn and a couple of friend balls he easily hands off to Sora and Riku. "Friend balls are easily made to catch Pokémon and helps them to become friendly right off the bat."

"Seems like the kind of Poké ball that's made for Sora." Riku said with a smile with the brunette with a smile of his own.

"Milo, you used a Moon Ball to catch Lunatone, right?" The blond haired man asked, with the younger one agreeing. "Moon Balls as explained before are made to catch Pokémon who evolve with the Moon Stone. These are made out of Yellow Apricorns." And in command he brings out a Yellow Apricorn as well.

"Any other Poké balls made out of Apricorns worth noting?" Riku asked.

"Three more and I'll give the abridged version." Jaime said. "White Apricorn, makes the Fast Ball- made to catch fast Pokémon or those which would run away." Jaime shows the white Apricorn and a red Pokéball with yellow spots on the sides and top of the ball. "Next one is black Apricorns, makes a Heavy Ball. Works wonders if you're trying to catch Pokémon that are MUCH heavier than others." The man shows the black Apricorn, with a grey top and blue parts of it sticking out on the sides. "Finally…the Love ball. This one's a bit…tricky to explain- basically this one is made to capture Pokémon of the opposite gender of this Pokémon you have- as long as it is in the same species- like catching a female Lillipup with a male one in use." He then showed the Pink Apricorn, and a Poké ball with a pink top and white outline of a heart on it.

"Neat…" Sora said. "So this is just the ones that can be made out of Apricorns?"

"Yep!" The Older male responded.

"You know, the apricorn balls used to be the only ones capable of being used a long time ago- the Modern day Poké balls you see here are predecessors of the ones used in the past." Roxie explained. "That was something my dad told me once."

"…Speaking of your father, shouldn't we go get him then?" Riku commented as the theme ends.

"Oh- right!" Sora exclaimed upon noticing this. "Milo, is your Pokémon good enough to move on their own?"

"Well, if I can get a Cheri Berry and a Pecha berry, and a way to de-web Lunatone, they just need to rest." Milo said.

"Well, a Flamethrower might work, but could be a bit dangerous…" Jaime responded. "I got a Paralysis Heal with me though- works just as well."

"I usually have a Pecha Berry with me!" Roxie said before presenting a pink berry with white spots with green leaves.

Milo nodded before throwing out his afflicted Pokémon into the field. Tepig fired a bit of a small jet puff of flames to damage the webs so Milo can pull him out of it with Jaime giving the Lunatone a spritz of the Paralyze Heal. Meanwhile, Roxie feeds Treecko with a Pecha Berry and after eating it, it looked to of recovered from its Poison. "Thanks guys." Milo responded.

"I'll be at the gym if you guys need me- I need to rehearse for my show tonight." Roxie explained. "AS much as I want to drag my dad back to work, I also gotta make sure I don't screw up what songs my band's going to perform. If you're looking for the Gym, it's also the Rock Club of this town too! I'll take the challenge tonight too!"

As the Gym Leader left, Jaime flat out admits, "I never been to a rock club before. To be honest I never been to this place before either so I would be a bit lost…"

"Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Let's head to Pokéstar Studios and see if we can convince Roxie's dad." Riku said. "To the north, right?"

"Right!" Jaime said as the group tried to advance as they could with Jaime trying to catch up.

Pokéstar Studios: Entrance

As the group entered the zone from the entrance, two people are seen: one of them appeared to have darker skin, blond curly hair, a green shirt and a pair of blue jeans on as he said, "But where are we going to find someone with the talent to make it into the movies?"

"Dahling, I'm sure we'll find someone who would fit the roles quite nicely…" The older man said with a French accent. This man looked to have a bald on top of his head with blond back. He also wore a purple suit with a tubby build and a dark colored shirt underneath. He looked to the others as they walked in as he said, "Ah, excusez-moi but I'm afraid that our studios are still taking auditions."

"Er, we know that- we're just looking for someone." Sora replied. "We're looking for the father of Roxie, Virbank City's Gym Leader."

"Oooh, you mean Pop Roxie!" The curled haired man said. "Yeah, he's auditioning for a role for one of our known action movies, 'Brycen-man!'"

"Brycen-man?" Jaime parroted with his head tilting.

"Oui, good sir!" The older man replied. "We're auditioning for multiple movies as we speak, you see."

Sora seemed to cross his arms…before giving a smile at the thought. "Well…how about us then?"

"HUH?!" Jaime blurted out while looking startled with the others giving their own reactions. "Oh no- not me! I'm not getting dragged into this! I'm not made for movies, dude!"

"Sora, what are you saying?" Riku said with a startled look. "Aren't we here to get Roxie's dad back?"

"I know we are, but what's wrong with having a little fun?" The Brunette said with a smile as –Pokéstar studios- starts to play. "Besides, we can do something for fun until we can meet up with Lior and Aster later, right?"

"Well, I am sort of interested in seeing movies here are made…" Kairi said, intrigued. "Well, why not then? I guess we can give it a try!"

"…" Riku just gave a bit of an annoyed look before to say, "I know I'm going to regret this, but…I suppose that's fine then."

"Well, I guess I can give it a whirl then." Milo said. "So what do you say?"

"Sorry dahlings, but this is only for skilled trainers who know their knowledge about Pokémon." The older man said.

"Aw c'mon!" Sora said. "We travelled all that way from the islands, so at least give us a chance!"

"…Oho! So you're the ones who travelled from Chrono Island, vralment?" The older man said with the three trainers nodding. "…Well, I suppose we can make at least one exception…provided that you're good. After all, you all are part of the group who captured that dastardly member of 'Neo Team Plasma'. But where are my manners? My name is Mr. Stu Deeoh, dahlings. I'm the owner of Pokéstar Studios!"

"I'm Sora! This here's Kairi, Riku, and Milo." The male said, introducing his friends. "Our injured friend here is Jaime. He's helping us with Pokémon here and there, but…he's got a bit of a charley horse at the moment."

"Yeah, and I'm not much for acting." Jaime added. "So don't expect me to be playing in any movies."

"Oh, it's understandable!" The darker skinned male said. "Not everyone is made for the movies, you know."

"Well now, if you wish to watch, that is fine too!" Stu responded. "I'll go prepare a couple copies of scripts with you each in mind. Er, would you give them the tour?"

"No problem, sir!" The male responded while Mr. Deeoh leaves. "Alright everyone, I'll give the tour! Just follow my lead and don't fall behind!"

As the man starts ahead, Riku just sighed as he adds, "I wonder if we really should handle do this…"

"You should loosen up. Besides, it's not every day you get to star in a movie!" Kairi said with a smile.

"…I'm beginning to see a pattern here." Jaime said before walking forward, using the play sword as a cane.

