Hiatus Announcement!

Due to a standstill and some…inconveniences and plans in mind for the story, this story will go into Hiatus until a certain point of my other story has been reached. Once it does, I will announce its continuation!

The reason behind this Hiatus is as follows:

Consistency to the other story; this story (more importantly Part one) takes place after one of my stories. And seeing as more characters are appearing in the next chapter and some connections hasn't been fully clarified, it's better if you make a connection to the other story first.

Incomplete decisions on teams and Movesets: Either I forgotten about a choice of what Pokémon are available and decided or I misplaced the information. Until then I might need to get an update on the list. Do not worry- most of the heroes' teams of Part 1 are decided and I made sure they are in a safe place- I even written them off the computer in case something happens.

Ideal references- I sort of need an idea on what a couple of characters would look like– including the mystery three (at the moment unless you're sharper than you look, they won't be named.) I guess that would include winter appearances.

I apologize to anyone who enjoys the story, and I hope that this other one goes about smoothly. ^^;