As the group walked ahead, a new face was seen in what appears to be at a Movie theater. In front of it, it appears to be a shorter than average human: Definitely taller than Aster, but not as tall as Lior, like between the two's height. This person has silver long hair – at least close to the hips. This person also has a fairly same design of costume as Flare- a vest with the sigil on it, only the shield looked to be virtually shiny- like a mirror. A white shirt and pair of slacks is also seen on the female as the group approached her. The group looked to the individual who looked back. "Oh, hello!" The female said.

"…Let me guess- Prism, right?" Riku commented, with the girl nodding.

"I heard about you guys from Sword, so don't worry about introductions." 'Prism' responded. "But just to clarify and to be sure… I'm Officer Prism of Sword's squad. I'm here to investigate the Neo Team Plasma business, so I'm investigating the studios here."

"So did you interrogate anyone?" Milo asked Prism.

"Sadly no- there wasn't anyone suspicious as far as I can spot out." Prism said with a disappointed look. "There's nothing on Sword or Flare's perspective either."

"Huh- disappointing indeed." The younger blond haired male said. "And I thought you would've busted someone by now."

"Umm…how old are you?" Kairi asked.

"18-19; just very short." Prism described. However, at the moment, a familiar tune begins to play from Prism's belt before grabbing out a walkie-talkie, placed it near her ear as she said, "Prism here!" On the other line, it looked to be incoherent sounds as the others tried to listen in. Prism shooed them away before giving an intrigued look before a serious one. "Okay. Over and out."

"What's up?" Sora asked casually.

"Ah, some guy stole a Pokémon from some kids. Flare's helping them locate them but she also passed it along with Sword." The officer explained. "The thief could've moved somewhere else, so I'm keeping an eye out. I wouldn't play vigilante if I were you guys- unless you know what you're dealing with. Just leave it to the professionals."

Sora and others looked to each before nodding. "Well, if you honestly don't need help, then I guess we can go on our way then."

"Thanks guys. I'll keep my eyes peeled though." Prism said before walking towards the center of the area. "You kids stay out of trouble now!"

"I'm close to 20! I'm not a kid!" Jaime exclaimed with a look. However, he noticed what was happening before giving a bit of a sigh.

"Just calm down there, sir. But at the moment, we should leave the investigation to the police." The Pokéstar studio employee mentioned. "Anyways, the theater is just right through these doors."

The others nodded as they advanced through the doors of the Theater…

Inside of the Theater: Reception

As Sora and the others walked into the reception area, everyone gave a look around to see several pictures hanging on the walls as the group walked. As they walked forward, two staircases leading up to the second floor was seen as several people were talking up there. "Welcome to the Reception area, everyone!" The Pokéstar employee said. "Obviously, this is where the finished films are shown. Our movies are made with the latest of technology- when we complete all the editing and the processes, we ship the movies here to be seen by our test audiences before sending it out to the rest of the world! If they like it, then it would be a spectacular hit! There's even been to be a known case of making a movie into a cult classic too!"

"So these movies are essentially like the beta before sending it out?" Kairi asked.

"Exactly!" The member said with a happy look.

Riku and Milo surveyed the area before the silver haired male asks, "So where you would think that Pop Roxie be? If his movie was done, then would it be here, as would he?"

"Not likely- he's still probably at the Filming location by now!" The employee theorized. "We were still finishing auditions. But let's see what you guys know then about Pokémon! Mr. Deeoh must be finishing choosing the scripts for you by now."

"C'mon then, guys!" Sora said in his excitement.

"…Sora really is taking this seriously." Riku said while holding his head with his right hand before heading out of the theater with the others.

Pokéstar Studios- Lot

The group soon came down the way and sees several trailers, including a man taking a shot outside of the studio entrance and a couple of warehouses several workers seen bringing props into. On the building they were heading towards, the sign is seen to be someone wearing what appears to an outfit and a large mechanized Pokémon breathing out smoke. "This must be where they make the movies, right?" Sora commented as he sees the sign.

"You're sharp on that aren't you- but then again it is fairly obvious." The Employee explained. "This here's the Filming Studio! As Sora guessed, this is where the movie magic comes to life and the Pokéstar studios movies are born! Mr. Deeoh must be done preparing the scripts by now! Let's head on in!"

"I wonder what kind of movie we'll be participating in…?" The Brunette wondered with a bit of excitement. "I'm getting excited just thinking about it!"

"Well simmer down, dude." Jaime said. "I may not be participating in the movies, but you might not get the role you want. It is how it works for the movies some days."

"I know, but it's awesome just to be in a movie!" Sora said with a happy look.

The group soon walked into the studio behind the employee as the theme ends. But as they did, near the entrance of the lot, the figure in black soon ran in, still holding to the Meloetta, who was struggling to get free. "Hold on for at least a second- I just gotta find a place to hide…"

"Let me go! Let me GO!" Symphony exclaimed as she tried to struggle free.

"HEY!" A voice said, and upon noticing the individual run in. Prism soon had a Poké ball out, but then notices the Pokémon being carried. "Huh? Is that a…" However, the boy soon rushed towards the officer, and in a surprise to her, the boy easily leapt over her head with height that would be unknown…for at least her stature. The boy soon landed above and quickly ran away with the Pokémon still in hand before using the agility to jump up to the trailer's top. The police officer gave a bit of a stare before grabbing the Walkie-talkie, holding her surprised expression. "This is Prism here. I'm sending a red alert to both you and Flare, sir. I just got visual of the perp mentioned from Flare's report that stole the kids' Pokémon. He's sighted in Pokéstar Studios. But he's in possession of what could look like Meloetta. I repeat- he could be in possession of a Meloetta."

"For reals!?" Flare's voice said from the communications device. "That's…wicked!"

"Prism, capture him immediately! Flare, who were the ones who gave you the information about the boy in black?" Sword said in the communications line as -Le Sancutaire- begins to play.

"That'll be two kids called Lior and Aster, sir!" Flare replied.

Prism gave a startled gasp as she said in unison with the leader, "Those two?!"

"…Flare, begin moving forward towards Pokéstar Studios!" Sword replied on the walkie Talkie. "Prism, try to detain the perp as best as you can!"

"I'll try sir, but that guy's a real acrobat!" Prism replied as he sees the boy trying to climb up the side of the warehouse. "I'll ask from help from the local trainers! Hurry up ASAP! Prism out!"

Virbank City

Lior and Aster were running from the location they were at with their electric types out. They soon turned right, running across the bridge. The girl noticed the change in direction and asked, "Why are we running this way, brother?"

"Because we don't know if Sora and the others have finished their fight yet!" The dark haired male explained. "For all we know there could be stall tactics and prolonged battles involved!"

"You don't know that!" Aster said with a huff, with Xia agreeing.

"Alright fine- maybe that boy ran past this way and the people could've seen him!" Lior replied. "How's this for a better response?"

"…Okay, that works a bit better." The female admitted.

As they pass by, Pikachu notices the Gym the boy ran past before giving an intrigued 'Pika?' upon noticing it. As soon as they passed the gym and turned a corner, the Officer soon walked up to them. "Hold it, you two!" Sword called out as if to stop them.

"Sword!" The dark haired boy replied as he slowed down and stopped to catch his breaths as did Pikachu and Aster. "We're just…trying to find…"

"A boy in black. Flare and Prism told me." The officer replied. "He's still in Pokéstar Studios right now."

"Great!" Aster said with a relieved look. However as the two tried to run past the officer, He grabbed them by the back of their shirts and easily lifted them up. The female immediately tried to pull her shirt down at the front and said, "H-hey! Why are you stopping us?"

"Because you two have something to explain." Sword said. "Like how did he get in possession of a legendary Pokémon?"

"Y-you heard about that?" Lior said with an odd look. "It's a bit of a long story, believe us! But you gotta let us go, please!"

"…Well, what you said is true- there was a boy in black with a Pokémon in his arms." The Officer said before setting down the two. "But you shouldn't go risking yourselves just to try to save it. What we're dealing is too much for you two. Leave it to us."

"But Symphony is our friend!" Aster said. "We have to save her- it was our fault that we weren't looking and she got caught!"

"Just give us a chance, man!" Lior said.

"…Sorry. But you two are better off where you are. At the moment, he could be too much for you- Prism added that he has super-human agility- being jump over her easily at triple her height (although that's an overstatement and also elaborate) and climb up the building with the Pokémon in hand. For now, you two should hang back." Sword said before running off in the direction the two were running.

"…Now what do we do, brother?" Aster said, looking discouraged.

"…We look for other help." Lior answered, prompting the sister to give a perked up, 'Huh?' The older brother then said, "Roxie's gym is somewhere nearby, right? We haven't been this way, so we just gotta find it and ask for her help!"

"But where would it be anyways?" The blunette wondered.

"I know!" Pikachu said. "I saw a sign with the same logo as seen on your badge cases!"

"Really?!" Aster said to the mouse. "Then lead the way, Pikachu!"

"Pika!" The mouse agreed before leading the two back the way they came. After they lead back the way he came, he stopped and looked up to building and points to the building with the Neon Sign.

"Hey!" Aster said before noticing the Neon Sign. The top half of the Poké ball logo looked to of flickered off before Aster noticed and said, "So this is the place? But it's a rock club…"

"Well, remember one of Jaime's stories? The Gym in Nacrene City was in a Museum, so looks can be deceiving!" Lior said with a smirk. "C'mon!"

The two nodded before heading inside of the Gym with their electric types.

Virbank Gym

Roxie was playing a few notes on her base as the two ran in. "Roxie, got a moment?" Aster called out to the leader.

"Huh?" The white haired girl said before approaching the two while playing her base on her back and noticing the two looking anxious. "Ah, you two again! What's up- you guys looked like you were looking for something you forgot."

"Roxie, we got a problem- and I do mean, BIG!" Lior said.

"I-It's Symphony…" Aster said, trying to stay calm.

"…You're KIDDING?!" Roxie exclaimed, realizing why with a surprised look. "How did she get nabbed?!"

"When we weren't looking- some guy in a black coat grabbed her!" Lior explained, prompting the Gym Leader to give a startled look. "We were chasing the guy to the Virbank Complex, but he eluded us somehow! But Flare said that the guy managed to get to Pokéstar studios!"

"Okay, so calm down…" Roxie said. "Your friends are over there now, right? Do they know about it?"

"N-no they don't!" Aster said while looking scared. "Poor Symphony must be terrified… it's bad enough that Milo's joke would startle it, but being kidnapped must be really awful for it…"

"I gotta agree- she'd never been kidnapped before, hasn't she?" Roxie said. She then looked to other individuals as she called out, "Sorry guys- I gotta attend with an emergency! Keep practicing!"

"You got it, Rox!" The male Drummer called out with thumbs up in response.

"Just don't take too long, okay?" The female guitarist replied as well.

"We won't!" Aster replied as the theme fades out. "Let's hurry!"

Meanwhile, back with Sora and the others… (Aka, at the Filming Studio)

Sora and the others walked inside of the studio to see multiple people in many costumes as they walk across the room. They soon come across Mr. Stu Deeoh, talking to a couple of other men. One of them was Roxie's father, known as Pop Roxie. The other man appears to be a light blue haired man with blue eyes and part of his face covered in a blue mask- more noticeable around his eyes with it rising up in the back and tied with a black ribbon. He wears a blue robe with the design resembling glaciers. The left arm is covered in a long sleeve draping down with his right arm, shoulder and part of the chest exposed with purple pants line with a fluffy white. The owner notices the group approached the group as he said, "Aw bonsoir again! Did you enjoy your tour?"

"It was nice to say the least." Sora said. "So, uh…did you guys choose the scripts?"

"He did." The blue haired man said, prompting the chubby male to give a startled expression.

"B…Brycen?!" Jaime exclaimed upon noticing the man.

"You know him?" Riku asked.

"He's Icirrus City's Gym Leader and a Movie Actor." Jaime said. "I fought him two years ago as a challenger to his gym. He also helped with the whole ordeal with Team Plasma too. But why are you here?"

"To answer your question…I became an actor again after the whole ordeal with Team Plasma." The older man replied before gave a bit of a stare as he surveyed the three trainers in front of him as he gives a bit of an eyebrow raise before bowing saying, "Pleased to meet you."

"Uh, nice to meet you too…" Sora admitted. "I'm Sora. This is Kairi, Riku, and Milo."

"I'm Pop Roxie." The other man said, pointing to himself.

"We know who you are- you're basically the captain who pretty much gallivanted off from his duty." Milo said with a look. "We met Roxie already- just haven't challenged her yet."

"Ooh, I see…" Pop Roxie responded. "But you see, my dream is about to come true! I'm finally going to be seen as a Movie star as well as a sea captain!"

"Well, it's true that the places are close to one another… but seriously, there are trainers waiting to get on the boat to Castelia- which would eventually be including us!" Jaime said.

"Oh, but it is no problem at all, dahlings. You see, time is simply the one thing we have." Stu Deeoh responded. "Our movies are made in the fastest of processes thanks to the latest of technology. In fact…the director has a new script with Sora in mind for the Brycen-man Series- a Prologue, you see!"

"…A Prologue?" Sora responded. "What's it called?"

"Brycen-Man: Legacy!" Stu Deeoh responded with an extravagant expression. "This story will explain the origins of the Protagonist of the Brycen-man series- the Riolu kid!"

"…Kind of simple if you ask me." Jaime said.

"I'll be playing an important part of the movie series- basically I'll be playing the previous hero defeated by the villainous Brycen-man, played by- obviously- Brycen himself. And we'll be helping the boy to become the new hero! I'll even read the lines for you the important line at the start of the movie!" Pop Roxie explained, then handing him an extra script entitled. "In the stillness of night, two forces that clashed with one another, one to undo the other. One wished to protect the truths and ideals of the citizens, while the other to destroy it. However, one side was left being defeated in silence. However, as the one left standing leaves, he soon casts a sinister shadow over the land and even over the fallen, for even fallen hero has been shown fear in the face of defeat. That man was…'Brycen-man.' Though shamed by his defeat and his body weakened, a strong hero's heart still lingered on within the fallen one. But he knows that he cannot defeat Brycen-man- not anymore…so he hopes to pass the torch to a new hope- to not repeat the mistake that he once made. This is the tale of how a boy rose up to help light the beacon of hope to set forth a path towards tomorrow. This is the beginning…of the Riolu Kid!"

"…Well, you got me drawn in a bit." Jaime said, with Milo nodding.

"So wait… I essentially play…" Sora said, trying to think. But then it occurs to him as he lets his jaw drop "What?! So I'm like the Riolu kid or something?"

"But of course, Sora!" Stu Deeoh said. "The clothes you are wearing, the good personality who would be able to make friends with anyone…and even that sense of justice… it just radiates from you, dahling! You would make a perfect Riolu kid, mon ami!"

"Umm…okay?" Sora said, now intrigued, yet surprised. "So what should I say then?"

"Say what's on the script, but you'll know when you can into the script easy when you say a line that would come natural to you. It's quite easy." Brycen explained.

"Um, right!" Sora said with a bit of a silly look, with his friends giving their own unamused reactions. Sora soon opened the script as he read the script to himself, he cleared his throat as he said, "Just who are you, really? Why are you saying that you were once a superhero?"

"I do tell the truth, young man!" Pop Roxie responded, reading his own script. "I was once Lucario-Man- a hero of Justice, the Messenger of Truth and Ideals! I was the one who protected them. However, a wicked character named Brycen-man had defeated me in due battle. We actually encounter each other in the shadows, clashing with each other more than once with me winning in our recent encounters. However, in our last encounter several years ago, he pulled an unbelievable move…one that neither me nor my partner has seen; he sapped the strength of my partner, somehow weakening him enough for him to take him out. However…it was not because we had lost our strength that we fell. It was because we have no one to believe in us- we had no strength given to us asides from our own…we were alone in the darkness as one would say."

"And what's that?" The Brunette asked with curiosity.

"One person cannot hope to defeat the evil on their own. When you tried to stop the robbery prior to coming here, your own heart must've reacted when you felt as you stopped the robbery. That was something my partner had told me with its aura." The ship captain said. "And now that I can see…that you are but the rightful heir for the legacy of the name Lucario-man! Or rather…the Riolu kid!"

"But why me?" Sora responded, acting the lines out. "Surely there are others like me- those who are willing to make a difference!" However, in his own head…he asked a viable question: ('What's a Lucario?')

"Yes, but none of them had the courage that you had, neither the kindness." Pop Roxie responded, acting as well. "Those who are confronted by danger often struggle with the fear of them or their Pokémon getting injured, or worse losing their own lives just so they could save another…and they abandon the people out of their own selfishness and their own cowardice. And yet, you stood up to the thief, ignoring those instincts. Allow me to ask you this: how did you feel about the whole incdient?"

"Well…" The Brunette said, still reading the lines, before to notice something… he gave a bit of a nod before saying, sounding like himself, "Well, to be honest, I was scared… but if he had gotten away… I would've never forgiven myself!"

"Well said, Young man!" The Captain responded in his act with a smile. "Now show me the courage that you used to halt that thief!"

Sora closed the script as he asked, "How's that?"

"Err…" Jaime said while scratching his head.

"I'd say it's quite brilliant!" Stu Deeoh responded. "You have a knack for these lines! And the way it flows from you- it felt so…naturel!"

"Oh, stop…" Sora said while rubbing his head, with Riku hitting the back of Sora's shoulder. "Hey!"

"Sorry, but I don't think we should focus on the movies at the moment. As much as it is an interesting plot, I think we should just focus on getting Pop Roxie to his other job." Riku explained. "Sorry about this, Mr. Stu Deeoh."

"Oh don't worry about a thing- we actually have a couple of scripts in mind for you three as well: Riku, I assigned you to be on the Invader Series! Milo, you'll be working on the Red fog of Terror Movies. And Kairi…you'll be playing in the 'Mystery Doors of the Magical Land."

Riku just had a bit of a blank look before to say in his thoughts, ('Well, this is sort of…ironic. A few of my friends happen to be-')

"HEY!" One of the people said as he came from outside. "There's been an unusual event going on out there- some guy black is eluding the Police!"

"A guy in black?" Kairi parroted with the theme ending.

Sora and Riku gave a startled expression before they looked to each other and nodded. They both ran out before Jaime said, "H-h-hey!"

"Guys, wait up!" Kairi said as she ran outside with the two with Tepig catching up.

"Not you too!" Jaime said before seeing Milo and Brycen ran after the two. "…Oh what the heck!" Jaime then tried to catch up with the others.

"…Mr. Stu Deeoh, what should we do?" The employee asked.

"Those two seemed to know what they're up to." Pop Roxie responded. "Maybe we should leave it to them, but…we should watch too."

"Exactly what I was thinking, gentlemen." Stu Deeoh responded. "Now laissez-nous passer!"

Pokéstar Studios: Lot

Sword just ran into the lot as he observes the male on top of the Warehouse. "…Shoot." Sword admitted before running out to the lot where the trailers are.

-The Nightmare- begins to play as Sora and the others ran out to the lot to witness the Boy in black stood on top of the rooftop. "No good… it looks another one of that guy's accomplices." He then quickly asked one of the trainer actors observing the scene, "Hey, don't you have any flying types?"

"Well we tried to get him off, but for some reason, some whirlwind whips up every time we tried to get close, knocking our flying types away!" One of the actors said.

"Got it." Sora said before crossing his arms. However, The Brunette noticed something in the arms of the delinquent. He looked up to the roof again, shielding his eyes from the light to see the Pokémon in his arms...which was none other than Symphony, looking scared although she was looking at the crowd forming though. He gives a bit of a silent gasp before giving a look around, as if to look for something to help get on top of the roof. The boy noticed the trailers and the tall stack of crates off the side before giving an idea bulb. "Riku, do you still have Lior's Sewaddle?"

"I do. Why?" Riku asked before the Brunette points to the trailer closest to the crates and the crates themselves. The Silver haired male noticed this and said, "You know, that isn't such a bad idea. I think hanging out with those guys made you a bit smarter, Sora."

"Right!" Sora admitted. However, he suddenly realized what he just said and tried to correct himself "…Wait, I mean…aw never mind! Let's just get to that guy!"

"Kairi, Milo, you stay here with Jaime!" Riku said to the other members. "We'll be back in a second!"

"Alright, just don't let that guy get away!" Jaime said with a determined look.

The two nodded before the heroic duo brought out Sewaddle's ball to call it out. "Sewaddle, do you think you can get us on top of the Trailer with String shot?"

"Sure thing!" Sewaddle responded with a nod before firing a string at the top of the trailer closest to the crates. Afterwards it fired more string at the ground before Riku manages to help the two before getting on top of the trailer. Sewaddle soon managed to fire another shot of string towards the higher part of the crates and after using another String Shot to make on overhead reach, it used to swing ahead to the creates. It shoots another one to the gang before giving a nod to continue.

"Nice job, Sewaddle." Riku said as he crossed the string like a tightrope. "I think you're getting good at this."

"Alright, we just need to reach the rooftop!" Sora said as he points upward after crossing over himself. When Sewaddle looked up to the roof, he noticed how high the shot was. He looked discouraged before shaking his head. "…Maybe it's too high for it?"

"Well, maybe Snivy could give him a boost?" The silver haired male said before grabbing the snake's Poké ball out and call it forth, making him materialize. "Snivy, do you think you help Sewaddle reach higher up?"

"Of course." Snivy responded with a nod before using Vine Whip to and reached up as high as he is able to… which is just a bit short for it. However, Sewaddle fired a couple of String Shots as It descended down. "...Not bad."

"Th-thank you!" Sewaddle said while looking chipper as the theme ends.

"Alright, let's head up!" Sora said with a happy look before using the String shot rope as a make-shift climbing rope with Riku using the other rope with Snivy helping itself up.

However, as the two soon made it close to the top, they poked their heads up noticed that the Meloetta wasn't struggling, but looked happy to see them. However, before the two noticed anything, the sewing Pokémon noticed something that catches his eye before giving a loud 'LOOK!' A familiar electric-flying type was seen flying towards the figure with a surge of electricity coursing through it, suddenly descending at amazing speeds at the figure before he notices it and gives a quick 'WHOA!' before dodging out of the way, landing the opposite side of the group. "What the heck was that?!"

"Emol!" A familiar cry heard lands short of the group, showing the angry look of Aster's Emolga-

"Xia!" Sora said as he climbed up with Riku. "Then that means…"

"HEEY!" Lior called out from the ground below catching the two's attention with their Pokémon, between the trailers with Aster, Roxie, and Flare. (However, a different electric type was there instead of Pikachu: Minun) "You guys okay?!"

"You guys made it!" Riku called out. "We're fine!"

"Then get out of the way then!" Lior called out. "Because Pikachu's gotta get Symphony out of there!"

"Huh?" All three human males went on a jinx.

At that moment, Pikachu sprang into the air behind the two heroes and as it begins its decent, it begins to chants its name over again before charging towards the cloaked boy with Volt Tackle as –Unforgettable- begins to play. The boy noticed this and quickly jumped out of the way to dodge the attack as he finally loses his grip enough for Meloetta to break free. "Xia, grab Symphony and get out of there!" Aster called out.

On command the Emogla grabbed Symphony by the hands and (despite being able to float though) quickly piloted her on the ground as safely but ASAP. "Atta girl, Xia!" Roxie said with a smile.

"Smart idea, using your Emolga's 'Motor Drive' ability!" Flare said with a smirk.

"Flare!" Prism called out as she approaches the group with Sword nearby. "You made it!"

"Yeah! Thank goodness I ran into those three while on the way here!" The flame sigiled officer said with an imaginary bubble showing Flare meeting up with the adolescents on the way here. "I never thought you two kids met a Legendary Pokémon."

"Me neither." Prism responded. "Is she alright?"

Aster quickly bended down to Symphony's level as she quickly asked, "Are you okay Symphony?"

"Y-yeah…I'm okay…" Symphony responded in her tongue, although…she doesn't seem terrified though unlike her experience with Milo- more like relieved.

"I'm so sorry we weren't paying attention- I'm just glad you're alright…" Aster admitted, relieved as she picked up the Meloetta into her arms.

"Were you that worried about me?" Symphony asked while tilting her head.

"We sure were!" Lior said. "From Sora's story, that guy in black was bad news!"

"But…that guy was so nice when we were on the rooftop." Symphony responded, prompting the siblings, especially Aster to give confused looks.

"…Do they understand what the Meloetta is saying?" Prism whispered to Flare.

"By the looks of things… yeah." Flare nodded. "…Weird kids."

"I don't know." Sword responded. "There have been cases that trainers can understand Pokémon- they just need to open their heart to them."

"How can you trust someone like him?" Aster asked the Meloetta. But then noticed Lior's response before turning to him and asks, "…And how do you know what she was saying anyways?"

Lior just grabbed his right ear by the center and wiggled it before adding, "I may not understand it like you, but I could guess what they're saying. Besides, we're siblings, aren't we?"

"Maybe I can explain better later…" Symphony said while rubbing her head.

Meanwhile with Kairi and the others, she looked to be observing the scene as he friends climbed and asked, "Someone in a black coat…who is that guy?"

"…I sense a familiar presence." Brycen said, prompting the red haired guy and the Tepig to look.

"Familiar presence?" Kairi parroted with a head tilt. "What do you mean?"

"You share a similar presence of someone I once knew." The Actor explained. "A presence of a person who resolved to try save her friends- yet you hold a very strong light within you." This prompts the red haired individual to look at herself before looking up to her friends as the actor explains. "Riku held a dark presence, yet he also had a good amount of kindness, and Sora…"

"He's a cool dude, ready to help anyone whenever they need it, right?" Jaime said. "Dude's a cool guy…kind of reminds of some other guy I knew before."

"That's the first time I… wait, other guy from before?" Kairi asked.

…Did Jaime and Brycen seriously give them a clue? So obviously now there's truth to what the man Sora met said after all… Question is: When and where did he meet this guy? And does this person even reminded him of Sora for sure or just someone else? This question begins to boggle Kairi's mind for a little while…

Meanwhile Tepig looked ready to go before using his flamethrower to attempt to get up to where Sora is. However, Jaime brought out a new Pokémon- this looked to be a shiny white all over and it would normally be black it is red instead.

Back with the two males, they soon stood on a more solid position, the hooded boy then opened with, "I was hoping you guys would show up!"

"Hoping? So you knew we'd come here?" Sora looked to be in position as was Riku as the former asked, "Alright, just who are you? Why did you kidnap our friend?"

"First off, I want to apologize for that." The boy said, prompting the males to give intrigued looks. "I'm not the kind of person who would kidnap a Pokémon anyways- the whole reason I did was to pretty much test the two who got the you-know-what-ta back. They would've said something, but I think they didn't want you to worry anyways."

"He's right." Pikachu responded. "Lior and Aster were trying to focus on trying to get Symphony back before you guys noticed that she was gone. They didn't want you to worry!"

The two looked to each other before looking back, Riku then demanded. "Alright. Who are you then? You sound a bit…familiar."

"Well…I guess you can say that I'm associated to the guy Sora met." The hooded boy said. "But that's just stating the obvious with you two and Kairi, huh?"

"Kind of is." Sora said while giving a bored look (but ignoring the bit said in the last sentence, since they would know about the three already). "But why are you following us anyway? How did you know that we ended up here?"

"You mean here on the roof, on this world or something else?" The Hooded boy said. "Well…like my friend before me, I came from another time from Celebi's help. I came from the future- but my journey was in the past you see. But when we were done though, we noticed that we weren't done yet: We were actually sent to this time."

The Brunette has several Question marks in the background as Riku said, "So let me see if I can get this straight- you came from the future to the past and did what you needed to do, and now you were sent to our time period, and now you're causing trouble for us?"

"…Well, not exactly trouble. More of the cases of helping you move along the way." The hooded boy said. He then in a bit more quieter voice, "Sheesh…I wondered if this was such a good id…"

However, when the quieter voice of the hooded boy was heard, something immediately clicked with the two as they suddenly said, "ROXAS?!" The Pokémon looked to each other in confusion as the two heard what they called the boy.

"What?! Roxas?!" The hooded boy exclaimed when they heard the name. "Time out for a second- my name isn-"

"If you strange birds are done fighting…" Jaime said as he climbed up and walked forward. "Who are you?"

"…Okay, I think I'm totally lost here." Sora admitted with a blank look as the theme ends. "I thought you had a Charley horse!"

"It doesn't take a genius to say that it's not Jaime." Riku admitted with a bored look. "Alright- now it's your turn; who are you!"

The 'Jaime' that appeared just gave a bit of a smile before he started to glow with an odd purple aura before crossing his arms as it was encased in a pink-purple orb before becoming something else: This one looked to now a human with blue eyes, pale skin, long black hair that reaches the back with red highlights (with occasionally black spikes sticking out)- especially at the top of his head where it's mostly red with and the ponytail's tip- with the Ponytail held together with a crystal-like teal band. The person is seen to be wearing a dark grey jacket with black fur near the collar of it, black gloves with red claw-like nails on it, dark grey pants and grey steel-toed boots with a red triangular markings at the toes- obviously making them look like claws. The male said with a voice… Okay, think Mike Erwin (and don't ask why- I would think it would fit), "Quick on the uptake are you." This prompts the silver haired male to give a startled look before the dark individual to looked over the hooded one and gives a couple of whiffs. "I know your scent well- now if you don't want to cause anymore of a fuss then I suggest that you leave!"

"Alright- I know when I'm not needed anymore!" The one (at least identified by the two) known as 'Roxas' said before quickly heading towards the way not heading towards the lot and easily hopped off the roof and into the trees below. "See you later!"

Sora looked down to the ground before to say, "…Was that really Roxas?"

"It sounds like him- but I don't know…" Riku said. "He seemed a bit different."

"Yo." The mystery man responded, catching the two's attention. "The big guy wants you guys to head down."

"Big guy?" The two said at once.

On the ground…

Sora and Riku lands on the ground between the trailers without too much of a shock to their system with the Pokémon and the mystery male landing on the ground as well. Jaime walks up to them with Kairi as he asked, "You guys chased off the guy in black?"

"Yeah we did." Sora responded. He then faced the mystery male, Xia, and Pikachu as he adds, "Thanks to these guys. But…who's the guy here?"

"Trickster, I had a feeling you just had to transform into that form." Jaime said with a bored expression.

"Trickster?" The three parroted in confusion before Trickster does a bow and said, 'Sorry boss- force of habit.' He then glows with the same light before assuming a new form: It was a bipedal with a mainly greyish-brown coloration with crimson and black accents. It had a pointed snout and ears with the insides of the ears red in color. It has some red rimming the eyes and mouth with a large voluminous mane, primarily red in coloration but with black tips, resembling a ponytail with a teal bangle down its separates a mass of main from the lower portion. It has a black ruff with the shoulders pointed and from where the arms extend. The upper arms are slim with the lower parts of it while slim a bit more bulkier. The arms have spiky extensions of fur at the elbows, with the claws on both its hands and feet red in color. The eyes were light blue with red rims.

"Whoa!" Sora exclaimed before using his Pokédex to examine it. 'Zoroark: The Illusion Fox Pokémon. Zoroark are capable of creating illusions that are indistinguishable from reality- so much so that even cameras are fooled. They are able to create illusions to protect their dens and hide their young in their mane.' As Sora sets the device away, he asks, "So what you're saying is that Zoroark- or rather as you nicknamed him Trickster- was the one who helped us?"

"Eeyep- I sent him to back you guys up." Jaime responded. "Right buddy!"

The Zoroark responded in his tongue, "Of course."

"How was he talking before?" Riku asked.

"Zoroark have the ability to generate illusions: and as a guy who actually seen it happen- they can speak like humans when they use their Illusion ability to become a human." Jaime said, as his Zoroark transforms into the human form it was seen in. "Trickster here likes to make himself look punk."

"And I happen to like this form too." Trickster commented.

"Illusions, huh…" Riku admitted with an odd look.

Symphony floats up before to say, "Wow, that's amazing!"

"Er, Symphony, do you think you should hide out? I mean this is a public place and collectors might flock around if they notice you." Aster whispered. The Meloetta noticed this and nodded before hiding its presence.

"Sora, right?" Sword commented, making the brunette flinch. "…How long did you have Symphony?"

"Err…starting today, actually- but we didn't capture her." Sora explained. "Besides, she's not even all that strong to be honest- she's sort of a legend in training."

"Legend in training?" All three officers said as a jinx.

"Ah, excuse me!" Stu Deeoh called out as she approached the group. "It seems the the ordeal is over, n'est-ce-pas?"

"Yeah- we got our stolen Pokémon back from that guy thanks to Sora and Riku…and well, Trickster and our Pokémon too." Aster said patting her Emolga's head.

"So…what are you guys gonna do now?" Prism asked.

"Well, after the whole ordeal with the thief done, I think we need a bit of a rest..." Lior admits as let his Pikachu climb up him to be on his right shoulder. "But while we were chasing down the thief, I found myself a Magby courtesy of Flare here."

"Magbys are found at the Virbank Complex- and besides, he was following the suggestion of his friend." Flare explained, which Jaime responded with a quick 'Yo!'

"What about you guys though?" Aster asked.

"Well, me, Milo, Kairi and Riku are going to participate in the movies." Sora explained. "Besides, it seems like it's the only way for SOMEBODY to get back to work as a ship captain, provided that we get to it then?"

"Are you serious?!" Roxie exclaimed in an angry huff. "…Hah- FINE!" She appeared to of stormed off afterwards before something appeared to of stopped her and tried to push her backwards. "Huh?"

The other just blinked before noticing a shimmer showing Symphony a small smile before Sora gets it. "I think someone wants thinks that you'll need to talk to each before you go back to your rehearsal- both of you."

"What makes you say that, Sora?" Stu Deeoh asked.

"No reason." The brunette responded while giving a leisurely look. "We'll let you two talk while we go prepare for the movie. And why not you two go explain what's happening with our new…Police friends?"

"Huh?" Lior responded before noticing the shimmer as well. "O-oh! Yeah, sure! C'mon Aster, we better explain what's happening to our Police friends. We'll meet you guys in the Pokémon Center when you're done!"

"I'll come too- I need get treated for this stupid Charley Horse…" Jaime admitted.

"Need some help?" Sword asked.

"I think I'm good." The blond haired man responded before the group splits up- Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Milo heads towards the studio with the owner and employee, while Aster and Lior heads out of it with their Pokémon and the Police officers (with a certain legendary with them as well). Meanwhile Roxie looked a bit uncomfortable before just giving a sigh.

"Dad, listen I…" Roxie tried to say before looking somewhat frustrated. "Listen, while I was rehearsing, I had some time to think- I guess…I was a bit wrong about you choosing to pursue another option. I mean, the places are close together, but seriously, you're holding up the boat for anyone wanting to go to Castelia City!"

"Hmm…perhaps you may be right- but you might have to wait just a bit longer though. But…you know I have an idea. Something to help make up for them waiting for the boat." Pop Roxie admits.

"…I think we're on the same wavelength, for once." Roxie admits with calmed look after hearing her father. Followed by a smirk of course when she explained, "You finish your movie, I'll finish rehearsal and pass the word to those who are waiting to go to Castelia City."

"Great! In that case…good luck in your concert then." Pop Roxie said as he pats his right hand on his daughter's head.

"And good luck in your movie. I'll see it as soon as I can!" The Gym leader said before the two split off to their respective destination.

Pokéstar Studios: Main Reception

Sora and the others appeared to be in costume (and due to laziness, I'll list the costumes from what movies)- Sora is in normal civilian clothes, while Kairi was in the outfit the female scientist wears from the Time gate Series, Riku in the Pokémon defense force outfit as seen in certain movies (in this case, Invaders) and Milo is seen in what appears to be a different set of civilian clothes (the kind you see the male wear in during the movies). Riku seemed a bit uncomfortable as he admits, "I didn't think I would like this getup. It feels odd in a few places."

"So if I read the script right…it looks like that besides the costume, we're also allowed to use our Pokémon, but it's suggested that we use the Pokémon that we're provided for the roles. They'll listen to our orders as well, and it even lists what moves do they know." Kairi said while reading the instructions, adjusting the glasses on her costume. "Sounds like they must want trainers who know the basic Pokémon ability and move knowledge- like knowing what abilities are best suited for the situation- or moves for that matter."

"Sounds easy to me." Milo admits. "Of course there are moves that you have to know that are important- such as knowing what effects there are with moves- like for instance…I read Kairi's script a bit, and you're supposed to use Switcheroo to trade the Magnet for the glasses that powers up your own moves. If you agree to get the glasses back, the machine will keep using Clear Smog to stimulate the effect of actual smoke. Clear smog clears any power up status to normal, so it would nullify Silver Wind's bonuses per se. Then there's this move called 'Psyshock,' which uses the special attack of the Pokémon to hit for physical defense."

"Okay, got it." Kairi nodded.

"What about Milo's movie?" Sora asked.

"It says here that the Pokémon will know, Psybeam, Reflect, and Light Screen. It's said to prepare defenses before attacking." Riku said.

"Defenses isn't my style." Milo said. "But I guess I gotta follow the script, huh?"

"You can always deviate from it and try to play survival." Kairi admits. "What about you, Riku?"

"It says here that I use a Herider against two Pokémon- one of them is basically I have to use Roar on- a …Roggenrola I think it said. I'm supposed to defeat the Elgyem… whatever that is." Riku said while reading the script.

"Roar is basically used to switch out a Pokémon with another on your opponent's team. Pair that up with Spikes, Poison spikes, or Stealth Rock, and you get a move that deals free damage on your opponent upon switching." Milo explained. He then dug out his Pokédex to showcase one of the Pokémon mentioned from Riku's script. This one has an oblong, grey head with depressions on either side, with black symmetrical lines going down the front of its head. On the front of the head are shiny, button-like eyes with its hands showing to have three finger-like digits: Red green and yellow colored fingers. It's also seen to have stubby legs and tail. 'Elgyem: The Cerebral Pokémon. It is said that Elgyem is discovered 50 years ago as they were first sighted in the desert. They can control incredible psychic power, which they use to squeeze the opponent's brains causing headaches.' Everyone gave pailed expressions as Milo retorts with "…Well, that sounds disturbing. They're also extraterrestrial Pokémon"

"They're aliens?" Sora replied with an odd look. "…Okay, that sounds kind of weird to call it as such. Especially in this case."

"Well Lunatone is said to be meteorite Pokémon- meaning they are from space maybe. Ever thought about that?" Milo said with a bored look.

"Well, I did find it a bit strange but now that you said it…I guess it's not that strange." The Brunette admits.

"Anyways, what's your Pokémon to use anyways, Sora?" Kairi asked.

"It says here that I have to use a Growlithe for this movie." Sora admitted as he brought out a Poké ball. "They already gave it to me." Threw the ball and it released a dog from before: a canine with a short rounded muzzle, a small fluffy tail, a tuft of fur on top of its head, and rounded ears. It has orange fur with mostly black stripes over its back and its forelegs with the belly, tail, and fluff on the head cream colored. The nose is a shiny black with the insides of its ears brown, two claws on the forepaws and the paw pads are brown in color. It seemed to give a bit of a low growl as it looked to be lying down. "Huh? Hey, is he alright?"

"Let me see." Kairi admitted as she checked the Pokédex. 'Growlithe- The Puppy Pokémon. Growlithe are extremely loyal to its trainer, and it will bark at those who approach the trainer unexpectedly and run them out of town. It will drive away enemies with barking and biting.' The moves it knows knew are Bite, Flame Wheel, Take Down and Odur Sleuth. "Let me try talking to it- about what's wrong."

The red haired female seemed to bend down to the puppy's level before starting to talk to it. After a tiny while of chatting, Milo then whispers to the two males, "Do you think she can easily talk to the little guy?"

"Yeah- don't worry." Sora whispered back to the male.

Kairi faced the group before to explain, "It looks like Growlithe doesn't like his job as an Actor's Pokémon all that much- He has to work with multiple trainers- but he prefers to stick with one."

"Well, Growlithe are loyal to whoever catches or formed a bond with." Milo responsded. "But if I can guess, this one doesn't like its job, as its pretty much wants just one master."

"Oh right- the ability is intimidate, and the gender is male." Kairi responded. "Anyways, looks like HE wants to leave the studio.

"Is there a problem?" One of the employees asked as they approached.

"The Growlithe doesn't seem to…well, want to cooperate." Sora explained. "He's pretty much well…"

"Oh, I see…" the worker said. "That Growlithe was always stingy on sticking to one trainer."

"Hmmm…" Kairi then had an idea. "Do you have any other Growlithe?"

"Ummm…yeah, but, he's sort of…new to the movies." The employee admitted.

"Then we can debut together!" Sora said with a cheerful expression. "It'll be our first movie after all."

"Hmmm…well, I'll have to talk to Mr. Deeoh about it, but let's see what you suggest would work." The curly haired man said before giving a nod.

The Growlithe gave an intrigued look while listening in. The puppy Pokémon couldn't help to smile before sitting up and wagging its tail. Kairi bent down to the Growlithe's level before to say, "There. At least you shouldn't be doing any acting today, right?"

"Thanks." The Puppy Pokémon barked out.

Meanwhile, in the forest…

The Hooded boy from before quickly rushed through the woods before pulling to a stop. The hooded boy just gave a sigh before a familiar voice asked, "How did it go?"

"Went just as planned." The boy responded as he faced the hooded figure. "Those kids saved Symphony. But Sora and Riku thought I was someone else- and I think my cover is blown- Trickster sniffed me out."

"…Can't be helped." The older male said while emerging from the shadows. "You did good though- but sorry you had to do that."

"I just hope we did this because we needed to… Well, it was going to happen one way or another, huh?" The younger of the two said before removing the hood off-camera. "So what's the next plan?"

"All three of us are gonna need to be there for tonight's battle at the Gym. But we're going to have to make ourselves…pretty unrecognizable. They already know my face- and you're going to have to disguise your voice a bit. But I think the biggest challenge will probably be the third one of our group." The older man said before tying on a bandanna on his head. "I wonder if she'll give an incentive to Symphony to at least keep her guard up."

"But at least we won't be wearing these jackets for now!" The boy said.

"You said it." The man said before the two nodded to each other before the two tossed off their jackets.

Pokémon Center: Reception

Nurse Joy was seen talking to a woman in a silent conversation. The notable features of this individual is that she has blue hair with a hair band on the head before Nurse Joy points towards a hallway. The female seemed to give a nod before walking towards where she was directed. When she was walking, it appears that she was wearing a pair of glasses that showed blue eyes behind them.

End of Chapter 6

Jaime's Memoirs

After arriving into the city, I dropped by the Pokémon Center and I found out the group had already met up with Roxie, Virbank's Gym Leader. Not only that, Milo was in the area, and challenged Riku and Kairi to a double Battle but with Kairi using one of his Pokémon- Cottonee- and Riku using Sewaddle. So I decided to watch it. It was going be difficult, but I heard that Prankster was Cottonee's ability. So Kairi still has a chance to win without having Riku do the work.

So the battle begins and things are going well so far…but we hit an unintentional snag when a figure in black snagged our Meloetta friend. Sora and the others didn't notice it yet, but me, Aster and Lior decided to chase after him. However, midchase, I suffered through A F***** CHARLEY HORSE! It was quite painful and well..a big hindrance. I had to leave the kids to chasing that guy while I retreat while I instruct that at least one of them should go find a fire type to catch. (And if you can't tell by how I'm writing, I was still annoyed by it.)

After regrouping back to Sora and the others, Kairi and Riku won the battle, but then Milo decided to throw a curve ball- and release Cotonee for Kairi to catch. I figure that it was a good time for a quick lesson of different balls- that involved the Poké balls usually made out of Apricorns- I showed each one and what ball they're made into. (and I proved to Milo that I was travelling in Johto.) Afterwards, it was off to Pokéstar studios to find Pop Roxie. We met the head honcho of the studio and even got a tour. Part of the way we met Officer Prism of Sword's Squadron, who received a report from Flare. Looks they started to catch wind of a stolen Pokémon… Maybe the siblings reported in? Anyways…

After the tour we soon meet up with Pop Roxie who was reading a new script and Brycen who is working as a Movie Star again. After getting to know what script they'll be working on, it looked our hooded friend was founded in the lot. Flying Pokémon couldn't get up there for some reason because of the odd current. But Sora and Riku used ingenuity and resourcefulness of Pokémon to get up there. Me? I used Trickster.

Afterwards, it looks like the officers and even Roxie knows about Meloetta. We decided to split up- Sora and the others handle their movies, while we head for the center. Looks like the Officers are talking to the siblings about what's happening…

Hey, who is that?

Journal Entries

Kairi's Team *Updated!*:

A wild grass type founded in Route 19. It was originally caught by Milo after showing a compassionate side and helped him. He decided to help the little guy out getting stronger. But unfortunately, he had an exceptionally hard time using him.

Milo noticed the interaction between the grass type and Kairi, and afterwards it soon a change within it- soon it was fighting on its own and more resilient- still lost though. But after handing it to Kairi though…it definitely got tougher. It even beaten Treecko and Lunatone.

As a result, Milo released Cottonee for Kairi to capture. She uses a Friend Ball provided. Hopefully Cottonee will be happier with Kairi than he was with Milo.

Mega Drain, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, Leech Seed

Mystery Male 2:
A Mysterious male in a black coat. He seems younger than the one Sora encountered. He kidnapped Symphony only for his attempt thwarted by the siblings and their electric types.

Oddly though he sounds like 'Roxas' by Sora and Riku. (This is unconfirmed information)

Next Time on Kingdom Hearts: Black and White:

Rock and Roll! It's battle time in Virbank City and everyone is gathering to the Gym for an exciting battle! However, just what are the mystery group that Sora and the others are dealing with? And Later, the mystery group's isrevealed to be…someone oddly familiar. Just what is going on here? And just who-or what- is this Celebi they keep hearing about? …An older member seems to know though.

Next Time:
Chapter 7: The Concert of Meetings!
Aka: Rocking the Gym, KH Style!

Chapter 6 is (finally) online! So very sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen!

Another mystery character is introduced- and second verse same as the first, the figure from the same series as Sora and his buddies. Who that figure is? The appearance should be an obvious clue.

Off Topic…has anyone heard about the Nintendo Direct about the new news on Pokémon? It's gonna be awesome.

Who's that Pokémon: This Pokémon is one of the only Steel Types you can get early in Black and White 2 at the Complex without evolving a Pokémon.
Who gets it: An alternating group member. The Female this time.

By the By: the mystery members are finally appearing, but what would their disguises be? However, Guidelines:
1. The Muscular male's hair must be hidden in a bandanna.
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